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there are only a few days left until Episode Prompto gets here! my heart isn’t ready! all i can think about is how much i wish that Prompto and Noct were safe and warm together somewhere (T   3 T) … no more tears… only nice dreams…



Short Thing: Getting Older

Hi! Just a short weird little thing I wanted to talk about and maybe see what other people thought. I’ve seen a lot of fan art or fics, that are about korra and asami getting older. Usually they’re old and happy together and I love the idea of them being rad older ladies, who are still total dorks and totally in love. But when I see them, I get kinda sad. And this goes into the other kinds of pieces i’ve seen, that have shown one of them, remembering the other after they’ve passed.

And that, destroys me. And in a weird way too. Cause obviously, I’ve seen or read or played thousands of things where characters i’m invested in or care about die. And I’ll be sad sure, but at even the thought, or the slightest hint of the death of one of these two? Emotionally i just go to the dumps. Like the idea of it horrifies me lol. That probably just means i’m way too into this. Like it is for this reason, I’m actually in the camp of I don’t want another avatar series. Cause that by default means Korra will have passed, and I can’t deal with that lol. Like when they announced Korra, obviously that meant aang would be dead. And i didn’t think anything of it. But suggest Korra will die, and my brain just cries NOOOO! I already suffered enough just seeing one of them in pain while the other was their to support them! That hurt enough!

Now I think this is probably for two reasons. The easiest is that I think it’s clear I love these dorks more than I usually get into characters. And my friends… THAT is saying something lol, just trust me I get way into characters. And I think reason number two is that they’re two parts of a whole. If one goes, the other has to deal with that loss. I love their relationship and I think of one of them having to go on without the other and that just hurts. A lot. Not to say I don’t think they could handle the loss. I think they would handle it with grace and dignity similar to how Katara lives on. It’s just interesting to me, that the concept of either dying causes more emotional distress in me than literally anything else has for me in fiction.

Just a rambling thought. And I’d be curious to know what anyone else thinks! Personally, I would like to imagine after they’re time they got to run around, still head over heels in love in the spirit world like Iroh. I don’t know how that would work given the whole avatar cycle thing but don’t talk to me about that. Happy in the spirit world! Happy and together!!! I think i might be in too deep here lol.

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since i joined the tumblr aroha, i’ve been lucky enough to gain a whole bunch of lovely mutuals so i’ve had the idea of a follow forever in the works for a while! i also just passed 1.2k followers across my blogs so like wow i love u all!!!!!!!

i tried to track down everyones main blogs and side blogs but if i forgot anyone and/or messed up please let me know so i can fix it!!!!!

i went on a following spree last night so quite a few of the ppl mentioned are new for me!! also like highkey sorry if i used way too many ‘!!!‘ i really cant help it lol!!!!

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@homosexualdrugaddict​: jill; decent sister, would recommend. amber trash, still nice tho!!!!! u spend every waking hour with jordan and u like never talk to me irl now lmao but that ok ig!!!!!

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in conclusion

i’m just like???? gay for rocky constantly and somehow i have followers???????? what? anyway!! y’all feel free to drop by my inbox or like leave me a message or something! i’m nice i swear lol, not to best at holding a conversation but i’m still friendly hah,,, talk to me about jincha, myungha and MOONROCK omg also i love hotshot…… theyre very….. important to me… and topp dogg ;; i miss them… i hope that pic at the top isnt an eyesore, obviously graphic design is my passion lmao

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Overwatch AU where Tracer is basically Perry the Platypus and Talon agents just don’t recognize her when she’s in her gear like imagine Tracer and Widow are fighting and Widows like “it’s over cherie” and Tracer just fucking takes her goggles off and Widows like “Cherie? Where did you go cherie?”