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Spoilers for the One Punch Man Maji CD Vol. 1 drama tracks are all over Twitter, and I translated a few tweets that explains the basic gist of the Middle School Alternate Universe drama track (it’s basically about Genos being over the top and crazy for Saitama LOL). I will translate the entire drama once I get my copy too! Enjoy~


“The One Punch Man Maji CD Middle School Drama is basically a shojo manga about first love [for Genos]”

“The middle school drama has Genos eating lunch with Saitama at school everyday, buying food together, sitting in the bus together, and baking cookies for Saitama to give him as presents.”

“The middle school drama is exactly what I imagined- a love story about Genos’ first love…basically a love comedy.”

“The main drama track is also a rom com about the daily lives of a married couple (Saitama and Genos) lol. Natural borne crazy disciple Genos is the best!”

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Imagine the little Genoslings dressed in little rainboots and colored rain gear like Kanna from Kobayashi's Dragon Maid with their own animal themed umbrellas with them shouting "Rain" in sing song voices while Saitama and Genos look on with their groceries waiting for the kids to get done having fun with their new rain gear before heading home for dinner.

Rain or shine, please let these bots be happy………….<3 / / /

*Genos proceeded the same day to order the largest stuffed animal available online. He didn’t calculate how much of the apartment space it would take up.*

Mini OPM Valentine’s Day comic is done! :y

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata

Art © Anjelzjelly129


not so mini bbys 💕

Genos + Speech Patterns

Japanese is heavily reliant on your level of politeness when speaking to other people, and a lot of that gets lost when it’s translated to English. So, I’m gonna make a short thing about how Genos talks to Saitama & others!

I don’t think anything here is gonna be groundbreaking new material, but there’s just some little details that are worth pointing out.

*Note: Japanese isn’t my first language so please send me a message if I made a mistake somewhere

Genos speaks to Dr. Kuseno & Saitama using the polite ~desu/masu [です/ます]. This makes sense since he sees them as mentors/people who saved his life. They’re also the only ones he talks this politely to, even though it would make sense for other characters, too. More on that later.

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