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The Devil is Damned

Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Maybe some mini flashback stuff in the beginning.

A/n: It’s short but I like it.

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Three weeks.

Three weeks since he came fighting back from the ill-intended grasp Crowley had on his very being. Equal time to him lashing out upon the unholy Winchesters for claiming you as their wayward prisoner. Hearing your distressed strain for help overflowing within the walls of his twisted and tangled mind.

The Winchesters had put your mind and body through so much. Shifting you around at their will as though you were nothing but a meere toy made of misfortunate glass. But even the strongest of glass can break at the crushing feeling of manhandling impact.

Every feeling of sheer pain. Misery. Heartache…every nightmare Lucifer had managed to help keep at bay with his touch. It call came flooding in like a broken dam after being struck by the venomous touch of two “heroic” borthers. For three solid weeks you and the staggered Archangel kept tucked away in a harmonic relm somewhere safe he had created amongst the neverending dynamic of Earth.

Now, the two of you lie deep beneath thick fluff filled comfortors. The smooth bare skin on your heated back was gently outlined by a gliding hand. His very touch polishing your skin in the most innocent of ways. Occasionally the serenading rubbing would stop along the outline of the back straps of your sports bra. Curling his fingers underneath the outline and drawing along the inner edges of it. Perhaps he thought you’d finally drifted off into a swift pleasure filled sleep when he stopped just before propping himself upright to ascend from the King size bed.

“I can’t sleep without you here.” Your soild uncompromising voice unfoldingly spoke outward to him. A demanding hand snapped backwards and greedily clutched to his arm. Your tightening grip ambushing his skin and leaving a deep ruthless red mark given by your fingertips.

Inflaming eyes turned towards your inviting gaze. With every flicker of his mesmeric eyes he seemed to mentally invade your mind. Scavenging for a refined thought or plan. But he found himself locked out of your appealing thoughts. As he had been since his return.

“Please don’t leave me alone just yet.” His charming demeanor just sat before you, lingering on every word you spoke as though it were the first. “I’m not ready for that right now” Moved by a fearful passion you tugged him closer until he once more rested horizontally beside you.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen to you. To either of us.” Strongly he spoke to you, even at a low gruff tone the empowerment in his voice showed his true raging emotion about the subject.

“If you were to tell me that this was all planned out, I’d be shocked beyond a words doubt.” The words overflowed off of your lips without your meaning to do so. “For now, the only thing I want to worry about is how I’m supposed to keep you on lock down with me in this unbelieveably perfect hideaway.” You half laughed, yet meant it all meaningfully.

“Well an awe-inspiring motivational woman like yourself shouldn’t have too much trouble convincing me to do otherwise.” He spoke with a lingering fever of human fixation pondering in his mind. Lying on his backside with his left arm upward allowing you to snake underneath it and slip your way closer into his body.

“The fact that you’re slightly and shamefully obessed with my mundane surface wouldn’t have anything to do with the toll of convincing you, now would it?” On impulse you easily landed your hand onto his chest, leaning inward slightly so you were resting just at the inner edge of his shoulder. The Devil didn’t bother replying with words swallow.

His eyes were resting in a graceful and innocent manner as he shook his head no with a pouted lip. Everything about his being was captivating, mesmerizing every delicate line in your eyes. Grazing your finger lightly along the light veins rushing beneath his skin you as well closed your eyes. Allowing the thought of a dream spread in your mind. But no dream could ever truly fulfill your human mind. Not when you were living one just being next to him.

My Aesthetic
  • Even noticing Isak the first day of school, weeks before Isak ever even noticed him
  • Even probably having his own moment when Isak had some sort of epic slow-motion walk as he went by
  • Even probably staring at Isak a lot 
  • Even sitting himself in the cafeteria in a place where Isak could easily see him just in case
  • Even joining Kose JUST TO MEET ISAK
  • Even seating himself near Isak and then looking at him when Vilde says to group up
  • Even leaving to go find Isak after he leaves bc “no it took me weeks to get near you where the f did you go you adorable boy”
  • Even doing that dumb thing with the tissues as a conversation starter
  • Even looking at Emma when she comes up to them outside like “this bich…”
  • Even immediately claiming Isak as his partner when Emma intrudes bc “back off chick I saw him first. I’ve been after him for WEEKS there ain’t no way you steppin up on this now. yeah you heard that right. WEEKS.”
  • Even “forgetting” his id just so he can invite Isak over
  • Even knowing about Isak’s rapping skills which mean he did so much stalking of his own
  • “like hey that cute dude in the snapback whats his name?” “oh he raps that’s cool” “what year is he” “yo is he single?”
  • ((CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS IS JUST UP TO EPISODE TWO! I know Even probably won’t be the main for season 4 but I want to know more about him and him noticing Isak and what he does and ughhhhh)
54 Writing Prompts.

1. “It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise.”
2. “You know how I feel about birthdays.”
3. “You can’t ask me to do that.”
4. “Oh, you scared me!”
5. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”
6. “You really… That’s not exactly meant to be eaten.”
7. “This is my favorite song!”
8. “You’re so drunk.”
9. “It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you.”
10. “It’s just that… Well, my favorite character just died.”
11. “Don’t be stupid.”
12. “Of course I love you.”
13. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
14. “Have you ever thought about… like… us?”
15. “If we die, I’m going to kill you.”
16. “I can’t believe you’d do something like this!”
17. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
18. “You’re my favorite muse.”
19. “Don’t worry about it, I got it.”
20. “I promise, it’s just this once.”
21. “You owe me.”
22. “What, you scared I’ll kick your ass again?”
23. “Is that my shirt?”
24. “Wanna go for a drive?”
25. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”
26. “Fancy meeting you here.”
27. “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?”
28. “Well, this is awkward.”
29. “Give it back!”
30. “Do you think you could just please go one day without pissing me off?”
31. “Why are you crying?”
32. “Just this once, okay?”
33. “You’re really soft.”
34. “Is it possible to love too much?”
35. “I will always be there protect you.”
36. “The stars look especially lovely tonight.”
37. “May I have this dance?”
38. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”
39. “All I want is you.”
40. “You look incredible in that.”
41. “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”
42. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
43. “I think I’m in love.”
44. “I’d like it if you stayed.
45. "I have never felt this way about anyone.”
46. “Can I kiss you?”
47. “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”
48. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”
49. “I’m really drunk, please help me.”
50. “This is probably a bad time, but marry me?”
51. “We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. ”
52. “I think you might be pregnant.”
53. "Shh… I’m sleeping.”
54. “Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?”

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It’s been one year since I’ve created this blog and I seriously cannot believe what a great experience I’ve had so far. I don’t do follow forevers, despite reaching follower goals here & there because I am uncreative and lazy, but I really wanted to make one to mark this occasion and to let my followers know what blogs/people have kept my dash ((and my blog)) looking exceptionally beautiful. Special shoutout to the followers who aren’t full or at all BTS blogs but follow me despite not being multifandom most of the time! ily.

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2017 🎉💖

Hallo Ihr Lieben! 

Zuallererst hoffe ich, dass ihr alle gut ins neue Jahr gestartet seid! Ich wünsche euch für 2017, dass all eure Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen, Gesundheit und ein tolles neues Jahr mit vielen neuen Erlebnissen und alten, sowie neuen Freunden! ✨🍀👭👬 

Nun kommen wir zu der Liste 🎉 Ich bedanken mich bei allen, die daran teilgenommen haben & es waren soooo viele, 😍 damit hätte ich niemals gerechnet🙈

!Achtung!: Da ich natürlich nicht jeden Blog überprüfen konnte, seid bitte zunächst vorsichtig, da ich nicht weiß ob sich eventuell jemand falsch ausgibt. D.h. Trefft euch nicht sofort mit dieser Person, sondern nehmt am besten erstmal über WhatsApp etc. Kontakt auf und versichert euch, dass ihr es wirklich mit der sich ausgegeben Person zu tun habt! (Mittlerweile dürfte das ja durch telefonieren, Skype/ Facetime, Snapchat usw. kein Problem sein☺️)

Ich hoffe die Liste hilft euch neue Freunde in der Umgebung zu finden und es würde mich freuen, wenn ich mir mal davon berichtet. ☺️




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  • Bayern-Nähe Regensburg: @schmerzdanknarben    
  • Bayern-Regensburg: @fortunatelysleepless
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  • Bayern-Nähe Nürnberg: @durchsverletzenunheilbar
  • Bayern- Nähe Nürnberg: @if-we-stay-forever (leonie) 
  • Bayern-Nürnberg: @sommergedanken
  • Bayern-Oberpfalz (Neumark), Nähe Nürnberg/Regensburg

  • Bayern-München: @10091997
  • Bayern-München: @engelfick
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  • Bayern-München: @shardsofhell
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  • Bayern/Baden-Württemberg-Ulm: @tobi0409
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  • Bayern-Nähe Bayreuth: @selbsthass69
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“I wanted to commit to you, I did.“

Notice how Bernie’s actions mirror her words perfectly? She’s subtly moving in closer to Serena to show just how much she wants to commit to her and sneakily does so while Serena’s not watching. I’d say A+ for body language! Ugh. My heart. Could Jemma’s and Catherine’s acting get any more perfect than this?

Aaron Tveit Set List Wolf Trap (Saturday)

Wolf Trap Saturday January 21, 2017

1. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’ (Oklahoma)
2. Daybreak (Floyd Collins) (Thanks!)
3. The Streets of Dublin (Man of No Importance)
4. Fighting Dragons (Big Fish)
5. Love I Hear (A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)
6. Proud Lady (The Baker’s Wife)
7. Disney Medley (1) - When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) // Belle (Beginning) (Beauty and the Beast)// I’ve Got No Strings (Pinocchio) // Cruella De'Ville (101 Dalmatians) // Gaston/Belle (Ending) (Beauty and the Beast)
8. Disney Medley (2)- Proud of Your Boy (Aladdin) // Go The Distance (Hercules) // Out There (The Hunchback of Norte Dame)
9. Les Mis Medley- Bring Him Home // I Dreamed a Dream // Do You Hear the People Sing (Sing-A-Long)
10. Sondheim Medley- Good Thing Going // Finishing The Hat
11. Sandy (Grease)
12. Marry Me a Little (Company)
13. At The Fountain (Sweet Smell of Success)
14. It All Fades Away (Bridges of Madison County)

Follow Forever List

So, I have been here for a little over two months and already have 200+ followers… who are you people and how did you get here!? You must be lost bc holy crap I never thought my OC character would get this much attention! While originally I was just going to be part of the GOT/ASOIAF community, my gamer weakness made me branch out into Dragon Age and Skyrim verses as well – not to mention historical and modern RP too!

I have learned so much already in my short time here and made so many lovely friends, that I can’t thank you all enough for wanting my doofus little self on your dashes and interacting with me. <3 I’m going to put the rest beneath a cut so as not to clog feeds bc this will likely get long, but PLEASE know that even if you don’t get a mention that I still adore you all and that you’re more than welcome to come into my IMs to change that. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have a take on Ryan's tragic backstory? (I know you said you actually have a nicer background for him but i thought you might have a dark version too!)

 Anonymous said: What are some of your head cannons for FAHC Ryan?

Ryan didn’t set out to be what he became. Few children dream of becoming devastation. It’s a trope that is thrown around in all kinds of media – redeemable bad guy, killer with a heart of gold. How quaint. Like most things, the real life version is so much darker.

There’s something bleak and awful in a world renown mercenary who still feels for every victim. Something inescapably tragic in finding satisfaction in an act so personally distasteful. Because Ryan’s never been cruel, exactly. Would never dream of torturing an animal, of hurting a child. Doesn’t even enjoy the majority of the dirty work he’s surrounded himself in. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t enjoy any of it. Doesn’t get some level of dark gratification from his own competence, from the fear he’s sown, the reputation he’s nurtured, the safety he’s crafted from blood-soaked screams and scorched white bones. There was a time when the Vagabond was truly as dispassionate as they say, but since joining the Fake AH Crew the mercenary certainly lived up to the gang’s notorious affinity for flare; Ryan always was a bit theatrical, and the only thing worse than an apathetic killer is one who can see the morbid humour in it all.

Ryan’s criminal career actually begins years before the Vagabond crashed into being. Started like so many others; young and bored, too clever for his own good and desperate for a way to prove it. He drifts into a group who wanted bigger, wanted better, wanted a life society told them was forbidden. It would be easy to say he got caught up in the wrong crowd, pulled along in their wake, but it wouldn’t be accurate. Ryan has been many things but never meek. Never a blind follower. Ryan who could never settle for simply trusting what others tell him, never believing in absolutes he hasn’t tested for himself. Not when he could find another way around, a way under, when he could take the problem apart and find a solution no one else ever expected.

So he joined, he fit in, he rose and he flourished. Ryan wasn’t a killer back then, criminal yes but not a mercenary; they were thieves mostly, would posture and swagger and inflate their own egos but they kept away from the big gangs. At least at first. Because sooner or later things are going to go south and it wasn’t pretty when they did. The group fractures, those who can flee back to their old lives, or into the relative safety of bigger crews, and those left behind have blood on their hands and a bounty on their heads.

Taking a life isn’t quite as difficult as Ryan had anticipated. Awful, of course, and not something he would do without necessity, but the time for scruples has surely passed and if death is what it takes for the last dregs of his gang to live then Ryan will paint the streets red. It’s wrong, he knows. It’s bad, immoral, everything people aren’t meant to be; it’s wrong and Ryan does it anyway. Figures morality is all well and good but won’t help at all if they’re all dead.

For a while it works, their group is small but it’s solid, together they were magnificent. Not that anyone cares about all that, not when the story everyone knows comes after. Comes, of course, with the birth of the Vagabond.

It’s no real surprise that the prominent story surrounding the origin of the most notorious mercenary in the country is as dark and unforgivable as the man himself. A tale of betrayal, of protecting his identity by wiping out all who knew him before the mask, making a name off of the death of those he once called friends. It’s chilling, horrifically fitting and almost entirely untrue; the crew dies, yes, treachery as the hands of one of their own but Ryan is not their Judas.  

The man who traded away their lives for the right price was Ryan’s best friend in all the world, close enough to call brother, someone he trusted so blindly he’d let himself be beaten half to death before he even thought about retaliating. The only crew blood on Ryan’s hands was, it turns out, the most undeniably clean-cut case of self defence, not that it matters in the long run. Not when it plays out in the dark, out of sight, without witness. Not when he’s the only one who walks away, the one who dons a mask and buries his name, retreats from humanity and loses all semblance of mercy. Against all odds Ryan managed to survive. The man he had once been did not.

The story takes on a life of its own and the Vagabond does nothing to stop it; he is, after all, a killer. People should fear him, should run and hide and pray he doesn’t darken their doors. He killed a man who he loved dearly; what line was there left to cross? What sin could be thought too great?

Free from distraction the Vagabond throws himself into his work, takes job after job and sets to building the most terrifying image possible, a reputation full of atrocities which grow with every telling. There are no weak spots for his enemies to target, no useless emotions dragging him down; they say he’s heartless, say he’s inhuman, call him evil, call him corruption, call him nightmare. Eventually Ryan grows used to the way people shudder when they see him, confident in his talents and comfortable with his image. He finally acclimatises to the way mirrors reflect nothing but a cold black skull, and perhaps he couldn’t quite call himself happy but he isn’t exactly displeased with his life.

It becomes cathartic in it’s own way, a sense of satisfaction born from devastation, a sort of peace found in ruin. It makes him his own kind of damaged Ryan knows. Makes him unfixable, maybe. Or maybe it’s that thought in and of itself that condemns him, self awareness of his own desecration, a self fulfilling future of irredeemable wrongness. Either way he knows there’s no going back to how he was. Either way he knows, deep down, that he isn’t sure he wants to. Isn’t sure he’d take back soft, harmless Ryan even if he could, even with the nightmares, the fear and self doubt, the guilt. The glaring absence of guilt.

Ryan isn’t ashamed of what he is, of who he became. He can track his path directly, has run his choices over and over in his mind and comes to the same solutions every time; the Vagabond has always acted with intention. Ryan has always done what he needed to, what he wanted to, always evolved and advanced and overcome. So he isn’t ashamed, but he’s not always proud either. Not always confident that a life spent doing what is necessary rather than what is right is a life worth preserving.  

It’s easier now, in the island of misfit toys, the family of selfish entertainment and bloodstained choices. Easier to justify the savagery of necessity when it is more than just his own life he is protecting, more than just his personal goals he is chasing. In the FAHC Ryan has found the acceptance he never knew he wanted, rekindled emotions he’d have sworn were beaten out of him in a dark alley all those years ago. Like stitching together a ragged wound he’d borne for so long he’d forgotten how to live without it; the scars would never truly fade away, still twinge on the worst days, but all of a sudden he’s faced with a life free of constant misery.

There is no way to repay them for that, for showing him a world where death and joy do not cancel each other out, soothing his conflictions without changing who he has become, for kinship between the equally wicked. Ryan knows they believe he’d die for them, and he would. Would jump right in with eyes wide open, just as self-aware as when he let’s Geoff make a show of his obedience, let’s Jack drag him out looking for ridiculously specific vehicles or let’s Jeremy tag in on a job he could have handled alone. As when he slows down a new trick Michael’s covertly trying to replicate or resigns himself to indentured servitude when Gavin plays him like a puppet; affection clearer in action than he could ever conceptualise in speech, trusting his team to understand.

What they don’t seem to understand is the fact that, if they needed him to, he would do so much more than die for them. To die is nothing, is brief sacrifice, but Ryan would ruin. Would create and destroy and conqueror. Were he asked to he would tear down the whole world around them, set it alight and shelter them from the blaze; a level of devotion that scares even himself when he considers it late at night, beyond thankful for their ignorance. Well, Geoff probably knows, something dark and thoughtful in his eyes when he looks at Ryan, something deeply confident in Ramsey when he commands the Vagabond. Assurance that no threat is idle, no harrowing claim is merely theatrics, and that knowledge alone should be enough to send Ryan running, to remind him of what happens when he lets down his guard, but it doesn’t, not anymore. Not since he recognised the clear display of trust in all that conviction, relishing in the opportunity to prove himself worthy; eyes alight with dangerous promise he now merely looks back at Geoff and has faith.

It’s not perfect; no matter how happy he is with his crew Ryan will still lose himself inside his own head sometimes, a place no other can follow, no other can ever truly understand. For all he is the ghoul in the nightmares of so many others Ryan never could quite extinguish his own demons. After all this time he still goes back and considers all his choices, still asks himself endless questions, gives endless answers, constantly assessing his place in the world, his counts and tallies, his debt. It’s how he reassures himself of the truth.

Did he make mistakes?


Does he have regrets?


Does death haunt him?


Did he choose this?


Is he monstrous?


Would he do worse?


Does he love them?


Did they destroy him?


Does he love them?


Will he destroy them?


Does he love them?


Is it worth it?


Are they worth it?


Is he worth it?


Is he worth it?

wow what a header i love reusing gifs ive already made :))

2016 is finally almost over!!! thank god!!! so i thought i would take a moment to appreciate some of the people i follow who i love with my whole entire heart!!! i hope 2017 is good for everyone or at least not quite so bad !!! thanks for following me this year and/or last year i would die each of my followers ur all too good for me

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