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100 Days of Development: Day 17

Watching as Hamathiel departed from their tent after one of his more eccentric exits of bowing limbs and the flourishing of robes left Aki’s grin reaching his eyes in no time. Grouchy as they were liable to be at times and for as often as they disagreed, those fonder, lighthearted moments always managed to remind the monk why he loved the other man as much as he did.

All the same Aki was no less disgruntled to see the man leaving for another few hours. Letter in hand or not, he had hardly seen Hamathiel in the days following their latest job—let alone being awake at the hours in which the man returned home.

This time he would make sure of it though. This time, his curiosity for the promised surprised upon Hamathiel’s return would hopefully be enough to keep his mind going along with the notes he both needed to read and pen himself.


I am well aware of this fact. It is why I continue to pester you about your tendency to worry more than you need to. I plan on keeping the promise I made to you back in the Plaguelands if you will allow me to do so.

Just as you seem to apologize for breathing on most days, you truly do not need to thank me for any of that. You have done much the same for me and far more than I will ever be able to repay.

You know I am incapable of lying to you. Even if I wished to my ears would indicate such and give the fact away before I even realized it. It honestly is not worth the effort and frankly I do not see the appeal in lying to one’s partner when it is likely to only lead to disappointment and harm.

“How much schooling have you had?”

An easy enough question to answer for once.

In terms of proper schooling I have had none. I did not go to any school and anything I learned I either taught myself (I had a lot of time to myself as a child) or my mother would try to go over things with me. I did not have an affinity for magic like my sister did, and it was unlikely I would have survived going through the training to become a guard.

I was far more interested in the nature of plants. I still am as you already know. There is more to them than many know and not one is the same as the next. Dull as the subject matter may be to most or unimportant to others, I personally find it fascinating.

Then again, you have mentioned I am quite intriguing and even a bit odd at times.

I also learned a lot of what I know these days from the books I read. As you have also seen, I have a rather large collection of them not only at the compound, but at the home in the Jade Forest as well. I am not sure if everything I know is factual or not, but I do find I understand things better by reading and even transcribing them myself rather than having information spoken to me.

I spent a lot of time going over the different languages of our world and I like to believe I am fluent in a good handful of them. Thalassian and Orcish—unsurprising, really. Even Common is… well, a common tongue for many to know. I made sure to take the time to learn Pandaren in my time there. It made traversing through the lands a fair bit easier. As much as I do not want to admit it, I actually know a fair bit more about Pandaren history than our own as well. 

Similar as it is to Thalassian, I will admit I need to work a bit more at proper dialects for Darnassian. Taur-ahe and Draenei have been giving me some difficulty, but those around Thunder Totem have been more than willing to assist with corrections.

Then again, they have a different tone as well compared to the Tauren residing in Thunder Bluff. I would like to try my hand at a number of others as well, though, when I am able to find the time.

I have also considered looking into Erd Er Eredun? Is that the proper term for it? I have not had any luck, however. For whatever reason it is rather difficult to find books on it.

I also found interest in mathematics as a child, though I cannot say I am as good with numbers as I used to be. Perhaps I will be able to change that over time.

I hope to be awake by the time you return so I will also be able to give this to you proper for once.

Be well,

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