forever married to this man

There’s just something so pure and magical about rewatching the affair days - when they’re dancing around how they feel about one another and they’re all loaded eye contact everywhere they go - but knowing that they’re now married, and they’re so in love it’s ridiculous, and they’ve never loved anyone the way they love each other, and they love each other so much they don’t know what to do with it sometimes.

Ah, Robron.

Diamond Heart [Hannibal x Reader] Mentor Relationship

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Wrote this as a quick pick-me-up while studying for my chemistry exam. You should all know that I’m a big Hannibal fan. I have a copy of nearly all the books, and the Silence of the Lambs is my favorite movie. I love Anthony Hopkins, but more than that, I love Mads Mikkelsen.


PS: I’m way too poor to go to John Hopkins, but I tried to base my writing off facts… and my actual college campus. :) One year at John Hopkins for their graduate program is around five semesters at my university… Think on that… Think about how poor I am…


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I do.

Finn Shelby x reader

The reader’s parents are setting her up in an arranged marriage

“Please don’t leave me,” Finn was grabbing both sides of your face tears in both of your eyes. You stared at him even looking at him was breaking your heart, you couldn’t hold it in anymore. You started sobbing into his chest. Neither of you could believe this was really happening. Your parents were marrying you off. Finn Shelby wasn’t good enough for an Anderson girl, that’s what everyone would say anyway. Your Grandfather owned almost all of the land in and around Birmingham. Your family was the richest family around. Your father, Robert Anderson, brought you up in some type of mansion, you were sent to private school and treated like what he thought was royalty. Your family had money and a reputation to uphold, but you weren’t interested in the money. You were interested in Finn. It was two days, two days until you would be married to Samuel Williams, a respectable man with a very respectable family. You begged and pleaded your parents not to make you do this for months but you were ignored, the wedding was planned, the house was bought and the invitations were out.

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Can you do 35 please? ☺️xxx

“i’m going to leave and pretend i didn’t see anything.”

“This is such a bad idea,” Aaron murmured, arms slung around Robert’s neck as his husband kissed the underside of his jaw, grazing his teeth against the exposed skin of Aaron’s neck, pressing wet kisses to his collarbone. It had taken Robert all of ten seconds to yank Aaron’s tie off, unbuttoning his dress shirt so he could get at Aaron’s neck.

They were at Home Farm.

The new family that had moved in after the Whites left, Lachlan with blood on his hands, and Lawrence six feet under, had been determined to make the big house a part of the village again, and so they’d organised a big party for all the villagers, for the local business owners.

Robert had been delighted. Mr Gladstone, or Alfie, as he cheerfully encouraged, had asked Robert to come and give a hand up at Home Farm for a few weeks, as a contractor, knowing Robert knew the ins and outs of how the estate had worked (or didn’t work) under the reign of the Whites, Robert practically preening as he’d donned his suit and claimed he’d won, after all.

(Aaron had told him not to be a twat, that Lawrence was dead, Robert, but he liked seeing his husband be so confident and in charge again, swanning around Home Farm like he had the first time around, only this time he was Aaron’s, and Aaron’s only.)

“It’s a little bit sexy though,” Robert smirked, keeping Aaron pinned to the wall of the office at Home Farm, the decor the last reminder that the Whites had ever been a part of the village, the same dark wallpaper adorning the walls. “It’s like the affair all over again.”

“Yeah, because we really want to remember that,” Aaron rolled his eyes, tugging at Robert’s hair to bring his husband back up to mouth level, planting a kiss on his lips before he could say anything else.

Snogging Robert, Aaron decided, a six month breakup and a serious lack of snogging behind them, was one of his favourite ways to spend time. Robert always knew exactly how to make him come undone with his mouth, that stupidly talented mouth of his - and well, if he was allowed to be a bit cheesy, it was just always nice to feel close to him.

They were good now. Better now. Marriage counselling, a whole lot of dates, and a year spent finding their way back to their marriage had done them the world of good, and now, a few months from turning twenty seven, Aaron was married, really, legally, forever tied to the gorgeous, smarmy, brilliant man who was currently trying to get his hands down Aaron’s trousers.

He’d never dreamed, he’d have this, back when the affair had started, back when he’d had to make do with sneaky kisses in the office at Home Farm, or dirty weekends away. Aaron had never let himself dream of lazy Saturday mornings, or arguments over the weekly shop, or quiet evenings curled up in bed, watching shitty movies on Netflix and being happy.

No, he’d never let himself dream of any of that, but Aaron was almost glad he hadn’t, really, because the reality of it all, the reality of Robert, it was so much better, it was more than he’d ever thought he’d get to have in life.

Robert grinned at him, palm of his hand warm against Aaron’s arse cheek. “So you don’t want to have a repeat of the time I gave you the blowjob of your life in here, when Chrissie was right outside the door?”

Aaron flushed at the memory, unable to deny how thrilling it had been to have Robert reduce him to a quivering mess with his fiancé standing right outside the door, on the phone to one of her saloons.

He pushed at Robert’s head, heart racing as his husband willingly went to his knees. “I never said that,” he said, Robert already working open Aaron’s belt, his suit an absolute mess now, Robert’s meticulous ironing gone to waste.

They were too caught up in the moment, in each other, to notice the office door opening, a shocked yelp making them both freeze.

Alfie’s face was beetroot red as he covered his eyes, spinning uselessly around his own office. “I’m just going to leave and pretend I didn’t say anything,” he said. “But we’re going to toast a successful evening, when you’re ready, Robert.”

Aaron couldn’t stop his laughter as Alfie left the room in a rush, Robert snorting into Aaron’s thigh. “Do you think we’ve made an impression on him yet?” he laughed, a mix of sheer embarrassment and pure, unadulterated laughter, knowing the situation was beyond ridiculous, and oh so typical of them.

Robert laughed, delight evident on his face. “Wait until I tell him about the affair.”

Prompt List

Here’s a masterlist of all the prompts we’ve received so far. 

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We want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to come up with an idea and send it our way. Your prompts are the heart of the Exchange. Without them our lovely authors wouldn’t get to write all those beautiful fics. So, please, keep them coming!

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Prompt List:

  • Prompt 1: I’d like an AU with Peeta as a single dad with a kid who’s always getting in trouble. Katniss is the kid’s teacher. Love follows :) [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 2: Before the Quarter Quell. The victors decide to include Katniss and Peeta in their plans for the rebellion. [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 3: Historical everlark (Georgian or Victorian era) and with Peeta as a ‘reformed rake’ and a jealous Katniss at one point… an E rating would be the icing on the cake(!) thank you so much for what you do!❤️ [submitted by Anonymous]

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A Glee Wedding(Sam Evans)

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His blonde hair was covered in sweat, he couldn’t let this happen. He couldn’t let you get away. Not this time.

“Sam?” You watch as he steps into the Glee club, strumming his guitar. It doesn’t take long before he’s dancing around the room, singing ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran. Singing to you.

“Happy Anniversary,” he smiles wide.

Rushing up, you jump into his arms, allowing him to lift you off the ground for a moment as the room of your friends fills with applause. “And a reservation tonight at BreadStix,” he grins.

“You didn’t have to do all this for me,” you slap his arm. “I would’ve loved a movie night.”

“I know,” he shrugs softly. “I just wanted to do something nice for you.”

“Well I appreciate it,” you lean in, kissing him softly, ignoring the sound of cheers and whoops.

Sam runs down the street, yelling out apologies to the people he pumped into. He can see Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine stepping out of their car. “Hey! Guys!” He waves his hands frantically, “Has it started yet?!” He’s panting, looking at them with worry and panic in his eyes.

Kurt stammers, “Uh, no, we were just coming to help Y/N get ready. Uh, why?” Sam doesn’t answer, he only bursts into another sprint, rushing to find you. “Sam?!”

“Good morning,” Sam mumbles in a raspy voice. The morning voice that you loved.

“Morning,” you smile down at him. He was cuddled into your chest, laying the majority of his body over yours. “Sleep good?”

Sam smiles, almost in a daze, “Best I have in years.” He kisses your bare chest, hugging your body close. “Get dressed,” he kisses you softly. “I’ll get started on breakfast.” With a smile, he stumbles out of bed, slipping his boxers on and heads towards the kitchen of your apartment in New York. 

While Sam was working on his modeling career, you were attending NYADA alongside Kurt and Rachel. Everything was perfect. Every morning and night with the guy you loved, going to school for something you loved with your best friends. Life couldn’t get any better. 

But it could get a whole lot worse.

Sam regretted the way things had ended. It wasn’t how he wanted things to go, but that horrible fight had changed everything.

“Why can’t you just be happy for me?” He yells, “This is my big break!”

“I am happy for you, Sam, you know that! But this is my big break, what about me?”

“It’s always about you! It’s one week, in Bora Bora, you’d love it!”

“Maybe, but I can’t miss this audition, Sam, it’s between me and someone else. I have to be here!”

“So, what? Are you saying you care more about your job than me?”

“Is that what you’re saying?”

“I just want you there!”

Your voice drops, “Are you asking me to choose?”

Sam takes a deep breath, “Yes, I am.”

You let your eyes flutter shut, and breathe before looking him in the eye. “Guess this is goodbye.”

“Guess it is.” Sam couldn’t believe it. Your career meant to you more than he did?

“Don’t ever,” you jab your finger into his chest, “Make someone choose between the two most important things in their life. I love you Sam, but I’m not giving up just because you ask me to.”

“Y/N,” Sam forces the locked door open, the hinges go flying.

You scream, a hand on your chest, eyes wide. “Sam? What the hell was that?”

“Don’t do this,” he pants. “Don’t go out there and marry him, you don’t love him.”

You sigh softly, “Sam it’s been two years, I love this man.”

“Not like you love me,” he shakes his head. “I hated myself everyday for letting you go, for making you choose instead of supporting you in everyway. I hate that I’m the reason he got you, but Y/N, I can’t let you get married.”

“Why not?” You fold your arms, “He’s a great guy, he treats me right, what’s there to think about?”

“He doesn’t make you feel the way I do,” Sam takes a step towards you. “He doesn’t get your toes all tingly,” another step closer. “He doesn’t sing disney songs, or makes great impressions,” his chest fills with pride at the small smile that tugs at your lips. “I know I have the worst absolute timing ever, but,” he takes a deep breath and drops to a knee. Taking out a ring, nothing big or fancy, just a small simple ring. “I know I can’t offer you everything you deserve, I know that our careers are just kicking in, I know that he might be able to give you the world, but I will damn near try. I’ll do everything I can to show you I love you everyday, and I’ll never let you think that you’re less than perfect. You are my world, Y/N, and I want to spend every second of my life with you by side. Will you marry me?”

You stood there, in complete and utter shock. Here he was. Your high school sweetheart, the one you loved with every being in your body, the one who was asking you to marry when you were supposed walk down the aisle to marry someone else.

Your laughs filled the air, surrounded by the ones you loved. Sam somehow got you to say yes, just from that hopeful look on his face, and that beautiful smile. His lips were on yours as the sound of your Glee club family cheered you on in the room covered in cheap wedding decorations with a man who had years on Mr. Shue and probably got his marriage license online. But it couldn’t be better. You couldn’t be happier.

Everyone you loved all in one room, marrying the man you wanted to be with forever. Life couldn’t get any better. But it did. It only got better from the moment you stepped out of the chapel.

| Jimin Wedding Board |

Imagine its the middle spring on a beautiful sunny day. You awake with sun shining in the window a feeling of bliss falls over you as you realize the day you had waited forever for had arrived. Today you would marry the man who captured your heart with his adorable charm. Who made you feel safe in this crazy world. Whose laugh was your favorite sound to hear. He was your prince you were his princess, His whole world. His angel who saved him.

It was nearing 1pm as you stood behind the door waiting for the music. Feeling the anxiety of seeing the man you loved standing at the alter waiting for you to become his wife, his one and only. You imagined this moment many times. Holding tighter to the bouquet in you hands.
Music plays and everyone rises. Holding in a breath as the doors open. You step out and towards the aisle were your new life awaited.

His eyes lock with yours as you made your way towards him. Love struck like he is seeing his angel for the first time, and falls in love all over again.
Tears fill both of you eyes as you take his hand looking into each others eyes. I love yous are quietly said as he whips a tear from your cheek.

Beautiful words of love are exchanged. Rings are placed. And a kiss to seal your love brings two families too One. A beautiful love so strong and pure. Your fairy tale come true.
It was just the beginning of this love story. A start of another chapter.
And you both couldn’t wait to continue writing it.

~~~ Hope you liked this give it a like if you would like me to continue this series with the other boys :) ~~~

More B99 AU:

“It’s too late,” Geno groans into his arm, facedown on his desk. “Sid gone on date, I’m miss chance forever. Soon he marry that boring man and have three beautiful babies with his eyes and curls. And I’m be single and eat cereal on couch forever.”

“No, wait, maybe it’s not too late,” Flower says. “Did you see Sid do that one hair tuck?”

“What hair tuck?”

“It’s where he takes that curl that hangs near his right temple, that one, and he giggle-snorts and tucks it behind his ear while he looks at his feet? That’s when you know he really likes someone.”

“He not do that yet,” Geno says slowly.

Flower pulls him to his feet. “There’s still time, go, go.”


One disastrous date avoided and two bottles of moscato later, Sidney’s pink all over and laughing on Geno’s couch at Geno’s poor impression of Mickey Mouse.

“Soviet Mickey Mouse, maybe,” Sidney says. He looks very, very beautiful, and it takes Geno’s breath away.

“Hey,” Geno warns, not very seriously at all. “Is offensive.”

“Sorry,” Sidney says, then unsteadily tries to get to his feet. He topples into Geno instead. “I should…go home.”

“No, you–you take bed. I’m sleep here, on couch,” Geno insists. He also stands up, biting his lip as Sidney gazes up at him, his eyes sparkling. “Brush teeth. Be back soon.”

Sidney watches him leave, looks down, then tucks one curl behind his right ear. 


Everyone please bow down to this guy who is slaying all your favourite songs