forever takarazuka

The legendary top combi of Star Troupe / Hoshigumi, Takarazuka.

Yuzuki Reon and Yumesaki Nene.

It is my pleasure to be introduced to Takarazuka by Chie and Nene.

Thank you so much ;)

According to the Sankei Shinbun, there were 12,000 fans demachi at Hibiya and 26,000 fans watching live viewing in various cinemas in Japan (and Taiwan!), and it’s the biggest number ever in Takarazuka history! 

I am sure there are actually lot more fans out there in the world, who didn’t / can’t make it to the last show (including myself). But the hoshigumi legend lives on in our hearts ;) (starts weeping)

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Chie, Nene, congratulations!! 卒業おめでとう!お疲れ様でした!