forever perfect in my heart

You’re the one I wanted and you’re the one I’ll always want. You make me smile when I’m feeling alone or scared. You make me want to wake up every morning just to see you sound asleep in my arms. You make my days easier to live and you make it easier to breathe. You are the reason my heart beats and stops at the same time. You’re the reason my eyes turn your favorite colors. You’re my one and only, and will always be. roscodash


She is gone, but not for long. My heart yurns for her like an owl for the night like water to a desert man. She is mine and I am hers. No matter the paths we take she has a place in my heart forever. She is the perfect woman. As life progresses we meet people who make us feel ways we never thought possible. She is my irrationality on the earth.

queenofhellrp asked:


*afri faints bc too much perfection*

you, i wanT to kEEP YOU FOREVER IN MY HEART, DO YOU GET IT? OK. SO NOW GIMME A HUUUUG. *piensa seriamente en raptarla y abrir una granja de cisnes con su compañía, sep* Gracias bebé hermosa, esto logra hacer sonreír hasta a un pingüino en el polo norte.

“You are forever and always the hero of my heart, the love of my life.” 

Nearly a whole year spent with him by my side <3  

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