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4. Date // Nurseydex

« {Part 4 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: in which dex is uncultured and nursey has no manners, and they’re both perfect for each other. enjoy!

“Uh. Hey, Nursey?” Dex said, scanning over the menu. “What’s prosciutto? Is that, like, a cheese?”

“You don’t know what prosciutto is?” Nursey asked skeptically.

“Not all of us were born with silver spoons up out asses, Nurse,” Dex replied.

“But it’s prosciutto. You can buy it at, like, Costco—”


“Fine, fine. Prosciutto is uncooked Italian ham. It’s good—you’d like it.”

“O…kay,” Dex said. “I gotta say, uncooked ham doesn’t sound that appealing.”

Nursey shrugged, licking salt off the rim of whatever drink he’d ordered. “Your loss.”

They fell quiet, the hushed murmur of restaurant conversations around them making Dex a little uncomfortable. He felt weird talking in anything louder than a whisper. And was that smooth jazz? He fiddled with the napkin on his lap, which he was going to feel guilty about using later because it was so fucking white. How the hell did they get stains out of it? Did they just have new napkins every meal? Didn’t that sort of defeat the point of reusable napkins?

Trying to interpret the menu felt like reading a foreign language. He didn’t understand what half the words were. “What’s Roquefort?” he asked Nursey after a suitably long silence.

“Oh, it’s a blue cheese.”

“And chanterelles?”

“A kind of mushroom.”

“What about beer, bear—nope, I can’t even pronounce that.”

Nursey scooted forward. “Here, give me the menu and point to it.” Dex did. “Oh, you mean béarnaise?” he said, pronouncing the word with an obnoxious French accent.

“Gesundheit,” Dex said.

“I think it’s a sauce, maybe?” said Nursey. “I don’t really know that one.”

“Well aren’t you a big help.”

“Hey, I don’t know everything, man,” Nursey said as he tipped back on his chair a little, balancing on the back two legs. “This place is like, mad bougie.”

“No shit,” Dex said. He rolled his eyes. “Also, dude, stop leaning back like that. You’re gonna fucking fall.”

“‘M not.”

“You wanna bet on that?”

Nursey sighed and dropped the front legs of his chair back onto the ground. “You’re no fun,” he pouted.

I’m no fun? You’re the one who dragged us to this fancy-ass restaurant. This place is stuffy as hell.”

“I know, I know. But my moms are paying for it, so I figure we should probably at least try to go on a legit date.”

“I guess,” Dex conceded.

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Dex helping Bitty in the kitchen is such a regular occurrence lately that it takes Nursey a good couple of minutes to realize that Bitty isn’t actually in the room with them.

He stops short where he’s stooped down low in front of the open fridge, looking for leftover pie, and blinks up at Dex’s back. “Yo, where’s Bits?”

Dex doesn’t bother turning around from where he’s stirring something on the stove. “Class I think? Not sure.”

“So you’re just… cooking. By yourself.” Nursey stands up and lets the fridge door swing closed, pie forgotten.

“I keep trying to tell you guys it’s not a big deal,” Dex huffs. “All you have to do is–”

“–follow the instructions, yeah yeah, whatever. Why are you cooking?” Nursey narrows his eyes. “Is this for dibs?”

“Oh fuck off, Nurse. Unlike some people, not everything I do around the Haus is just because I–”

But lightning strikes Nursey’s brain then, and his eyes widen, a smirk creeping onto his face despite how fast his heart suddenly starts beating. “Oh dude, hold up, is it for a girl?

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (8/15)

Originally posted by mapiyahuyana

AU Summary:Y/N finishes her first mission and shares information about her family. 

Notes: filler chapter to fix some plot holes and reveal a bit of Y/N’s background

Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


The people inside the cells have been released and taken care of. Hawkeye had to land the jet and speak to the people since neither Tony, Steve nor y/n spoke Chinese. They had medics came in and checked their health and their background. Transportation has been given to those in need and shelter for the victims. It was protocol.

“FRIDAY, are you done yet?” Stark groaned as he spun around the chair he found in front of the control Chinese base control panel.

“The encryption is most complex, sir. I have yet to crack the passwords.” FRIDAY answered.

“Damn Chinese smartasses.” he mumbled then stood up and stretched his legs. “How long till then?”

“About 20 minutes more, sir.”

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Don’t Starve fanart!
I want to see more Wes and apparently if you want more of something in a fandom you should make it yourself so here you go friends. More Wes and Wilson trying not to starve together. Cute nerds.
(I’m hoping to make a version with a proper background later but for now I just want this out of my system)

Special thanks to @monsterites and @magpiedragon for helping me figure out human anatomy and bearing my whining about legs.


This refused to leave me alone so I had to type it out. 

It’s 2AM. The mind runs wild at night heh. 

 She laughs.

The delirious sounds pour forth, wrap around him in coils that constrict tighter and tighter by the second. The ground gives way under his feet and he falls backwards, unable to breath, unable to turn away from the terror of her truth.

King of Hell, they call you. Her laugh turns mocking. Her red mouth hangs open, lips cracked and spotted with dried specks of blood. Then you must know how monsters are made. Do you?

She wheezes, words choking in her throat. Monsters are not born from fire, or greed, or bursts of anger. We are made in the aftermath of fire, in devastation, in hunger.

Unseeing eyes going wider and wider in remembered horror, she stares past him and continues. It takes time to corrupt a soul. Left alone and forgotten in the grim decay of death, with each day goes by, it starves, it thirsts, it despairs.

Flicking her wrist in a grisly imitation of knife slicing flesh, she raises her voice in a shrill wail. With each atrocity it commits, its humanity is flayed off, layer by layer, piece by piece, until there is nothing left that resembles human. It no longer remembers how to be human. It wanders this hell, lost and starved and forever looks for things that it has lost so long ago.

She falls on her knees and slumps into the ground, her entire body shaking from the weight of memories.

But he knows of those things. He knows of the smoke, the stench of blood and silence of a battle field filled with deaths. He knows of the burnt villages, the lost lives and the living corpses.

So he musters up all of his strength and courage to crawl towards her. She flinches so violently at his touch she almost throws him off. But he grips her shoulders tightly and reaches into the abyss of her horrors and fears, searching for something that has long been buried under the ashes.

A single drop of tear falls from her eye when he promises her a world of peace, where souls will no longer be made into monsters.

Kalafina Blog 5/30/09 - 「アメリカ初Live!!」

“America’s First Live!!”

Good evening!!

Hello ´∀`I’m KEIKO

After the first live in America, we have returned safely to Japan!! I was very touched by the warmth of the people overseas and enjoyed the music until the very last moment. 

It was impressive that everyone’s cheers were heard directly ´∀`We heard everyone that came to the live! 

After the end of the live, we were invited to a luxurious dinner in the middle of the Boston sea. How elegant it was (ノ_・。) (tears)

The scenery was beautiful and it really seemed like we came to the country of dreams. I did the Titanic scene alone … (LOL KEIKO)

On a different note, we did a panel discussion and an autograph session for the first time. On this journey that was my first trip I was able to make memories that will last a lifetime! So happy! The best! 


On the last day, I took pictures with the historic landscape of Boston. Although it was only a couple of hours, I was able to shop and have some quality time.

The streets of Boston are filled with castle-like buildings that match with the world of Kalafina’s music ´∀`There was also a lot of greenery and bronze statues everywhere. I was glad to be able to take a lot of memorial photos. 

And don’t forget the delicious dinners we had everyday・∀・

Lobsters to clam chowder!! To Chinese ravioli, sweet American sherbet, hamburgers that are absolutely impossible to eat, and mountains of potatoes…. Kajiura-san’s ketchup… 

There was plenty of it — and I ate even more than I have listed (lol) ´∀`

Looking back it was all very quick, but everyday there were warm people who helped the three of us in Kalafina overseas. We were supported by many people, first Kajiura-san, plus the members of the staff, and above all those who participated in anime Boston. It was truly an irreplaceable memory in my life. 

We really would like to convey the moments we grasped on this trip and put it in our music so we can tell everyone! 

Also, tomorrow is our first fan club event, and we are looking forward to see you ´∀`