forever in love with this campaign

I love how, regarding Phan:

  • They just moved into their third home together.
  • They’ve heavily implied if not outright stated that they want a dog/’forever home’ together.
  • They’re openly going on cute holidays and dates together.
  • Their creepshot war has turned into a mutual “appreciate my husband” campaign.
  • Just everything they do shows how they’re each other’s ‘forever-person’ and they want us to know it.

Meanwhile, the Phandom is:

  • Excited of course, but not surprised.
  • Happy for and supportive of them.
  • Embracing all the changes that are happening.
  • Not overanalysing things the way we used to, and in fact have predicted a few things correctly this year.
  • At its most chill in general.

Basically a lot is happening and while one would expect us to be losing our shit completely, we’re actually being pretty cool about it in comparison to how we could be, meanwhile our love and respect for DnP is only growing.

2017 is the year, people.


Stiles and Derek have been friends forever (as well as being secretly in love with each other). All of their friends are hoping they can finally get together in time for prom and are willing to push as hard as they need to in order to make it happen. (It takes an equal amount of kind pushing from their friends to get Derek to propose five years later, but Stiles and Derek could never find it in themselves to be angry since it worked out perfectly for them).

Sterek Campaign Graphics Battle Round #6 (x)
maybehonestly vs dereksqueen
Gifset: AU

This is Why You Can

I have been thinking in this idea for a while its a Jared x Wife!Reader, hope you like it “Imagine Jared having an emotional breakdown and the reader shows him all the good things he have done and how much he means for a lot of people” - @bemyqueenofdarkness

Pairings: Jared x wife!Reader Mentioned: Jensen, JJ, Misha, Mark & some crew

Warnings: Emotional breakdown and angst!!! with a fluffy ending

Summary: I took this story from personal experience. My mom did this for me a few years back and I have since lost the video but it meant so much to me.


The moment you walked into your house, you knew something was wrong; the air around you felt heavy and thick as if it was almost suffocating. You stopped dead in your tracks when you could finally hear the faint sounds of music floating down the stairwell and as your mind wrapped around the melody; your heart stopped.

“Jared!” You yelled as you dropped the bag of groceries on the floor in the entry before you tore through the house toward the stairs knowing exactly where he would be. You took the steps two at a time and with every step, the heart breaking music got louder. Sure enough, when you pushed open the door to your bedroom, you could see the large lump of your husband’s body under the blankets, curled in the fetal position in the middle of the bed. His eyes shot up to yours and you felt your heart break as a fresh wave of tears poured from his blood shot eyes.

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Spring in Hawkins 🌧

It was a rainy mid-spring afternoon when the kids were all in the Wheeler basement, the boys playing a campaign and El and Max half paying attention. Max looked out the basement window covered in little water driplets, and nudged El whispering, “Look out there El, wouldn’t it be fun if we all went out there for a little bit and played in the rain?” El glanced at Max, confused but also a little intrigued. “I guess,” El shrugged and looked out the window at the gloominess of the outside world. “I have an idea,” Max stood up from her crisscrossed position on the floor and announced out loud, “Sorry to interrupt you boys, but El and I were thinking it might be fun to go outside and play in the rain.” 

“Is she crazy?” Lucas looked around at the boys and then out the window at the drizzling rain outside, but he actually loved the idea. Mike shrugged at Lucas, “I think that’d be super fun, guys, don’t you think? It’s been forever since it rained, and we’re just sitting inside, and this campaign can wait.” Dustin looked at Max with doe eyes, “Yeah, that’d be cool!” Mike looked at El and smiled at her, scrunching his brows a little, his way of asking if she wanted to go. She nodded her head and smiled back, and it was like they had had a conversation of their own. Will stood up and said excitedly, “Let’s get our coats on and go out there!” The rest of the boys began standing up, Dustin stretching a bit since they’d been sitting for about 3 hours. Mike walked over to El with a little skip in his step, “It’s gonna be so pretty out there, El. And the rain is one of my favorite smells. Do you have your coat?” She nodded as the herd climbed the stairs to all get their coats, which were hung up in the coat closet. Karen was baking some lemon pie, from what it smelled like in the kitchen, as the six kids came stampeding into the foyer. “What are you kids up to? It’s pouring out there,” Karen said with a bit of worry in her voice. “We know, mom. We’re all gonna out there for a while, if that’s okay?” Karen squinted her eyes at Mike and with some hesitation said, “Okay, kiddos, but don’t track in too much mud when you decide to come back inside,” she was smiling now, glad the kids were having fun. “Okay, mom!” Mike looked around at the kids waiting to go out. “Everyone have their coats?” They all nodded impatiently and collectively exclaimed, “Let’s go!” 

When Lucas opened the front door, El could smell the moist dirt and trees that surrounded the Wheeler house. “Don’t you love it, El?” Mike closed his eyes and sniffed the air comically, and El nodded and giggled. Mike loved making El laugh more than anything in the whole world. As Lucas, Dustin, Will and Max playfully jumped and splashed in puddles, El and Mike went off on their own underneath a big evergreen tree to the side of the Wheeler house. The branches were high enough off the ground that they could both stand under it semi-comfortably, Mike’s dark mop of hair gently brushing on some damp branches ever so slightly while El was an inch or two below the branches. They looked up into the dewy tree, covered with tiny driplets of water, facing each other and holding hands. One driplet lightly fell onto El’s soft cheek. She wanted to shake the water off her face, but Mike insisted on brushing it off with his thumb instead. El smiled up at Mike and looked deep into his beautiful dark brown eyes and pulled him into a hug. His touch was warm and loving, and his forest green rain coat smelled of laundry soap and old campfire smoke. She took a deep, determined breath. El let go a little and used her powers to raise herself into the air enough to kiss him softly on the lips. El’s head raised a bit more and lightly hit the branches and drips of water came falling on them both. Mike’s freckled cheeks became pink and El giggled as she lowered herself to the ground. They started to hear Lucas, Dustin, Will and Max splashing again as they came back to the real world. Max looked over at the couple and yelled playfully, “Hey lovebirds, get over here so we can all have a puddle splashing contest!” Mike and El simultaneously yelled back, “Okay!” And they looked at each other and started to walk over, hands still intertwined. 

La Llorona

For those who don’t know her, she’s a weeping ghost from Latin America. There are a few versions of her story, but the one I was working from was this one: In order to be with the man she loved, she drowned her children, and when the man ended up betraying her, she drowned herself. However, she couldn’t be at peace, since the gates of heaven wouldn’t open for her until she brought her drowned children to them as well. She’s doomed to wander the world forever, crying out for her lost children. Since she can’t find them, sometimes she’ll take other children (naughty children who play alone after dark), drowning them as she did her own and trying to trick heaven into thinking they are hers…

This is 1/3 of the commissions I’m doing as prizes for CFFT’s kickstarter campaign earlier this year.  I kinda went a tiiiinnnyyyy bit overboard with this one, but it’s basically a checklist of my favourite things to draw (minus drowning victims I guess) so I was maybe a little overzealous…

Fairytale character? Crazy expressions? Fancy dresses? Fancy dresses UNDER WATER??? Check!!

I’m re-listening to West Wing Weekly’s episode on The Portland Trip and I am really, really glad that both Hrishi Hirway and Joshua Malina take issue at how Donna is treated in the episode.

Aaron Sorkin wrote such fascinating women and CJ Cregg would forever be my role model but when it comes to other women (athough CJ gets hit with it too) Sorkin shows a lot of 90s sexism.

Unfortunately, and especially in this episode, towards Donna Moss.

I used to not notice it until the rewatch and becoming more aware of it, because I wasn’t as swept up in the romance.

Sure season 5 onwards were really creaky and cringe-y but I think post Sorkin the show finds its legs and then Donna finally gets the career boost ahe deserves.

I especially love Donna as the Press Secretary for the Santos campaign. And seeing her in action and the influences of Josh and CJ can clearly be seen but filtered throught her brand of Donna-ness.

So again, anyone saying that people should check out once Sorkin leaves the show is plain wrong!

It may not have the soaring language Sorkin is known for but it’s still good. Especially since season 7 was a really good end for such a seminal series.

man the finale for my first ever campaign is coming up
im kinda weepy abt it my players were so wonderful and so on board, and watching them meet the city and fall in love and become so disillusioned with it
they let me tell my story bc it was a story that only worked once they showed up and ugh im gonna be sentimental abt them forever
i can’t wait to rev up my next one in the fall
dming is so wonderful and i don’t want it to end



This is my new son his name is probably going to be TJ for Terrance Junior and I’m going to commission him a cute widdle set of armor as soon as this campaign is done and also make a little cat-toy like playtoy and love him and hold him and keep him forever

today i have:

—eaten a diet primarily of korean food and pizza rolls 

—obtained flattering lingerie!

—spent the afternoon reading Paul’s letters and Rat Queens! (rat queens is … okay? i wish i loved it the way the people who have recommended it to me do, because like, there’s only so much tolerance i have for “let’s turn a DnD campaign into a comic book series,” but on the other hand, it’s growing on me over time)

—started watching Sense8 again, continued with Car Boys 


—ran and lifted weights! 


—run some more! 

—take bath, read more Caroline Walker Bynum (god she’s so good. i’m taking forever to finish Jesus as Mother because i never want it to end, which is refreshing given that i just took a month to finish Kazantzakis because it was A W F U L and only got worse at the end but i felt like I ought to like Last Temptation anyway so forced myself through it lol)

—pray rosary


Another day in the world of K-Pop & things are going out of hand.

Today, JYP’s rising rookie girl group TWICE was at Gimpo Airport, heading to a schedule in China when talented main vocalist & leader Jihyo got hit by a fan. Apparently Jihyo was in the way of the fan’s TWICE bias and the fan hit Jihyo to get a better camera angle.

Jihyo was noted to have looked hurt and stated, “Please don’t hit me…I’m also a member of TWICE.”

This is not the first time an idol has been hit. It has mainly been due to anti-fans but once TVXQ/JYJ’s Yoochun got slapped by a sasaeng fan who hope to be remembered by oppa forever. I know this makes zero sense.

However, the many instances does not making hitting an idol anymore okay.

Idols are people too and deserve just the same amount of respect. No matter how much you love your bias or want a photo of them, hitting another person, let alone a fellow member and the leader of your bias’ group IS A BIG NO-NO.

If you would like to support Jihyo & send a message against rude and ridiculous behaviour to idols, join the #JIHYOPROTECTIONSQUAD campaign on Twitter & TWICE’s official Instagram.

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1. 5 things you will find in my bag/backpack

  • i don’t carry one? but when i do it’s my wallet
  • chapstick
  • headphones
  • a comb
  • some sort of writing utensil

2. 5 things you will find in my bedroom

  • so many paper
  • a couch???
  • an ugly clock my grandma got for all of her children. it lives here sadly
  • some memorabillia from my time at mit
  • other standard bedroom things

3. 5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life

  • move the hell out
  • live in boston again. forever this time
  • publish something
  • learn graphic design
  • own a bakery cafe

4. 5 things to on my to-do list

  • call the job i applied for and see what’s happenin there
  • decide whether i want to finish my blands trpg campaign
  • scream

5. 5 things people may not know about me

  • i’m a drummer. i have played the set in a few bands
  • i REALLY LOVE MATH please come to me for help with your maths homework
  • i took a class and got a certification in cake decorating once i’m pretty ok at it
  • i broke my face on a windowsill one time. i have a permanent face fracture. i like telling people that one as part of icebreaker games
  • if i come up with an interesting 5th one i’ll let yall know

im tagging all my mutuals bc im lazy and i just tagged a lot of yall a second ago !!!! <3
Keith Ellison for DNC chair
Ok, so the election is over. It sucked- everything sucks. I’m having the full range of negative emotions about it. I bet you are too.
By Mean fat girl

Ok, so have you been wondering- what can I do after this horrible nightmare election? 

I have. Like SO MUCH.

So here is something you can do- write a letter to lobby the Democratic Party to elect Keith Ellison as DNC chair. 

It totally worked in 2004- that’s how people got Howard Dean elected DNC chair. And then the Democrats won things. It wasn’t candy and flowers all the time, but it wasn’t the disaster on all sides forever either. 

Let’s change the Democratic Party together! Bernie endorsed him, lots of other awesome people have endorsed him.

The post contains a spreadsheet of contact info for DNC members and a sample letter/email to send. 

There’s phone numbers. Or if you have phone anxiety like I do, there’s mailing addresses. Or if you don’t have money to buy extra stamps, there’s email addresses and Twitter names. 

I love a good letter writing campaign! I’m a nerd that way. <3 

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i love jk but im not Into Him bc (before i got into bts) i started using him as a face claim for an original character in a d&d campaign and now he's forever my son and nothing more

hahaha! i get you! i bias a lot of people that i love but am not into…youngjae got7, seungkwan seventeen, dawon sf9! the list goes on! sometimes platonic love is the best kind of love :’)

I was watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days judge me whatever

and Spears and Green are lesbians and they just want to get the diamond campaign so they can get nice rings as commission so they can get married and be in love forever!!

but the boss gave it to Chisled McAbs because someone fell in love with him. If that’s all the criteria was Spears and Green are already in love! Give it to them! 

another movie where the lesbians don’t get a happy ending

Shameless US- fiona steve/jimmy

IM FREAKING OUT, but i can’t be the only one right?? C'mon, gus is nice and all, but he is no steve. I will never like anyone else for Fiona. When jimmy left in season 3 i wasn’t worried, he had left before, he came back all those times why would this one be any different; sadly im still asking myself that. How could they? Who would ever do that to them? They were perfect toghether. But i actually had a mental breakdown when i saw no sign of him;the fiona got married. When jimmy came back, FUCK YEAH was my reaction at first whitch was followed by a river of tears when he left again (for good aparentley). And now she’s marrying Gus, WTF. I can’t stop dreamind about jimmy popping in ananaunced to the church, and he just sits there without saying anything and trying not to be seen just so he can be there, and Fiona sees him and can’t go on with the wedding(im crying and smiling at the same time while writting this). Let me tell you why i love jimmy besides from the fact that he was the first charachter we got to se be romanticly involved with Fiona. It’s undisputable that Emily Rossum (fiona) and justin chatswin (jimmy) had amazing chemestry, that’s one. But also, Jimmy might have hidden things from her and lied to her and be no as nice of a person as Gus, but he loved Fiona from day one and never cuestiond his feelings for her despite all of her bagage. He loved all her sibilings, helped her however he could and also was liked by all the brothers and sister. She fell in love with him and he loved her to death and never got angry when Fiona put er family before him and their relationship. Yes, their last fight was about that, but not exactly; that last fight was prove of his love for her and his family. They had been toghether for a long time then, and he didn’t get angry because she chose raising her brothers before having a family with him, he got angry because she didn’t talk to him or considered him. I thing fiona was (or is) so used to people leaving her that she though sooner or later he’d leave and her sibilings will ve the only constant. So is understandable jimmy got angry, he just wanted to be a part of them, of their family, he loved all of them and wanted to be considered as a galagher; fiona not talking to him or even just informing him about it before hand made him feel like no matter his feelings for her and his family he’d never be one of them. I just want jimmy back, also mandy who made me realy sad when she appeared this season; i was specialt disappointed about the lack of interactiom with Lip, they have to be toghether. An not even get me started in how upset i am about the lack of Mickey. Everything is falling apart!!!! Help!!!! Let’s start a campaign, the “bring back jimmy, mandy and micky forever and ever” campaign. Like if you feel the same, reblog and comment if you want to share your feelings shamelessly. Send me a message if you want to chat about it.

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