forever funk

me in a creative funk: well I guess this is how it is forever now, everything I’ve created up until this point has been fake and this is real and forever

me when I leave the funk: woo! that was weird, looks like that will never happen again, I’m glad I’m creative and capable always now

me when I enter the funk: well I guess this is how it is…

Ariel Pink’s latest gem, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson✨This beauty arrived in our mailbox today!✨When Mexican Summer called this a Deluxe LP Package, they weren’t exaggerating!


High Quality Lauren is killing me💋 😍😍😍. She is such a fucking Goddess. 💋🙈💙💙

Looks to me like Sakura is in fact pregnant during this kage meeting so if anyone else wants to say sarada is offspring of Karin here is your proof that your theories, hypothesis and conspiracies are completely bullshit Sakura Uchiha that’s right Uchiha is standing next to her husband pregnant with his child discussing a way to prevent devastation from occurring again to the ninja world if there are anymore doubters you are truly blind
Halsey @ Reading Festival Jacket Alternatives
A fashion look from October 2017 by emmammh featuring X-girl, Forever 21, Current Mood, Funk Plus, Madewell, and 21 Men

Halsey Inspired + Reading Festival Jacket + Halsey for Less

@ijustwantausernamethatisnttaken​: “ [@ the checkered jacket from 2017 Reading Festival] So this jacket is $1400 and I neeeeeeeed a cheaper alternative I’m dyin over here (please)”

Polyvore link HERE for the set this was created in for all the links to the clothes

The Daily Adventures of Lily Evans and Sirius Black in the Muggle World

“Why are you putting on earmuffs, Evans? It’s July!”

“No, Sirius, these are not earmuffs, these are headphones”

“Come again?”


“Headphones, head-phones… ah, you’re trying to call someone”

“No, that’s a cellphone”

“So what are those headphones for?”

“Listening to music”


“Yeah, you put them on and press play on your walkman”

“I’m not going to sing for you”

“I don’t need you to sing for me, that’s exactly the point of a walkman”

“But I am the man walking with you and you want to listen to some music, though I don’t know how you will because those earmuffs will likely prevent it”

“You’re so cute when you don’t know shit about muggles; look, this is a walkman, it has a cassette inside, see?”

“Groovy! Is that a french thing?”

“Um, I don’t know, but see this brown tape? It has music recorded on it, so the walkman knows how to play it”

“Aha! The Walkman is in fact a music player… is he any good?”

“There’s not a tiny man inside, Sirius, don’t be so daft. You know record players”

“Of course”

“Well this is the same type o’ thing, ‘cept that only one person gets to listen”

“Ahhhh… so can I be the man walking with the walkman?”

“Dear Merlin, I give up”

*funky outro music*