forever my fave scene

‘It was Blue’s shoulder and her collarbone and her legs and her throat and her laugh her laugh her laugh.’ | ‘It was this: Gansey saying, “I like you an awful lot, Blue Sargent.”’

ninazenikvibes  asked:

Nina Zenik is my forever fave but also Inej Ghafa and my favorite scenes are those including the both of them, esp when they're saying goodbye and they talk about having saved each other's lives like wow fuck me up fam

omg ur url is aboslutely amazing. your theme is so cute??? i mean frankly your entire blog is so cute… like its just happiness and makes me feel all nice inside??? like i think it might be your theme’s effect cause like while ur content is great its not like its 100% rainbows and butterflies lol but ur theme makes everything kinda nice and happy!

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