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I AM SELLING MY ENTIRE BTS COLLECTION! Because they used to be my ultimate group I have all of their albums and every version. I accept PayPal only. ALL OF THESE ARE LIKE BRAND NEW AND CD’s NEVER USED! Shipping not included. Pm if interested. Prices are negotiable. I hope these find a good home who loves BTS as much as I did 🙂 ALL MY ALBUMS WITHOUT PC ARE $10

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WINGS all versions: $10 each without pc
You never walk alone both versions: $10 each without pc
Love yourself: $10 each without pc
Love yourself V version is damaged on the outside so I am selling that one for $7

O!RUL8,2? Namjoon and group: $8
Skool Luv Affair V and group: $6
Dark and wild Jungkook and group: $12 ON HOLD
In the mood for love part one Jin: $10
In the mood for love part one Suga: $12
In the mood for love part two Jimin: $12
In the mood for love part two: Jungkook $12
Young forever V: $10
Young forever group: $8
WINGS Jimin: $12
WINGS Suga: $12
WINGS Jhope: $10
You never walk alone Suga: $12
You never walk alone Jungkook: $12
Love yourself Namjoon: $12 ON HOLD
Love yourself Jungkook: $12
Love yourself Suga: $12 ON HOLD
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This has been bothering me to be made forever XD Not part of TS Film Fest because as far as I know, the guys never did a cover of Material Girl…or have they.

Title: Material Boy

Starring: Park Jung Min, Kim Hyun Joong, and Heo Young Saeng

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Run time: 1:44:09

Synopsis: Park Jung Min loves money. Too bad money doesn’t love him. All his problems would be solved if only he finds an infinite source of cash. When he stumbles upon just that, he thinks he’s finally hit the jackpot…until guardian spirits Hyun and Saeng show up and demand he pay back what he took. Little do they know that they can beg and they can plead, but they’re in for a fight. ‘Cause boy with the cold, hard cash is always Mr. Right.




So as a reaction to the recently passed anti-gay laws, Russian gay rights activists have taken various Soviet propaganda posters and adapted them into pride posters instead.

Mostly they did this just by putting rainbow flags everywhere.

But I gotta say, a lot of the original Soviet propaganda posters were pretty damn gay already.

These are unedited Sino-Soviet propaganda posters. With their insistent and repetitive slogans of “Always together!” and “Friends forever!” and the aggressive hand-holding and hugging, I gotta say the Russian and Chinese guys in these posters seem like quite the committed couple.

They have kids and everything! Lookit their little blended family.

They love working together, relaxing together, and reading the works of Lenin to each other. On weekends they garden in their matching overalls.

Rainbow flags would almost be superfluous.

They say that if a writer falls in love with you, you’ll never die.
But no one talks about what happens when you break a writer’s heart.

How this gift of immortality becomes their curse.
How they keep you alive in their poetry even while it kills them.
How they recreate the crime scene on paper.
Words spread out like map coordinates
Looking for where things went wrong.
Writing down the word ‘forever’ and
Wondering how those three syllables sounded like an eternity when you said it.

Every poem they write is a sketch of your face; as if their pen only knows how to make posters of the people they miss; each full stop a reminder of your freckles; each semicolon an image of your sideways smile and the dimple under your cheek.

Every poem is just ‘I still love you’ written in code.

Every poem is a letter unsent; because if hearts were mailboxes you wouldn’t have one.

Every poem is an attempt to soothe the ache in their left chest; to let inked words bleed instead; to shrink the memories into sentences.

Every poem is the Heimlich maneuver; so they write until the words locked in their throats fly out like freed birds and bruised lungs can finally taste oxygen again.

Every poem is a paper boat called acceptance.

Every poem including this one.

—  When you break a writer’s heart by Ceres // @mentamorphisis

This poster was created for DIY LOVE: Queer Knowledge & History Then, Now, and Forever, an installation at the Toronto Pride Streetfair from June 23-25, 2017. The installation was created by Will Carpenter, Natalie Mark, John Wigle, Maya Wilson-Sanchez, Lex B., Kaythi, and Seiji.

DIY LOVE was created to exhibit and celebrate LGBTQ2S+ activism, knowledge, history, experiences, and bodies. The installation, a fun and free public workshop, provided a non-transactional relief from the corporate environment of Pride.

Print ready, high-resolution scans of each poster can be downloaded here for you to print at home!

im forever grateful that this actually exists

hey i wanna talk about erik klose

  • “i feel like he could hold me up forever” erik isn’t just emotional support he’s a soccer player and he is s t r o n g
    • he got them Midfielder Thighs™
  • he fuckin loves soccer movies ok 
    • nicky, already grinning, in response to erik’s parents asking how his day was: alles ist gut
    • erik, sliding into the room in his socks and running into a wall: soLANGE DU WILD BIST!!!!!
    • used Bend It Like Beckham and She’s The Man to practice his english
    • he definitely has a poster of jess bhamra in his room, she’s his hero
  • he is SUPER tall
    • (he’s actually taller than matt when his hair isn’t spiked)
  • him and nicky are low key competitive as fuck and they run together when nicky starts training for exy
  • nicky quickly learns that trying to outlast a midfielder on a run just. doesn’t work. they do the most running on the team and typically go whole games without getting subbed out.
    • 3 miles in nicky is wheezing and dying and erik is laughing like the absolute traitor he is
  • but!! it wasn’t all sunshine at first i mean come on,, this is the foxes
    • when nicky first got to the Klose’s he was reserved, quiet. 
    • erik was taking a year off to travel with friends during the first 6 months nicky was there
    • when both parents agreed nicky could stay for the summer for some extra classes so he could graduate on time (by american standards), he finally met erik
    • tall, athletic, kind erik, erik who came home with all kinds of candy from all kinds of countries to give to a boy he never met all to make a pun about what a “sweet deal” it was to have someone new in the house, he felt his heart race when nicky smiled at him for his ridiculous efforts
    • that’s the first time the klose’s saw a real smile come from nicky
  • erik convinced nicky to go to church after a while
    • it was hard at first, especially when nicky noticed erik was getting some weird looks from some of the older people in the congregation
    • when nicky asked why, erik told him about how when he came out his grandmother stopped speaking to him, and how some parents didn’t want to let erik come over to see his friends
    • but then erik told him how his parents told anyone who wasn’t okay with their son that they weren’t worth having around, that they loved erik and they wouldn’t allow anyone to try and make him feel bad for being himself
    • and how his cousins snuck out and took him to his first pride parade in hamburg
    • surrounded by people who actually care, nicky started to hope again
  • nicky starts to smile more and erik…he’s so smitten. his new mission in life is to make nicky smile
  • erik’s humor is usually really awful puns and dad jokes, but he also is really good at keeping a straight face while saying absolutely ridiculous things, leading people to question whether he’s really serious or not and nicky fighting super hard not to bust out laughing (because he’s the only one who can tell he’s joking)
  • nicky prides himself on being pretty fashionable so he’s not entirely sure how the hell he lets erik get away with wearing those awful toe shoes. the. the individual toe ones.
    • you know the ones
  • the first time they kiss, erik was climbing a tree and fell out, because all his grace stops the minute he steps off the field
    • it was a forehead kiss because, well, erik’s face was bleeding, but yea
    • they’re a bit of a mess, but they’re cute, ya know?
  • nicky and erik are the type of couple to go to the grocery store at 2am because they really want to make mac n cheese and accidentally end up buying 4 pounds of candy instead while serenading each other to the weird 90s music the store is playing
  • erik loves aldi’s and wants to live there. everything is so cheap, nicky. they have my favorite cheese, nicky. nicky. where are you going. nicky i live here don’t leave we haven’t bought any bread yet-
  • he owns crocs. he just. he does. he bought orange ones when nicky joined the foxes and fuckin little white fox paw insert thingies because he’s a supportive boyfriend, dammit
  • he draws smiley faces on everything. notes to nicky, his notes at school, on his meeting notes at work, and his favorite place: on nicky. 
  • he’s one of those people who can’t tan for shit, he just burns then freckles. nicky is constantly nagging him to wear sunscreen. he always forgets and sends nicky pictures of his bright red shoulders only to get pages of texts ranting about sunscreen and melanoma
  • he’s got scars everywhere but theyre all from like. the dumbest stuff. there’s a big one on his knee from sneezing while on a run and subsequently tripping on the sidewalk and wiping out. several are from falling out of trees. he broke his nose falling out of the shower because he freaked out when he saw a spider. again, all his grace is on the soccer field. everywhere else he’s a hazard.
  • he’s really, really clumsy. he loves fiercely because that’s how his parents taught him. he knows he’s lucky to have a family that stuck by him, he knows it’s the least they can do, but so many gay kids have shitty parents. kids like nicky. and erik may be gangly and clumsy. he may be competitive and he may not always understand how nicky feels because he hasn’t experienced what nicky has. but he has fallen out of more trees than anybody he knows, and falling in love with nicky is an ache he’s never been able to ice away, and would never want to anyway.

So I popped into New York City today, did some fine stuff, went to Korea town and popped into a Kpop store. A young girl was in there with her father buying BTS CDs he told her she could only have one for now and a poster. She grabbed the Night Version of YOUNG FOREVER. Her father said “I thought you had this album already! I’m not buying you something that is the same thing!” She was trying to explain to him that it was not different but it didn’t work. I heard the conversation and explained to him that it had different pictures and posters and photo cards and these things are special to the fandom to collect all versions of their albums, etc. He said “oh ok, thank you for exposing it to me, I’m still learning.” The girl was very excited and told me thank you and I said “OF COARSE, ARMY HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER!” We high fived each other, after we discussed our Biases, in which she told me it was Taehyung and I got excited because even though Jhope is the love of my life and my bias forever, Taehyung is my sweet baby boy. We went on our way m, still shopping around. I ended up spending WAY TOO MUCH MONEY ON BTS THINGS but, I checked out and bought the girl in the store a cute little Taehyung key chains with a mini stand up and handed it to her before I left the store. She was almost in tears and we hugged and the father hugged me as well, they really couldn’t believe that I did that. It was a great moment. I told him, “please support your daughter. They’re good boys, this is what this fandom is, BTS ARMY. We take care of each other! Don’t forget it!!” He smiled and agreed that he would learn and understand. I’m pretty sure that girl will be aloud to be an army for life because of the kindness I showed them. It truly was a wonderful moment! I will never forget it.


One of my local newspapers got a little creative with celebrating the Pens Stanley Cup win and I’m so in love with it! It’s like a movie poster (feat. the Two Headed Monster) and where they have the production credits on the bottom of poster they WENT OFF, they start off with our fearless director Coach Sully and then they go on listing each player (with their position and playoff points broken down); each team they defeated (how many games were played in each round), and their regular season standings. I’m holding onto this forever. It’s a gem. <3 


character posters: Wonder Woman

“I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. I’ve touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they’ll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give… for the world I know can be. This is my mission now. Forever.”


endless list of favourite female characters [7/∞]: alina starkov

I tilted my head back. The stars looked like they were close together, when really they were millions of miles apart. In the end, maybe love just meant longing for something impossibly bright and forever out of reach.

BETTY AND VERONICA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST → a series of songs for betty, for veronica, and for each other.

001. you can be you // saint motel | 002. wouldn’t it be nice // the beach boys | 003. jenny // studio killers | 004. boyfriend // tegan and sara | 005. girls/girls/boys // panic! at the disco | 006. girl // jukebox the ghost |  007. betty // the pom poms | 008. untouched // the veronicas | 009. the real of it // said the whale | 010. cupid // the big moon | 011. poster girl for kindness // kiss me stupid! | 012. foxes mate for life // born ruffians | 013. a better son/daughter // rilo kiley | 014. i love you always forever // betty who | 015. let me in // grouplove | 016. all i want // kodaline 

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Are you a fan of podcasts or web series? Then your help is needed.

This series is called The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye and is from the he brilliant minds of @tincanbros but it is in need of funding on @kickstarter

Wayward Guide is an amazing web series with an action packed plot and interesting characters. Artemis, a pod cast host, is looking for an escape from the fluff pieces the APN always give her to cover but soon her and her twin brother/producer/co-host are thrown into a story revolving around an old mining town. But not all is as it seems as they soon discover the town is run by werewolves. There is a promise of twists, decite, Badass Ladies and of course mystery because you never know who could be the werewolf and who could be innocent.

This series has 10 episodes and is accompanied by a series of 10 podcast episodes. So if you enjoy web series’ or if you love podcasts there is something for you. Plus the rewards are great, whether its a postcard, poster, tshirt or being in the cast there is something you can get to keep with you forever just through funding.


And that’s not all there’s a brilliant soundtrack from Chuck Criss (Computer Games) and an amazing cast of people. The series Stars Mary Kate Wiles as Artemis (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Poe Party) and Steve Zaragoza as Paul (Mostly Harmless).

Starring along side them are 2/3 of The Tin Can Brothers themselves, Joey Richter and Brian Rosenthal who you probably know from Team Starkid Productions such as AVPM. A number of other Starkids such as Dylan Saunders, Nick Lang and Corey Dorris are also joining the cast. As well as that some of the other Poe Party crew are starring such as Sinead Persaud, Sean Persaud, Ashley Clements, Clayton Snyder and Tara Perry. Jon Cozart (Paint), Titus Makin (glee), Gabe Greenspan (Solve it Squad returns) and Joanna Sotomura (video game highschool) also add their magic to the cast.

Oh and there’s Sean Astin playing the head of the APN who’s in this thing you may or may not know, Lord of the Rings ????

But most importantly we really need to get this funded otherwise the series won’t be made and we will miss out on this amazing plot and cast and the great idea of an accompanying podcast series. So please even if it’s just $1 donate so we can finally get this project funded. 🐺🌕

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