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Different sides of Mon-El. Part 2 (Part 1)

Huge thanks for @emarasmoak who helped me with her suggestions.

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Can you recommend some sf9 blogs? I‘m new to the fandom

Hello! We would be glad to help you and welcome to the fandom!! (Just to make things easier the blogs I list will be mostly about SF9)

FYEAH blogs for daily updates/Networks:

@fychani @fyeah-sf9taeyang @fy-sf9 @dailyjuho @fy-jaeyoon @fy-hwiyoung @fantasy9network @sf9creators

Introducing some of the fandom’s great content creators: @sf9fantasy @tyangie @taeyamg @leesdawon @99hwis @baek-juho @seitre @kiminseongs @sanghyu-k @princechani @softseong @pinkseong @yngbin @clickyourheart @ghostlyoungkyun @kimseongs @uumin @hellohwiyoung @kangchanie @clickedyourheart

Some great active blogs that are worth your attention too:

@javajaeyoon @smoochbin @dangchanhee @rowoonst @seokf9 @jaevoon @honeyst9 @taeyangie @roweun @preciouseokwoo @cutieyoungbin @chanhee @sf9bin @sf9offlcial @pidkachu

And of course our own team who are great creators/blogs themselves: @yangtaes @dinojaeee @chinqeus @velvetjjks cough cough

A special thank you to all of you listed above for being a great and nice community of FANTASYs on Tumblr and I really appreciate all of you being here! ♡ 

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Hack the planet

I had about 70% of this done when Sombra first came out, only just finished it today whoops haha. I love her character so much…

here’s a cool song I was listening to while drawing to keep me inspired (x)

Fall || Justin Huang ~Song-Fic~

Somewhat of a warning: Slight Angsty, and very long


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Big Win [Stiles Lacrosse Week Smut]

Author: @dylan-ohbrien
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 3,285
Warnings: Smut (Oral male & female receiving), language that’s about it ;)
A/N: So this is my first time writing a Stiles fic and I thought what better first than one for lacrosse week? I wrote this in a few hours and I haven’t done that in forever so I’m pretty proud of myself for that lol, that being said, I’m sure there are errors that I missed. It’s just kinda cute and smutty so I hope you guys like it! :)

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Let Me Help

Fandom: Moana
Words: 3360
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui
POV: Maui

Summary: Strong as she is, even Moana cannot forget the time her best friend looked her in the eyes and told her that she was not enough.

There are gonna be two parts to this: one from Maui’s point of view, and another from Moana’s. Just, y’know, for extra feels.

A quick headcanon that I’ve shoved into this fic: Mini-Moana’s linked to Moana, as a literal representation of her. Which comes in super handy when Moana’s having a nightmare, because Mini-Moana can just poke Maui until he wakes up like “hey, Moana’s having a Bad Time™, might wanna help her”

Also, cookies to anyone who gets the fandom reference in the title.

When Maui jolts awake, there are clouds blanketing the sky. Readjusting to the lack of light is a process of several minutes, of rubbing eyes and yawning and wondering what, exactly, woke him at such a late hour. There is no one around him, not in his fale, so Maui’s laying back down to go to sleep when his shoulder itches. Tentatively, too. Like the movement is unsure.

“What is it,” Maui slurs, shifting himself more comfortably on the ground. If it’s another kite malfunction he’s going right back to snoring.

Then the itch happens again, but this time not on his shoulder. Right over his heart.

It takes a couple seconds for Maui’s sleep-addled brain to process the movement, but when he does, he springs to his feet. There’s only one reason his little tattoos would be waking him so late at night. “Moana?” he asks the air in general.

On his chest, Mini-Moana nods, rubs her arms uncomfortably. Maui pauses only to grab his hook - it’s gotta be a nightmare, going by Mini-Moana’s expression, but he can never be too prepared - and pushes out from his fale. He kinda stumbles a bit as he goes, weariness still clogging his reflexes.

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