forever kiki


Core Popped into My house the other day to tell me something (its personal so I won’t go into it) but I turned it into a play date! I noticed how lonely they were all the time, and I have lots of plushies from people, I like Plushie but have way to many, so I like to find them good homes! at first i was considering a blob fish Plushie but Core didn’t seem to like it so I kept looking until I found the PERFECT THING. a small very fuzzy wooly rabbit I called Dust bunny! they really liked it! they call it Debbie for short!

Then Core brought out some cosplay costumes, we each picked out the others costume, I picked Kiki’s Delivery service for Core and she picked out a very spring looking maid costume for me and let me keep it! Alphys and Undyne LOVED IT!

Core and I also had a nice moment…I just met core recently but it’s like Ive always known them, for Core that is probably accurate. But I really value their friendship. I never want them to feel like they aren’t real or less of a person because of what happened to them! They have every right to be treated like everyone else, be loved and just…be a Frisk and a kid! I am so happy to have met you Core! I know we will be friends forever!

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Monday night critique~

When your teacher compares your drawing to Louise Bourgoies’… and then says that she likes yours better. *dead*

The same teacher says that you have the sensibility of Agnes Martin and Kiki Smith.