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Video feed from when rebels, also known as the Fabulous Killjoys, hacked into the National TV Channel on August 29, 2021. Earlier that week the police of Battery City had announced the terrorists were killed in a fight.

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ReblogIfTheySavedYou When people assume My Chemical Romance was just another emo, suicidal band it actually hurts. Because… without Gerard Way, I wouldn’t be alive. He is inspiring, he advocates for life, he tells us we are valuable and beautiful in all the ways we’re fucked up. Reblog to prove the haters wrong. Because he spoke the words, and sang the songs that kept us alive

hey @ any killjoys fanfic writers: if you need help writing about roller skates/roller skating at all you can totally ask me. i’ve been skating most of my life and played roller derby for a while, so i can help with the particulars of show pony’s skating, etc. if you need it!


S/C/A/R/E/C/R/OW //My Chemical Romance

Not requested. I just love this song so much and I think it’s really underrated. The only thing I think about when listening to this song is that, we all have this “scarecrow” in our lives. You know, those kind of people that should be protecting and guarding us are usually the ones who ends up scaring us. Like families who can’t accept everything about you or friends that don’t understand. Idk what I’m saying anymore. Lol
Just thinking out loud :)

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