forever in love with power playing couples

some phan things;

- having 0 personal space
- feeding each other
- when phil is terrible at describing smth but dan knows exactly what he’s trying to say instantly
- when phil is talking and dan makes himself rlly small and leans closer and closer and is looking up at him Like That
- when they talk at the same time and then laugh about it
- when dan gets whiny and phil gives him exactly what he wants bc he spoils him
- knowing little random details about each other and the other one getting surprised that he remembered even tho it literally goes both ways
- “philllll you’re so precious”
- “I’m obsessed with your curl dan”
- dan wearing phil’s hoodies
- phil rolling his eyes fondly at dan when he’s being ridiculous
- dan going out to buy him hair product in the rain and getting him chocolate when there’s a wasp honestly the text section of tabinof was a blessing
- dan lying across some airport chairs while phil puts drops in his eyes
- “and phil is in his own little world again… *giggling* don’t trip!”
- that time they played tag at night on that street u know what I’m talking about
- wrestling shirtless out in the water in Jamaica
- when they look at each other Like That for a minute and don’t even bother editing it out like can u even imagine what they DO edit out??
- dan being super defensive over phil and making sure he gets the credit he deserves
- singing together where phil gets rlly deep and dan goes rlly high and I cry
- phil filming dan without him knowing
- “I think I’d be quite sad if you died. and I’d just be awkward for the rest of time… might as well kill us both.”
- 2016 halloween baking video.
- phil miming dan’s hand movements in that one live show
- they went on tour together and sold out the dolby theatre like they literally #didthat
- when phil stuck a cat sticker on dan’s arm and it stayed there all day
- literally not being able to stop mentioning each other when no one asked
- phil being rlly flirty and sexual in 2009/10 and dan always being flustered
- for example: “do you know what gay chicken is? would you play it on camera with phil? for 12 billion pounds.” “my paypal is” *winks* *dan blushes and laughs and bumps him and tells him to shut up like a 12 yr old with a crush*
- doing a radio show together and dan being rlly sad that time he had to do it alone and saying there was a “void in his heart” where phil should be
- the fact that this list could go on forever and ever bc they’re an iconic power couple that have been in love since 2009 but it’s 2am and I’m overwhelmed and should probably stop

Drunken Laughter

Hi!! So this is for the Anon who sent in this request:

May i request a peter parker x reader with 24, 12 and 3? Thank you!

I hope you like this and please let me know what you think!


You swayed slightly as you pushed yourself up from your seat, giggling. Peter, your boyfriend, put an arm out to steady you.

“Careful, Y/N.” He warned.

You smiled and nodded before making you way off to the bar, Peter following behind you. You ordered your favourite drink before turning to Peter again.

“Tony Stark throws really good parties.” He smiled lovingly at your slightly tipsy state.

“Did you find Natasha and Wanda in the end?” He asked.

“I did. I found them in the bathroom trying to wrap the flag around Steve ,kinda drunk. I didn’t ask too many questions and just walked out. Steve looked like a tomato.”

He nodded laughing at his teammate’s misfortune. He knew that when the girls had their mind on something, there was very little chance that they would let it go. You tugged his arm and led him to the dance floor. You swayed in time with the music, grinding back against him. Out of the corner of your eye you saw someone spraying something and you suddenly took a step forward from Peter to laugh. He looked completely confused as to why you were as he pulled you close again.
“Do you remember the time when we turned a can of Axe into a flame thrower?”

Peter groaned. “I do and it was so much fun but the mess. I thought Aunt May was going to murder us when she found out.”

“I can’t believe she didn’t throw us out for that alone.”

“So what’s with the sudden trip down memory lane, Y/N?” Peter pulled you away from the floor, and the party as you entered the quiet corridors next to it. 

“Nothing really, just saw something that triggered the memory, Spidey.” You smirked. 

Peter brought his face dangerously close to yours as he pushed you against the wall. “Are we going to play that game, N/N?”

You pushed your face up to his only for it to be interrupted by something neither of you could ever been prepared for. 

“Pew! You’re in love! Zoom zoom! Pew! May your love be forever trueeeee!” Clint Barton came flying around the corner until he caught sight of you. “To Peter Parker and Y/N L/N, I, Cupid, offer my aid of the power of love to such a beautiful young couple.” 

You and Peter shared a weary look. Natasha and Sam ran around the corner behind him looking out of breath. 

“Keep him talking.” Natasha mouthed quickly before fiddling with her wrists. 

You were going to struggle to keep a straight face throughout this. You dropped to one knee, kneeling at ‘Cupid’s’ feet. “My lord, what do such humble mere mortals owe the visit from one of the most prestigious gods of your pantheon?” 

Clint scratched his chin. “I do not seem to be able the produce an adequate answer for thee. But I am Cupid and by the power invested in me, I declare your love true and to last forever! Now rise, mortal.” 

You smothered a grin and stood. “My lord, you said you are Cupid, correct?”

Peter was losing it behind you and Sam looked about to wet himself at the exchange. 

“That is correct. I am Cupid, God of Love!”

You grinned. “So you’re a whore with a bow and arrow?”

“How dare you morta-” Clint spasmed and fell to the ground to reveal Natasha stood behind him, with her arm raised, her gauntlet on her wrist. 

“Natasha!” Your surprised voice made her laugh. 

“Relax Y/N, it’s a lower power meaning he’ll be up and at ‘em soon but without the whole Cupid thing.” Your friend grinned. 

"Humble mere mortals!” Peter was still laughing his ass off. 

“Men are hopeless, Y/N, the sooner you learn that the better.” Natasha dragged you back off into the party. “Anyway, Wanda wants to do photos and discuss the next shopping opportunity.” 

You grinned at the prospect. 

Today it was confirmed that on Saturday Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie after 9 long years together finally tied the knot at Chateau Miraval in France. The couple were accompanied by their friends and family with their 6 children playing big roles on their special day. Angelina was escorted down the aisle by her eldest sons Maddox and Pax, while their two daughters Zahara and Vivienne acted as flower girls, leaving Shiloh and Knox as the ring bearers.

literally nothing could eff me up more than last week’s episode did, so let’s just jump right into episode 8′s yuriaction

son i hate to break it to you, but you are a literal bunny rabbit 

i literally love that this fucking 15 year old kid with his gaudy style and his reputation as the “russian punk” just frikkin loves his grandpa more than anyone and is so excited he tackle hugs him because he can’t HELP IT LOOK AT THE LOOK OF PURE JOY ON HIS FACE AND THE WAY HE SHOUTS “GRANDPA” i am honestly beside myself

and that he calls him jii-chan-san in the car gOSH

and then there’s this asshole who shows up 15 minutes late with starbucks



this show’s true devotion to representing eyebrows of every width, length, and severity is truly groundbreaking 

no but really if phichit doesn’t make the cut i’m quitting anime forever 

yuri at least play a little hard to get…


when u see a blissfully happy couple all over each other in public saying shit like ‘i’ll show my love to all of russia’ but u know love’s not real

that’s right when all else fails let your pure unadulterated hatred for others power you through your crippling anxiety!!

sick tramp stamp bruh

also what…the everloving frickfrack…is this song…he’s skating to…

jj and chris are either beyond best friends or they are mortal enemies

i hope they’re mortal enemies

is yuri on ice going to get a post on

i feel like this week has led me into a false sense of security…i can only begin to guess wtf this show has in store, so until next week y’all!!!