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can you pleeaase list some of the best zutara fanfics? I'm in the mood to read long (many chapters) Zutara fanfics, kinda like a slow development kinda thing. It's really hard to find one. (plus the ones that are never updated and yet long forgotten lol). You know the kind that the readers can actually feel the characters emotions. Because let's say if it's real, Katara would take some time to trust him, and the same for Zuko as well.

I agree!  Slow development Zutara is often some of the best Zutara. :3

And ahhh, well, I’ve only been in the ATLA fandom for about a year, so a lot of what I rec will probably be what everybody recs and not anything terribly original and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some great ones, but I’ll do my best!

Here are some fics that I liked that have slower-paced romantic development (or at least have a lot of angst/external hindrances that keep them from finding their happily-ever-after too quickly):

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No. Shut up. Listen.” Tony grabs his shoulder. “My dad used to tell me stories about you, remember? Too many. I was beyond sick of them. Barnes was in a lot of those stories. Running into battle together, risking your lives to save the other, the whole spiel.” He points at the door. “And five days ago, the man in there beat you so badly you’d be dead ten times over if you weren’t filled with patriotic steroids.” Steve doesn’t know what to say, so he just keeps staring, mouth open. “They told him to kill you and he very nearly did. That tells me literally everything I need to know about how much of a choice he had, how much - how in control of himself he was, when they ordered him to kill my family.