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BTS songs

Basically a list (with links) of BTS songs of any type (from audition to album…/pro to dorky…). videos are ot mine ! I might have missed out on some but I’m pretty sure I got most of them ~ 

Album songs : 

Wings, You Never Walk Alone : 

Wings : 

Young Forever : 

  • Young forever : MV

Hwayangyeonhwa pt 2 : 

Hwayangyeonhwa : 

Dark & Wild : 

Skool Luv Affair : 

O!RUL8,2? : 

2 Cool 4 Skool : 

Wake up (and other) : 

Namjoon mixtape : 

Yoongi mixtape : 

  • Agust D : here
  • Give it to me : here 
  • The last : here 
  • So far away (Feat. Suran) : here 
  • Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz) : here 
  • Skit : here 
  • 724148 : here 
  • Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie) : here - ft. Jimin : here 
  • At dawn : here 
  • Interlude Dream, Reality : here 

Other songs (covers etc.) : 

Jin : 

Yoongi : 

Namjoon : 

Jungkook : 

Jimin : 

Taehyung : 

Hoseok : 

Collective :

Songs in Bangtan bomb : 

Auditions : 

Never had a boyfriend, never had a boy call me pretty, never kissed a boy, had my heart broken. Does that mean I’m doomed to a life of unhappiness? Now, if you’re reading this and thinking you dont need a boy to make you happy, try being alone for the rest of your life and then come talk to me

At the end of the day, we put ourselves into bed.
In the morning, we wake and we rise.
Everyday we do the same, because all we have is ourself;
To push alone through the days, both good and bad.
At the end of our lives we die alone, and the life we live is ours alone.
All we have is ourselves.
—  R.L.K