forever laughing at that stuffed cat

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Hi! Shy person here. Uhm.. I was hopping that you would do more Shadow Knights headcanons? It doesn't matter the time frame. But I really liked your first ones and I was hoping to see more.

Ah- Of course!! I don’t mind doing Headcanons at all. It’s what this blog is made for, no?

• Zenix really likes fluffy things. Fluffy shoes. Fluffy jackets. Fluffy pillows. Fluffy blankets. Fl uff y everything.
• Sasha and Zenix kissed once. After they did, he said, “So this is what incest feels like.” (Personal Headcanon)
• Sometimes, Sasha just likes to lay down in the sun and sleep.
• The Shadow Knights like to sleep in the sun, period.
• Gene and Sasha once put hair dye in Zenix’s shampoo. He came out with this really cool ombré.
• Gene often has nightmares in which Zenix and Sasha get hurt. No matter when or in what dimension, he wakes up terrified and crying.
• Surprisingly, Zenix is the one with a ton of stuffed animals and plushies on his bed.
• Gene and Sasha constantly buy Zenix more stuffed animals and there’s sometimes really stupid looking ones and they all laugh at that.
• Sasha can speak French and when she’s tired, she sometimes accidentally talks in French. Her father is French and her mother was British. They moved to America when Sasha was five.
• Gene will love you forever and ever if you give him kitties. Or cats. Or any animal.
• Sasha is allergic to dogs. She loves them anyways.

the signs as various things that have happened at my school
  • Aries: A senior brought his PS4 to school to play the government teacher in NBA2k14 through the classroom projector and lost.
  • Taurus: This boy ate almost an entire package of tornado relief powdered mini donuts that the class was sharing while everyone left to go to the bathroom/take a break.
  • Gemini: Before a cross country meet, a girl shoved her teammate down a twelve or so foot ditch filled with standing water at the bottom.
  • Cancer: When the teacher paused Dead Poets Society at an important part to be continued the next day, a small group of boys and girls screamed and lifted chairs yelling at the teacher to press play.
  • Leo: A kid got a detention for combing his hair in study hall and refusing to put it away.
  • Virgo: This dude literally entered a classroom (which wasn't his) and interrupted the class to announce to another student that he's going to "a titty bar" after school.
  • Libra: This girl has been put into multiple trash cans by her friends and usually can't get out on her own.
  • Scorpio: The foreign language teacher who just moved from Spain to teach had to be taught by students not to tell them to "Shut the fuck up." He learned it from hearing other people in his apartment complex.
  • Sagittarius: A group of seniors presented a barbershop quartet version of "Talk Dirty To Me" to the entire choir, including a 6'5" white boy dressed as a rapper with a stuffed cat used to censor the word pussy.
  • Capricorn: After being randomly selected as the last student to choose their study hall seat, this girl jokingly accused the substitute of being racist.
  • Aquarius: This freshman laughed for a solid five minutes at a dog he saw run down the street out the window.
  • Pisces: A girl gave a speech explaining her theory of old people smell being rotting flesh.