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No offense but if you can make posts about how good looking All Might's butt is, then you really shouldn't be talking about Momo's outfit being sexualized.

I mean, my main gripe with Momo’s outfit is how young she is. 

But anyhow, there’s a difference between “one frame of one episode made All Might’s butt look big and thats funny” and “this 15 year old is dressed in the most sexually revealing combat outfit possible and we’re all tired of shonen anime being like that all the time”

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I just checked the other responses to that 'best 1D music video' post because I was ready to be all smug about a unanimous consensus on Kiss You, and, I mean, obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but can you believe how wrong everyone who chose anything other than Kiss You are?!?! I would die for Kiss You.

You are right, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I agree, Kiss You is the perfect One Direction video, and maybe the greatest music video of all time!!! I too, would die for Kiss You!!!!!  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk about it.

There is more than one reason I love it so much, but it really all comes down to this: the Kiss You music video lovingly sends up the idea of boybands and boyband music videos while truly celebrating them at the same time.  AND it does this in a way that effortlessly highlights what made One Direction so special in the first place – their genuinely charming personalities.  

Look at this shit, just from the first 30 or seconds of the video:

Right out of the gate, the mood and pace of the video match the mood and tempo of the song!! 

And everyone is a big, happy ham!!!  (Zayn has always been an underrated ham IMO)

Then, the camera pulls back and you see, OMG this is a video set!! it’s not real! This boyband of hams is making a music video, let’s see how they do it!! 

Back to Liam being cute in a sidecar!!!

And it only gets better from there:

A jailhouse rock homage.

Everyone’s Christmas card for the next 40 years.


Louis looking handsome while fake surfing. 

Harry and his nips!!!

I mean, I just want to thank the director, Mr. Vaughan Arnell, from the bottom of my heart.  It’s a wonderful music video with a fully coherent concept.  

When it first came out, @100percentsassy, made the point that there should have been WAY more posts on pop culture websites about what a funny, charming masterpiece it is. She was totally right!!!!! What more could you want??? 

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Budding romance at the office • Storyboard art, Bob Logan; final frames  • “I was in mergers, he was in hostile takeovers” is what Koko explains to Lloyd in her version of events, as shown in these story panels.

From the Lego Ninjago Movie The Making of the Movie book.
These storyboards are sooo cute, gawdz! I am a sucker for flashback/pre-movie Koko and Garms 💖


Sealed with a kissStoryboard art, Bob Logan; concept art, Fiona Darwin (bottom) • “Fight first, then fall into each other’s arms” is how Garmadon recalls the good old days with his Lady Iron Dragon. The storyboard reveals the truth behind how Koko and Garmadon met, in stark contrast with the version Koko gives Lloyd.

From the Lego Ninjago Movie The Making of the Movie book.

I was sort of disappointed that we didn’t get a Koko/Garmadon kiss on the movie, but they did kiss on the storyboard! omg my heart! 😭 I love them so much

Bonus: “Koko is actually something of a wild child, but she chose to settle down for the sake of her son.” – Paul Fisher, Writer/Director