forever in love with this song and the sound of a violin

G R E E N  L I G H T is for the sacrificial party-goer, with neon in their veins and recklessness on their lips they surrender to the noise, heart/drum beat in time, with mascara smudged and fishnets already ripped, they are a chaotic twirling beacon of hope, pulsing with the glow that comes from transcending human emotion. here there is no pain, here is where the party begins.

S O B E R is the national anthem of a lost kingdom ruled by girls with confetti crowns and boys with lipstick smeared cheekbones, where it’s always midnight and laughter cracks like thunder, it’s chipped nail varnish and singing along to a song you’ve never heard, lit fireworks crackling in your ribcage and bathroom floors, the smell of tarmac and city lights blurring into blinding light and the closest you ever get to religion

H O M E M A D E  D Y N A M I T E  is for the revolutionaries, with glitter like war paint and leather battle gear, it’s someone else’s drink in your hair and on your lips, shooting stars and smoke on the horizon, its a mouth overflowing with unforgiving teeth and a girl who sways like a bonfire, anger to the point of apathy and laughing until you cry, throwing your arms wide and screaming at the stars to swallow you whole

T H E  L O U V R E  is a handful of blurry polaroids from a pink summer when you thought the sky stretched on forever, crumpled bed sheets and kitchen counters at 2am, it is drowning in a sea of strangers without putting up a fight, the rotting smell of dying flowers and handwritten love letters, the sound of violin and cracked stained glass panels, it is the golden artificial glow of a naked lightbulb and hands stitched into your hair, white on white on white and watercolour nostalgia in three shades of lilac

L I A B I L I T Y is like a bird with broken wings, staying awake until the sun starts to rise, all pale skies and the ground damp with dew, it’s the drop of your stomach just before a fall, thin cotton against your skin and warm hazy hours of almost-sleep that seep together into evenings in flickering television light, scratched records listened to anyway, and the ritualistic waltz of everyday life, beating on with or without you

H A R D  F E E L I N G S is an abandoned house, with the table still laid for a breakfast, the key in the lock, the portrait of two people immortally framed in a perfectly symmetrical pattern of every day objects and  L O V E L E S S is the bubblegum perfume spritz spirit who lives there, between her books and half-finished poetry and his now cold cup of coffee, dancing alone in the hallway, lips like petals and heart like marble

S O B E R I I ( M E L O D R A M A ) happens behind the closed doors of the church, exposed necks like altars, hips like pews, hundreds of sparkling stained glass eyes and teeth like tombstones, a whole generation brought to its knees with the weight of its future, its the vibration of discordant piano, the glint on rubies on necks, the promise of something bigger than all of this, a fleeting taste of forever 

W R I T E R  I N  T H E  D A R K  is the roses growing up a building, vines curling into stone, playing god for one moment, a full deck of tarot cards, inky starless skies and the inability to let go, it is the process of prying yourself apart from a lover, tearing skin from skin, rearranging bones, the interlocked cages of your ribs and his, it is performance with no audience, it’s ‘i can’t live without you’ and ‘but i will, i will, will’

S U P E R C U T is dangling your feet into nostalgia, the whole world through rose-tinted sunglasses or a camera lens and the sky melting into itself in reds and pinks and oranges - as if the horizon were on fire, its 5am rooftop conversations and scuffed trainers on dashboards and long train rides, tall grass and flavoured lipgloss, it’s seeing their face in every crowd, echoes of their voice in every song, swimming in your clothes and dripping wet hair, it is collecting every beautiful moment and decorating your mind with them until you can’t move in there, like a room full of antiques

L I A B I L I T Y  ( R E P R I S E ) is a turning point, a certain sunrise, a certain car ride, life in a beautiful light, it’s the moment you realise you are not a sad story, it is years ahead of you still unwritten, smiles on lips of people you haven’t even met yet, it is harmonies and abstract paintings with slashes of colour in the black and the crescendo of birdsong, it is glittering dustmotes in sunlight and watching the city from far away, it’s not today, but it is soon, a sunlight soaked summer afternoon years from now when all of this seems so small

P E R F E C T  P L A C E S is where time stands still, is how we keep the morning at bay, it’s an almost evangelic escapism, shedding skins like clothes, spilling feelings like drinks, it is a moment of quiet found between the clouds, it is the bass in the base of your spine, it’s terrifying and temporary and fragile and beautiful because it can never last, it’s the birth of a new world, it’s worship of potential, it is running, running, running into that sunrise with arms and eyes open wide
Darren Criss & Brother Chuck Talk New, 'Unapologetically Fun' Alt-Pop Project, Computer Games

Darren Criss was always destined to make a career out of music. He studied the violin from age 5 well into his teenage years, picking up other instruments along the way, while also pursuing a love for musical theater. But he credits his own musical endeavors to the environment in which he grew up – particularly his older brother, Chuck, who brought other musical interests to the table especially when they were in high school.

“Music has always been the backbone of our relationship and our household,” Darren tells Billboard. “We both had a voracious appetite for music, but I think high school is when we started playing together and being to communicate on a level that changed everything. I think the kind of music we played is probably loud garage rock, because we were just playing in the basement.”

Once they graduated, though, the Criss brothers decided to take their own paths. Darren independently released a solo EP, Human, in July 2010, just months before debuting in his breakthrough role as dreamy choir head Blaine Anderson on Fox’s hit musical dramedy Glee, while Chuck found a home in New York City and became a founding member of indie-rock fivesome Freelance Whales.

With Glee seeing its end in 2015 and Freelance Whales’ most recent album hailing from 2012, both Criss brothers were itching to do something new musically – so they thought, why not relive the days of the brotherly collaborations? And come March 8, 2017, behold, the Criss alt-pop project Computer Games.

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Sherlock x reader

Songfic-ish? (Strangers by Halsey ft. Lauren Jauregui)

This is not a request but I just really love the song and the story behind the lyrics so I decided to write this.

Thanks @prettyxlittlexwriter for beta reading this! 

Word count: 667

Warnings: slight cursing, angst

Forever tags: none

Enjoy reading!

It was a quiet evening in the infamous flat of 221B, the only sound echoing through the flat was Sherlock’s soft symphony from the violin. Everything was peaceful, or so it seemed.

Sherlock Holmes was never a sentimental person, nor did he like to ever show emotions and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) knew that. She knew what she was getting herself into when she accepted his offer to start a relationship. However, after a year of so-called love between them, Sherlock had been acting more distant than usual. At first, (Y/N) waved it off, saying that it was just a phase, just a mood. But as the days went on, her patience was wearing thin. And the one thing she hated the most was confrontation, especially with Sherlock. He would have this weird control over her and she couldn’t do anything about it. He would make it look silly and unnecessary when it would take her ages to prepare for it.

“Sherlock,” she began, taking a deep breath. “We need to talk.”

The sweet melody kept going, unaffected.


No response.

“Sherlock, please!”

The sound came to a halt. “What do you want?” he asked coldly.

“Can you at least face me?” she was starting to get angry.

He sighed, placing his violin and taking a seat opposite of her on his leather chair.

“You have been acting… distant these past weeks,” she said, fixing her gaze on the floor.


“You barely kiss me anymore, or talk, you don’t even look me in the eyes!” she lifted her head to see him staring at the fireplace like he’s bored. “You stopped calling me or texting me, even if it was to bring goddamn milk! Are you even listening?!”

He looked her in the eyes, and it was the first time in a while that he did so. It had been so long since she was lost in his blue irises, but it was almost like they had lost colour now, they didn’t have the excited spark in them anymore.

“You want to kiss more? Talk more? Gaze into each other’s eyes more? Is that it?” Sherlock asked after long several minutes.

“Those are things lovers do. Kissing? That’s too intimate for what we are.” she raised an eyebrow as he continued speaking.

“Excuse me?!” she asked in disbelief.

“We’re not lovers, (Y/N).”


“We’re not lovers, we’re strangers!” he stood up. “We’re just strangers with this… goddamn hunger to be touched, or to be loved… or to feel anything at all!”

Angry and sad tears welled up in her eyes. She spent a year of her lifetime giving all her love to this man just for him to tell her that they weren’t lovers.

“Alright then,” she said calmly, clenching her jaw. She stood up and headed to their shared room, not looking behind.

As soon as she closed that door, she grabbed her suitcase from under the bed and stuffed everything she owned inside. Her angry side was taking over, she wasn’t going to stay with a man who shattered her heart within seconds, no. she was going to show him that she wasn’t going to take any of his shit anymore.

She zipped the suitcase and rolled it out of the room causing a loud noise. Sherlock, who seemed to be in his mind palace, opened his eyes instantly, looking her up and down.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he questioned in a mixture of anger and panic.

She started laughing hysterically, hot tears finally rolling down her cheeks. “We’re strangers, Sherlock, remember?”

He couldn’t say anything.

He couldn’t move.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked out his flat broken.

He broke her.

He didn’t mean to, he truly didn’t. He loved her.

But he couldn’t say that anymore, he didn’t have the right to, not after what he did.

It was for her own good, she deserved someone better.

He was almost losing his mind.

Moonlight, moonlight, stars in your eyes

Hello all. I am back with yet another Benefits of Panicking. Yeah, I know it’s been a while but better late than never I guess.

Jon and Damian are ridiculously cute. But also Damian is sad. Why? CANON CHILD ABUSE. (By the way, I will fight you if you say Damian has never been abused. You need to check your eyes if you think this is true ‘cause this boy killed someone at three.)

Also Jon is the best boyfriend Damian could ever have ever, which, if you didn’t think so, why are you reading this?


OOOKAAAY. Here’s the summary guys!

Damian has been off all night, and so Jon does the only thing he can think of to distract him.

Haha, I have zero regrets. Also @virus-arc-tracer gave me this prompt so yaaay go Virus!

@fishfingersandjellybabies is tagged because I want her attention. She is my senpai. I want her approval. Do you guys know how a cat bringing dead things to their owner? I am that cat. She is the one who introduced me to Damian. She is obviously a big deal.

Oh, before I forget, this style isn’t permanent. It’s just a experiment, haha.


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Second Date, Alex Lacamoire x Reader

Prompt: Alex Lacamoire/Reader where Lin sets them up + Reader is a successful composer/violinist.

Words: 1054

Author’s Note: I’ve been waiting to write this forever! I’ve been so nervous writing for Lac but I’m so happy I did it! I wrote this pretty quickly…will he be my new muse? Nah, Lin will probably always hold that title.

Warnings: My lack of knowledge about composing/violin playing/music in general.

Askbox | Masterlist

To: Lac, 8:13pm

guess who i’m sitting next to at color purple

From: Lac, 8:13pm


To: Lac, 8:14pm


From: Lac, 8:14pm


To: Lac, 8:14pm


From: Lac, 8:15pm


“Told you he’s in love with you.” Lin grinned, passing his phone to you during the intermission, “Should we call him?”

“He’s beating you to it.” You say, handing his phone back as Alex’s name popped on the screen. He held a finger up to you, asking you to hold on a moment. You were giddy, practically bouncing as Lin answered with a screech of ‘Alex Lacamoire!’.

To meet one of your theatre heros was enough to have your head spinning, to be one foot away from a phone call with another had you practically on the floor.

You had admired their work since seeing In the Heights back in the day. You were lucky enough to spend a moment with Lin back then, who happily encouraged you to chase your wild dreams. You stuck to it, as he recommended and had climbed your way to the top in the past grueling years of constant practice and an odd job here or there.

You were never lucky enough to get in contact with your true inspiration - Alex Lacamoire.

“She likes you, you like her. That much is clear from you mentioning her practically every time I see you, and I see you almost every day.” Lin took a few steps away as Vanessa engaged you in a conversation about the show.

“She’s very talented.” Alex defended.

“Ah, so it has nothing to do with the fact that she also happens to be beautiful?” Silence. “Right. I’ll put her on if you promise me you won’t do anything stupid.”

“You’re enough stupid for the two of us.” He shot back.

“I’m going to ignore that, but don’t think for a second that I’m leaving it out of my best man’s speech.”  Lin checked his watch, “You have about five minutes, here she is, say something nice and charming!”

He quickly dumped the phone into your hands, you fumbled for a second before lifting it to your ear.


“Hi.” Alex breathed. Great, awesome start, “I’m Alex.” He added.

“I know.” You took your seat as Lin excitedly looked on, “I really love your work.”

“Well, you’re pretty groundbreaking yourself.” Alex grinned, finally finding his footing in the conversation, “Just ask Lin, I never shut up about you.” Idiot. He let himself get too comfortable. You blushed, giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Well, I haven’t had the chance to see Hamilton and Lin invited me to tomorrow’s performance. Could you spare a minute or two tomorrow so we can shower each other in more compliments?” Lin bounced, earning a smack in the arm from Vanessa.

“It’s a date.”

You arrived at the theatre two hours before the show, following Lin’s directions on what to say to the security and to any stagehands who stopped you on the way to Alex’s office. You lugged your violin along with you, satisfying the one request Lin had of you.

You had a sneaking suspicion he would make you put it to good use.

He said he would be with Alex. He completely lied. You knocked twice, readjusting the strap of your case on your shoulder.

Alex answered quickly, grinning madly at the sight of you. In a rush, he shuffled you into his office, immediately taking a seat at the piano tucked into the corner.

Conversation was easy, sometimes you would prompt him to play anything and everything, absorbing every note he played. You started when you had began, with In the Heights.

You were finally able to pour every note and thought that had been running through your head since you first saw the show all those years ago. He responded just as enthusiastically, adding winks and nods to your work, which he was just as excited to speak about.

Nearly half an hour into the conversation, he nudged you enough to unpack and prep your violin. He begged and pleaded for you to play something for him.

You obliged as he offered you sheet music to the opening number of Hamilton. You played the opening motif as he watched on, never really appreciating the piece of music him and the crew had created as much as he did when you played it.

“That was amazing.” You shrugged off his compliment, something you had been doing since you first walked into his office.

He gathered his wits and asked for one more song, a selection from ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’. A knock sounded at the door, and in waltzed Lin with Pippa, Renee, and a camera following close behind.

“Digital Ham4Ham?” He asked, already knowing you would happily agree.

Alex forced himself to focus on the keys rather than watching you, it wasn’t until Lin had called, “That has been Ham4Ham, Alex Lacamoire on keys, Y/N on violin, good luck with the lotto!”, that he realized why he was so distracted.

He liked you. Honest to goodness liked you. He felt stupid. Every knowing wink from lin had flown over his head.

“We have a show.” Lin reminded the room, and quickly everyone began to file out, leaving the two of you alone again.

“I’d like to see you again.” He said, eyes still focused on the piano keys.

“You’ll see me tonight after the show.”

“I’d like to see you on a date with me.” He clarified, finally mustering the courage to look at you. A smile played on your lips as you nonchalantly packed away your violin.

“I’d like to see me on a date with you as well.” You teased.

He shot to his feet, never feeling this rush of excitement before. Every show, every project, none of them held a candle to the possibility to a date with you.

“A date?” He asked, noting the time and the little amount he had to get to the pit and get the band properly warmed up before the show.

“A date.” You promise.

“As soon as possible?” He pushed.

“Dinner after the show. We can have drinks and try not to think of how cocky Lin will be that he successfully set us up.”

“It’s a second date.”


hey if you’re out there and you’re listening hey have you ever had that feeling when you’re leaving a concert and it sounds like there are cicadas but there isn’t a tree in sight hey have you ever ordered something to eat and the moment it shows up you don’t want it hey have you accidentally brushed hands with a stranger and looked back have you ever checked the drawer in a hotel to make sure the bible was still there hey have you ever turned the music off and hey hey listen hey have you ever wondered what it’s like to do something perfectly just one thing hey do you ever see things play out in your head long before they do but silently hope they don’t hey have you ever lived a lie have you ever said do or die but didn’t have you ever slept on the floor when your bed time travels hey have you ever wished the violins in your head would give it a rest when you’re down and out have you ever been down and out hey does it ever feel like the punk songs had it right like you cook for two alone like the matching tattoo you got by yourself like the places you said you’d send a postcard from and who you’d send them to hey have you ever cared hey do you care could you care hey this is a bed of nails you asked to sleep on this is the part that can’t happen again the part everyone took pictures of that everyone framed and gave to you on holidays thinking you’d want to remember forever this ruined it this ruined it for good hey have you ever pulled away from a kiss thinking you’d left something behind have you ever left something behind hey do you still day dream hey what’re they about hey have you ever run your fingers over a place where someone used to be have you hey have you or someone you love been exposed to that feeling of

               A masterlist of playlist to help with all your writing needs.
                               All credit goes to playlist makers.
                                   Updated as I find more

Okay, so I got a little carried away while making this. AKA I spent seven hours making this and i had to stop myself from making it longer. This is quite possibly the most intense RPH project I have done. This pretty much has music for any writing need, small and large. Playlist to inspire you, to make you feel an emotion, to put you in another place, or really anything. If you have any category or something you would like me to include, just message me.
Also because I did this over several hours and it kinda just kept expanding, it’s not completely the same format. Some are listed by their title, other by content or category. B

Categories include: Angsty ships, Fluffy Ships, mythology, supernatural creatures, smut, BroTps, Villains, Heroes, Strong Women, Instrumental, Drugs/Alcohol, Genres, Time Periods, Mental Illnesses’, Royalty, Settings, Cultures, Roadtrips, and an Other category that has everything else I found that I had no idea where to put but thought it was super cool.

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Dreamcatcher 02| Dead Leaves


genre: angst

word count: 8.2k

paring: Kim Seokjin x reader

summary: There was a time when Jin and Y/N lived happily together as a soon-to-get-married couple. That is until he made a mistake he would regret for the next two years. He thought he had lost her forever, but then his band gets a new manager. That is when he made up his mind: he’ll conquer her heart once again. But this time, he won’t let it go.

Tags: @pasteljeongguk(co-writer) @btsxyou

Chapter Playlist: Dead Leaves, Fools, If I’m James Dean, Then You’re Audrey Hepburn, D Half Moon

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Here we go.

Want to get to know me? Really? Aww!

[ Hello ]

[ Do brackets annoy you? ]

[ Wow, you’re seriously going to attempt getting to know me?? Alright then, before we begin this long and tiresome charade, let’s clarify a few things.. ]

[ I’m quite nice in general. I however do not like weirdos, if you’re a creep, this is your cue ]

[ I am extremely blunt and direct ]

[ I like to generalize, you might be an exception, i did not write this post just for you, however special you may be ]

[ You’re awfully adventurous delving deep into my hyperactive and bored mind ]

[ You must be bored too. We have lots in common! Yay! I love your shoes. That’s a nice outfit you’re wearing. You look lovely. Carry on. ]

[ Wait, get comfortable first! ]

[ I love people, i just don’t find many interesting. So technically, the law of averages works against you.]

[ However, You might be awesome.. please, feel welcome to change my mind]

[ In fact, since you’ve decided to hang around this long and get this far, you’re probably nice in some way, or persistent, and definitely very patient. ]

[ Okay, Lets go. ]

[ My name is Arias ]

[ You probably just pronounced that wrong ]

[ I am extremely picky ]

[ I like coffee ]

[ I like people. I wouldn’t be able to live without people. Yes i know i’ve said this before.]

[ I love talking ]

[ American and Canadian accents are adorable ]

[ You don’t know me, but you’ve already started forming an opinion. That is judgemental and i’m okay with it. ]

[ You probably wouldn’t understand me even if you did know me, yes i’m pretty confusing and all over the place. ]

[That takes special skills! ]

[ I’m From London ]

[ I also live in Los Angeles, Sydney and New york ]

[ Because i can ]

[ I travel a lot ]

[ I’m 6’3 ]

[ I like short girls ]

[ Not midgets. Short girls ]

[ My dad’s white, my mum’s spanish .. Incase you wondered where the “Tan” came from ;) ]

[ I’m English ]

[ Yes i have an accent, it’s very London with a hint of Sydney]

[You should hear me say.. “Ghetto Booty” hahaha ]

[ I like my accent though, it’s weird!]

[ I’ve played Piano, Guitar and Violin since i was 4 ]

[ I write lyrics and music when i’m bored ]

[ No i will not write you a song ]

[ Yes i can sing ]

[ No i will not sing for you ]

[ I love to cook ]

[ No i will not cook for you ]

[ I’m blunt so i can come off as an arsehole sometimes, i keep saying this incase you’re getting mixed signals ;) ]

[ I’m quite nice in general as long as people don’t act like idiots ]

[ Such a clusterfuck! ]

[ I love Disney movies and cartoons! ]

[ Batman!! ]

[ Lion king!!! ]

[ You sure you don’t need to take a drink break? ]

[ I’m passive, i really don’t give a fuck ]

[ So we’ve just established that i will not be your trick monkey ]

[ or your human puppet ]

[ enough. ]

[ Make me smile, make me laugh, i’ll get addicted to you ]

[ I’m a cuddle whore ]

[ I’m attracted to pretty faces and beautiful smiles ]

[ First impressions count ]

[ I’m a dreamer ]

[ I love to plan dreamy dates and sensational moments ]

[ Yes i know it sounds lame, so what? ]

[ I have sleep issues. I like my issues ]

[ I love to read ]

[ I think you’re spiffy because you’re still reading this ]

[ I’m bored right now, so i may NEVER stop. ]

[ I LOVE to cook. I even bake my own bread haha ]

[ If you tak lyke dis, dun fuhkin tak 2 me mkay? ]

[ Right. got that off my chest ]

[ I swim, i run, i eat unhealthy, my body is so confused, but it’s pretty to look at? muhaha ]

[ Yes i have a fake evil laugh]

[ I love music, i have way too much music for one guy ]

[ This is annoying, but i will power on.]

[ I’m hopelessly romantic ]

[ No. I’m not looking for anything or anyone, i need a break from crazy psychotic girls lol ]

[ Romance.. is so misunderstood, please find me a nice sappy romantic girl who likes cheesiness!? ]

[ I’m broken, most people are. ]

[ Yes, it’s a cliche and No. You can’t fix me, i don’t want to be fixed, i want someone to like me for who i am ]

[ Wow. I didn’t stop. You didn’t stop. We’re still here and we’re meant to be *gushes* haha ]

[ I’m always bored ]

[ I like conversation ]

[ I don’t particularly like pictures, i figure that if there is something beautiful enough, it’ll burn into my memory, enjoy the beauty without being behind the camera all the time ]

[ You’re beautiful. Possibly. ]

[ I love your smile <3 aww! Ok,
Moving on.. ]

[ I can be perverted if i like someone ]

[ No, this does not imply i want to talk dirty ]

[ Or.. that i want you to talk dirty ]

[ Please try not to be too creepy.. PRETTY PLEASE? ]

[ I’m also moralistic ]

[ Boring old skool shit lol ]

[ I love my imagination ]

[ I have a major oral fetish, mmm i could give oral 10 times a day and be happy forever! ]

[ No, probably not going to happen, Concentrate!! ]

[ I have never had a one night stand ]

[I’m very picky and fucking frustrating ]

[ Are you Captain Entertainment? Sent to rescue me from the trescherous depths of boredom?]

[ Didn’t think so.. ]

[ I love cookies, they make me happy ]

[ I love cold miserable rainy weather]

[ I’m cheeky ]

[ I’m complicated ]

[ I’m now tired of writing ]

[ Okay, this is where our one sided conversation ends ]

[ Go on.. Judge me! ]

[ Then message me! I’ll be all happy and stuff ]

Kik: ariasss

Our Strange Family

I was bored and i wanted to do stuff. So here is a continuation of a previous post I made about Baz and Simon adopting children that you can find here. Let me know what u think! (BTW i can’t wait for xmas and its still so far away but this is gonna be a little xmas-y)


You know? Living at the Snow-Pitch household was one of the best blessings that Cherry and Cody ever got. You never really lived until you saw the love and affection given by Simon and Baz Snow-Pitch. After everything, it was nice to spend days like these in their small apartment in London.

Cody was at the piano, playing Christmas carols that Simon, Cherry, and occasionally Baz would sing along to. Everyone was bundled up in oversized Christmas sweaters with a mug of hot chocolate in their hands. Cherry was leaning against Cody, slowly drifting off into sleep on the piano bench. Simon and Baz copied their position on the couch, Simon feeling the scratchy surface of Baz’s sweater against his cheek. They admired the twins and their many talents. 

The sweaters where Cherry’s doing. Simon was attempting (and failing) to knit some scarves for everyone as the cold weather approached. Cherry begged Simon to teach her and he happily obliged, and soon she was making the family’s winter garments. Sometimes she would paint as well. Beautiful sunsets. Boys with wings. Happy families. Swirls of magic. Each and every picture was neatly framed and hung on the wall, causing Cherry to blush at how overly dramatic her adoptive parents are.

“This isn’t even one of my nicer pieces,” Cherry would protest as Simon paid the cashier for the elegant frame.

“Nonsense. This is one of the best yet! You can really see the love you have for this boy…” Simon said.

“Shut up dad!” But it was true. The portrait was of one of the boys in her grade. He had dark skin like chocolate and beetle black eyes and was the handsomest person she has ever seen. He came over one day to work on a science project (Simon would not stop wiggling his eyebrows at them and Baz practically scared the poor boy with the looks he was throwing). It was true, Cherry had a small crush on him. She asked him if he’d let her sketch him, maybe even paint him, and he happily obliged with his charming smile. Simon and Baz never forgot his face and always remembered his name. Wilson. Wilson Rogers, to be exact. 

Simon always pestered Cherry about Wilson. He always asked for every detail up until the point it was embarrassing. After Baz, Simon turned into a hopeless romantic. Baz approved of Wilson, saying that he was actually a decent guy. And almost, almost as handsome as Simon. They practically burst with joy when he asked Cherry out. 

Not only was Cherry exceptionally amazing, but Cody was amazing in a completely different way. Cody was born with musical talent in his bones. It seemed as if every instrument he touched bended to his will and made the most lovely sounds. He had some previous experience with the piano and blew Simon and Baz away when he messed around with the one on display at a music store. 

They where going to get Baz’s violin repaired because a huge crack appeared on the surface. Simon says it was the children, but they all knew Simon clumsily knocked it over with his wings. Cherry and Cody wandered around the store as Simon and Baz talked to the worker about fixing Baz’s prized possession. Cody found himself drifting over to the pianos. He pressed his fingers to the keys and a sharp note cut the air. Soon, a melody rang out.

He remembered the times he auditioned for talent shows and sat on the stage, a bundle of nerves and anxiety. His hands would shake as he reached for the keys. He looked at the audience. This was one of those days he felt particularly down as his parents looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there. Cherry flashed him a smile and a thumbs up. It gave him the confidence he needed and he played his piece, forgeting about his parents and the conversations he overheard late at night about them throwing him out and forgeting he ever existed. 

He won first place that night. It was partially due to his sister pushing him to do things he never did before, but also his sheer determination to show his parents that he was worth something. That somebody cared. 

That night, one of the boys in the audience came up to congratulate him. The boy had a large, dopey, yet charming, smile. His brown, chestnut colored eyes lit up like a rainbow and his golden curls sparkled. He maneuvered himself so he was walking beside Cody, standing like they have been buddies for ages. 

“You did amazing out there,” the boy said.

“Oh it was nothing. It was just a small piece I’ve been working on….”

“A small piece? That was beautiful. It had all kinds of different rhythms and tempos and the notes where so fast… It’s really quite impressive,” the boy said with a satisfactory nod. 

“You sound as if you play…” Cody says, trailing off.

“Oh no. I’d never even thought about trying the piano. Although you make me want to. No, I play the cello,” the boy said with that grin. Something about this boy seemed so friendly and welcoming. Cody liked it.

“That’s interesting. I’ve never met someone who took up a string instrument.”

“Not many people do,” he said with a shrug. “Although, I’m not very good, mind you. I sound like a dying cat.”

“I don’t believe a word of that,” Cody said, eyeing his long slender fingers. They where the fingers of a musician, much like his own. 

“Maybe I should play for you one time, then?” the boy said. 

“Maybe we could play together some time. I heard that the cello sounds lovely with the piano,” Cody says, challenging him. 

“You’re on!” The boy turned to leave, but before he could, Cody grabbed his arm.

“I never caught your name. What was it?” 

“John,” the boy said with a smile, and then left. The boy, it turns out, did not go to his school. Cody never saw John again and he never got to hear him play cello. That turned out to be the least of his worries when his parents kicked him and Cherry out. They found their way to an orphanage. Then, Simon and Baz came in and changed his life forever. 

When he got to school, the first person he saw when he walked into the room was John. John. John was there, his long legs spread out in front of him, a cup of coffee on his desk. Cody wondered if John forgot about that night as he stared into his eyes. Then, John winked at him.

Cody got what John promised. He heard John play. His fingers danced across the strings just like Baz’s do on the violin. Except this time the pitch was lower and the strokes less graceful. John tapped his foot, not really to the beat of the song, but more of to the beat of his own racing heart. 

Cody fell in love with the cello. He loved the deep tones and the fingers that danced across strings. He loved watching the bow glide across them and soon every string instrument reminded him of Baz and John. Soon the desire overwhelmed him. He asked John if he could teach him how to play cello in exchange for piano lessons. John happily obliged, seeing how he didn’t have to ask Cody first.

So they taught each other the basics, going over where to put your fingers on the cello’s neck and what hand did what on the piano. They both formed a strong bond together. A bond that Cody hoped ran a little deeper than friendship. 

It happened when John was at the Snow-Pitch household, having a sleepover there. Baz kept looking between the two, a knowing smirk spreading across his lips. He knew the expressions on the boys faces. They where much like his own when he was hopelessly in love with Simon. The two boys where in love, yet too blind to see it. It’s like when you look at a painting. If you’re too close, you don’t see the beauty shining through. But when you step back, you see a masterpiece. This is what Baz saw. 

Baz pulled John back after dinner and did the most embarrassing dad thing ever. He encouraged him. 

“You two need to stop fooling around,” Baz said bluntly.

“Um… Sorry?” John said.

“I see it in your eyes. You love him, don’t you.”

“I’m sorry what–”

“Don’t play that game. You like Cody and he likes you. Stop avoiding it.” A look of shock passes over John’s face, and then a look of fear. 

“Y-y-y-y-you aren’t going to h-h-h-hurt me a-a-are you?” he says. Baz seemed like the dad that would slap anyone who admitted they had a crush on one of his kids. Instead he just laughed. 

“No. I want you to do it. Make him happy for once.” And Baz smiled one of his (no-longer-so-rare) smiles. The boy looked relieved and went to join his friend. 5 minutes into talking about feelings, and John pecked Cody on the lips, causing Cherry to spaz with joy for her brother. That’s how Cody fell in love. Falling through Minuets. 

For once, both of them felt like they where accepted more than they ever where before. Technically speaking, it was less about Simon and Baz accepting them and them accepting Simon and Baz. They never knew magic existed and now their adoptive parents are/where wizards and one is half dragon, the other is a vampire. A pretty hard thing to get used to, full of a lot of questions and demonstrations, but soon they all came to love their strange family. 

Simon loved hearing Baz and Cody play duets together with smiles on their faces. Baz watched Simon and Cherry get artistic and create beautiful pictures all over the house. They even painted the stars in Simon and Baz’s room. Are a really good representation of them too. It felt as if Baz was there again that night him and SImon saw the stars with magic. Maybe that was Simon’s intention when Baz got home from work on his birthday too see their room covered in blue, black, and white paint, colors coating both Simon and Cherry’s hands. He grinned just looking back at his blushing husband trying to stammer out an explanation. Baz ended up just kissing him, which made Simon melt.

Now, Simon clutched the fabric of Baz’s sweater tight and looked at the teens in front of them. 

“I’m glad we got to do this together,” Simon says.


“Raise children.”

“We’ve hardly raised them. We’ve only been with them for two years.”

“Yet it seems like they’ve grown so much.”

“Yeah. I’m glad though. There is nobody I’d rather have a family with,” Baz says, kissing Simon on the lips. They become more passionate with each passing moment. Cherry looks back at them.

“Ew dads. Can you try not to be so romantic?” Simon giggles.

“I thought you liked romance. With all those movies you watch.”

“Yeah, but you’re my parents. It’s weird.” 

“Whatever. I thought it was exactly like that vampire movie you watched.”


“What? I’m just saying I have my own handsome vampire.” And Simon kisses Baz again. They’re all happy. There is nothing else they could’ve asked for. 

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headcanon singing voices for the royals?

  • Azura - Do I really need to go into describing her voice? We all know it’s hella pretty and beautiful and amazing and like bells I love her. 


  • Ryoma - No, nope, do NOT ask him to sing for you, he will not do it unless held at sword point, but then his voice would crack like every other note and then he’ll be stabbed anyway because no one wants to hear that. 
  • Hinoka - She reserves her singing for only her younger siblings. Even as a child, she sang lullabies to Corrin, Takumi, and Sakura to lull them to sleep. It’s always very soothing and she rarely ever sings for anyone else. She’s an alto! 
  • Takumi - No one knows… he is rumored to sing while he’s bathing but no one has lived to tell the tale of what he sounds like. Many theorize he is actually a very high tenor, bordering on a female’s alto, and that he’s ashamed for having such a high voice. 
  • Sakura - She really does try, but her shyness impedes her singing ability and she always ends up stuttering and messing up, so her singing ends up sounding like spoken word. 


  • Xander - He actually has a very nice voice. Xander had been trained in all skills when he was younger, and that included Garon hiring the best vocalist in Nohr to teach the crown prince. He’s got a nice, rich bass voice, thick and heavy, but soothing, like a thick warm blanket. 
  • Camilla - Oh, the poor princess cannot sing to save her life. She’s been envious of her brother’s ability to sing FOREVER but never was able to match his skill, which pissed her off like nothing else, because she couldn’t sing to baby Corrin, Leo, and Elise! 
  • Leo - Hahaha, this loser has zero musical ability, despite all of the reading he does. Leo is probably actually tone deaf, unable to produce a single note. 
  • Elise - Oh, she’s a beautiful soprano with a peppy, cheerful voice that has a slight lilt to it, making it almost sing-song, even if she’s singing a sad piece. She is known to play her violin and sing along with it at the same time, putting on performances for her siblings and Garon. 
this isn’t goodbye

part one: monochrome no longer

Summary: Two gods make a boy and a girl superheros. Then one of them dies. A Your Lie in April AU

Pairing: Love Square

His world is grey, shaded with blacks and whites just like the piano keys he plays. There is a melody he knows, sung as notes ring in the air, but he has long forgotten the sound. It’s like he’s under water, breath burning in his lungs as sound waves slow down and disperse–never to be heard, never to exist. 

Just like mother.

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Nightwish Sun and Moon Lyrics
  • Aries Sun & Aries Moon: “Energize me, activate the light that's given and taken/Can you believe in the power that's burning between us?/Would you believe if you open up your mind, open up your heart”—Energize Me (After Forever)
  • Aries Sun & Taurus Moon: “Time to rest now, and to finish the show/And become the music, one with alpenglow”—Alpenglow (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Gemini Moon: “Moving astral in the veins of acid/across the silvery skin”—Ashes to the Stars (Tarot)
  • Aries Sun & Cancer Moon: “Deep in the darkest time/your shine on mine show me the way to climb/do what´s right/For every single word/You´re in my world/The doubts just disappear/you´re the one I hear”—Watching Me From Afar (Anette Olzon)
  • Aries Sun & Leo Moon: “A ballad of dark queen echoes through night/As he flees the curse of gods, the pharaoh`s wrath./One thousand one nights unseen,/The philosopher and the queen.”—Sahara (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Virgo Moon: “I studied silence to learn the music /I joined the sinful to regain innocence”—Dead to the World (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Libra Moon: “Ayreon, don't you know who I am/Ayreon, I'll have you know that I can/charm you with a wave of my hand/you bow to my command”—Merlin’s Will (Ayreon. Irene Jansen.)
  • Aries Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Love and light are haven-sent/We really ain't all that hellbent”—You Heaven and Your Hell (Tarja)
  • Aries Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Faith brought me here/It's time to cut the rope and fly/Fly to a dream/Far across the sea/All the burdens gone/Open the chest once more/Dark chest of wonders/Seen through the eyes/Of the one with pure heart/Once so long ago”—Dark Chest of Wonders (Nightwish)
  • Aries Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Just let me go! Drift far away from the life I once knew./Let me fall, deep down! The truth will be down there to pick me back up./My own fear has kept me there. Standing alone on the sideline of life while it moved on./This made me so humble! I'll stay a little while longer.”—Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: On the Sideline
  • Aries Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Keep the pain inside your mind./Pretend you're tough./And keep the truth deep down in slumber.”—Misery’s No Crime (ReVamp)
  • Aries Sun & Pisces Moon: “See the star inside of you/That shines for me/You shine my dear winter soul” – VINTERSJÄL/Winter Soul (Anette Olzon)
  • Taurus Sun & Aries Moon: “Lightning hits the house of wax/Poets spill out on the street”—House of Wax (Tarja)
  • Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon: “It's the forests where silence has lease/It's the beauty that fills me with wonder!/It's the stillness that fills me with peace!” – The Last Sled (Tuomas Holopainen)
  • Taurus Sun & Gemini Moon: “Like a show inside my head/Keeps repeating/Find whats gone and said to late/Keeps repeating”—Like a Show Inside My Head (Anette Olzon)
  • Taurus Sun & Cancer Moon: “I only wished to become something beautiful/Through my music, through my silent devotion”—Ocean Soul (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Leo Moon: “Go down in my flame/I know you want it just the same/The way you're sexin' me is frightening”—Heart Full of Fire (Brother Firetribe)
  • Taurus Sun & Virgo Moon: “My song is little worth anymore/Time to lay this weary pen aside”—Dead Gardens (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Libra Moon: “Sharp is the edge of all discovery,/now I see./A scar without suffering,/impossible./I'll wait until my last day/with no shame.” “Fly as high/As you can./Nobody below,/Nobody is behind./It always begins/when you are alone./Love, fear,”-- Montañas De Silencio (Tarja)
  • Taurus Sun & Scorpio Moon: “She's a devil's daughter/Stay for one night/You'll stay forever/Witchy women/Cries for no one/Steals your soul and tears your heart out”—Devil’s Daughter (Brother Firetribe)
  • Taurus Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Weaving my wings from many-colored yarns/Flying higher, higher, higher into the wild/Weaving my world into tapestry of life/Its fire, golden, in my Walden”—My Walden (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Capricorn Moon: “That beauty echoes through this journey/As the morning dawns, night tells it's story”— Erämaan viimeinen (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Aquarius Moon: “A lady with a violin playing to/the seals/Hearken to the sound of calling”—The Siren (Nightwish)
  • Taurus Sun & Pisces Moon: “Oh, nothing compares to this beautiful dream/Make love with me/On the bed of dead leaves” –Bed of Dead Leaves (For My Pain)
  • Gemini Sun & Aries Moon: “Now turned to stone/Perfection my messenger from hell/Wine turns to water/Campfires freeze, loveletters burn/Romance is lost/Lord, let me be wrong in this pain”—Romanticide (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Taurus Moon: “The bridal bed awaits us both/After the landscape of death I have crossed./Before my sorrows I must die,/Nightwish I send through the starlit sky.”—Nightwish (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Gemini Moon: “Through the trusted eyes of a mirror/But it wasn't me I could see”—Monolith of Doubt (After Forever)
  • Gemini Sun & Cancer Moon: “All, I wish to reach your heart/Life is just an empty dream/We will never be apart/Take me home forever”—Empty Dream (Tarja)
  • Gemini Sun & Leo Moon: “Behind all the empty glitter the city's a painted whore./A mother with a concrete womb for the zombie horde./Juices from the flesh of the living are bled to sewers./If we gave thoughts, they are harnessed to feed the hive.”—Messenger of Gods
  • Gemini Sun & Virgo Moon: “500 letters from a stranger at my door/500 weapons I can't take it anymore/500 letters, words like scars no one can see/500 secrets, slowly killing me”—500 Letters (Tarja)
  • Gemini Sun & Libra Moon: “Ever felt away without me/My love, it lies so deep/Ever dream of me”—Ever Dream (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Scorpio Moon: “My Lord, to you, let me become what my child thinks I am/In you is the beauty of the world, of which death made me an artist”— Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan/Death Makes An Artist (Nightwish)
  • Gemini Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “You had the nerve to say,/that I've lost the way./I'm still me.”—You (Tarot)
  • Gemini Sun & Capricorn Moon: “I'm never gone/Go tell the world I'm still around/I didn't fly, I'm coming down”—I Walk Alone (Tarja)
  • Gemini Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Would you share it with me?/High, much higher than moon/Flies away the angel of love”—Sea of Emotions (For My Pain)
  • Gemini Sun & Pisces Moon: “Break through my crystallized sphere and hold me/Enter my deepest inner self/Imprison the pain/Besieging in vain”—Estranged (After Forever)
  • Cancer Sun & Aries Moon: “Last dance, first kiss /Your touch my bliss /Beauty always comes with dark thoughts”—Wish I Had An Angel (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Taurus Moon: “The flowers of wonder and the hidden treasures,/In the meadow of life, my acre of Heaven./A five-year-old winter heart in a place called home/Sailing the waves of past.”—Meadows of Heaven (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Gemini Moon: “No! I can't! This comes way too soon!/How can I let go of you now?”—In Sickness ‘til Death Do Us-All Goodbyes Are Said (ReVamp)
  • Cancer Sun & Cancer Moon: “Our walk has been sublime/A soaring ride and gentle leap/You have the heart of a true friend/One day we'll meet on that shore again”—Our Decades In The Sun (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Leo Moon: “No holy sunrays/Will light my tomb of dreams/I won't return/From the valley of...The Queens”—Valley of the Queens (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Virgo Moon: “I hear screams of fallen souls, sad cries of agony/Within the void of this evil hole, deep inside the black/Could it be my imagination, the mirror of my fantasy?/A fear-induced hallucination/Or is there no way back from the halo of darkness?”—Into the Black Hole (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Libra Moon: “I heard the news, a mystery, a strange device/I'm so afraid, I just can't see through all these lies/Behold this alien messenger/Is this a cosmic design?/The bringer of a new day”—Star Child (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Scorpio Moon: “The company is trying to hide the higher rates of suicide/There's no pain and much to gain, but then the drug destroys their brain”—High Moon (Star One)
  • Cancer Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “grant me the courage to stand to this test/I call upon the seer, Merlin the sorcerer/grant me the magic to end my pain”—Castle Hall (Ayreon)
  • Cancer Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Nor enlightened by the lessons of Christ /I’ll never understand the meaning of the right /Ignorance lead me into the light”—Angels Fall First (Nightwish)
  • Cancer Sun & Aquarius Moon: “You're not alone below the moon/All of us wait for moments gone too soon”—Innocence (Tarja)
  • Cancer Sun & Pisces Moon: “Timeless, ancient, deep inside us as we/are empty without it, lost/Its sweet enclosure”—Sweet Enclosure (After Forever)
  • Leo Sun & Aries Moon: “Over another lonely star/Walking right into the sun”—Into the Sun (Tarja)
  • Leo Sun & Taurus Moon: “First day of love never comes back /A passionate hour’s never a wasted one /The violin, the poet’s hand, /Every thawing heart plays your theme with care”—While Your Lips Are Still Red (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Gemini Moon: “Magic wonders in the golden breeze Changing daily and surrounding me/In the eyeglass I can see them freeze/On and on and on, on and on I´m Floating - Falling - Floating - Flying” –Floating (Anette Olzon)
  • Leo Sun & Cancer Moon: “Shine bright see all your glory/No need to cry stay strong and you'll fly”—Shine (Anette Olzon)
  • Leo Sun & Leo Moon: “We can laugh at it now/I don't mind all the burning daggers/Piercing me, shaping me/Turning the blade on you”—Diva (Tarja)
  • Leo Sun & Virgo Moon: “We must measure/While the pressure of nature's force expands/We feel minor/Punished and meager/Betrayed by all our gods”—Equally Destructive (After Forever)
  • Leo Sun & Libra Moon: “Enchantress came to me and said: /Meet me at the lake tonight”—White Night Fantasy (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Scorpio Moon: “She tried to reach to the stars all her life/But her mind fell apart every time”—Queen Misery (For My Pain)
  • Leo Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Come on; hop on; let's take a ride/Come and meet the travelers who came to town”—Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Pack of wolves behind me. Seasons on my face./Coming out of nowhere, heading for any place.”—Howl! (Tarot)
  • Leo Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Beneath the lovely birch/honeymakers build their nest in peace/On the savannah a lion licks a wounded gnu”—A Return to the Sea (Nightwish)
  • Leo Sun & Pisces Moon: “Shores of a solar sea/Oh how I wish to go down with the sun/Sleeping/Weeping/With you”—Sleeping Sun (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Aries Moon: “Find your scream!/Use your scream!/The dead will rise!!!”—Rise! (Tarot)
  • Virgo Sun & Taurus Moon: “Our souls will join again the wild/Our home in peace ‘n war 'n death /Wandering on Horizon Road… ”—Creek Mary’s Blood (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Gemini Moon: “Amnesia must confiscate an elusive link/To consciousness/It's there; cause there's so much we don't know/Even our own true face”—Intrinsic (After Forever)
  • Virgo Sun & Cancer Moon: “Broken, distorted, confined./We're lost!/Broken!/Confined!/Loveless; a song for the cold lost heart!”—Distorted Lullabies (ReVamp)
  • Virgo Sun & Leo Moon: “What ghosts know only is how to come back/My prison will claim me again and again...”—Hell Knows (Tarot)
  • Virgo Sun & Virgo Moon: “You ask for more/You're under my skin/You push, I'm floored/This is a fight I'll never win/You bring me down/You're under my skin/Don't break me, no!”—Under My Skin (ReVamp)
  • Virgo Sun & Libra Moon: “We are here to care for the garden/The wonder of birth/Of every form most beautiful”—The Greatest Show On Earth (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Scorpio Moon: “I will show them! /Let them know who you are! /This is my/your perfect revelation”—Imperfect Tenses (After Forever)
  • Virgo Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Home is where the way is/My road goes on forever/One more voyage to go”—The Wayfarer (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Behind the broken dream lies my heart/Behind my iron will I'm still hurt/Beyond my broken dreams lies my path/(I'm bleeding for the heart the truth has stabbed with frozen faith)/Behind the grand facade I break down”—Break (ReVamp)
  • Virgo Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Tragedienne of heavens/Watching the eyes of the night/Sailing the virgin oceans/A Planetride for Mother and Child”—Stargazers (Nightwish)
  • Virgo Sun & Pisces Moon: “Open nerves, they're killing me./Enlarging everything./My mind explodes; it's burning up and scaring me./Nothing feels the same./As it shuts me down. A signal I can't defy./They're showing me the truth by force. My body's completely drained./And primitive emotions can thrive. Goodbye 'control'. Goodbye illusion...”—Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: The Limbic System
  • Libra Sun & Aries Moon: “The sweetest demise/The flame of you life, so sweet sacrifice/This is the game you want me to join in”—Rapture of Lust (For My Pain)
  • Libra Sun & Taurus Moon: “All I wanted in my life was you/Dreams and moments that was shared with you/One million faces but the one I knew/Were all a masquerade”—One Million Faces (Anette Olzon)
  • Libra Sun & Gemini Moon: “Imagine a perfect beach/Without a mermaid/Imagine a perfect hideaway/Without a time”—Lagoon (Nightwish)
  • Libra Sun & Cancer Moon: “I wonder/Do I love you or the thought of you?/Slow, love, slow/Only the weak are not lonely”—Slow, Love, Slow (Nightwish)
  • Libra Sun & Leo Moon: “She's blessed with an angel's eyes/A smile that's bound to melt/the ice/She, the owner of a golden heart/Her soul cries in the dead of night, too many times torn apart”—Love’s Not Enough (Brother Firetribe)
  • Libra Sun & Virgo Moon: “In silence I cry/For my aching heart/Frozen/Closed down/Demons won't recede/Doubtful/Fearful/I must face them all”—Here’s My Hell (ReVamp)
  • Libra Sun & Libra Moon: “Charm of a dancehall girl/A true star of the north/Those precious 30 days/A letter in the snow/Love lost yet always there/A burning need of life”—Cold Heart of Klondike (Tuomas Holopainen)
  • Libra Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Innocence turns into regret/A sinner in a white veil”—Killing Romance (For My Pain)
  • Libra Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “You kill me with silence/Using its peace against me/No soothing words to ease my pain/I'm left with no compromise”—Kill Me With Silence (ReVamp)
  • Libra Sun & Capricorn Moon: “A single grain can tip the scale/Amidst the burden the scale will prevail”—Live to Tell the Tale (Nightwish)
  • Libra Sun & Aquarius Moon: “And I try to; I desire to know who I am/And I fight to; find it tough to be myself/And all those words I didn't say/The dreams I had or have today/And pain I feared and faced and went away”—I Lost Myself (ReVamp)
  • Libra Sun & Pisces Moon: “She hears the distant soft caress/there in the gloom./Colors surround with tenderness/guiding her through.”—Naiad (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Aries Moon: “"Robbed of my innocence, had no more time to play./I sure got my feathers burned, but I'm stronger than the flames".” –My Little Phoenix (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Taurus Moon: “Loath!/your sins./Let grimness rise within./Face your darkest side./I know...”—Sins (ReVamp)
  • Scorpio Sun & Gemini Moon: “Drifting... words without meaning/Twisting... through the dark concealing/Search again, your reflection lives within.”—If You Believe (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Cancer Moon: “The fake compassion felt so genuine/said the right words when I was in need/your emotion stayed behind your smile/While I put my heart out on the line”—Infringe (ReVamp)
  • Scorpio Sun & Leo Moon: “"Ladies and gentlemen/Be heartlessly welcome!/To Cirque De Morgue/And what a show we have for you tonight!"”—Scaretale (Nightwish)
  • Scorpio Sun & Virgo Moon: “Princess of lust/Dignity put to dust/A virginal sight/Their apple to bite”—Passion & the Opera (Nightwish)
  • Scorpio Sun & Libra Moon: “They promised me wonders, I was dead in the ditch./They gave me magic, and burned me as a witch.”—Calling Down the Rain (Tarot)
  • Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Moon: “You're the cocaine on my filthy mirror. Oh my god how I need you.”—Dear Carniwhore (For My Pain)
  • Scorpio Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Bleeding from a wound that you cannot see/And you're seeing things that can never be/God is not made up and he wants revenge/You just fear it all/Fear”—Face Your Demons (After Forever)
  • Scorpio Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Enter,/Suck from us and live forever./Rotten beauty/Will haunt you for a lifetime.”—Whoever Brings the Night (Nightwish)
  • Scorpio Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Sharp is the edge of all discovery,/now I see./A scar without suffering, impossible./I'll wait until my last day/with no shame.”—Crimson Deep (Tarja)
  • Scorpio Sun & Pisces Moon: “I see the silence in the stranger's smiles/They don't care/Memories in the screams of the gate, my past slowly fades/Questions are stones on my way/I'm still walking anyway”-- Tomorrow Is A Closed Gate (Dead For So Long) (For My Pain)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Aries Moon: “You challenged the gods and lost/Save yourself a penny for the ferryman/Save yourself and let them suffer/In hope/In love/This world ain't ready for The Ark”—Planet Hell (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Taurus Moon: “Did I leave in time for the words to rhyme,/For her heart to wait ever longing?”—I Walk Forever (Tarot)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Gemini Moon: “”Deathbed memories of home /Never let me go/Every little memory resting calm in me /Resting in a dream /Smiling back at me /The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home /To caress the river with awe”—Rest Calm (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Cancer Moon: “I want to love by the Blue Lagoon /Kiss under the waning moon /Straying, claiming my place in this mortal coil”—Wanderlust (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Leo Moon: “A merry minstrel with his fingers fast/Playing his lute, charming every lass /Joins the troop with a glitter in his eye/" Shall I find fame or shall I die“”—Nightquest (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Virgo Moon: “Hearing music from the deepest forest /Songs as a seduction of sirens /The elf-folk is calling me”—Elven Path (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Libra Moon: “The chameleon. A princess, a fighter, the 'wild at heart'. They are all the same./A character shaped by the raggedness of life.”—Ammendatory (ReVamp)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Take my hand, don't turn away, I need you to stay/I know a place where the light and the dark can become as one”—Dancer in the Dark (For My Pain)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “You can do anything/when you feel it/burning at your wings/just look in the mirror/I'm a lucid dreamer”—Lucid Dreamer (Tarja)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Capricorn Moon: “You wake up, where's the tomb?/Will Easter come, enter my room?/The lord weeps with me/But my tears fall for you”—Gethsemane
  • Sagittarius Sun & Aquarius Moon: “"From cradle to coffin/shall my wickedness be your passion/We shall come to set the dolphins free/We shall wash the darkened bloodred sea”—Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean (Nightwish)
  • Sagittarius Sun & Pisces Moon: “Free my tortured body/Slip gracefully into my death, my salvation”—In Sickness ‘till Death Do Us, Part 3-Disgraced
  • Capricorn Sun & Aries Moon: “We change course; we grow stronger./We stand tall!/Only when we fall.”—Precibus (ReVamp)
  • Capricorn Sun & Taurus Moon: “Cursing those who took my heart/Knowing magic happens/Faith, cross, angels coming /Take me home, make me whole again”—Falling (Anette Olzon)
  • Capricorn Sun & Gemini Moon: “Words are binding, deeds talk/Such clear language when your life's at stake”—Trial of Monsters (ReVamp)
  • Capricorn Sun & Cancer Moon: “Falling again has no man's knowing/Please take me, take me with thee”—The Forever Moments (Nightwish)
  • Capricorn Sun & Leo Moon: “Pieces of our sundering./Here comes end of everything./Say your name, but I can't hear anything.”—End of Everything (Tarot)
  • Capricorn Sun & Virgo Moon: “No, never enough, never enough,/I gave it all,/You still want more”—Never Enough (Tarja)
  • Capricorn Sun & Libra Moon: “No more my dear/I'm here/No fear – invincible/See the stars glow all their gazing lights on you”—Invincible (Anette Olzon)
  • Capricorn Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Chaos and isolation/Your only truth”—Demons In You (Tarja)
  • Capricorn Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Riding the day, every day into sunset/Finding the way back home”—Last Ride of the Day (Nightwish)
  • Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Moon: “No more fate and no more mystery./Even as time falls away I live my days/every moment and its memory,/not only to survive to die alive.”—Die Alive (Tarja)
  • Capricorn Sun & Aquarius Moon: “Don't leave me now I just don't think I'm strong enough And it's cold, it's cold It's cold outside tonight”—Cold Outside (Anette Olzon)
  • Capricorn Sun & Pisces Moon: “You don't want to feel/Nothing but your hopeless destiny/You can always cry but never complain/All those bitter tears, will it ease the pain?”—Broken Days (For My Pain)
  • Aquarius Sun & Aries Moon: “We can't tell the difference/Between magic and technology./Seduces of the city left me drained and with infection./The angels must yield or burn by the rules of rejection.”—Magic and Technology (Tarot)
  • Aquarius Sun & Taurus Moon: “We used to swim the same moonlight waters/Oceans away from the wakeful day/My fall will be for you/My love will be in you/If you be the one to cut me/I'll bleed forever”—Ghost Love Score (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Gemini Moon: “”Be the light or the dark or the safe grey; choose a side./Angelically blind./The naive girl entwined with seduction./Confined to nothing but prejudice.—Wild Card (ReVamp)
  • Aquarius Sun & Cancer Moon: “Good journey, love, time to go/I checked your teeth and warmed your toes/In the horizon I see them coming for you”—Turn Loose the Mermaids (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Leo Moon: “Come enter, here's my code/Through the world wide wire you'll know/The queen of her own world/Stop dreaming and wake up/Your silly world is not what's real”—Digital Deceit (After Forever)
  • Aquarius Sun & Virgo Moon: “In this cruel children's game/There's no friend to call her name/Eva sails away/Dreams the world far away/The Good in her will be my sunflower field”—Eva (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Libra Moon: “Fast forward today/Dreaming 'bout tomorrow/Past and present as one, can they entwine and color the time to come; my path?”—Fast Forward (ReVamp)
  • Aquarius Sun & Scorpio Moon: “No heart, no shallow heart to love/I'm better off just by myself/No pain, no pain to torment me/I'm better off without this agony”—No Honey For The Damned (ReVamp)
  • Aquarius Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “The ones and their travels homeward from afar./This is for long-forgotten light at the end of the world./Horizon's crying the tears he left behind long ago.”—The Islander (Nightwish)
  • Aquarius Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Legend says that when grief overpowers happiness/the northern star loses its light and falls down on earth/where thee become a man./One person alone can help.”—Lost Northern Star (Tarja)
  • Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Moon: “I can't believe that it is only me/The person to hate/The only left out/I can't believe how they can be so mean/If they could feel the brutal stings of their words”—Eccentric (After Forever)
  • Aquarius Sun & Pisces Moon: “Home is the sailor/Home from the sea/And the hunter home from the hill”—Go Slowly Sands of Time (Tuomas Holopainen)
  • Pisces Sun & Aries Moon: “Pick your god from the lot, choose your stimulations./More down there where they came from,/drunken revelations./From the shadows of time,/the dead are singing their lies.”—From the Shadows (Tarot)
  • Pisces Sun & Taurus Moon: “Nothing left, nothing there./I was forced to let it go. Feel what I had done to ruin myself, destroy myself./In a run to greater goods I forgot to love me.”—Nothing (ReVamp)
  • Pisces Sun & Gemini Moon: “Every night a different theme,/Every time you're in a different dream/Am I me there, what am I?/Who will I be”—Being Everyone (After Forever)
  • Pisces Sun & Cancer Moon: “Losing you was more than I could bear/Losing us, a dive in water deep/Losing you”—Sweet Curse (ReVamp)
  • Pisces Sun & Leo Moon: “My home is far but the rest it lies so close /With my long lost love under the black rose /You told I had the eyes of a wolf /Search them and find the beauty of the beast”—Beauty of the Beast (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Virgo Moon: “if you'd allow exhaustion./if you'd allow to feel./I am the warning inside you./The limit's crossed; you pay.”—Anatomy of a Nervous Breakdown: Neurasthenia
  • Pisces Sun & Libra Moon: “Selfish in its passions lust./Righteous with impulsive gusts./Feed the wolf and feed the dog./The death of one's the death of both.”—Wolf & Dog (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Scorpio Moon: “Everything dies to be born again/There's no need to be afraid/I'll hold until we fade away”--Autumn Harmony (For My Pain)
  • Pisces Sun & Sagittarius Moon: “Higher than hope my cure lies/Passiontide/An angel by my side/But no Christ to end this war/To deliver my soul from the sword”—Higher Than Hope (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Capricorn Moon: “Once and for all/And all for once/Nemo my name forevermore/Nemo sailing home/Nemo letting go”—Nemo (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Aquarius Moon: “A nightingale in a golden cage/That's me locked inside reality's maze/Come someone make my heavy heart light/Come undone, bring me back to life/It all starts with a lullaby”—The Escapist (Nightwish)
  • Pisces Sun & Pisces Moon: “Welcome, and wake up!/This is not a dream but something between that and reality/Wake up if you dare!/This is not the regular nightmare!/Before your eyes the world will change/Slowly take you down to unknown places/Welcome to a world that's only yours/Wake up if you dare and just follow me!”—Dreamflight (After Forever)
I wrote a thing. A Johnlock thing.

Ladies and gents, welcome to my first ever Johnlock/Sherlock fic. 

I just put it up on fanfiction

And it’ll be up on AO3 sometime next week! I really hope everyone doesn’t hate it??? Contrary to what the title might have you believe, it is not a star!John fic. Mega thanks to Gaby (wickedly-despicable on here) for reading it over for me!

And now I shall post it right here, under the cut

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#CMchat Exclusive: Get to Know a Musical Triple Threat caitlinevanson

For any Taylor Swift fan, the name Caitlin Evanson is about as common as the word “music” itself. Caitlin was the highly entertaining red head up on stage next to Swift that often had a fiddle on her shoulder or a microphone in her hand singing back up vocals. And for those who aren’t Taylor Swift fans, then you better prepare to become a Caitlin Evanson fan.
Caitlin is one of the most talented and fierce musicians in the world; a bit of a hidden treasure at this point. Caitlin is a woman who can own the stage like only the most elite performers can, play a variety of instruments like her life depended on it, AND she can SING. Couple that with some wicked cool song writing skills and you really have a true force to reckon with. Country Music #CMchat got to sit down with Caitlin and catch up with what she’s doing these days….

How is life treating you these days?
Life is treating me more than well.  Surfing, hiking, living, loving and deeply enjoying new roots growing in my life.

You bring such a raw, genuine feel to your music, where do you pull your current inspiration from?
I am probably one of the happiest people you could meet.  And sometimes I wonder if its because 90% of my songs are sad.  I am a big believer in cleansing.  And I think I subconsciously take the sadness and wield it into something enjoyable to share, rather than to take it out on people around me.  Make sense?  Also, one of the best things I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do, is observe how the masters do it.  All the writers I worked with in Nashville, of course, Taylor, and all the greats I will never stop listening to, that make a song haunt the airwaves forever.  Have you ever just sat and thought about the song “Hotel California”?  And what that story would look like, made into a movie?  What a story.  There is a natural stream of consciousness in that song.  A flow.  You feel it when you listen to it.  That’s what I want inspires me these days.

You’ve had a highlighted background as a part of Taylor Swift’s band, how has that helped you with moving forward to the next phase of your career?
You can’t help but live in a sort of parallel universe, when you tour for years at a time.  Especially for a world class household name.  You can’t rewrite history.  You can’t help but have many consider this as your life’s “title” after you’ve done it. All things that I could never have fully understood until I stepped out to plant seeds and grow this new life and music of mine.  Processing an 8 year incredible whirlwind takes time. But what I am gradually learning is that I got to be a part of music history.  Something that put my own ability and magic on the map.  And I am so grateful.  Being a special gear in a big machine is exhilarating and sometimes exhausting, in the best way possible.  I am also gradually learning that I now have a massive and almost endless amount of memories, emotions, roller coasters, triumphs and terrors to draw from for my next million songs. Books and books, story upon story.  And that fuels my creative fire.

You’re an accomplished instrumentalist, what is your favorite instrument to play and naturally…why?!
When I was 4, I saw a violin concerto performed by Itzhak Perlman on our tv at home, in Seattle.  I pointed to the screen and basically said, “That’s what I want to be”.  My dad was a classical guitar guru, so when he heard this, a tiny violin was in my hands the next day.  I was screeching my way through “Twinkle Twinkle” before my parents could put in their earplugs. Violin is like breathing to me.  It’s just something I’ve always done.  It was also one of the lifelong most difficult things I’ve done, so its all the sweeter for it.  It is an instrument that demands my undivided passionate attention to detail and perfect pitch. One tiny roll of a pinky in the wrong direction is the difference between a good and bad performance that day. I can almost hear it speaking to me sometimes, “If you’re not going to love me deeply, don’t waste my time. Pack me up”.  I have always needed that kind of challenge.  I respect it and it continues to change my life every time I pick it up.  And especially these days. As a musician, I can’t help but reinvent and renew what I am, as my environment changes. Violin, it is.

How would you classify your sound?
As an artist, I am always “classifying my sound”.  If you heard my first self titled record from about 13 years ago, my “sound” would be a lot like Evanescense.  That’s what I was into.  Today?  I would say organic. I lean into Ingrid Michaelson, Patty Griffin, Foy Vance and Colbie Caillat.  But I have to laugh as I even say this.  Because that still isn’t “me”.  I guess you could say I adore their songwriting and vocal inflections.  But I also love Nine Inch Nails, Hozier, Iron And Wine, Haim, Drake and God knows what else.  I never know how to answer that question. So there’s my answer, haha.

Favorite song you’ve written thus far?
As an artist/songwriter, my favorite song is always “the one I finished today”.  Every time.  So today, its “Little Parts Of You”.  There will be a “bedroom session” version of it on my soundcloud soon.  On a day I don’t finish a song?  I usually come back to the silly, less introspective ones.  Like, “Why Ya Do Me Like That”.  I have always had a thing for a simple catchy melody with a happy pop-vibe with a mean jab of a lyric.  There’s a “bedroom session”, of that song on my soundcloud.  (Caitln Bird).

Your musical crush? And would they be your dream collab? If not….who?!

Can there be 2? One, MACKELMORE!  First of all, he’s from Seattle, my forever home.  Second, he made me fall in love with music again and listen to it in a way I hadn’t in years.  As a musician, melodies and chords free flow pretty easy.  But lyrics stump me.  Really good ones.  And his were astounding to me. As a violinist, I was so captivated by all the perfect string stacks and and instrumental moments weaving through the whole thing.  I feel like they cared so much and put everything they had into it, with such a family vibe. Two, Ingrid Michaelson!  When it comes to haunting harmonies and painfully true-ringing lyrics, she’s my go to right now.  I love her live personality and her brilliance when necessary, and her simplicity in the appropriate moments. The “Lights Out” on vinyl doesn’t stop spinning in my house.  Embarrassing?  maybe, but sometimes I just play my violin to “Open Hands”, like 10 times in a row, alone…in my house.  Okay.  Anyway….

Favorite music related memory?!
12 Years ago, I was in Rome, playing fiddle for a small country band for a month long USO Tour. I imagine the rough parts of that city are pretty dang rough.  My bandmates and I wandered into an area that felt pretty rough to us.  I heard what sounded like “O Sole Mio” playing on a violin down the street.  I followed it around the corner and found this little kid.  I think he was maybe 8 years old.  He looked pretty beat up, and had a couple euro in his open violin case.  I applauded and held out my hands.  To this day, I can’t believe he did this, but he handed the ¾ size violin to me, and I knelt down and played the chorus of “Hey, Jude”. He lit up and started singing along, in a thick Italian accent.  I dropped a few euro in his case and handed him his violin and walked back to find my bandmates. It’s funny, I never told anyone about it.  Asking me to have a favorite music related memory is like asking me which breath in my life was my favorite to take. So I’ll stick with this one for now.  ;)

Is there a method to your madness in terms of approaching songwriting?!
I think some writers can work up tears and evoke a lot of emotion out of thin air.  For me, that’s like trying to sneeze.  I’ll never be able to make it happen.  So I’m the type that just goes about my day, constantly toting a heavy bag full of notepads, and pens (because hand-writing is still so therapeutic to me), yoga clothes, towels, phone, keys, ear buds etc.  I look like a spaz most of the time because I make sure I remain open when an idea comes and I stop what I’m doing, and write it down.  Or else, it goes away and never comes back.  I guess I kind of liken it to a giant rain cloud that follows me around, randomly dropping melodies and lyrics wherever I go.  I hate that it always wakes me up at 3am.  And if I don’t record it, its gone in the morning.  My writing life is a mountain of puzzle pieces, waiting to be put together.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any secret talents?
Besides a tri-pod headstand in yoga class?  Nope.  Once a middle child, always a middle child.  If I find that I have a “hidden talent”, it doesn’t stay hidden for long.  I have to show it off, be it x-ray vision, or a double jointed finger.  Everybody!  Look what I can do!

Coolest fan moment that’s happened in the last 3 months?
I love it.  There’s been drawings, paintings, print-screened tshirts with my face on it made by a fan, every pastry in the shape and color of anything and everything on tours, songs, videos, letters, ice scuptures and everything else you can and can’t possibly imagine for all of us.  When I read “I started playing the fiddle because of you”, in tweets etc, it never gets old.  That one is always a favorite.  And in the last 3 months?  Well, I’m not sure if yall are familiar with jencita Vargas, but she has done nothing but support, help, promote and love my own tiny and developing artistry since she started following me on Twitter.  She is becoming quite the artist promoter in her own right.  Check her out.  I greatly appreciate everything she has done to promote my last youtube videos and live shows in San Diego.

Article with videos

Songs In The Night

this ficlet has been chilling in my drafts forever so im just gonna post it now.

Mabel and Henry shared a look as they left for their date. They left their three toddlers with Dipper and her parents. They had showed up out of the blue, apparently for the first time in years. Henry looked at her patiently. He knew that her and her parents didn’t get along, to say the least, and was waiting for her to tell him what was actually going on.

Mabel stood up and moved until she was snuggled next to him on the couch. He waited, but she didn’t seem like she was going to tell

“Mabel?” He asked gently. She sighed, tucking her head to his broad chest and began to tell him all about why exactly they moved in with their grunkle.


Alcor and Anna Pine walked the hallways in silence. Hank and Acacia were being held by Dipper, and Willow by her grandmother.  They reached the kids’ bedroom and tucked  them in.

“Uncle Dipper!” Hank said before they could leave, “Can you play a song? Please?”

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my blue moon

chapters- on the way home // too long to the weekend // heart shake, bend and break // fire with no smoke // hurt this good // turn it up // all I think about // ?

summary- they’ve known each other since forever, but they’re just finding out that their friendship might not last that long. takes place in a blue neighbourhood/song inspired/suburbia/bestfriend/music au based on troye sivan’s wonderful album with some tweaks and turns.

word count- we’ll see. my history with finishing fics is not good. sorry.

all glory and praise go to the lovely wren @carryondammit who is the absolute best and helps with literally everything

read on ao3 x



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