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Your reblog prompted a question - who is Onision and what has he/she/it done to deserve sex offender registry? I have heard his/her/its name a few times, but I know nothing about him/her/it.

There’s 10 years worth of stuff that I would have to go through to really answer this question in full and that’s a lot of energy tbh cause holy fucking shit is there a lot. But I will always encourage people knowing the truth because his fan base is young and impressionable, and he’s a monster.

Google “Encyclopedia Dramatica Onision” for an overview, a starting point. There are threads on lolcow, prettyuglylittleliars, and kiwifarms that have been archiving his shit for years too if you want all the details and screen shots, etc. Also blogs on here such as onisiondrama. I would also point you to google the letter Adrianne wrote about him (actually: ) and listen to the series voicemails he left her, it’s on YT. ( I’m gonna do this cause last time I did some people had the nerve to still try to defend him and act like I’m making shit up, asking for citations and shit like I didn’t tell them where to go looking at the top of the post….. (

The long and short of it is he’s a 30 year old man who prays on girls around 16, grooms them, traps them including financially, abuses them, forces himself on them, and uses them as props in videos. Eventually they’re dead inside and crazy for having to put up with him. And He puts it all on his youtube channel cause he’s very black and white about things so as long as it isn’t technically illegal he thinks it’s ok. I’ll give you like the worst of the worst that I can think of right now but know there’s A LOOOOOOT more where that came from. I’m trying to keep it brief. And it’ll still be long as shit anyway. I’ll toss some links in here and there, ones I didn’t have to dig for.

- He flys underage girls to states where the statutory rape age is lower so he can fuck them (admitted in his own videos)

-His current wife was like 15/16 when they first started talking so he rented a house in her state so he could sit on her and wait for her to graduate and take her back to WA with him. Also they’ve admitted that she gave him head when they first met. He was like 27. Knocked her up soon after.

-He recorded his ex (met her at 17) having some sort of mental episode and put it on youtube for profit (which could have been faked but that doesn’t make it much better)

-He recorded the same girl having a mental breakdown because she was saying she wanted to kill herself and such and put it on youtube for profit, videos basically her saying he destroyed her and she’ll destroy him back or w.e… keep in mind she went from a happy lil popstar to this, though:

-He also recorded her in the shower and put it on youtube as a joke
-He also shaved her head while she was asleep and claimed it was a joke, but I should mention it’s hard to know what’s what with these people, they’re both crazy and do shit like fake miscarriages and fatal diseases for attention so.. she’s made other videos and blog posts sobbing hysterically about what he put her thro btw but I cbf, her name was Draculah and I think it was on livejournal

The Shiloh saga is too long and complicated tbqh, Google a time line or something if you want

-He’s been bullying a girl on youtube for having an eating disorder. He made a parody skit about her (use adblock: “Eugenia Cooney’s Cooking Show”) then tried to be like “I’m doing this so she’ll get help” like ok bro, also he’s trying to get her banned from youtube for the eating disorder he assumes she has. (Which she probably does tbh but it’s not his buisness and she’s not encouraging it in any way other than existing)

-He berates his wife and others on his twitter and channel to publicly humiliate them when they don’t do what he wants

-Like when he made fun of markiplier after his friend committed suicide

-Literally one of his series is just him picking a YouTuber and talking shit about them and the other YouTuber us usually like ??? “Who are you??” He’s just trying to stir drama and leech off their name

-His wife came out as bisexual so he found her a teen girl to be her gf which eventually became a 3way relationship and then moreso an excuse for him to fuck the teen girl himself

-He made fun of fans of Christina Grimmie (sp) after she was shot, berating them and being generally disrespectful to them for mourning her

-His current scandal is about how he has his own forum where young girls post pictures of themselves half naked with his name on them so he can rate how attractive they are in his videos (p.s. he claims to be a feminist). Girls as young as 11. After shit hit the fan he’s made videos trying to guess if girls are legal or not

-He tried to make the teen girl from the 3 some cut off ties with her best friend (cause the girl was being a good friend telling her to leave the obviously abusive situation) and also demanded the girl get a tattoo of his wife and her’s ship name (Billy + Lainey= Lillie…btw his wife’s name is Taylor but he renamed her) and a flower as a way of proving she can be trusted again. Her crime was smoking weed by the way, and for sitting on a guy’s shoulders at a concert so she could see the stage. He made this girl make out with his wife for his channel. Lots of smearing going on in his channel too, revealing intimate and personal details, text messages that make him look worse than how he’s trying to paint her…

-Currently there’s some 16 year old girl that lives in his house that he’s basically always calling fat and recently people have noticed she’s becoming active in pro-mia/Ana circles. On his way to destroying another one…

-He forces his girls to be a certain size so that they can remain attractive to him, going as far as monitoring/dictating what they eat and when

-He literally ruins the lives of every female that decides to date him, traps them, and makes it really hard for them to leave or recover. Like, that’s one of the common themes here.

-He thinks people who are suicidal or cut themselves are weak and that it’s their own fault that they’re depressed. When a fan wrote him saying he was suicidal and looked up to Onision and needed advice, Onision pretty much shit all over him

-He feeds his dogs a vegan diet. He also forces his wife to be a vegetarian (tried to force her vegan) because he thinks meat eaters are murders. She says it makes her sick and he says she’s just not committed to the diet and is lazy for not doing as he says

-One time his wife wanted to shout out a “mother of the year” thing to her mom so he retweeted it detailing stuff about how her mom abused her. Yknow, for all his fans to see

-He was a cult leader

-He sends his fanbase after people if they disagree with them and leads full blown witch hunts after those he finds to be in the wrong, like when he went after ShayCarl for having his son circumsized

-He left a turtle in the sun under a container with no holes, resulting I’m it being cooked alive

-He constantly uses his military training as a way to intimidate people (like anyone would ever be, he was kicked out anyway)

-He encourages people to stop taking their prescription meds for their mental illnesses “head drugs” he calls them, because apparently he’s a doctor and if he doesn’t think someone has a problem then it must be true. And taking drugs is selfish you see, because you alter your natural state and it’s not fair to your lover. Logic…

-He used and then turned on “friends” such as Shane Dawson and Cyr, and then went on a smear campaign on his channel, “exposing them” (virtue signals really). He does this to anyone who commits the crime of not licking his ball sack. Like he purposefully misrepresents others so his fan base will attack them, like with Jacquelyn Glenn. (P.S don’t take this to mean I care for any of those people, it’s just that wrong is wrong)

-Forced his ex to miscarry by slamming her into a door. Or possibly faked it for views.

-Did I already say he raped his ex? Within 30 seconds of meeting her? And pressured her into oral every morning. Like she would wake up with his dick in her face and him saying “suk mi?” …Or “pressured her into it” for those who want to play semantics.

That’s all I got for now but it all generally revolves around him being a piece of self righteous shit who berates anyone who disagrees with him and prays on underage girls so he can take advantage of them and use them basically like toys for his amusement. He treats women so horribly it’s insane he still has fans. But he tries to look forever 17 to please the 12 year Olds who don’t know any better so…

That’s one of his many threads on lolcow to get you started where people provide screen shots and whatnot of everything. (But admittedly theres a lot of tin foil hay shit going on too)but there’s like 9 threads cause they always max out cause he’s literally always doing something. You’ll be there for days on that alone…

That’s all I got right now off top, the link above to my other post is a lot of this repeated but slightly more in detail, maybe? But I was trying to be brief then too. Impossible to do when you’re speaking of this guy really since there’s just SO FUCKING MUCH. I just hope this helps inform more people about how much of a psychopath this guy is man. And do me a favor and never watch his videos, do your best to not support him and watch on 3rd party sites or with adblock enabled…but even then that’s views he doesn’t need…

And here’s a timeline:

Like I said, starting points are at the top to get you started but literally all you really need is Google. I’d go thro and add more links but …kind of tired now..

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I hope you had great day (and did not spent it just by playing games) and that you got many clothes (so you dont have to spent money for clothes for one year XD again) I am not going to repeat myself how you dont age blah blah. (you still wont tell us your secret. So I will just say: THANK YOU! Thank you for showing me that being weirdo can be cool (Gosh how I wish I had your “I dont care what people think about me”). That being different is normal and that I should be proud of it. Thank you for make me LOL at your comments and Thank you for great songs and movies♥ I am really glad I gave you chance to get know you better. I bet under that cold sarcastic mask is kind and gentle soul who loves Arashi and fans (and Nintendo and money). Neen you are great in your own unique way. Be 4 ever that annoying screaming talented bratty Neen we love.

pre-op babies~!

they’re meant to be 14, but they’re so gangly and short, they probably look much younger TT 7 TT art for a fic i have written and rewritten twice so far now, hoping with a lot more ironing and tears, third go round will be something i’m satisfied with (remember ‘9 Miles’? that’s ok, neither does anyone else OTLLL).