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— Your smile can brighten even the darkest night. ☆ 

Happy birthday to my precious source of happiness, inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Sehun for everything. ♡
Never stop smiling. ~ ☆ 

in a world where you have your true love tattooed on one wrist and your sworn enemy on the other, and you dont know which is which...

-k so her wrists are obviously kai and levana
-and when she was little she thought Kai was some terrible person she would loathe bc true love could mean romantic love or platonic love or familial love and Aunt Levana would never hurt her!!! Right???
-So she would follow around Levana, trying to spend as much time with her as possible, bc she knew her and Aunt Levana would have the most incredible aunt-niece relationship ever.
-hahaha but post-almost being burned alive, Peony is obsessed with Cinder’s wrists bc Kai!!! Like the prince!!!!!!
-meanwhile Pearl and Adri scornfully remind her that Kai is a common name, its probably some peasant
-and Cinder tries her best to stay impartial. Her gloves not only hide her cyborg hand but her tattoos as well, and she actually forgets about them for a long period of time….
-and then she meets the prince. And oh shit. Ohhhh shitttt
-cinder isnt the best at romantic interaction, and she cant tell if that was flirting?? He probably hates her, shes a cyborg…
-and the mission to figure out whats on his wrists begins
-but why is he always wearing long sleeves??
-and the night of the ball, she finally sees one of his wrists! and it says levana. Oh dear
-so all of a sudden shes in jail and kai and levana are getting married and her place is quite clear…but why is levana the other name on her wrist?
-so what keeps cinder going, all throughout scarlet and cress, is that they have to be soulmates. Theres no other way.

-hes got Cinder/Levana
-and when hes a little kid and hasnt met either, he always kinda hopes cinder is the true love because the name just sounds so much…warmer
-then the whole arranged marriage starts happening and kai’s like…idk bout this…but the wrists dont lie…
-but then he meets cinder and its just!!! marry me!!!
-and then he realizes it…one of these girls is his sworn enemy…
-shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
-but things seem to solve themselves when Cinder is arrested and becomes known as a terrorist
-except levanas definitely not his soulmate? Bc most soulmates dont want to kill you…
-and so its an internal battle because besides the wrists he knows both have glamours powerful enough to control his feelings
-some nights he lays in his bed and just kinda cries bc he doesnt know whats real anymore
-but when they kidnap kai from the wedding and theres finally some time to talk to cinder, she shows him her wrists
-and theyre like “either its u and me or we re fighting to the death over levanas affection”
-so that becomes an inside joke of theirs, and kais always like “hahaha im winning” leading up to his marriage w levana
-but they act like in love idiots throughout winter bc they now theyre soulmates

Thats kaider for yall, imma do the other ships on other posts to avoid longness

AU: Diana goes to the underworld to bring Steve back and battles with Hades to take him.

- Hades! - Diana shouted.
- I was wondering how long was it going to take you to come down here, niece - Said Hades looking at her.

- Let him go and I will do you no harm - Diana answered fiercely.

- Careful Diana, don’t forget who are you talking to, you mistake me for Ares. Living with mortals made him weak, just like they weakened you…Risking yourself for a human. Pathetic - He replied sternly - Do you want him? Come get him…If you can - Hades added before throwing her a blaze of fire.

- Diana! - Steve screamed.


Laurent was beautiful and Damen was attractive, but they hated the other one so much they could’ve killed the other one if they had the chance. 

Who would have thought that they would end up falling so hopelessly in love with each other, making one of the most tender love story of all time?


laurent, prince of vere ─ “ When laced into his clothing, Laurent’s dangerous grace lent him an almost androgynous quality. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that it was rare to associate Laurent with a physical body at all: you were always dealing with a  m i n d. ”



You chose her. You married her. You have a kid with her. So why is it when you’re lying in bed awake at 3:00 am I’m the one you call. Why is it that when you’ve had a rough day my number is the first you dial just waiting for me to say “Hi Prince.” You left me for her so why is it that you still have my pictures saved and even after 5 years of being apart you’ve still managed to hold on to them. You’re with her so why is it that every year on my birthday at 12:00 am you’re the first to say “Happy Birthday.” You’re married to her so why is it that when we both walk past you, your eyes linger on me. Why did you choose her if you love me?

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #350


8:10 pm


he’s so cute i’m going to dieee

zevran has this magic where he is literally perfect in any AU you could possibly put him in

burlesque dancer zevran

buddy cop zevran (preferably w sten who is just perpetually annoyed af with him)

kindergarten teacher zevran

terrible porn movie star zevran

space cowboy zevran

college professor zevran

scifi dystopia zevran

elizabethan-era england zevran

monty python zevran

biblical egypt zevran

every zevran is perfect zevran

Dating Prince Sidon Headcannons

I have successfully played more than 30+ hours of Breath of the Wild. Let’s celebrate with the #1 fish boyfriend that has taken over my life ( Also going to start shortening my writing so I can get as much done as possible :> ). 

  • If you thought he was positive before, oh boy. Be prepared to be the target of his undying affection.
  • Calls you “darling”, “love”, or “my beloved”
  • Loves to tenderly kiss the top of your forehead or temple (he’s like 9'4 so that’s the lowest he’ll go)
  • Oh yeah PDA is a must. If you’re uncomfortable he’ll understand, but gets a little heartbroken if you refuse to hold his hand in public.
  • Surprise kisses. Imagine the jaws theme playing in the background.
  • Constant cheerleader ™ . Can instantly perk up your mood with his big shark toothed smile
  • Swimming, swimming, swimming dates (if you can’t, then he’ll gladly place you on his back or flat on his abdomen and float downstream with you, talking about laughing to make you smile) 
  • Bone crushing hugs galore
  • Tries to avoid giving you rough kisses. They always end in your neck being littered in bite marks. 
  • Say any pick up line or compliment and he will grow as red as the Blood Moon.
  • If you have to leave Zora’s domain for a long period of time, he’ll make sure you pack everything. But, he often takes packs more than everything needed for your trip. 
    • “Shock arrows, hylian carp, flint, wood…I should go fetch you the Lightscale trident-”
    • “Sidon!”
  • He will be saddened to see you leave, so you have to always reassure him that you’ll come back safety and are always thinking of him. (Once you return, the tail on his head wags excitedly and he drops everything to ask about your trip).
  • He prefers to hide the stress of his princely duties from you, keeping a strained smile. But you see past the “I’m fines ” and embrace him with the same power he hugs you with (or at least try). You take him on a walk along the East Lake Reservoir to get his mind off things.