forever is just the beginning

Jin isn’t gonna start cooking until he talks about his special Pink Puma shoes:

He’s so proud of them, it’s adorable x 


POI Appreciation week // Day 5: Favourite Quotes   Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and this is just the beginning; it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating….everything we ever say or do; all of the world’s infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle.

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Hi loves, I guess it’s about time I make one of these to appreciate all the people that I have somehow convinced to press that follow button how even.! as well as the people that makes me wanna log on everyday I honestly forgot the exact day of my blog anniversary so I guess today will do for this post wink wonk c: It’s been about a year since I actively wrote for bts and got back into the army tumblr community and I’m happy the allure and fascination in writing did not leave me back then. First off, I really want to say thank you to all of you, sincerely, I never thought I would meet so many wonderful people on this website and the amount of talent in this fandom is astounding! Thank you for being so patient with me, for understanding that I’m a fickle writer at heart (them random ass updates) and thank you for letting me share my stories with you. The following people have been meaningful to me in someway, whether that is through the little things like the occasional message or some that I can truly count on to be there when I need them. 

Note, that more one of the below categories may apply to you but I like organizing it this way :’) also if I didn’t write a message for you it’s not because I love you any less but more like I’m trying real hard for this to not exceed a certain length and crash everyone’s app (HA). Please forgive me if I forgot anyone .. I really tried my best TTTT but believe me when I say if I have punched that follow button then I have loved you for a long long time. So without farther ado.. 

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“Strange isn’t it?” She asked,

“What is?”

“How you can be desperately in love with someone even when you haven’t spoken to or even seen them for years. I think it’s incredible how despite the distance between two people, you’ll never stop loving them. That’s just how love works I suppose, you either love them forever or you never loved them to begin with. Love doesn’t leave just because the person does.”

—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write

dinahjane97: Twenty One. An age which states that you can no longer be referred to as a teen. Twenty One. A time to live, love, & experience every given adventure . Twenty One. You. Lauren Michelle Jauregui (WOOOHOOO!🎉) The year you’ve been impatiently waiting for. “Alive in the age of worry
Smile in the age of worry
Go wild in the age of worry
And sing worry ”
When we first met, which was 5yrs ago, i remember you being so anxious to turn 21. With the knowledge and maturity that you carried , its like you were 21 all this time ! Now that it’s here, you told me how you wanted to trace back in time and stay a teen forever. This is just the beginning for you mama.
On XFACTOR, during boot camp round, I remember you wearing red lipstick, had perfect shaped eyebrows that complimented your seductive eyes lol, black top and white jeans. You were interacting with everyone and anyone around you. As shy as I was, I was hoping you wouldn’t approach me. Sure enough, here comes Lauren tapping me. “ hey what song will you be singing?” And I replied timidly , “ Hero by Mariah Carey” . Boy did you look through my soul with those eyes and tell me, “ Dont because I’m singing it too.” My name was announced before yours to perform so, in my head i said, “screw her , I won’t be seeing her anyways” and boom, here i am wishing you Happy Birthday haha. That was my first interaction with you & I’ll never forget it haha. Happy birthday my Lolo ! You are the true definition of “ What you see, is what you get ”. I admire how heavily involved & passionate you can be in what you believe in. There is no filter when it comes to defending the people you love and truly care for. Continue on being that fierce & fearless warrior. You know who you are, you know what you have to offer, & you know what you stand for. I’m thankful to Heavenly Father to have someone like you in my corner. Happy birthday mama . Wishing you many more ❤️


Elizabeth: So, you think you can see something or talk to someone for a few moments and deduce all sorts of facts that everyone has missed?
Jack: Sometimes.
Elizabeth: How Clever.

SHINee has spent 9 whole years as a real, loving family!!! They have constantly shared their light with us in their uniquely colorful ways, both as five individuals and as one. I am so thankful for them, so happy for them, so proud, and I only wish them the best in the future!~ I will stay as long as I can. And I also want to thank them so much for the light they’ve brought into my life–my SHAWOLs, I never would’ve found your stars without SHINee’s light ferrying me to you. You have also changed my life for the better, and I only hope we can be together for a long time, so that I can one day return this love to you.

nct dream // superpowers au

not only is this ridiculously long, it’s also extremely overdue sO the rest will be under the cut :))


  • now u might be thinking: ”anna what the heck is that”
  • well it’s P O W E R M I M I C R Y
  • mark has the ability to copy/absorb someone else’s powers/skills 
  • at first he was like “this is kinda useless” but thEN HE REALIZED HOW MANY THINGS HE COULD USE THIS FOR
  • he can typically use any superpower in the book as long as he had someone to mimic
  • he thought hyuck should’ve had this power since he always mocks everybody smh
  • he can cheat on like any test or any challenging thing he wants bUT HE DOESN’T!!111!111
  • he wants to accomplish everything by himself and not with his superpowers
  • *cue hyuck’s eyeroll*
  • however this superpower has a catch
  • he doesnt know how to control ANY of the powers he mimics
  • like, chenle has charmspeak and mark tried to copy him once
    • mark: hey u wanna buy me food ;)))))
    • chenle: i don’t think you’re doing this right all i wanna do is punch you
  • one time mark mimicked someone with super speed and ran into a wall
  • he’s a mess
  • who even gave this kid superpowers
  • surprisingly agile despite being hella clumsy 24/7
  • also surprisingly strong (and not just because he’s mimicked someone with super strength before)
  • he doesn’t look intimidating, but anybody who tries to fight him should be terrified
  • see, the thing is, when mark mimics an ability, he’s able to remember how it feels and how to do it without having to mimic someone with that ability again
  • he doesn’t like doing it much because it takes everything in him
  • the first time he did it, he passed out for like 3 days and scared the shit out of everyone
  • if he ever decides to be evil and take over the world you better fuckin pray istg


  • he can control the weather!!
  • in the beginning he was like “:/// but why tho”
  • but then he got mad at hyuck once and made it rain on him and only him
  • and he realized how much he loVED IT
  • the weather really depends on his emotions
  • which sucks because he goes through 2389437984 emotions in a day
    • jeno: jaemin calm down
    • jaemin: I AM CALM *thunder and lightning sounds from outside* THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING
  • he uses his powers for good pure cute stuff too
  • for jisung’s birthday, they threw him a surprise party
  • and jisung fucking loves the snow, but the snow outside was icky and mushy and sad
  • so jae made it snow in the practice room just for him!!!
  • uses this power daily honestly
  • if he knows he has phys ed that day and really doesn’t wanna go outside, he’ll make it really cold and stormy
  • he can make a room hot or cold any time he wants so he likes fucking around with the dream team
    • renjun: JAEMIN WHY IS IT SO COLD
    • jaemin: you didn’t buy me bubble tea
    • renjun: WHAT THE FUCK
  • if he gets really mad, he won’t be able to control the weather
  • everything will go haywire
  • he won’t be able to stop everything unless he calms down
  • and like, he has the ability to make tornados and hurricanes so you really really don’t wanna anger him 
  • but thankfully !! he’s ppp chill and not easily angered
  • elemental attacks ? I THINK YES
  • kinda sucks at controlling them, but it’s a-ok
  • he tried creating a small hurricane of wind to blow someone away (heh) and knocked himself back into a building
  • his attacks depend on the weather too and using these attacks drains him of his energy completely
  • basically a move that only has 1 pp
  • he can also generate natural phenomenons!! 
  • chenle asks him to all the time aWH
  • this is probably why jaemin was chenle’s favourite hyung at some point


  • honestly just him in your presence can just heal you
  • he probably just heals people with his laugh honestly (creds 2 @jeonsomi aka the bane of my existence aka my brife)
  • he can heal minor wounds like smol scratches with no problem, but stuff like broken bones is really hard and takes a lot of concentration
  • the only person that can withstand chenle’s charmspeak is hyuck bc he doesn’t have time for his bullshit
  • charmspeaks his way out of trouble tbh
  • probably charmspeaks jisung into holding hands with him, but he doesn’t even need to bc jisung would hold his hand any time of the day if chenle asked 
  • renjun accidentally smacked his face into a tree branch one time and started crying
  • chenle felt so bad he waddled over and put his hand on the cut
  • renjun was like “wtf dude i’m crying why are you holding my face”
  • but then chenle lifted his hand off his face and woAH THE CUT WAS GONE
    • renjun: ur magic bro
    • chenle: i know bro
  • he’s actually kinda an angel just being around him makes you feel 173223848 times better
  • he doesnt use charmspeak as often as he uses his healing abilities bc he doesn’t like manipulating people and like ‘controlling’ them to do stuff he asks
    • it’s nice in group projects tho lmao
  • he honestly doesn’t even need charmspeak, he’s already cute enough to bribe everyone
  • is real nice and will go easy on opponents until they mess with his friends
  • doesn’t look like he can kick anyone’s ass, but he can make someone jump off a building sOoOo eat ur heart out haters >:((((


  • shadow travel
  • did i fuckin stutter
  • s h a d o w t r a v e l
  • it’s like teleporting but he can only do it in the shadows
  • he works best at night
  • he likes using this to scare the dream team
  • sometimes he’ll just shadow travel into one of their rooms in the middle of the night and crash there
    • renjun: hey chenle can i sleep here tonight
    • chenle: wHeRE iN ThE FuCK DId yoU CO Me frOM
  • the dream team was so creeped out at first, but they begrudgingly got used to it
  • it takes a lot more effort for him to shadow travel during the day
  • he gets really drowsy and tired
  • he can only shadow travel like a couple times during the day or he’ll feel sick and pass out
  • the BEST at hide and seek
  • i’m not saying he cheats but this bitch cheats
  • like oh shit mark’s about to catch him?? woOP SHADOW TRAVEL AWAY
  • it took a long while for him to get used to shadow traveling and being able to travel to where he intended to
  • he accidentally went to france once
  • i’m not even kidding he landed in some little girl’s bedroom and screamed
    • poor, unfortunate little girl: MAMAN IL Y A UN GARCON DANS MA CHAMBRE
    • renjun: *nervous sweating* BAGUETTE
  • save him
  • since his superpower doesn’t really give him any special abilities in fighting, he has to train a lot
  • aka renjun is basically kinda ripped ??? but hides it under oversized sweaters ????
  • don’t be fooled, he can break ur ribs
  • shadowtravelling gives him extra mobility to catch opponents off guard
  • shadowtravelling also gives him like slight spidey-senses??
  • he isn’t sure why, but he can feel unwanted presences from far away when fighting
  • maybe it’s because he’s like ‘one with the shadows’ (or smth emo like that), but he still isn’t quite sure of the reason


  • telekinesis
  • whenever he’s too lazy to move, he uses telekinesis to do things for him
  • when he was younger it took a lot of concentration but now it’s as easy as breathing
  • picks things up using his powers and chucks them at his friends 
    • but soft things like pillows or knives, so it only damages their ego u know ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • probably the one who has the most control over their superpower out of the dreamies
    • he always feels bad tho so he runs over and flings it back to them afterwards
  • this binch can create energy orbs that he can use as a shield or use to attack others
  • whenever a dreamie annoys him, he creates orbs and pelts them with it, just hard enough to make them uncomfy :)))))))))
  • it takes a lot of concentration tho so he doesn’t do it that often
  • jeno can alter an object’s trajectory (ex. deflecting someone’s attack)
  • he uses it to cheat in monopoly by controlling the dice
  • can lift people 
  • u heard me right
  • probably lifts chenle up if he can’t reach things on the top shelf 
  • chenle always giggles when jeno lifts him up with telekinesis and in general
  • he also uses telekinesis to enhance his speed, strength, reflexes, etc 
  • it’s like as soon as telekinesis takes over and jeno’s body goes into mind-over-body mode, fluffy jeno just gets switched off and murder-everybody-and-destroy-the-evil jeno gets switched on 
  • hyuck jokes abt how jeno’s superpowers use his mind, but he’s failing school (which leads to jeno picking up his fridge and threatening to toss it at hyuck)


  • did somebody say NECROMANCY 
  • jisung can talk to the dead 
  • sometimes ghosts will approach him and try to talk to him, but honestly he doesn’t reply anymore
  • they always ask jisung for so much and when jisung can’t help, they get angry at him so he’s stopped replying to them in general
  • jisungie has the ability to absorb someone’s life essence 
  • since he’s not extremely skilled yet, he can’t completely absorb someone’s life essence to the point of death, but he can absorb it partially 
  • he usually only does it to weaken his opponents and enhance his own abilities
  • has an army of skeletons that he can summon at any time
  • also able to summon demons and shit, but the only time he’s done that was in desperate times of need (half of his soul may or may not be gone, but it’s all good :)))))) 
  • has a pet dog :’)) i mean the doggo is a ghost, but it’s a big big ghost that jisung rides around everywhere
  • doesn’t really need to fight honestly, just sends his army of skeletons on everybody
  • sure, getting them to go back to their graves is a pain in the ass, but so is getting his hands dirty so >:(((((
  • the first time jisung felt his death empowerment kick in, he freaked the fuck out
  • it just ?? happened during some vigilante mission the dream team had and jisung just couldn’t help drawing closer to the dead body
  • it had this black glow, an aura around it and when he got close enough, the aura shot into jisung and next thing u fuckin know, he went from being utterly exhausted and scared to feeling like he’s just beginning to fight 
  • “holy shit that guy’s death regenerated my energy”
    • mark: bro that’s fuckin scary
  • hyuck calls him emo boy 2.0 and jisung is literally this close to calling up satan himself to drag donghyuck to hell
  • nobody fucking believes jisung when he tells them he has necromancy, like this boy is 173cm of pure fluff and has bright blue hair, how can he have something as dark as necromancy ???
  • and then he summons his skeleton buddies and they understand.
  • dw, even tho jisung’s superpowers are terrifying, he’s a baby bean


  • u just KNOW i had to give hyuck, my #1 baby, my planets and all my stars, my world, my galaxy, MY UNIVERSE the power of cosmic manipulation
  • hyuck is literally a star boy
  • don’t worry, this isn’t as overpowered as it sounds, it has limitations 
  • hyuck basically drips of space and stardust so whenever he uses his superpowers, he glows a black-purple aura that gleams with speckles of stars, it’s SO CUTE
  • doesn’t really help when he’s trying 2 be sneaky tho hm
  • dw, he can hide himself in another layer of the universe (for a short SHORT period of time), like he’s turning himself invisible
  • he’s the reason why the dreamies have to hesitate whenever they play hide and seek bc they never know when hyuck is cheating and hiding in another layer of reality bc of his stupid star boy powers >:(((
    • jaemin: donghyuck istg if ur fucking hiding in-between space, i’m going to beat your ass so hard when you come out, all ur cosmic energy ass bullshit will leave alongside your pride
    • hyuck: fine meanie, god >:((((
  • cosmic empowerment is something he uses quite a lot, so he’s got that pretty much mastered
  • he channels the power of cosmic forces to enhance his speed, agility, strength, etc
  • if he overuses it, like in a long fight, he risks being burnt up by the overwhelming cosmic energy in his body
  • he can teleport by melting into the universe (it’s kinda like renjun’s shadowtravel, but with the universe ???)
  • hyuck has a couple, ya know, cosmic attacks up his sleeve :’)))
  • he can use cosmic energy to blast bursts of energy out of his hands, create shields, and create an aoe attack by sweeping his arms in the general direction of where he wants the wave of cosmic energy to hit
  • he doesn’t use his superpower to just fight, no, he can create little galaxies and stars out of the palms of his hands and whenever the dream team has a sleepover, he always puts a few stars on the ceiling while they’re all trying to sleep
  • and when mark can’t relax, all hyuck has to do is rest his hands on mark’s face and suddenly, mark’s soft brown eyes turn into black and purple voids speckled with stars and all mark can see are constellations and shooting stars
  • hyuck really knows how to calm someone down LOL

Cut your teeth on me in the dark if you want to;

  • I know how it is to not want to be seen. It’s just the beginning. You can’t hide forever but hands feel you just as well for now, underneath me breathing heavy. I see blind, and you glow for me baby. Skin is only skin. Touch feels much more than eyes could perceive. I feel all of you.


anonymous asked:

Hey can you write like one of those one pager fics or the super short ones idk what they're called. And feel free to pick any couple to do it (preferably Bughead), and I suggest going off of the one liner prompt "I dare you to kiss me".

😘 your wish is my command, lovely nonnie. 

The party is lame. Which is kind of sad to admit, because as her first college party she was hoping that it would at least be a little fun. 

She doesn’t come to these often, or at all actually, but Veronica had all but forced her to come out tonight. 

‘I won’t stand by and let you cry yourself to sleep anymore. It’s time to move on, B.’ 

The words were easier said than done, especially when Veronica had her own perfect boyfriend. She didn’t know what it was like to be left by the person you love; Archie was so in love with the brunette, he’d never even dream about it. Veronica was lucky. 

Betty on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. She knows, deep down, that it was for the best. Jughead didn’t want her to get tied into all the Serpent stuff and she could understand it. It had started easy when they were in high school, little errands every now and then, but as they got older, the Serpents wanted more and Jughead owed them a lot. Betty understood that they were like his family, but still. She didn’t know how much of this she could stand for. It’s what ultimately pulled them apart from each other. She would never ask him to give up the Serpents and he would never put her in a position that made her uncomfortable, but now… Now she was wondering if maybe she had made a mistake letting him walk away. 

She sits on the steps outside of the frat house and seriously contemplates leaving. Veronica wouldn’t even notice she was gone. She could sneak away right now and still make it home in time to watch reruns of Grey’s Anatomy. She liked to torture herself with sad shows these days. 


Her head snaps up and she takes a deep breath. She knows that voice. She knows it better than anyone else. 


He stands in front of her, clad in his leather jacket and beanie, and she wonders if she’ll ever be able to look at him and not feel like her heart is breaking. He still has the same boyish charm he did back in high school and it reminds Betty of simpler times. 

“A frat party?” He asks as he looks behind her. “Really?” 

“Veronica’s idea. It’s actually kind of lame. Truth or dare at the Blossom’s mansion is more fun than this.” 

Jughead smiles, a wistful thing. “Remember when Cheryl dared Archie to streak past the high school?” 

“Coach caught him and made him run laps for hours,” Betty laughs. “How about when Reggie dared you to eat four burgers in ten minutes?”  

“Piece of cake.” 

“You puked all over Cheryl’s rug.” 

“Yeah,” he sighs. “Mrs. Blossom still gives me the evil eye every time she sees me.” 

They laugh at the memories and for a moment everything feels normal between them. 

“How are you?” Jughead asks, dragging her back to reality. 

“I’m fine,” she lies. 

He frowns and walks over to sit next to her. 

“Truth or dare?” He asks and she looks at him weirdly. “Truth or dare?” He pushes. 

“Truth, I guess.” 

“Tell me how you really feel.” 

Her heart pounds against her chest. She could lie again, say she’s fine and that everything is okay. But she doesn’t. He’ll see right through her like he always does. 

“I miss you,” she admits softly. “More than I thought possible.” Jughead nods and she knows that he’s thinking the same thing. “Do you think we made a mistake?” 

“We broke up for a reason, Betts.” 

“I know, but… Juggie, I once promised you I’d be there for you through everything and this counts as everything. I panicked. I was just worried for your safety and it made me scared.” 

“I’m going to be fine,” he promises, just like he always does. “Nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“Truth or dare,” Betty asks suddenly. 


“Do you still love me?” 

“Always.” He reaches out and grabs her hands, holding him in his own tightly. “I’ll never stop loving you.” 

“Truth or dare?” She whispers, leaning closer to him. 


“I dare you to kiss me.” 

His eyes burn into hers. “Are you sure? If we do this then that’s it. I can’t lose you again, Betty.”

“You’ll never lose me,” she promises. “You and I? We’re forever. We always have been, from the very beginning. I just needed to be reminded of that.” When Jughead still looks at her a little wary, she smiles comfortingly at him. “Come on, Jughead Jones. I double dog dare you.” 

His eyes light up as he leans in and presses his lips against hers. It feels like coming home after so long. It feels like the world falls back into place. The hollow feeling that had been in both of their chests finally fades away. 

“Well,” a voice comes from behind them. Veronica and Archie stand on the porch, matching smirk on their faces. “This was very surprising.”  

“Truth or dare, Ronnie?” Archie asks as he walks down the steps. 

“Hmmm…” she hums in thought as she plops herself next to Betty. 

It feels like old times again. They aren’t four college kids with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Right now they’re four teenagers playing a game, smiling and laughing. The world moves around them but they stay still, they stay together. Just like they always do. 

Wherever You Are || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: home is…wherever you are.}

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story**


You were worried about your relationship with Peter. Now, this had nothing to do with his alter ego, Spider-Man, since you knew about his well-kept secret and accepted his superhero side years ago during the time when you started dating in high school. It was just the sheer fact that Peter seemed to be avoiding you recently that made you so worried.

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well whatever i guess this is just my life now


「The Quotes of POI」

Merry Christmas

506 Root

Even I appreciate a fairy tale ending, Harry.
Family politics, over-cooked meat,
monogamy. What’s not to love?
218 Harold Finch

Some of us don’t get to grow old with the one we love.
I’ll grow old with her,  just from afar.
504 sateen shaw

But when things got to be too bad…
there was one place I would go to in my mind.
Here…with you.
You were my safe place.
211 Harold finch

Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter,
and this is just the beginning;
it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating.
Which means that contained within this string of decimals, is every single other number.
Your birthdate, combination to your locker, your social security number,
it’s all in there, somewhere.
And if you convert these decimals into letters,
you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination;
the first syllable you spoke as a baby,
the name of your latest crush,
your entire life story from beginning to end,
everything we ever say or do; all of the world’s infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle.
Now what you do with that information;
what it’s good for,
well that would be up to you.
513 The machine

I learned everyone dies alone
But if you mean something to someone
If you helped someone or loved someone
If even a single person remembers you
Then maybe you never really die
And maybe this isn’t the end at all
513 The machine

You always thought there was something wrong with you
because you don’t feel things the way other people do.
But she always felt that was what made you beautiful.
She wanted you to know that if you were a shape,
you were a straight line.
An arrow.
107/409 Carl Elias

Veni Vidi Vici/Invictus maneo

411 Sameen shaw

Life is crap
Welcome to the human race
But the good news is, you are not alone.
101 John Reese

When you find that one person who connects you to the world,
you become someone different,
someone better.
When that person is taken from you…
what do you become then?

Journey Across The World For You

Moana x Reader, minor OC

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1700

Warnings: None :) just a wholesome cute fic enjoy!

Request: @vivere-citta I would like to request a Moana x reader (I’m sorry, I’m obsessed with her) where the reader wishes to help her on her journey to find Maui and restore the heart, but Moana thinks it’s too dangerous. (You decide whether it’s romantic or platonic)

A/N: As always, so sorry this took so long. All the Newt ones you requested are on the way. We are really working on tackling requests and getting them out quickly. Enjoy!

His foot drew back. He measured and analyzed the field in only two moments. Kimo screamed when his foot flew forward, out from under him colliding with the coconut. You and the other kids weren’t sure whether it was an initial scream of dominance or anticipation of pain and regret.

Either way, your brother threw himself on his back and screamed. Monstrous tears pouring down his face. You ran to his side, the other kids clearing a path for you. Moana was right next to you.

“Kimo?” Moana called out. She reached out to your brother and took him in a warm embrace, until your mother came bounding over with a look of disapproval on her face.

“He deserved what he got.” you told your mother as she walked away. She only sneered then returned to comfort your brother and nurse the massive bruise that would be on his foot.

“We could’ve used a ball of tweed or something.” you said walking back to Moana.

She shook her head at you and laughs. “If you kick tweed it’s going to just fall apart. Plus, you dared him to kick it.”

“He didn’t have to say yes.” you laughed.

Moana crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head at you. She tried to force a look of disappointment on her face. You only laughed. She scrunched her nose, raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. She began to turn red. She let out a breath and a smile and laugh broke through.

“I hate you, (Y/N).” Moana tried to say with a straight face, but she only ended up laughing.

You threw your arm around her. “You know you love me.”

The two of you laughed and wandered off to sit on the beach, and let the waves tickle your fit in the sand.



“I’m so proud of you, Moana.” He embraced her and pulled her close. She wasn’t Daddy’s little girl anymore.

“Thanks, Dad.”  Moana said, with a smile. She pulled away from her father and walked towards you. There wasn’t a smile anymore.

She walked past you, the chief crown hanging in her fingers. She walked to the beach and stood on the shore, letting the waves wash over her feet.

You ran over to her. You put an arm around her. “Hey.” you said softly.

“Hey.” she replied, staring at her feet. She kicked up some sand. The crown fell beside it.

“What are you going to do?” you frowned.

The two of you sat down in the sand. “I don’t know.” she shrugged. “I don’t want to disappoint. But, staying here doesn’t feel right.” she pulled at the Heart of Tafiti. Moana glanced up at the tree. The leaves were blackening and it was only spreading. “Everyone is telling to stay and lead.”

“Not everyone.” you raised an eyebrow. “I’m with you, 100% no matter what you do. You know that. But, the real question is what do you want to do, Moana? Who is telling you what’s right? Them?” you pointed back towards the village. “Or you? Don’t forget about that voice inside of you, Moana.”


Your heads turned sharply. Moana’s parents were standing, tearfully.

“Gramma…” Moana said softly.


You stood outside the hut.

Inside, Moana clutched her dying Gramma Tala. You hadn’t gone in with her, because it was personal and she needed to do it on her own. You were just there to make sure it was alright after.

The moonlight sparkled on the water. The ocean was just behind the line of trees. There was a whole world beyond the island and Moana wanted to join it. You would follow her across the world, just to be with her.


You turned to see Moana. Her emotions shattered. You wrapped your arms around her and hugged her. She cried into your shoulder. You held her tightly. You didn’t want to see her get hurt. You didn’t want to never see her again. That seemed like a worthless life.



Moana pulled away. She looked out at the sea. “It’s calling me.”

You looked at her, her hair whipping in the wind. The moonlight cast across her face, making her tears shine. Without saying another word, she jumped off the hill and ran down towards the ocean. Her future.


Moana was ignoring you and everything else as she pulled the sails tight. “You can’t tell me not to go.” she finally said.

“I wasn’t ever going to say that, Moana.”

“Then why aren’t you saying goodbye?” she turned around.

“Because, I’m not letting you go-”

Moana started to shout. “You can’t be serious! You have always said you support me in everything I do. You’ve been telling me to follow my heart. So I am. I’m doing this with or without your support. I’m going to find Maui, show him I mean business and return the Heart and-”

“Alone!” you shouted. “I’m not letting you go alone.” your voice softened.

You stepped into the water beside Moana and stepped onto the sail boat.

“(Y/N), I…”

You shook your head. “Don’t say anything.” you reached your hand out to her. “Now are we coming or what?”

She smiled and grabbed your hand.

You stood beside her and took a deep breath. “Let’s do this.”

She smiled at you then looked at the sail. She took a deep breath. “Yeah.” she sighed. “Let’s do this.” she grabbed a rope and pulled it back. “I don’t know how to sail, but we can do this. I’m going to go find Maui, tell him to put the Heart back, and everything will be saved. Yeah. I can do this.”

You smiled at her with no doubt in your mind.

Moana was going to save the world.


“Moana!” you cried.

Maui flung her from the ship into the sand. You ran and helped her up. He was getting away. “Thanks for the ship!” he laughed.

He pushed it into the water. You jumped and ran at him. You yanked the paddle out of hand. Swung your arm back, full force and let him have it with one swift whack of the paddle. “Hey!” He fell into the water. He resurfaced. Angry.

You grounded yourself. Moana now by your side. You held the paddle threateningly. “We can do this one of two ways. Moan and I leave you left for dead-”

“I can’t die. I’m a Demigod.” Maui laughed.

“You can suffer.” you said firmly. “Either come with us and restore the Heart, or stay here for eternity with only your massive ego to accompany to the end of time. But as the world dies, you will have to live with the fact that it is your fault. When you could’ve done something about it.”

You were fuming.

Maui was left speechless. Moana a little bit too.

Maui sighed. “Humans. So ungrateful. Get on the boat. We’re going to go save the world.”

Moana smiled at you. Your anger softened at her smile and you smiled back at her. The three of you jumped onto the boat. Off to restore the Heart of Tafiti.


You don’t know when you knew it. Maybe it was her laugh. Her smile. Her love and determination. Maybe it was just her. Before you set sail for Tafiti and all the adventures that would follow it. All the near death experiences.

Anytime you had doubts or fears, Moana was there. You were there for her too. There never was a moment that she was truly alone. You wouldn’t let her be.

You can’t put a finger on a point in time when you knew. Maybe it was that feeling that hit you when she laughed, when you knocked Maui out with a paddle. Or her standing courageously, in front of Tafiti, just a moment from death’s touch. As she restored the heart, you felt she had truly touched your heart too.

You are lost in the haze of applause and praise. The hugs that say I-thought-you-were-gone-forever. The way you hold her all the time. Because you’re so afraid that one day it might be true. You are limp when your family smothers you in hugs and kisses. Thinking of the day you met Moana and how she changed your life forever. Replaying your journey across the world you just returned from. From the beginning she was your everything, and you weren’t going to ever let go of that. You were nothing without Moana.

You tear apart from your family and tear through the crowd. You break free of the haze. Your only focus on one girl. Pushing past everyone. Ignoring everyone who was pulling you back. Finally breaking free of the hold of your thoughts. You had a little voice of your own. It was time you started listening to it.

“(Y/N)?” Moana says, as you push her father away from her.

You just grab her and kiss her. You wrap your arms around her, and hold her as she is your everything.

Moana pulls away. Out of breath. “(Y/N)…”

“No.” you say. “I have to say this.” you hold her hands. “Moana. I would sail every sea. I would journey across the world for you.” you laugh. “I just did. Because it isn’t any different. Moana, you are my world. I don’t know when I knew it. Maybe I’ve always known. I guess I just chose to listen to my own little voice for once. For the longest time, I listened to my doubts and fears. But today I’m listening to my heart. Do you know what it is saying?”

“What?” she laughs.

You move in closer. “It’s calling for you.”

Moana kisses you and takes you by surprise. Pulling away from just a moment. “Mine too.”

You kiss with everyone’s eyes on you. But you only have one focus. A girl who isn’t even seventeen. A girl who changed your world and opened your eyes to a whole new world. A girl who is your whole world.

Her name is Moana.

‘Best Friends, Apparently’ Part Five: The Vodka Situation (Michael Mell x Reader)

Word Count: 2350

Warnings: fuck uh Underage Drinking, HEAVILY implied rape (as in it def happened but it’s not described), panic attacks, crying (so much crying) and Swearing

sorry if yall were hoping for a chapter in which anyone was happy at literally any point 

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You couldn’t bring yourself to finish the coffee Michael had brought you, it just left a bitter taste in your mouth as you wiped your eyes with the backs of your hands. You tried desperately to stop crying as you saw Gabe’s car pull up, not wanting to look like a complete mess in front of him, but as you stood to go open the front door for him you saw Michael slid his key to your house back under the door after he left.

Choking back a sob, you picked up the key and clutched in in your hand, sitting on the floor next to the door for a moment before the doorbell rang, pulling you out of your thoughts. You stood, wiping your face again before unlocking the door, pressing a kiss to Gabe’s cheek.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” He said, walking past you and toward your bedroom. You stood there, stunned, looked down at the key in your hand before closing the front door and following Gabe.

“N-not much,” You said, your voice wavering as you sat down on your bed next to him. He was seated exactly where Michael had been twenty minutes earlier, looking at you with concerned eyes and speaking to you with a caring voice.

Gabe was looking at you with mild disgust, so things were a little bit different than they were with Michael.

“Are you sick? You look sick,” Gabe said, and you shook your head.

“No, just hungover, is all.” You said, hoping he would believe you so he wouldn’t leave.

“Oh, okay.” He said, cupping your face and pulling you in for a kiss. “You’re cheeks are damp, are you sure you’re not sick?”

“I, um,” You said, before letting go of a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “I was crying, because Michael came over and we had this big fight, and I had like finally stopped crying when I saw that Michael left the house key my parents gave him and I don’t know what he means by this but I’m scared the my friendship with him is over forever and I just-” You said, tears beginning to well up in your eyes.

“Hey, if Michael doesn’t want to be your friend, then that’s fine, you don’t need him. You have me, remember? And if stupid Michael doesn’t want this key, then I’ll take it” Gabe said, kissing you again as he slipped the key from your hand and put it in his pocket.

“B-but Michael and I have been friends for so long, and he’s my best friend, and-” You sobbed, and Gabe sighed.

“Listen, Y/N, I really didn’t come here prepared to have you crying all over me and shit,” He mumbled, and you sniffled, quickly wiping your eyes as new tears replaced old ones.

“Sorry, I, ugh I’m just not in a great place today, I’m sorry,” You whispered, your headache becoming more prominent.

“It’s fine, I just,” Gabe began, “Well when you texted saying you needed me I figured it was in a much more…physical sense,”

You paused, in a state of physical buffering for a moment as you processed what your boyfriend was implying.

Okay. So.

If the promise of some kind of sexual action got him to come over without putting up a fight, then what’s the harm in going through with it?

Not like, full intercourse or anything, you weren’t ready for that, but some hand stuff, maybe.

Yeah. You could do that.

You looked to your left at Gabe, who was looking at you somewhat expectantly.

He loves you.

Michael doesn’t have to matter anymore, Gabe’s here, he loves you.

“Okay,” You said, barely audible. Your boyfriend grinned, leaning toward you and connecting your lips.

About ten minutes pass, and he’s putting his hand down your pants.

You’ve never gone this far with anyone before.

Your head is pounding. Your kisses become stilted as you calculate your next move, unable to focus on anything other than how painfully wrong this all feels, and how you wish you could just feel okay about doing this.

“Wait, no, I-I’m not ready,” You said, pulling away from him. He looked at you, confused, annoyed.

“Come on, Y/N, we went way further last night, don’t get so prudish with me now,” He said, and your heart stopped.

“W-wait, what do you mean we went further last night?” You said, your mouth suddenly very dry.

“You were there, you seemed pretty eager, too,” Gabe replied, trying to kiss your neck.

“What did we do?” You asked, trying to keep your voice calm as your heart began to race with the possibilities formed in your mind.

“How about we pick up where we left off, and I can show you what we did?” He said, going to out his hand down your pants again before you grabbed his wrist.

“No. Gabe, tell me what we did last night,” You said sternly, and he glanced to the left quickly, and you followed his eyes to your trash can. You leaned over the side of your bed to look in it, and you almost threw up.

A used condom.

“Could you please leave,” You said, feeling yourself begin to hyperventilate.

“Okay, one minutes you’re totally down for this, the next you’re freaking out on me? I don’t get it, you seemed fucking fine with this last night,” Gabe complained, and you bit your lip, desperate for him to leave.

“I-I just, I feel kind of sick, I don’t want you to catch anything,” You said, really putting your all into looking sick.

“Oh, fuck, alright, call me when you’re feeling better and we can pick this back up,” He said, climbing over you.

You heard him lock the door, and your blood ran cold.

He took the house key.

He had Michael’s house key. He could get into your house, whenever he wanted.

And just like that, you couldn’t breathe.

Michael walked into Jeremy’s room, running his hands through his hair and just overall freaking the fuck out.

“Whoa, man, are you alright?” Jeremy said, and Michael’s eyes snapped over to him, seeing Christine sitting next to Jeremy, his arm around her shoulders.

“Oh, fuck I forgot you guys do your date thing on saturdays, fuck, I’m sorry, I’ll come over tomorrow or something,” Michael said, stumbling over his words as he turned to leave.

“Wait, no Michael what’s wrong? Shouldn’t you be over ay Y/N’s house right now?” Christine called, and Michael walked back in, sitting on the floor as he leaned against Jerem’ys bed.

“I was, but then I ruined everything and now she hates me, so I’m here now,” He said, his voice cracking and he clenched his shaking fists. Jeremy and Christine looked at each other before sitting on either side of Michael.

“Okay buddy, what happened?” Jeremy asked, taking one of Michaels hands in his. Christine took the other, and Michael hung his head as he tried not to cry.

“I got there and she says she’s hungover, so, so I, I fucking get her water and aspirin and I made her a sandwich and she tries to start on our fucking project but I tell her to wait for the aspirin to kick in and-” Michael said, before making a heaving sound as he sobbed. Jeremy squeezed his hand, and Christine leaned her head on Michael’s shoulder as he tied to catch his breath.

“Take your time, it’s okay,” She whispered, and he nodded.

“I called Gabe an asshole and said she was too good for him and she kicked me out and she’s so fucking mad with me she probably never wants to see me again and I’m just so scared that she hates me now because I was a fucking dumbass and couldn’t keep my fucking mouth shut for five goddamn seconds,” He rushed out, taking a shaky breath.

“Michael, you and Y/N have been through a lot I’m sure she doesn’t hate you,” Jeremy said, and Christine hummed in agreement.

“Just give her some time to cool off, apologize, and everything will be fine,” She said, and Michael gave a weak nod, coming to believe he might still have an inkling of a chance.

“You guys are probably right,” Michael said, and Jeremy smiled at him.

Five hours later, you’d been in the shower for, well, about five hours. You would turn the water on for about five minutes, then turn it off for a half hour and just sit there, feeling your hair dry time and time again. You scrubbed at your skin, washing your entire body over and over again, each time finding new bruises you weren’t sure how you got.

You finally stepped out of the bathroom, still feeling deeply unclean, putting on the same clothes you were wearing earlier. Light bounced off something under your bed, drawing your attention. You knelt down, looking to see what it was when your stomach dropped. Gabe, in all his hurry this morning, had forgotten the handle of vodka-still a quarter full. You reached toward it, your hand closing around the cold glass of the bottle.

If seven shots was enough for you to forget what Gabe did, then maybe seven would be enough to forget learning about it.

You sat on your bed, looking at the setting sun through your window as you unscrewed the top to the bottle, bringing it to your lips. You tipped your head back, swallowing as much as you could, as fast as possible to avoid the taste. Even so, when you lowered the bottle again you coughed for a minute or so, a pit forming in your stomach as you looked down into the bottle. The clear liquid stared back at you, almost daring you to take another drink, so you did.

And then you took another.

And another.

And you dropped the bottle onto the carpet next to you, feeling somehow worse than before. Instead of pushing away the events of the day, everything felt magnified, and you felt like you were suffocating. You grabbed your phone, walking as best you could to the front door, tripping a bit as you closed the door behind yourself, looking down to see a large scrape on your elbow.

You unlocked your phone, laying down in your front yard as you searched for someone to call.

“Hello?” Christines voice rang through your phone’s speaker, and you put the phone down next to your head on the grass, sighing deeply.

“Christine, I locked myself out of the house,” You said, attempting to sound as sober as possible.

“Y/N are you drunk?” She said, and you cursed.

“Yeah…A little,” You said, overly annunciating each word in a last ditch effort to not sound as horribly shitfaced as you were.

“Okay, I’m on my way,” She said, and you frowned.

“Christine, I fucked up really bad,” You said, and you heard her sigh.

“I know, Y/N, I know, but it’s okay, I’ll be there soon and we’ll get you sobered up,” She replied, and you turned over onto your side to face the phone.

“No, not because I’m drunk, I fucked up with Michael,” You said, remembering how upset he looked as he left earlier that day.

“I know about that, too, Michael told me all about it, is that why you got drunk?” She asked, and you paused, weighing your options.

“No, it’s because of what Gabe did,” You mumbled, and Christine was silent for a moment. You rolled back onto your back, staring up at the stars as you waited for your friends to respond.

“What’d he do?” She asked cautiously, and you dug your nails into your palm as you remembered the condom in your trash can.

“I don’t really wanna talk about it,” You said.

“Okay, well I’ll be there in like five minutes, please don’t move.” She said, before hanging up.

About two minutes went by before a car pulled up in front of your house, you didn’t look to see who it was because you assumed it was Christine.

“Y/N!” Michael called, rushing toward you. You sat up, instantly scared that he was only there to yell at you, and say your friendship was over. Tears welled up in your eyes, spilling over and Michael knelt down on the grass next to you.

“Hey, no, shh, it’s okay, it’s okay,” Michael said, rubbing your back softly as you cried.

“No it’s not, you hate me, everyone hates me, I’m fucking worthless it’s not okay Michael, it’ll never be okay again!” You cried, and he sat down next to you, pulling you into a hug. You clung to the back of his sweatshirt, sobbing into his shoulder as he held you.

“Y/N, no, I don’t hate you, I promise you I don’t hate you, it’s gonna be okay, and I know it’s not realistic to promise you that but fuck it I promise it’ll be okay,” Michael mumbled into your hair, still rubbing your back. You heard a car door slam shut, and two sets of feet approaching you and Michael.

“Is she okay?” You heard Jeremy ask.

“Not really, do either one of you have keys to her house?” Michael asked, and you remembered that Gabe has Michael’s key, bringing on a new round of sobs.

“Uh, Y/N, you guys still have that dog door, right?” Christine asked after a moment or two. You nodded, hearing someone sigh behind you.

A minute later, Michael was standing up, and he stuck out his hand to help you up. You staggered forward a few steps before Michael’s hand went around your waist, holding you to his side as he slowly walked you to the front door. Jeremy was standing inside, holding the door open as the three of you walked inside.

“Okay, Y/N, let’s clean that elbow up and then get you to bed,” Jeremy said as you walked past him, and you gave him a small smile.