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Will fatherly Aku do anything about his daughters burned skin ?

Their skin is actually covered in tar but yeah he would.

This probably took him forever to remove it. Now he’ll need a new bath tub. lol.

But after he get’s the tar off their skin he’d buy them all outfits until they’re older and decide to either keep buying clothes or make their own the way Aku does.

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What would you tell a complete beginner? I want to get a snake, but I don't know that much. What should I keep in mind?

Hello anon,  good luck with all your snake research!  Finding out as much as you can before getting the animal is probably the most important thing. I can give you a few tips others may want to add if i’ve missed obvious stuff!

1) First consider if you accommodate a snake in your life?  How much space can you dedicate to the adult enclosure? Are you on a tight budget when it comes to equipment costs? Is there an exotics vet near you? Are you prepared to cover these costs? Are you prepared for their long life expectancy?   

2) What do you want out of a snake? I would really recommend looking into species that are easy to feed and care for or species that are slightly more tolerant of the “beginners errors”.  But ultimatley you will be caring for your pet a long time as snakes are long lived. So assess want you want from a snake and get a species that should fit in to this…eg)  Is it important you can handle the snake? Do you mind if they may be bitey as hatchlings? Do you mind if they are known for defensive behaviours? Do you mind if you never see them in the enclosure because they burrow or are nocturnal ? Do you want to be able to observe your snake during the day? 

Once you have an idea of your wants and importantly your limitations when it comes to space and money, 

3)  look into species that fits your wants and will thrive on your budget in the space you can provide. For a first snake I would probably advise to stay away from species that have reputations for being very hard to feed or fragile in captivity (or any very big/giant snakes). But as said above snakes live a long time! Find a species you are excited about keeping. 

4) When you decide on your species, find a good reputable breeder with healthy animals.

**- don’t bring it home until you have the equipment and set up all ready for it-**

Ask people that own the species you are interested in about good breeders, look for reviews on breeders, join species specific face book groups, ask questions about husbandry.  If the species you want is very common in the pet trade you might also consider adopting from a reputable reptile rescue center. Just speak to them and make sure you are getting a healthy animal thats an established feeder as your first snake. Many reptiles do just find their way into rescue by circumstance they are not always problem animals in poor health. Consider if you want a hatchling or an adult. Adults will generally be less fragile to care for and should have an established temperament which is an advantage.

5) Enclosure design! Gosh you will so much conflicting things on enclosure design. “ Too much space is scary for snakes (myth)”   “Tubs are fine forever for x species (they are usually not)” “ All you need is kitchen roll and a water dish and just plug in a heat mat! (no. It’s not that simple and you will always need a thermostat too despite what some keepers may say!)”  

It can be a bit of a mine field of misinformation, especially for people new to snake keeping. Assuming you want your pet to have the best quality of life possible that you can provide - look for tips, advice and inspiration from keepers who’s priority is the same!  (That is often not the large scale for profit breeders that advocate bare minimum husbandry.) 

Look at the natural history and behavioural ecology of the snake you decide on. Does it climb? burrow? bask in the sun? Spend lots of time in water? Is it a very secretive species? How does it hunt: activley or with sit and wait ambush tactics?  Does it come for dry habitat or humid habitats? What kind of micro-climates would it make use of ? Make sure your enclosure provides a comfortable and stimulating environment which allows your animal to express it’s natural behaviours and offers it a variety of choices.  Good enclousure design promotes both mental and physical well-being.  You can read more about why that is so important in this post here:  

or other bits and pieces in my “ animal welfare” tag 

Don’t get caught up with just meeting the minimum, go for the best practice!  

Also, worth noting that good enclosure deisgn makes snake keeping soooo much easier. You don’t need to be battling to keep temps and humidity right in a fish tank with a screen lid and a red heat bulb (avoid the hell out of those red bulbs btw).. It adds an unnecessary complication to deal with as a beginner and won’t facilitate good conditions for the snake. (Not to say tanks are always bad for everything of course, they aren’t and can be modified to make good enclosures).  Generally if its your first time setting up an enclosure you will be better off with either a big tub (with the understanding that depending on the tub size and the snake it will outgrow this), plastic caging or a properly sealed wood enclosure.  Some pro’s and con’s in this post here 

 @teleos  post below is also a good starting point for basic enclosure equipment and costs;  

Learn the difference bettween ambient heat and surface basking temperatures , (shown nicely in this guide by  @wheremyscalesslither )

Look to understand how this relates to different kinds of heat sources such as using conductive heat sources (heat mats) for basking temps or radiant heat sources ( ceramic heaters, bulbs, radiant heat panels) which can create both basking surfaces and raise ambient temperatures.  The way you heat an enclosure will affect the choices for thermoregulation avalible to the animal and thus how they utilise the space avalible. Shown really nicely by @skies-of-salt pics here.

Learn the basics of how relative humidity (RH) works. (ie warmer air holds more water vapour than cooler air). An enclosure with an RH of 70% at a cooler temp is not the same as an enclosure with a RH 70% at a warmer temp…Thus a snake that needs humid conditions may shed well and remain hydrated in the warmer  one and yet shed poorly and become dehydrated in the other despite the owners reporting their humidity is the same.

look at the different types of thermostats availble and which one is most appropriate for your set up and heat source ( on/ off stats,  pulse proportional stats or dimming thermostats). 

You can look into lighting, which is an often overlooked component of enclosure design when it comes to snake care in particular.

This might all sound like i’m overcomplicating things but honestly it will make choosing equipment for your species and personal circumstances easier, and you might be able to stop and question misinformation like  “lights suck moisture out the air”  if you understand those basics. For me, enclosure design is one of the most rewarding and interesting parts of snake keeping!   

6) As a final note : When you have one snake you might well want more!  

If I could go back and tell my past self anything about snake keeping it would be not get carried away with getting the animals I want to own too soon… Set yourself a maximum number of animals you can house according to “best practice” with the space you have and stick to it. 

In all honesty I got slightly swept up in the metric tonne of myths about small enclosures being “ just fine” myself when I first got in to snake keeping.  My snakes current housing is ok but its not as good as I would like it to be…I have plans for big enclosures for all my snakes but maybe if I was to start over I’d have done things differently and have fewer snakes  but get them in their final big enclosures sooner…ya live and learn. 

Good luck with your research. 

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drabble prompt for malec if you're up for it: "stay a little longer?" <3333

stay | malec | 200 words

Magnus laughs as he feels Alec’s hands tighten around his middle, keeping him seated in the now lukewarm water. He can feel his boyfriend’s soft whine of discontent against his neck.

“As much as I would love to stay in this tub with you forever, darling, I’m beginning to prune,” Magnus says lightly, holding up a hand to demonstrate the truth of his statement.

But Alec refuses to let go of him, instead moving his hands from Magnus’s waist up to his chest, pulling him back more snugly against Alec’s own.

“Stay a little longer?” he murmurs softly, and Magnus sighs, tilting his head back against Alec’s shoulder.

He lets a spark of his magic seep from his (now officially pruny) fingertips and smiles at Alec’s low hiss of pleasure when the water suddenly heats back to just shy of scalding.

“Five more minutes,” Magnus allows graciously, closing his eyes and letting himself focus solely on the gentle trek of Alec’s hands against his skin.

Alec presses a kiss to the crook of his neck and Magnus swears he can feel the smug smile in it. But he supposes it can’t hurt to let him have his way this once.

requested: ramsay does things to you in front of captured jon

requested by an anon: ramsay captures jon and ramsay rapes reader infront of jon?


okay, tbh this req. made me a lil sad and angry that’s why its kinda long ((hope u like the ending bc i fucking did fam))


You were inside the cells were the hounds were kept in Winterfell. You have been in there for months, barely being fed or even seen light. You cried yourself to sleep every night, thinking of what wrong have you done for Ramsay to capture you.

“Please!” you croaked out, “Let me out.”

A couple of nasty men entered your cell and slapped you left and right to shut you up. “Speak again and I’ll skin your pretty smooth skin.”

You stayed quiet for a little while and the night comes again to end the day. Your day started with a bang of metal to metal to wake you up. A man purposely dropped your food, or whatever it is, a combination of solid and liquid for you to fill up your stomach. You ate it from the dirty ground and drank the most clean water they have offered for you. That day also, you got a visit from your captor. Ramsay towered you, with his nasty smile. He crouched down at your level and touched your face. With his touch, you shivered.

“My sweet love,” he started, “You’re going to be free today.”

You cried and kissed his hands, “Please, my Lord.”

“Oh my sweet love.” He said, fixing your hair and even giving you something more food to eat. Proper food. “Now, I’m going in to battle.” He said, standing up and smiling down at you. “You better pray to your gods to give me my victory, or else if I’m killed, every men I have is going to use you for the rest of your life.”

You shivered from that thought and you muttered that you are going to pray for him. “My Lord, you have my prayers.”

He left you in the dark again, and you were left again with the company of his foul smelling hounds. After a while, a young maiden with a guard entered and offered her hand to you. “My Lady, let’s get you ready?”

You held her hand tightly, her uneasiness on your grip visible on her face, “Sorry.”

“It’s alright, my Lady.”

You didn’t ask her to not call you her lady, because you liked it. Its been awhile since somebody said that. Been awhile for somebody to address you with softness and kindness in their voice. She led you into the familiar tower you haven’t seen in forever and was welcomed with a nice warm tub of water. She stripped you off your dirty clothing, and led you into the tub where she dropped lavender oil to lather into your skin. Lavender was always your favorite and you were thankful for it. The guard left you two and waited outside. The room was quiet and the splash of water was what filled your ears. You have always loved getting baths and they calmed you down.

“Why are you doing this?” You asked after she scrubbed you cleaned.

She gave a little smile, “Lord Ramsay commanded me.”

She gave you pretty clothes to wear. Even gave you a dark blue silk dress with pretty embroidery of flowers. She splashed more lavender oil on behind your ears, the nape of your neck and even in between your thighs. She left you in the chambers alone with a piece of bread and honey and some ale to bring it down. It has been awhile since you laid down in the mattress and so you slept through the clashing of metals and the shout of men downstairs to ready for battle.

A guard slapped you again left and right leaving a brighter and bigger cut on your lips for getting slapped often. You were used to the pain so you didn’t wince but you weren’t used to blood. “Get up and follow me.”

You followed him, his armor glistening. He opened a door and led you inside where few men with a hood on, sat in the middle of the room with their arms tied to the wooden chair. You were met by Ramsay and the heavy groaning of the bloodied men on the chairs.

“My sweet love.” He  whispered at your ear. “I won, and your prayers worked.”

“Of course, my Lord.” You said, quietly.

That was just enough for one man on the chair to scream Ramsay’s name. He shook until the chair creaked endlessly. “What game are you playing, Bolton?”

That voice. Jon, you thought. Is it Jon? That voice was undeniably his. That deep voice.

Ramsay walked over to the men and revealed their faces. One of them was Jon. You ran towards him and swept away all the dirt and blood on his face and you hugged him tightly. You cried and cried, because you his familiar face. Jon let out a few tears but that ended when his screams echoed throughout the room where Ramsay dragged you by the hair. Ramsay slapped your face, your lips visibly bleeding hard now.

“You touch her again, I will kill you.” Jon spoke, his voice deep and dangerous.

Jon’s threats didn’t work on Ramsay as he just laughed at how petty Jon’s threat was. You thrashed to get away from Ramsay but he held you harder by your hair that your scalp is burning already. “Now, come here.”

Ramsay thrashed you against the wall and kept you there for all Jon to see. He spoke to Jon, and his words killed you. “If I fuck her bloody, will you kill me?”

Jon’s eyes darkened and his scowl deepened. “I will kill you myself, Ramsay.”

“Try then, bastard.” Ramsay spoke and you can feel his malicious smile on your neck.

You thrashed around, and you even slapped him as hard as you can. He slapped you back and threw you at the wall. You cried when he took off your clothes leaving you cold and naked. He ripped your dress in half and stuffed it into your mouth. He undid his breeches and inserted you into him. He held your arms behind you back and you cried. Ramsay’s grunts and Jon’s scream filled the room. “Please, please!” You cried out. “Please, no!”

Jon at the corner of your eye, stood up with the heavy chair on his back and ran towards Ramsay and hit him. You and Ramsay fell down and you crawled away from him. Jon hammered Ramsay with the feet of the chair and Ramsay was sprawled on the floor, bleeding and his face broken. You cried out until Jon came and asked you to get rid of the rope. You did what he told you and once it’s done he hugged you and breathe you in. He cried into your hair and he clothe you back. The remaining men in the room was freed by Jon. They fixed themselves and you saw the deadly looks on their faces and armed themselves with whatever they can. The lot of them fled and the men downstairs were filled with the sound of ripping flesh.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” Jon whispered, “I’m sorry.”

You cried at his shoulders, when he hugged you again. You broke away from him when you heard Ramsay groan. You broke the chair’s leg and you crouched down at Ramsay. You wipe the blood away from his eyes until you saw the grey and cruel eyes you’re going to bring back and forth to hell.

“My sweet love…” Ramsay started.

You hit him with all your might, his blood splashing all over your face and the sound of flesh making you hit him again harder and harder until the blood splattered at you. Jon held you back and wiped your face clean. All your anger broke down when you saw Jon’s warm eyes. The look on his face wasn’t enough to calm you down and remind you who you were. He hugged you again and whispered, “It’s done, Y/N. I am going to protect you.” It’s going to take all the kindness in the world to heal and bring you back again to when you were a mere lady born in Winterfell, with all the gentleness and grace stripped off of you when Ramsay took you and you killed him with all your wrath.


this ending is probs my fave ((idk why))

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Can’t sleep so I’m doing my (second) favorite thing, decluttering/purging/organizing.

Concentrating in the kiddos’ room and omg do they have so much shit, specifically craft supplies and playdough. I really can’t justify getting rid of much because they play with this stuff alllll the time, but I have got to figure out a way to organize it better.

Currently everything is just housed in a bunch of loosely grouped individual plastic tubs and that is not working. Takes forever to move everything to the kitchen table, dig through the 20 million bins for exactly what they want and then you just have crap everywhere.

Thinking about buying some plastic drawer towers and setting them up in the kitchen permanently. That way everything is right there and the kids can go through it at will (aka without me having to help all the time).

And by thinking about I mean I may have already ordered a few off Amazon along with a My Little Pony playdough set and a few random colors they don’t have (black, brown, dark orange, etc.). Hello midnight shopping for fun, but unnecessary things.

This is my brain without sleep.

I am a nursing student. I work as an aide, and today I worked for 16+ hours with one 20 minute break due to short staff. I drove an hour home to a messy apartment at 10pm when I left at 4:30 am. I was greeted by my cat and then immediately drew a bath, warmed up some leftover spaghetti and pooped myself a glass of Gatorade. I’m still in the tub and Id love to stay here forever. Away from the call lights, the codes, paperwork. In nothing but silence

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty Review

The Promise:  This is a fresh face and body mask designed to fight breakouts and calm redness.

My Thoughts:  So this was a bit of a blind buy but I have to say it well and truly paid off!  This mask does exactly what it says on the tin, and more!  It smells amazing and applies like a dream.  This is one of those face masks you can really feel working while it’s on, with the gritty texture of the aduki beans it contains gently exfoliating as you apply it.  However, the real magic once you wash it off.  My skin immediately felt livened up and super soft, with raised spots and redness reduced in an instant.  I suffer from a lot of stubborn outbreaks as well as very sensitive skin, but since adding this in to my routine spots are way more manageable without my skin becoming dry and patchy.

A Beauty Must Have?  Absolutely!  At £5.50 for a 125g tub that will last forever, this is definitely a must have, especially for spot prone skin.

Crossfire - Chapter Six

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 21k
Warnings: violence, blood, gore, anxiety attacks, angst, swearing, kidnapping, character deaths, a little hint of OC characters

A/N: A bit of dorky Michael headed people’s way! Thank you all for your messages, likes, reblogs, everything. You guys are incredible and I wish I could hug all of you! Special thanks to the anon for suggesting I add some tags. They really help! FYI, parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics)

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel,

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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tangled ribbons, ch9: grand battement

on Ao3 | on ffnet

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

the first ‘lift’ in this video is what marinette and adrien are working on with tikki and plagg. other than that, i’ll let the chapter speak for itself. see you in the end notes on Ao3.


Marinette has resigned herself to sitting in the lobby of the studio. She doesn’t mind, not too much, she’s just a little irritated. Mostly at herself. She should’ve known Chloé wouldn’t let her hide away in the bathroom for forever and unfortunately the bathroom has a tub built into the shower. Chloé was ‘destressing’.

Fair enough. Marinette can handle destressing. She can’t handle Chloé’s even sharper looks and harsh glares. The way she clings to Adrien like a leech. There’s more of an edge to her remarks and despite the armor Marinette has thrown up, Chloé’s words are making dents.

“I swear,” Marinette grumbles to Alya, “I’m going to fouetté right out of the room.” She can feel her shoes falling to pieces with each rotation. She has her shoes for the performance safely in her room, but she’d really underestimated how much wear and tear her shoes would go through. She has three pairs of pointe shoes and a pair of performance shoes, but in nearly three weeks she’s already gone through one. She knew professional ballerinas went through pointe shoes fast, but she hadn’t realized how fast. She’s never actually destroyed a pair of pointe shoes like she has that first pair. Just thinking about it makes her mourn her feet. Goodbye open toed shoes, she enjoyed them while they lasted.

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Nepeta was out on a long trip, hunting, scaring the pants off lowbloods, making weird new friends, the usual. She found Equius in a field nearby his hive where he went to watch the hoofbeasts.

She was going to give him a good scare and maybe kill him, who knows, the night was young, but he just sort of fell over sadly when she cut his arm. He was the most pathetic lump she’d ever seen and so she simply could not hurt him! That’s not very sportsmanlike! instead she packaged him up and took him back to her cave and put him in the hot tub and decided to love him forever.

Equius was not quite sure what happened but suddenly he had a terrifying new moirail? ok

Chicken Pox - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

(A/N: Here you go anon, enjoy! ^-^)


“Y/n?” Newt examined his face in the mirror as he called for you. “Can you come here for a moment please?”

“Sure, I’ll be right there!” Putting the last breakfast dish away, you hurried towards his room. A frown creased your forehead. He had been complaining about not feeling well for the past day or two, but you had thought it had just been exhaustion and maybe a light fever.

Entering the room, you saw Newt prodding a large red dot on his forehead. “What’s this? It’s not anything one of my creatures would have left.”

Coming closer and examining it, you sighed deeply. It was either chicken pox, or some sort of strange allergic reaction to one of his creatures… And you were willing to bet that it was the start of the pox. “Chicken pox, dear.”

“The what?” He scratched at one with his fingernail, and you hastily grabbed his wrist and pulled it away from his face.

“Don’t scratch! It’ll spread. And trust me, you won’t like that.” You groaned, remembering your own case of the chicken pox when you were younger.

“Oh…” He turned and plunked himself down onto his bed. “Ugh.” It was his turn to groan now as he stared up at the ceiling. His face had a red tinge to it, and his hair was sticking to his forehead with sweat.

“I’m going to take your temperature, I’ll be right back. And no touching!” You added firmly, making your way to the bathroom to get a thermometer and a glass of water.


It was the third day now, and you were ready to just jump off a bridge and be done with it. You’d taken the week off of everything that you needed to, and were devoting your time to taking care of Newt. You were currently dabbing some calamine lotion onto his itchy spots (which were pretty much everywhere, he had obviously been scratching at them in his sleep or when you weren’t looking).

“Still itches.” He said through clenched teeth.

“I know love, I’m really sorry.” You cast a sympathetic gaze at him, but it quickly turned to frustration when you had to slap at his hand that was wandering dangerously close to the rash. “No scratching! What am I going to do with you?!”

Newt shrugged, subtly trying to itch his back on the bed sheets. He had large dark circles under his eyes from not being able to sleep because of the itching, and his hair was a mess. Earlier in the day you had plopped him in a warm bath with some Epsom salt, and that had eased the itch for a while, but he couldn’t just stay in the tub forever. You had even tried to distract him by having him work on his book, but he couldn’t concentrate because of the intense itching.

Emerging from your memories, you noticed him scratching a patch of the pox that was spreading down his arm. “Stop it! You’re going to make it worse.” You had an exasperated tone in your voice.

“Don’t care.” Newt said miserably, continuing to scratch.

“Fine then, we’ll see about that.” You muttered, stomping out towards the kitchen. You came back a minute later with some scotch tape and a pair of red oven mitts in hand. “There. Hold out your hands please.” You had a slightly smug smile on your face as Newt held out his hands in defeat.

Sliding the mitts on, you attached them firmly to his wrists with the tape. “Done.” You had a triumphant smile on your lips now, looking down at your handiwork.

“Oh.” Was all Newt could manage, examining his newest accessory. “What are you laughing about?” He asked in a miffed and slightly confused tone, looking at you sniggering.

“You look like a lobster with those on.” You chuckled, gesturing towards the mitts.

“I see.” Newt moaned and rolled his eyes. “When did you say this would be over again?”


@thewonderssofar i’ve been using these 2 cleansers (the mario one worked well it just has mineral oil in it which is why i bought the more expensive one bc mineral oil isn’t good for acne prone skin) n this aloe gel is great it comes in a huge tub that’ll last forever