forever funk

me in a creative funk: well I guess this is how it is forever now, everything I’ve created up until this point has been fake and this is real and forever

me when I leave the funk: woo! that was weird, looks like that will never happen again, I’m glad I’m creative and capable always now

me when I enter the funk: well I guess this is how it is…

kiddyshizukajoestar  asked:


Send me a “ 💞 ” and I will talk about a blog that I look up to 

* UHHHHH– could you spare me for this? im afraid they gonna bite meh for stalking their blog There were some blog i always stalked visited ‘em. But, seem like ya send 5 of it while the blog i went are just 3, i guess?

* welp, let started with @gale-the-stand-user- their muse was sooo adorable even their stand too! and also da ship with Jotaro surely out of the fandom but i loves it for somehow- wow- i even thinking to draw ‘em both in dis morning at the time ima doing an exam lmao

* ya might doesnt know this but da Jotaro that being ship with Gale was @king-kujo. I also look up to these both rps and i always repeatedly read their rp! it so amazing and interesting!!~

* next person i had been stalks a lot loves to interact with was @lovers-steel. She was my first person to rp with me tho and it was really fun! I knew that my muse is talked with an asshole who had kicked Jotaro a lot but seeing him with my muse kinda make me ship ‘em both. gud grief

* two more right? i really really hope these person spare me for stalks their blog a lot //morethanlovers-steelblog// @1980s-edgelord and @bdkakyoin— both of you had been my fav since i came here. the way ya rps was so- wow- idk how to explain but its amazing! i loves da way ya rps of ur muse and i hope i can interact with ya both more. although my message never get answer i can wait and hide under potatoes forever for being afraid to talks


High Quality Lauren is killing me💋 😍😍😍. She is such a fucking Goddess. 💋🙈💙💙

Looks to me like Sakura is in fact pregnant during this kage meeting so if anyone else wants to say sarada is offspring of Karin here is your proof that your theories, hypothesis and conspiracies are completely bullshit Sakura Uchiha that’s right Uchiha is standing next to her husband pregnant with his child discussing a way to prevent devastation from occurring again to the ninja world if there are anymore doubters you are truly blind

This is gonna be a weird request, but, someone, anyone, throw something into my ask box. I dunno. Maybe I’m disenfranchised by ask prompts. I just want something to bounce off of, react to, something. I’ve been in a funk forever and I want to RP but it’s just not happening. Mostly because I’m a weird recluse who keeps to himself OOCly but idk. I want to RP with Ten again. Send me something. Say hi. Force me to react. Put me outside my comfort zone. I dunno.

The Daily Adventures of Lily Evans and Sirius Black in the Muggle World

“Why are you putting on earmuffs, Evans? It’s July!”

“No, Sirius, these are not earmuffs, these are headphones”

“Come again?”


“Headphones, head-phones… ah, you’re trying to call someone”

“No, that’s a cellphone”

“So what are those headphones for?”

“Listening to music”


“Yeah, you put them on and press play on your walkman”

“I’m not going to sing for you”

“I don’t need you to sing for me, that’s exactly the point of a walkman”

“But I am the man walking with you and you want to listen to some music, though I don’t know how you will because those earmuffs will likely prevent it”

“You’re so cute when you don’t know shit about muggles; look, this is a walkman, it has a cassette inside, see?”

“Groovy! Is that a french thing?”

“Um, I don’t know, but see this brown tape? It has music recorded on it, so the walkman knows how to play it”

“Aha! The Walkman is in fact a music player… is he any good?”

“There’s not a tiny man inside, Sirius, don’t be so daft. You know record players”

“Of course”

“Well this is the same type o’ thing, ‘cept that only one person gets to listen”

“Ahhhh… so can I be the man walking with the walkman?”

“Dear Merlin, I give up”

*funky outro music*

Favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper Album Stereotypes -

Debut - “I knew about the Chili Peppers before you were born! Stop talking about sox on cox - you don’t know anything!”

Freaky Styley - “George Clinton is awesome! Punk/Funk forever! Long live Hillel!” 

Uplift Mofo Party Plan - “Let’s snort some lines and dance!”

Mother’s Milk - “Their last great album before selling out. Flea is God!”

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - *sings Under the Bridge*  “Soooo many memories! Chili Peppers at their prime!”

One Hot Minute - “Why am I so misunderstood?! Nobody loves me! Did you know Tearjerker is written about Kurt Cobain?”

Californication - “I’m carrying around teen angst and I can listen to Scar Tissue and Otherside on a loop for an hour.”

By the Way - “John Frusciante is life. Dude, where’d all my weed go?”

Stadium Arcadium - “They are so amazing! I just love everything about them! Oh my Gosh! So awesome! Genius!”

I’m With You - Haha, the drummer looks like Will Ferrell and the singer looks like Hitler.