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So my niece was asking everyone today who their ideal boyfriend is and when I told her to surprise me, this is what she came up with.*

*I know she spelt Jungkook’s name wrong. She’s nine and only knows BTS from the little videos I’ve shown her.

Forever in our Hearts ~ Part III

Yes, it has been two days since Naruto finished and my heart is still very heavy. I feel like: What am I doing with my life now? But I’m not going to give up this blog. I wish that any single one of the characters is never forgotten and I do my best that Gaara will never be forgotten. ; W; * Tears up *

Here I continue with the third part of the wonderful story of my favorite character: Sabakuno Gaara. 
I know so many parts can be annoying. But such a great, emotional story is impossible to put into one post! That would be much too big and long, Tumblr would not create. : 3 That’s why I prefer to share it in Parts.

So, we were where Gaara had set off with his unit into the war. Alone that was epic enough, but now it goes into the legendary, fourth war of the world of the Shinobi and in this Gaara has shoewd incredibly often. It was great to see him there so often, even if some places were very sad or frightening, but I’ll come to that.

Now we come to an incredibly sad, emotional section of the entire anime: The fight against Rasa, his father and the fourth Kazekagen of Sunagakure. Weeks before it was already known that this would happen and I was so excited and could not wait to see this episode. 

But before that, Gaara was often shown in the episodes, if only briefly but hey! Gaara is love no matter how often and when you get to see him, right? :)

In front of his Alliance …

With the Tsuchikage …

In the Night before the first fight … 

The moment he saw his father in the distance. The moment before the big fight.

The next episode was super surpassing emotionality. The fight against Rasa, his father, the epic fight. The fact that Rasa wanted to evaluate him one last time and finally the truth about his mother, Karura.

The Flashback of Gaaras Death and rescue …

The Flashback of Gaaras Birth and Childhood …

I have to say it again and again: Rasa, this little Bitch. He kept Temari and Kankuro away from Gaara and did not let them play with him. He tried to kill him, several times! In his eyes, Gaara was a failure and it makes me angry when I think about it. Therefore: Small, dirty Bitch. I hate him for what he did to Gaara.

At last, however, in the fight, his conscience might be heard, and he began to tell Gaara the whole truth about his family, especially about his mother: people, really, I sat in front of my computer and cried like a fountain, like a rushing river . This still happens to me today when I look at the episode.

“Your Mother truely loved you!”

“Even after her death she is with you and wants to protect you.”

“After all this time, this is the first time I have received “medicine” from my father.”

“More than I ever could have hoped. You’ve surpassed me… I entrust the village to you now… Gaara…” 

Yes, this part has actually only related to this one episode, but I also find that it deserves so much. This episode was epic and emotional and I often look at it. This was a great milestone in Gaara’s story!

Part IV follows!

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I was tagged by @stariousfalls! Thanks, Syd! <3 I am not sure if this meme has a name, but you’re supposed to screencap your lock screen, home screen, last song you listened to, and add a photo of yourself!

My lock screen is Stans in the KR0 style done by Hardon Collider (which I adore because it looks like Ford is always telling me the time and the weather), my home screen is my own art (which I’ll probably be changing since it’s so busy), I was listening to the KR0 soundtrack in the car on the drive home from Oregon (makes for great roadtrip ambience!), and then here’s a picture of me and @smalllemonade when we were at the Oregon Vortex last time I was in Oregon! :D

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