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I saw a couple comments today from people who felt like Percy’s had too much focus in the CR storyline already, particularly as compared to Scanlan, and I admittedly sighed a bit, although I also had Thoughts. To back up and kinda process them:

- Everyone at the table started with well-drawn characters, but going from those original intro bits, Percy clearly had the most narrative baked in from day one. Taliesin didn’t force it when it came to gameplay; it was there in the backstory and could have stayed there forever, un-investigated in favor of other quests. But Matt took it and ran with it, because let’s be honest, it was interesting, and a great excuse for him to build out that chunk of the world. You can’t really blame him for grabbing that particular gun off the mantel. You can observe, fairly, that not too many of the players put one that shiny up there to play with in the first place.

- On that note, it’s still kind of ironic that Scanlan’s big blowup centered on the other characters not caring about his personal life, because it may have been true, but a lot of that’s on him for not sharing. And I’m honestly still curious how much of that was a long-term in-character choice, and how much of it developed at a meta level because of planning decisions one way or another on Sam’s part. Scanlan wasn’t always played terribly seriously (let’s not forget that his character origin was basically “how do I make the most ridiculous character ever? Okay: GNOME BARD!”), and the path forward from that and into more serious matters could easily have been “we never delved into more than this. Well, let’s make the issue be the fact that we never delved into this.” Either way, Scanlan became a meatier character (ahem) later in the game, but in the earlier stretches there was simply less to build from, and especially in a group that big and that busy, you’ve also got to assume that everyone’s going to go for the big, shiny plot points and that more subtle matters or unspoken problems won’t really get noticed.

- In comparison, Tary got more character development in a handful of episodes than Scanlan got over much longer chunks of time, because everyone played it very differently. It was sort of inevitable since it was a new character to figure out, and that’s going to draw a lot of focus, plus a lot of playing with the new dynamic since of course that’s an interesting upheaval for everyone. He was also on a bit of a timer, although his stay was longer than I think anyone planned. But good lord, was the approach with Tary different from Scanlan. We had all of his family drama and personal goals and conflicts fully drawn and presented right up front, with a lot for everyone to get their teeth into, and it was great.

- Not coincidentally, I came to like Tary a lot. I miss him, and am sad.

- I’m not sure if I have a conclusion to this except to say that character and story development are both goddamn interesting and can happen in a lot of ways and at different paces. That doesn’t mean it’s a competition. It does mean bring shit to the table, because otherwise nothing’s gonna grow.

- …I did not mean to make that a compost metaphor. On the other hand, I feel like Scanlan would approve.

Taako fucking hated public bathrooms. It was a box that a bunch of strangers congregated in to piss together. Gods, it was foul, even if The Bureau had those fancy space toilets that flushed with a wave of your hand.

Nevertheless, Kravitz wanted to meet up for a drink somewhere nice, and Taako didn’t want to walk out on a date to relieve himself (oh, how *romantic*). So instead, he braced himself and pushed open the white door.

First things first, Taako sniffed the air. Not too bad. Obviously someone had freshened the place up (to Taako’s immense relief) and it looked clean enough. He stared into a mirror over the row of sinks, distracted by a stray lock of hair. Tutting, he tucked it back into place. However, he was interrupted by a sound.


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take me to church chapter 14 by @m-aleciseverything

After their heated exchange together at the party the night before, Alec and Magnus have to find a way to work together without revealing their feelings. Will their friendship still be the same? Will things change between them forever? With the investigation coming to a head they have to set their feelings aside and focus on the mission. Magnus has to reach into the dark side of his magic to bring everything to an end once and for all. Alec swears to keep him safe and to not let him get lost; he hopes his love is enough to protect him, to keep him safe.

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Luke Hemmings Smut

It had been two weeks since Y/N had started at her new school. She had begun to figure out her way to her class and had even made a new friend and more specifically a guy she had her eye on.

A guy that was not good news, according to Emma. He was the bad boy of the school. Luke Hemmings. Actually there were four of them. They were known for skipping school, drinking, and doing drugs. He had even gotten arrested a few time. For what she wasn’t sure. Most of her classmates choose to stay away from them but Y/N was intrigued. She had a feeling there was more to him to just partying and getting in trouble.

She had a few classes with him and she had watched him from the back row. He sat in the row in front of her and although he took no notes and acted like he wasn’t paying attention, she could tell that he was. There were subtle hints that gave it away. Like the occasional nod after the teacher had just said something interesting or the way he sat up slightly when the lecture was about to begin.

He knew that she was watching him. There were brief moments when he would shift slightly and out of the corner of his eye, he would see her looking at him. She would turn her eyes away but he knew that she was watching him. She was quiet, mostly stuck to herself and her one friend, but there was something different about her that drew him to her. He had a feeling that she was not the good girl that she was coming off to be.

He had been proved right over the weekend. She had shown up at a party and after an hour of making eye contact with him, she had made her way upstairs. He had followed her and they had made out in the bathroom before being rudely interrupted. Not too much had happened but he had a feeling that if they hadn’t been interrupted they would have had gone even further.

She hadn’t been shy about wanting to be with him that night but she had been acting like it never happened. He would make eye contact with her in the hallway but she would look away and that was that.

The final bell rang and she watched as he threw his backpack strap over his shoulder and left the room before anyone else had even finished packing their notes away. She piled together her three pages of notes and stuck them in her folder before stowing them away in her bag.

The hallway was littered with students making a beeline for the front doors. However, Y/N wasn’t as lucky. It was Wednesday that meant the she had yearbook committee. She figured this would be one way to make friends and she had been proven right. She was lucky enough that they had let her join this late in the year and she did not want to be late.

She made a quick detour to her locker, setting her heavy science book inside. Across the hall, Luke was at his locker, putting his backpack away for the day. When he was done he turned around just in time to make eye contact with Y/N, before she headed down the hall.

Curiosity got the best of him and instead of going to his car, Luke followed Y/N. He made sure to stay a safe distance away but he could have swore Y/N turned her head slightly, knowing that he was following her, but she didn’t say anything. From a distance he watched as she opened the door to the supply closet and disappeared inside.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, he decided to investigate. He walked down the hallway to the door, his eyes scanning the hallway before opening the door. His hand grasped the metal knob and he opened the door to find Y/N leaning against the shelves, her phone in hand. Her eyes met his as she placed the phone on the shelf behind her.

A smirk appeared on her face. “Finally,” she breathed.

His look turned from confusion to surprise as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips moved along his jawline before meeting his, kissing him roughly. Her hands moved under his white shirt, feeling his toned stomach. His hands moved to the back of her thighs, slowly inching their way underneath her dress. When she didn’t stop him, he slid his hands under and up towards her ass.

He was surprised when he realized that she was wearing a thong, as his hands ran over her skin. He squeezed as she let out moan, moving closer against him. His erection was tight against his skinny jeans and she could feel it pressing against her stomach.

Her fingers moved along his stomach, stopping at his waistband. She fumbled with button before succeeding and pulled his pants down. His length was evident against his black boxers and she tugged them down, his length coming to a rest against his stomach.

Placing her hands on his chest, she pushed him backwards so that he was leaning against the shelves. Pulling the hair tie from around her wrist, she pulled her long hair into a ponytail. She knelt down on the cold tiled floor, her hand wrapping around his length.

He let out a soft moan as her finger moved along the tip, before moving down the shaft. She moved her hand along it a few times before running her tongue along it. Her lips moved towards the tip, taking it in, her tongue moving over it.

“Fuck,” Luke moaned, while his hand moved to her ponytail.

Her mouth moved down his length, taking him in. He gripped her ponytail, setting the pace for her. He was doing everything in his will power to not finish so quickly. Not once had he ever been this quick to reaching his high but she was so fucking hott. The way her mouth moved along his length, her tongue licking the underside.

“I’m close,” he moaned.

She made no indication that she had heard him and continued moving her mouth along his length. His hips thrust forward as he felt himself release inside her. She removed her mouth and stood up facing him.

She smiled, picking her phone up from off the shelf.

“That was fun,” she said. “We should do it again.”

Luke nodded, watching her pick up her backpack. She tossed it onto her shoulder before opening the door and heading down the hallway.

*part 2?*


Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #61

Some cases are just another day at the office, while others, change your vision of the job forever.

While investigating a double murder in Chicago, Dean and I discovered something pretty big, and by “big” I mean Men of Letters kind of big. The town is run by five powerful mob monster families like in the good ol’ days of the Untouchables. I know, I know, it sounds like the scenario of a bad B-movie, but I’m not even joking. And I’m not drunk either, I swear. The Windy City is basically Monster Town.

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This is how they set the narrative.

Lauer wastes time making statements that aren’t actually questions about a matter that has been settled by the FBI, the GOP-lead committee that’s been investigating it forEVER, and has been covered to fucking DEATH by TV news, but when he finally got to the foreign policy questions THE FUCKING THING WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT, he interrupted Hillary Clinton every single time she was talking. 

So, without providing that context, CNN spins it as her being “unwilling to abide by time constraints.” 

They have to find some way to reach for equivalence, even (usually) when they have to invent it. Trump lied repeatedly, spoke about a classified briefing, and contradicted himself throughout the whole thing. But Hillary Clinton was defensive, so that’s the same thing. Maybe the “controversy” around Trump will overshadow that. Maybe.

keyperofkees  asked:

w-w-why the plastic wrap?! ;__;

I’m going to be publishing this just in case anyone else wants to know the context of the plastic wrap!! ^^

the show pushing daisies is about a pie maker named ned who can wake the dead with a single touch. first touch, life; second touch, dead, again, forever. he helps private investigator emerson cod solve murder crimes by waking the victim and asking who killed them. his childhood sweetheart chuck becomes one of the murders they have to solve, and he wakes her. she stays alive and helps them solve crimes too, but they can’t ever touch again. so they have to compromise by doing things like kissing through plastic wrap!