forever good bye

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Can you please stop trying? Just please. You're ruining my life with sexy Hanzo.


no… more hanzo…….then………….

it’s not like

i was drawing him at all

no siree bobby boy yo




I’m gonna post the whole story when I have the JPEG but let me just tell you right now this whole experience was as amazing as you think it is

Darcy Lewis appears in two Thor movies and not even for the entirety of either of them, yet James Rhodes is in the comics, and is in three iron man movies, one avengers movie (for a lil bit at least), a captain America movie, and is, you know, actually in the comics and things OTHER than two movies

Stop making Darcy more popular than Rhodey 2kForever

portal as wolfpupy tweets
  • chell: if i could shoot anything with a gun i would probably shoot another gun, the hunter become the hunted
  • glados: wow, i've never thought about it like that before. and i never will. i've already forgotten what you said, good bye forever
  • wheatley: my lights aren't all on upstairs because i am saving energy, just doing my bit to help the planet, not that you'd know anything about that
  • cave johnson: brontosaurus is a real dinosaur according to my new discovery that pointing a gun at scientists makes them say what you want
  • adventure sphere: its impossible to prove that i cant kick every extinct animals ass and i will be flexing in victory for the next several hours
  • space sphere: one of these days i will float up off into damn space and no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa
  • fact sphere: popcorn, or as cerebral smart minds such as myself refer to it 'popped corn', is the number #1 food of watching things
  • doug rattman: going to play devil's advocate here and say they shouldn't let bodies hit the floor