forever in my drafts oops

okay but can we please talk about neil dancing and singing to silly pop songs 

  • like he’d always dance around the house while he is alone
  • and one day he’d be making dinner bc let’s be honest neil is all into all that domestic shit while andrew watches some random game show
  • and for him by troye sivan starts playing on the radio
  • and neil starts dancing and humming almost unconsciously
  • and then he realizes andrew is staring and grins
  • “staring”
  • andrew rolls his eyes and says “what the fuck are you doing?”
  • neil just laughs and goes over to andrew and makes him stand up and starts dancing against him and singing all smiles and laughs
  • andrew just stares at him blankly but doesn’t pull off
  • until neil starts singing against his ear
  • all “this song is about us and i’m singing it to you bc i love you but i’m not saying it out loud” you don’t have to say i love you to say i love you
  • and andrew’s jaw clenches
  • neil laughs satisfied and goes back to cooking leaving andrew standing there
  • and of course he continues dancing until the song ends
  • omg then the rap part starts and neil sings it like his life depends on it
  • andrew just rolls his eyes bc of coURSE his not boyfriend knows the lyrics to the fucking rap why is he even surprised
  • anyway when the song comes to an end neil looks at andrew thinking he will just turn around and leave him alone
  • but instead andrew says “one hundred and six” and pulls him close and kisses the hell out of him