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I Love your writings! Could you please do one where Race (musical) gives reader a hickey and the other newsies try to figure out who it was?

gonna be real, i flipped my lid when i saw this request. i adore it. more like this one always and forever. —Nails

You stared at the silhouette of the boy in the bunk across from you. The two of you were trying to communicate wordlessly in the darkness, which would just get giggles out of the two of you. Eventually, the boy, Racetrack, made a clear enough gesture towards the closet at the end of the room. You got the memo and silently agreed. In seconds, the pair of you were sneaking across the room in your pajamas, avoiding as many creaky floorboards as you could. Race carefully turned the rusty doorknob, and held the door open for you. Grinning, you took a step inside. He tailed you in, and closed the door behind you. “I barely seen you all day!” The blonde whispered. Quickly, his arms found your waist. You back was slightly against the wall, due to how small the space was. Race pressed a kiss on the corner of your mouth, and looked down at you.

Shrugging, you placed your arms around his neck. “Finch asked me to sell with him today. We was lookin’ for a betta spot for him,” You muttered. Even in the darkness, Race’s brow was clearly furrowed. A look you were used to seeing. “Don’t look at me like that. You knows I’m your girl. What, do I have to say it again?” A sigh escaped your lips. Race shook his head, and in a heartbeat, his mouth was on yours. The two of you just kissed, and kissed. It had been all night, or maybe just minutes. Time was irrelevant in that closest. His mouth ran up and down your shoulders and neck, he mumbled assorted sweet nothings. Until, the blonde boy found a small spot on your neck, that just made you moan.

Needless to say, that’s how you found yourself here the next morning.

“Wake up, stupid. We gotta get there early today.” Finch shook your shoulders, forcing you out of the little sleep you’d gotten. You sat up, narrowly missing hitting your head on the ceiling. Finch stifled a gasp. “Where’d you get that?” The smirk on his face grew ten sizes. You looked around the bunk, looking for what he could possibly be meaning. “Don’t pretend like ya don’t know. You’ve got one hell of a vampire bite, there.” He spat, trying hard not to laugh.

Your hand flew to your neck, feeling a slightly swollen spot there. ‘Race, you idiot…’ you thought. “Oh god… Finch, you got a scarf—”

“It’s June.”

You groaned and flopped down on mattress again. Eventually, Finch stalked off, laughing to himself. He seemed to think this was funny, but as soon as Jack found out about this, you were dead. Jack Kelly was as good as your big brother, and there was a strict, yet unspoken, rule about newsies not dating each other. You and Race had blatantly disobeying the nonexistent rule for two months, now. You shot out of bed and went to change your clothes. Once changed, you left your hair down, and your shirt collar up. Maybe that could do something to aid in—

“(Name), who on God’s green one gave you that?” Jack asked loud enough for the whole place to hear. Most of the boys looked up from their shaving, or whatever they were doing to watch. Drama was the lifeblood of the Lower Manhattan Newsboys Lodging House. Jack rushed over to you in an instant. He pushed you collar and hair out of the way, and shook his head. ‘Finch must’ve squealed.’ You thought. Jack looked at you for an answer. Race looked at you from behind Jack, looking like he wanted to die.

You were so embarrassed. “Ooh, bet you it was Finch!” You heard one of the boys whisper to his friend. “Nah, definitely Mush…” you couldn’t stand the chatter.

“Jack, can we talk about this another time?” You said, almost too forcefully. He crossed his arms. “Listen, I was suppose to be at The World… Goin’ on three minutes ago. We’ll talk later, or so help ya God.” You spit. Jack sighed and walked passed you. You bolted passed him towards the door.

At the end of the day, you pushed through the doors and all you wanted to do was go to sleep. But too late you found out it was Poker Night. There were some kids from the other Boroughs there. Brilliant. “(Name), how ya doin’?” One of your friends from Queens hollered. “You shoulda heard what the boys’ve been sayin’.”

“Oh, I have an idea.” You said as you passed by. There were very few kids in the bedroom, though. Although, Romeo and a couple of the other younger boys sat up talking.

Romeo smiled when he saw you. “It was Race. Tell me I’m right.”

That was the last straw. You’d had it. “Yes, Romeo! It was Race. You’re right, hope you doubled yer bets on it! Go tell all a’ Manhattan while yer at it…” you climbed up into your bunk as Romeo collected nearly a dollar from one of his friends, and they ran out of the room laughing.

“(Name)? You up here?” You really hadn’t wanted to hear your name again that day, but the voice that said it bothered you less than all the other times. Race. “Romeo went and told all the boys. Secret’s out.” He stood up on the latter at your bunk and looked at you. Racetrack must’ve been anxious too, because he smelled like an ashtray. You could only imagine how much he’d smoked. “Jack ain’t mad.” After a few minutes of silence. “At least everybody knows you’re my girl now, huh?” That made you laugh a little. Race reached out and took your hand. “Come on, doll. Get up.” You looked at him.

“Why should I?”

“'Cause I think you should give me a lovebite, too. Just in case anybody was doubtin’ the authenticness of us.”

“Authenticness ain’t a word, Race.”

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I can't get over how jongin looks at kyungsoo??? It's like he's the only person he looks at like that.

I know Nini looks at other too, BUT the way he looks at Soo is smth entirely different!! Soo could literally just be standing there doing nth, and Nini would still be staring at him. His eyes are a lot more intense and there’s this little glint in them ;_; and if you look up “heart eyes” in the dictionary you’d find a pick of Nini’s eyes when he’s casting loving looks at Soo T__________T


^we know nini.. we know

^he gotta stare at his hyung so hard that he looks behind everyone else xD

^that time nini flirted with soo like crazy and got told off xD aka “kicked puppy love stares”

^totally normal bro stares 

I have a tag for nini and his “heart eyes” here ->> (x)

But there’s A LOT MORE under the cut 

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i love the third years

“I want you always to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?”

Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus (Dress Rehearsal Clip 2)

Teruma as William T. Spears Suit

I’m just sitting here
dreamily staring at him
Teruma I’m so proud ;w;


So I got to commission @norwidki (I think today is the last day they are open so like- go, run, ask for a commission while you can) I only asked for the one but I got two and I’m still crying over here they are the most lovely person and their art is amazing!