forever jelly :((

Kyle’s main concern was wanting the boys and girls to stop fighting, right? So how come instead of taking down Butters, why couldn’t he have asked Cartman and Heidi to help them bring the boys and girls back together by showing how happy they are? They’re a couple and even though Cartman is disliked by many, Heidi is pretty popular and smart, so Kyle could have worked with the both of them. I’m sure Cartman and Heidi would have said yes to that since it has to deal with their relationship. Plus, they actually tried to stop the boys and girls from fighting and Kyle could have been there with them.


We got Jelly Kyle who joined the boys as soon as he saw Cartman and Heidi together. 

“That almost sounded like a compliment!”

“Don’t press  your luck, godling.”


More of Blackjacktheboss’ AU where an immortalized Percy deals with the struggles of godlihood. One of the  upsides being a slow burn towards respect and camaraderie with his half-brother the Sea Prince Triton. 

March 6th, 1992

On this day, my mom gave birth to a beautiful girl, THATS ME!  We were in San Francisco for my  birthday and the weather was somewhat different from Los Angeles. It wasn’t cold but not warm enough to where I had to wear a jacket. I wore some nice skinny jeans to keep my legs warm because I hate being cold, a cropped top, and jelly shoes.

Jacket- Goodwill

Top- Top Shop

Pants- Forever 21

Jelly Shoes- American Apparel


My first attempts at using sai!!!!!! Featuring my two favorite things ♥♥♥

Do you think people on Pandora who’ve successfully managed to domesticate skags take videos of them doing cute things like we do with dogs. Can you just go on the ECHOnet and go to ECHOtube or whatever the fuck, search up “skag” and get cute clips of them playing with babies or squealing along to their owner’s guitar-playing or getting their long-ass tongues pulled gently while they sleep