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*deep inhale* oKAY LET’S GO

Honestly, I love them so so so so much. I think the thing I love about them is how well they developed, both as individuals and as a couple, over the course of the series. Like in the beginning, there wasn’t a lot of focus on romance between them (though it was beginning to be implied once Sango recovered from “THAT ONE EXPERIENCE” after Miroku groped her), and there was instead camaraderie. I love how well they work as a team, and for the longest time they were friends with little hints here or there that prodded shippers to ship them (from the groping to the jealousy - both pretty stereotypical anime characteristics, but that’s kind of what I love about them).



This is supposed to be an “honest brutal truth” thing but it ended up being a ramble instead. Long story short, I think they both developed as individuals and as a pairing over a long period of time, and I think Rumiko Takahashi did it very well. They have some of the stereotypical anime character characteristics when it comes to a relationship, but it’s difficult to find pairings without (even Royai had a little jealousy going in the manga!).



Levi likes it when their knuckles line up, fingers pieced together like zipper teeth, like cobblestones, like feathers. He squeezes their bones together, tries to fuse them into one mass, because then maybe he will never leave. He can’t leave. The sky is too high, and Erwin hasn’t shown it all to him yet.

Erwin likes it when Levi sighs out a moan so short and clipped, it’s as if he’s knocked the wind out him. This man with a title bigger than his stature, the man smart and determined enough to teach himself the directional gear, could be the same man that buckles under somebody as broken as himself.

And when it happens at the same time, Erwin’s hips meeting the back of Levi’s thighs, they find a piece that keeps them both whole. And when they come, they seem to lose their names and the bodies between them. And when they kiss, they know that it will need to end someday.

But someday is forever away, and Levi hopes it’s farther away than the vast fathoms of the sky.

This whole HWNDU flag thing will only end when either the flag is retired forever, as in they quit. Or, Shia hides it in a small, sound proof room in the middle of nowhere. And at that point 4chan already won. It neuters Shia. Nothing brave about hiding a flag in a room, nothing brave about waving the flag in the first place. Shia, it’s too late, you divided yourself.
What I’m currently writing

Got tagged by the lovely @phd-mama, cant wait to read all of your beautiful writing!

Okay, so I have a million things in the making (fine. Its only, like….six things.)

1. A new time stamp for As long as you’re smiling and…wear clothes, where Harry appriciates Louis face. 

2. A timestamp for Lilin, where, this time its Louis (the little demon) who does the dreaming now that he’s in the human world.

3. A full on angsty Ziam fic where Liam is organized on the outside and an absolute mess on the inside. 

4. A Howl’s moving Castle AU, this one has been in the making forEVER! I dont know how to end it!

5. That one summer fling fic that I just cant seem the be happy with. 

6.  JUST started to write a a/b/o fic TODAY! Its got a prince, and a sword fight so far. 


Erhm….thats about it! =) I want to know what @flamboyantommo is up to and my kitten @gaycousinlarry! (sorry if you both already got tagged! Then just ignore this and act like nothing ever happened, lalalala!)

What I’m Writing

I was tagged by @crows-onthewire! Here’s everything in my WIPs folder. It’s not a lot because I tend to only really write one story at a time.

1. The conclusion to BST. Enough said.

2. Kardashian!Louis. Louis is essentially a Kardashian: socialite, fashion designer, model, and sex symbol. He runs into Harry Styles (the singer song writer of our generation) at a party and, horribly drunk, mistakes him for the waitstaff. He tells Harry to get him a drink and Harry asks for his number only for Louis to laugh in his face. The morning after consists of a little bit of twitter flirtation/banter that ends with Louis acquiring a new pop star shaped shadow.

3. BDSM Lifestyle. This was supposed to be for the Sub!H exchange forever ago but best intentions ended up making it a late birthday gift for @cherubprince. Harry and Louis are in love. They live a Dom/sub lifestyle 24/7. 

4. I don’t know how to describe this one without giving things away but it’s in a short story format and it’s definitely a tear jerker.

5. XMen AU. HL are mutants and on a mission, something goes horribly wrong. Harry falls apart and Zayn is left to try and put him back together before things get worse. Really really dark. Major character death. It’s awful, tbh.

I’m tagging everyone in my writing gc and @cherubprince and @wingsjade

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EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

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just a random thought: what will you like to see when haikyuu ends? just a random question ^-^

The roar of the crowd is a deafening sound in his ears and the lights of the stadium shine so bright to blind him for a couple of seconds. He holds his breath. This is it, finally it. The Olympics.

He grasps tight at the fabric of his jersey. It’s true, everything is real, even if he still couldn’t believe it. He’s wearing the red uniform of the Japan men’s national volleyball team, the one he’s always desired the most.

The confusion lasts just a couple of moments. Around him everything feels so familiar, despite being completely new. He repeats the same warming up routine he’s used to do since high school until it’s time. Eighteen hands pile one on the other, eighteen red and black dressed bodies squeeze each other in an encouraging embrace.

“Let’s go!” his captain yells.

As they all part ways to gain the center of the court, he forgets to breathe as he reads again some of the names written in bold white letters on the back of the jerseys. Most of them, he was used to see on the other side of the net, but now they are here. His teammates.

Bokuto. Oikawa. Ushijima. Kuroo. Nishinoya. Tsukishima. Komori. Miya.

Dark blue eyes meet his own, a stare so firm it shakes him out of his awe immediately.

“Let’s go,” Kageyama says in a nod, offering his hand.

He takes it, and Kageyama’s promise flashes before his eyes once more.

As long as I’m here, you’re invincible.

Hinata smiles.

“Let’s go.”