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Like can we talk about how Jughead is a sarcastic asshole to everyone, he doesn’t even spare Archie, like that comment abt the stealth operation how the Scooby gang could compromise them (i’m seeing innuendo everywhere!), yet he’s so gentle with Betty, he’s distressed by her calling herself crazy and immediately jumps to comfort her and she does calm down and that’s the beauty of bughead 

SOMA WEEK 2017 - DAY 2 : Family

So I’m not that great to art so I just tried to draw what could be a future member of the SoMa family ? Here he is. My SoMa fankid. His name is Leon Evans.

Pls ignore my crappy lign I’m not too good with my tablet yet but I wanted to try something ??

You look at me like I’m the person I wish I was.  Like one of those girls that’s somehow put together in their oversized flannel and messy bun type of way.  Like I don’t have big thighs and a bad habit of biting my nails.  Like I am everything you ever want every moment of every day.  And after all this time, I’m starting to believe you.  You say you love me and I don’t know why, but I’m starting to figure it out every time you remind me.  And that’s one of the million reasons I love you.
—  Because of you I love me 

I care not for your scars nor the cracks within your walls, you’re beautiful. While flaws may be present, that is far from what I see before me. You are a dream, far too good, perhaps, for the likes of me.

I don’t believe in the idea of soulmates. It’s a silly notion that somewhere out there out of seven billion and counting people there’s only one person who will love you and only and all your flaws and imperfections unconditionally, forever, no matter what. But no one ever asks why. It’s because you’re too afraid of what already lies upon your surface, and what you might find when you look a little deeper. You’re don’t like what’s already there and you’re to afraid you won’t like what you find, so you create someone who will, so you don’t have to.
—  Nicole M.

@imperfect-shimigami {From the “Doll” ask}

Death heard the small voice in his head, His breathing hitched as he tried to fight it. He felt himself moving forward towards Lucinda, He shallowed hard as fear came over him. A deep pain in his golden eyes as he looked at her, His voice. Not his own, It sounded rough as his expression was scared and fearful. He seemed to twitch every once in a while as he tried to fight whatever was controling him.

“I hate you. You’re a low-grade demon and a NEET that will forever be alone.”

Lucinda froze at his words, hearing what he said. She never told him about her inhuman nature, so she was confused–as well as frightened–about how he knew her being a demon. The fallen angel swallowed and stared up at him, blinking back tears. What he said hurt. And for him to say that, hurt even more. 

But why was there so much hurt in his golden eyes? Why was his expression so pained? She didn’t know, but she didn’t think about that. Instead, she lowered her head, trying not to cry. 

“If that’s how you feel, then leave. Leave like everyone else!” she snapped, tears finally falling. Her voice trembled with hurt and anger at her next words, which carried a bitter tone. “Don’t worry. I’m used to it.”

Title: Valentines and Denial (Part 3)

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Ladynoir with a bit of Marichat mixed in (no Adrinette interaction this time, sorry!)

Word count: 1728 these things just keep getting longer

Inspired by this post by @lilacblossoms

I think I have become a permanent tenant of Ladybug hell. (Part 1 | Part 2)

It wasn’t fair that she was the one whose heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was about to burst.


“So, kitty, have you done anything about the girl you mentioned yet?”

Chat whipped his head around to stare at Ladybug with eyes the size of saucers. “What?” He sounded startled and more than a little horrified that she was asking.

Ladybug waved a hand. “You know. The girl you told me about last week. The one who wrote you a love letter?” Part of her couldn’t believe she was asking this. But Chat hadn’t made mention of the girl for a week, and Ladybug was beginning to wonder if he had made some sort of progress. The thought made her heart sink every time she thought about it, to the point where she couldn’t help but ask.

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Unpopular Fandom Opinion #3 Trillion

Would it be maybe possible - just MAYBE - to have Star Wars love without feeling obligated to regularly backhand its creator?  To continuously woe over how “if only” Lucas wasn’t such a dictator/moron/incompetent/etc… Star Wars/Hayden’s acting/the prequels/[insert beloved aspect here], would be soooooo much better?  Would it ever be possible to, perhaps, concede that Star Wars’ success is actually not totally in spite of said creator, but rather in large part because of him?  Really starting to feel alone in this department.

(Sidebar: I think Hayden’s acting was excellent and spot-on for the Anakin character, FWIW.  Did Hayden feel creatively restrained?  Maybe.  But even he has admitted Lucas was right to hold him back in certain aspects of Anakin’s personality in AOTC, realizing that ROTS was where those traits ought to be let loose.  And frankly, when you sign on to a movie like SW - that should come with the awareness that you are ultimately a cog in a much larger wheel, that it’s not ultimately about you, that it’s about contributing to someone else’s creation.)

There’s a difference between saying you have issues with his execution of the story - and personally insulting the man.  Personally, I think Star Wars and Lucas are creatively brilliant.  If he’d only created ONE movie that inspired such widespread, lingering devotion and passion, you might chalk it up to a fluke - but SIX movies?  (Or even just three, if that’s your preference?)  That’s not someone just BS-ing his way through everything, who just “happened” to get lucky.  Sit down and watch his excellent interviews with Bill Moyers about Joseph Campbell and mythic structure - the guy knows his storytelling, whatever you think of his ability to execute said story.  I’m sure someone has posted these interviews on YouTube.  In fact I’m tempted to look them up myself.

No movie or director is perfect, including SW and GL, but there’s a difference between admitting something/someone isn’t perfect - and forever blowing up said imperfections to tar them as complete garbage.  (I personally find the Battle of Hoth, and some Endor parts of ROTJ, kind of a snoozefest and have been known to fast forward through them more than once.  Ditto the Obi/Jango fight in AOTC, which I use as my bathroom/snack break.  Does that mean I think those films, or their director, are complete and utter shite?  OF COURSE NOT.  The good far outweighs the bad.)

I see this stuff calling him dictator, dumbass - seriously?  God help any of US who have the fortune to successfully sell a brilliant/popular story - we’ll have no shortage of other people telling us how we have no right to touch our own creation.

I love Tumblr - at least, I love all the artwork and creativity I see as a result of perusing it.  But if I can’t get it without getting splattered by bashing every day, I don’t know that it’s worth it.  I’ve had to move on from a number of places because of the nastiness directed at Lucas/the prequels/Hayden etc., and it would really, really stink to have to do it yet again.  Seriously, TPM was SEVENTEEN YEARS ago - over half my life.  When are we going to move past this bullshit?

Yes, I’ve harped on about this before.  And will continue to, FYI.