forever my ot6


@thatcrazedgirlchuck tagged me… I’m very bad at both selfies and choosing biases…

Yes, that is the entirety of Teen Top (OT6FOREVER)… Yes, they are all my bias… No I literally cannot choose one (It’s been 2 years now, I’ve given up hope and accepted that I bias them all.)

Tagging more people (I know some of you wont do this and that’s OK) @daesungindistress @elfangel94 @jahehyung @dabn @akpopinhoe

It’s crazy how time flies. Naruto used to be everything to me back in elementary/middle school. My first fanart was of Naruto, so I thought it was appropriate to draw something now that it’s over (it’s been years since I’ve drawn anything Naruto related!). Team 7 will forever be my OT3 (OT6 including Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai XD didn’t draw them cuz I didn’t have time, not to mention I find them very difficult to draw for some reason).

On a happy note, my very first OTP did survive the shipping war, so I’m totally celebrating in regards to that. Lol, I remember spending all these years defending the SasuSaku ship stubbornly against all the odds Kishimoto seemed to place against them (I literally have been shipping them from the very beginning). I remember people laughing at me for supporting them and telling me how stupid I was for supporting a ship that was bound to sink. Come at me haters, I hope you enjoy the taste of the salty water, cuz my ship won and I now have the last laugh.

The courage Bang Yongguk must have gathered to let himself be under the eyes of the masses again even though he still might not be completely fine is just amazing.
I struggle with depression and anxiety myself and seeing Bang Yongguk take on the world like that just to assure everyone that he’s doing his best in making his comeback makes me think that I may also still have a chance on making mine.
This is one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received. Thank you, Bang Yongguk.


Boyfriend keeping the promise that they will wear hanbok if they win first on music show and bowing to the fans


With You Series Then v. Now || Part 1 ; Part 2

It’s been more than a year since you all came back to us. Much has changed–us babyz hope it’s for the better. 2016 has been one hell of a year and I know for myself, it has been much brighter with you guys in it. However, despite what has happened in the past, never forget that we are always with you. Now, and forever~

Here’s to an amazing 2017.

♡ Another full year with all of six of you in our lives ♡

"Once a BABY, forever a BABY"

when I first enter this fandom, I never thought of someday.. I might never want to look for an exit door, because I choose to stay, no matter how worse the situation is. B.A.P is not just my favorite group and I trust our boys because they’re strong and they need us because without B.A.P, then BABYs wouldn’t exist too. Remember if you have twitter, never stop hashtagging #ForeverWithBAP. Show your support as a BABYs and show them.. we’re here for our 6 warriors.


The best absolute perfect Valentine’s Day gift one could ask for #BAP2NDWIN


Leo it’s not that deep 😂