forever opm

“…alright…., who called master bald? ” I came up with this “overprotective” Genos, because in ep 7, Genos was about to incinerate the ass of the person who sent the mean letter to poor Saitama XD. Also, I’m drawing GenoSai, and SaiGeno from now on, and some EreRi, and some JeanMarco, cause.OTP’s.yeah.

So I watched Ink Master and this happened…
(also I thought it’d be fun to draw Genos in baggy pants and Sai in tight for once)

Details, since they’re not very visible in the full size version:


“You bunch with your little game of ‘Let’s pretend to fight for justice’ can’t win against a truly strong opponent nor can you protect anything.”

And here’s the bonus and final “I” to L O V E Y O U ! Woo!

(When I saved this for the first time, PS apparently and randomly decided to save it to the Trash. I didn’t even know that was possible, but yeah, okay, PS, I got the message.)

Thank you to all the hard-working admins for hosting this awesome event and all the lovelies that participated! It was super fun to be a part of Saigenos Week!!!

Wishing for what I lacked,
I came face to face with a version of “me” that was nothing like myself
And yet I kept going,
Even through the dark night that made my head swim
Love me! I who lack so much.
I was raised by that selfish egotism of mine after all

Ghost Rule by: DECO*27 (link to Araki’s cover)