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Hyunae (Jungkook, You) Scenario

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Since I couldn’t post a new chap for Heartbreak Synthesis tonight…and part 2 for Laws of Motion & Attraction is still in the works, here’s Kookie scenario in the meantime. :) 

He stood by the bench near the big oak tree where he told her he’d wait for her.

Jungkook was never late.

As he looked at his watch, he sighed, wondering why time seemed to go too slow whenever he waited–whenever he waited for her.

He chuckled when he remembered that he wasn’t even fazed by time itself; even letting himself believe that the moments you go through in life will merely pass you by and a new one will always come along. Moments which could make you smile, laugh, and even cry.

Jungkook always loved to move forward. But right now as he waited, he wished time could slow down, go back even…

Because that’s what happens when you took precious moments for granted.

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My father laughed at my joke today and i couldn’t come and tell you about it.
Our relationship is getting better, me and my dad.
I wish i could tell you about it
I wish i could tell you everything thats been going on at my end.
But you’re not my right hand anymore
And i trust you less
Now I trust you how i trust everyone else
And i don’t trust everyone else
So i don’t trust you at all

Like leaves in the autumn both our colors changed
Our leaves are orange now, almost red
Love and Anger
They met in the middle and took my love from me
Denial has been better than acceptance
But Now i think it may be time for acceptance

I accept that we had flaws
I accept that we had love
I accept that we had storms
I accept that we didn’t fit like a glove
And though it hurts me to say
I accept that you weren’t my prince charming
And I accept that someday my prince will come
And you were not him
And i couldn’t make you him
And I’m sorry that i tried to make you him

Rachel's Girl

When I first met you
You were gentle and soft spoken
All the things I’ve never been
Or ever wanted to be
But there was something
In the tilt of your sad smile
Or that glint in your dark eyes
Which was only meant for me

It took me by surprise
How I saw my world inside you
At first I wanted to deny it
And I didn’t understand
But there was something
In the way you said my name
Or how your fingers felt against me
Which completely drew me in

For a moment we were happy
We eased each others loneliness
Two shattered souls glued together
Yet all the pieces seemed to fit
Then in an instant, there was silence
And I lost your love forever
Blinded by my anger and denial
Till I took the blame on me

Then one evening, unexpected
I saw you in a vision
I thought you were there to haunt me
Overwhelmed by guilt and doubt
But there was something
In the tender way you touched me
And the way you reassured me
I would always be your girl

July 4, 2016


Jo & Henry | I’m not bullet proof
Forever (2014)
Music by Landon Austin - Armor

A little bit stress as i haven’t made any video for almost 2 years now. So i hope you like it. And HD is always better.

“Just because she’s the dark one doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him anymore.
We’re gonna see a lot of her selfishness and some..a lot of things that she does, she’s actually doing because of her love for hook. It’s not all start to line up and make sense right away. We’ll see that slowly over time. But she definitely completely is devoted to her love to him, and that doesn’t completely change because of her darkness. It’s just her tactics changed.”

I’m writing this because I’ve seen some people hate on JMO for her interview regarding C$. I’ve decided to watch it and write down what she exactly said. We all know that JMO isn’t really promoting any SQ content. She’s always been promoting C$ since season 3 and 4.

But I certainly disagree with a lot of SQ shippers saying that SQ isn’t endgame because of JMO still promoting C$ and apparently, this interview hits the nail in the coffin.

We all have to consider that first and foremost, this is a show. They have PR and of course, they don’t want people to know what will happen. I mean, what’s the point of watching the show when we all know what’s going to happen in the end.

Anyway, back with my point. I’ve written down what JMO said in the interview. I’ve listened and read it multiple times (with gay goggles on, and probably with that dumb positivity mindset) before writing this. And to me, it makes perfect sense for JMO to say this about hook.

Here’s the reason why I’m saying that it makes perfect sense.

  1. “Just because she’s the dark one doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him anymore.” Emma Swan loves H00k. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard Swen shipper but the fact remains that Emma Swan loves h00k. She said it herself in the AU FTL. But that doesn’t mean she’s in love with him. She still can’t say it without being in danger. I think the only reason why she said she loves h00k while the dark energy is surrounding her and not in the apartment is because she left trapped again. Yes she loves h00k. She grew to love the slimy bastard. But we have to remember that there are so many different kinds of love. Just because she said I love you doesn’t necessarily mean I’m in love with you.
  2. “We’re gonna see a lot of her selfishness and some..a lot of things that she does, she’s actually doing because of her love for hook.” Have some of you ever considered that she’s trying to break things gently with h00k? That she loves him but not in love with him. And that she’s in that denial mode. I mean we all had that phase. (I mean did with my ex. It took me forever to get over my denial that I’m not in love with her. But I still love her and in the end, we agreed that it’s best to just move on). For me, that’s exactly how I interpreted that line. She loves him enough to let him see that she’s not exactly what he needs. She’s showing him exactly what he didn’t want to see in the first place. She’s being manipulative about it. She’s not voicing it on her own. She’s making h00k see and making him admit it himself.
  3. “It’s not all start to line up and make sense right away. We’ll see that slowly over time. But she definitely completely is devoted to her love to him, and that doesn’t completely change because of her darkness. It’s just her tactics changed.” This line is pretty self explanatory to me after I’ve understand the second point. She’s devoted to him because she still loves him even if she’s not in love with him. H00k still have a place in her heart, but it’s not prominent. And like what JMO said, her tactics changed.

So there you have it. And yes, I did interpret this interview with my swan queen lenses on my gay goggles. I guess this is what dumb positivity is for.


Anita spends the night huddled in the well of sadness, unable to sleep, dreading the dawn light melting through the windows. The darkness seems friendly, comforting; all the daylight does is mock. Of course her children would prefer not to visit her, of course they hate her, vile, abusive, bad-tempered, self-absorbed bitch. List one hundred things you hate about your mother, kids. Easy-peasy!

The light is also unwelcome because it enables her to see herself, her pale, knobbly old hands, her legs marbled with varicose veins. If she really wants to feed her anger she can stare at her face in the mirror on the dresser. Her anger is something that will always be a part of her, it will never leave. It just morphs into different forms. Anger towards her parents, anger towards Joël , anger towards her children…her anger is a hunger. Her anger is greed. She wanted her parents to stay together, she wanted to be with Joël  forever, she wanted children that loved her, and the denial of all those things has filled her forever with an unquenchable fury. Greedy, selfish bitch!  

I just gotta get this off my chest for a second

At this point Roman ain’t gotta prove shit to anybody. Y'all are just choosing to not admit how good he is. Y'all are choosing to not admit that he’s good on the mic. Y'all are choosing to not admit that he jumps through hoops to get his opportunities. Y'all are choosing to not admit that your fave is getting the push that you swear up and down that Roman is getting. Y'all can forever live in denial while everyone else just loves Roman and everything he does for us.

Random feelsy post

My favorite part of NYCS, after MANY REWATCHES, has to be the part where Killian says “perhaps there’s a man you love in the life you lost” and you can SEE THE SWITCH FLIP IN HER, AS SHE’S LOOKING AT HIM. Like she’d been weighing her options and what giving up her life would mean, and he said that, and she just LOOKS at him and you can see that moment where she’s like “Yes, I trust him, yes I believe him” and it’s all because of this vague reasoning that in this other life he’s talking about, she might love HIM, and UGH OKAY IT REALLY GETS ME CUZ IT’S RIGHT AFTER THAT THAT SHE DRINKS THE POTION. LIKE PLZ STOP PRETENDING THAT EMMA HASN’T BEEN IN LOVE WITH HIM FOR FOREVER. JUST CUZ SHE WAS IN DENIAL DOESN’T MEAN SHE DIDN’T LOVE HIM ALL THAT TIME