forever determined

Can you love me despite my imperfections?
Will you still want to love me once you’ve uncovered the tactical errors that have turned me into the spirit you admire today?
I am the sum of all my historical parts, but my destiny is still righteous and full of passion and love undefined by my past.
Will you be willing to cheer in the stands during the battle in this great arena? The fight will proceed either way and free will does not permit me to sway you to stay. I will promise heaven is on the other side when I reign victorious


Roughing It
Nine x Rose Cottage AU for gallifreyslostson (happy birthday wife <3)

The Doctor takes Rose for a weekend getaway in the mountains.  What he thinks is a slightly rustic cottage in the secluded woods turns out to be a more of a drafty shack with no heat, electricity, or indoor plumbing.  They make the best of it with a marshmallow war, sunrise snuggles, breakfast in bed, and a whole lot of shagging.

G O T 7

He doesn’t let others tell him what to do. Be cute? Hell no. Be sexy? Only when he wants to. Just because he’s a Kpop idol doesn’t mean one can tell him to show what he is not. Three words that define who he is? Im. Jae. Bum.

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A man who shows that even the quietest people on earth can leave a mark and make an impact. He shows that everyone on earth has a purpose in life, but just in their own unique way.

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The sound of his laughter is like a ray of sunlight finding its way through even the toughest grey cloud. For him, nothing stays dark forever. With determination and optimism he see’s the light when no one can.

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To him the world isn’t bad. For him, everything is a hint of sunset where life in this world can be beautiful even when it’s grey. To him, one’s just have to be willing to fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again.

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An angel sent from above to grace the earth with sunshine smiles. When he sings one can see a glimpse of heaven. He’s a reminder that people on earth can still be pure and innocent. Humanity is still there.

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He wears his heart on his sleeve so that his heart could reach million of his fans, creating a connection and bond that would be unbreakable. Across the sky, across the galaxy, and most definitely across time.

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Passion, it burns deep within him sparking an engine that churns and turns. Telling him to keep going, don’t look back and when he does he only sees the given opportunity to leave a mark. A mark for people to remember him by when he’s gone.

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                                { Starter for @deathboundinautumn }

            “ can I have that book back PLEASE.” the female held out her hand for a moment. How it dropped out of her pocket she would NEVER know — but when it did. she was able to hear it dropped and before she was able to catch it — someone else grabbed it. Sighing a little bit, the female took a step forward for a moment “ — Please would you give that back to me Traveler? That book means A LOT to me.” she said lightly, frowning over at the male — while she looked up at him.  

I was trying to remember why I was more hyped for AA anime than AA6 lately (besides being, you know, sooner)

and it just dawned on me

(besides seeing Maya again of course) (FREE HER)

no matter how crappy, we are guaranteed at least SOME animated versions of Iconic Narumitsu Moments.

This mere thought makes me feel more hopeful for life in general.

Something Beautiful

First kiss with Hamilton Prompt by anon

The Winter Ball.  It was something you had been looking forward to for months.  You had been in the company of your cousins, the Schuyler sisters, since the early fall and you were ready for something exciting. You loved New York, but hadn’t had a chance to meet many new people.  Maybe tonight would be different.


“Y/N, come on!  Just choose one!  You’re taking forever!”  Eliza was determined to get you into a dress soon so she could work on your hair.

“Don’t rush her, we have plenty of time to get ready.”  Angelica was the practical sister, something you were thankful for.  You didn’t enjoy being rushed.  You wanted tonight to be perfect.

“Just wear this one, it’s my favorite!  Besides, it brings out the color of your eyes.  You’ll turn all of the soldiers’ heads,” Peggy said with a wink.  She was such a flirt, but with a sensible side that kept her from getting into too much trouble.

You decided to just give in and wear the dress Peggy chose.  It did look quite flattering, plus Eliza was getting restless.  The four of you worked to get ready and soon it was time to go downstairs to mingle with the guests.


As you skirted the edge of the room, you came up on a couple of soldiers talking.  Curious, you decided to move closer to hear what they were talking about.

“If you can marry a sister, you’re rich son.”  The man was the definition of tall, dark, and handsome, but that was quite a statement. To be sure, it was true, but that’s not the kind of conversation she expected to hear.

“Is it a question of if, Burr, or which one?”  This man was shorter, but no less handsome.  He has long hair pulled back at the nape of his neck and intense eyes. However, such a comment about your cousins was not something you could stand, no matter how attractive the speaker.

“You better not let Angelica hear you say that.  She has a sharp tongue and an even sharper wit.”  You moved toward the group, addressing the shorter man, who looked shocked.

“”I apologize, ma’am. I meant no disrespect.  It was merely an offhand comment that I made without thinking.  Burr has that effect on me,” the man explained while glaring at the man you assumed must be Burr, who for his part looked neither upset nor repentant.

“I suppose if you’re truly sorry, than I shall keep your secret and not tell of your comments,” you said, winking at the man, “Besides, I think the sisters have already found companions for the night.”  You gestured to the sisters engaged in discussion with a group of soldiers on the other side of the room.

The man looked toward where you had indicated and turned back to you, extending his hand.

“Perhaps, you would do me the honor of this dance, Miss…”

“Y/N, and yes, I’d love to dance with you, but I don’t you know your name, sir.”

“My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

“Well, Mr. Hamilton, be warned—dancing is not something in which I’m very proficient.”

“I’m sure that any deficiency on your part will be wholly overshadowed by your grace and beauty.”

He led you to the dance floor and you enjoyed two dances together, talking together throughout. He had quite a sharp mind and it was refreshing to talk to one with such wit and cleverness.  As you walked off the dance floor, he asked if you would like to take a stroll through the gardens.

“So, Alexander, where is your family from?”

“Unimportant.  There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait.”

“Is that right?  Well, with your brains, I’m sure you’ll go far.  Will you go to the field to fight?”

“I am an aid to General Washington and will have to go to the field eventually.  Things are building quickly and soon I will have to leave. Perhaps, when I go, I could have the pleasure of writing you?”

You blushed, pleased that he would want to write you.  You responded, “Of course, Alexander. I’d be delighted to correspond with you, though I very much doubt it will compare to being in your presence.”

Over the course of the evening, you had grown fond of the man.  He had such a fire in him that you were sure he would go far and would, indeed, accomplish all of his goals.  When you thought of him being on the front lines of battle, it worried you.  It saddened your heart to think of the danger that awaited him there.

“Y/N, if I may be so bold, might I do one thing before I go?”  He looked nervous, his hands fidgeting and his eyes looking anywhere but your face.

“Yes?  What is it, Alexander?  Are you quite we—“

Before you could finish your sentence, he had cupped your face in his hands and pressed his lips to yours in the briefest of kisses.  When he pulled away, his face was aflame and you were sure yours was the same.  When he looked in your eyes and smiled, you were helpless.

This was the start of something beautiful.

Ashton Imagine: You Break Up

Author: Rhine


Forever was only ever just a word.

You threw it around so easily – I’ll love you forever, forever and always babe, we’ll always have forever together – forgetting that time wasn’t yours to determine, that forever was never yours to declare.

And all of those promises – they were only oaths for the minute they were uttered, moments of sworn love but promises were just words too, and holding them in your heart didn’t make them any more tangible than something that never really existed in the first place.

I promise you, you’re the only I’ll ever love.

And what that means – the only thing it ever means – is I love you now.

What about tomorrow?

You supposed such feelings could stretch before they wore too thin.


There’s not enough love in him to last that long.


And you believed him.


Change was inevitable.

You knew that – you were changing every day, you weren’t the same person as yesterday – perhaps a different version, but never the same.

You were changing and so was he, but you never thought he would change into someone unrecognizable when his familiarity was something that used to be embedded into your skin.

When you say I love you, it’s always to the boy that you so foolishly hoped was still in him, the boy that you fell for on that very first day.

But this new man has grown over that bashful boy and you don’t know where he went, you don’t know if he’s still there.

And it’s one of those things that weren’t meant to be yours, one of those things that weren’t meant to last.

You always threw that phrase with your laughter mingling with his – we’re meant to be, it’s written somewhere in the stars, you and me – and it feels like a sucker punch to the gut now that you know the only meant to be you had with Ashton was meant to be apart.

He’s different now and so are you, and you’re no longer the same two people who used to smile at each other every day with casual kisses and light jokes; the things he laughed once laughed at were met with dull silence now and the warm touches are much too rigid and he’s fumbling with his words and you’re so lost in your thoughts.

What happened to us?

You just drifted apart and you didn’t realize he was floating the other way until you looked up and saw you were alone.

You saw him getting farther and farther apart from you – you felt him leaving you before he was gone, you felt his love draining from his lips to be saved for someone else other than you – and it’s the worst thing, to see someone you love turn into someone you loved.

And there’s no reason for it, the separate paths that the two of you suddenly ended up walking just as unexplainable as the one that first brought the two of you together.

You find it a little funny, a little ironic – you never had any reason to explain your love for Ashton – you just loved him – and now it’s the very reason why the word is said in past tense.

There’s just nothing there anymore.


You were tired.

You were tired of this stranger’s dance; of knowing what Ashton is to you but not feeling it, of wanting to say something to him but losing all the words as soon as you open your mouth.

You’re tired and this wasn’t a relationship, this wasn’t anything and you couldn’t drag it out like this, not when he’s playing as if nothing was wrong while you felt as if nothing was right.

I can’t do this anymore.

The words are curt, blunt and out of the blue, his hazel eyes wide when he stares at you after your sudden outburst.

Do what?


This what?

Ashton… do you love me?

Of course I do. I’ve never not loved you.

He loved the you you were a few months ago, just as you loved the him he was back then.

But the girl he loves and the boy you love aren’t sitting on this couch, the people having this conversations were just strangers in place of missing lovers.

Do you love me?

It sounds a little silly, like those play fights that couples always argue over who loves who more but now you’re trying to find meaning in the foreign words you couldn’t understand.

I love you Ash, but –

But what? Haven’t I given you everything I could’ve? Haven’t I cherished you, haven’t I loved you enough? Haven’t I proved to you time and time again how much I love you? Isn’t that enough?

It’s not for me.

Then who the fuck could I be loving if not you?

It’s a shame, you think, because his heart belongs to someone else – this confession belongs to someone else – and you can’t find her in you.

We’ve changed, Ash.

He’s stubborn, refusing to see the emptiness in front of him, still holding onto what’s already gone.

So it’s not me, it’s you?

There’s bitter sarcasm in his voice, poison lacing his words as his expressions turns sour.

It’s fucking us, Ash! It’s us! There is no us, not anymore.

There’s an us right here and you just don’t want it.

Fucking hell, Ash – are you blind? When was the last time we talked – really talked – like we used to? None of this how-are-you bullshit, none of this skipping over my words so you can get to yours just to keep the conversation, none of this thinking of what you’re going to say to me because nothing comes out of your mouth easy. We talk to each other because it’s a duty – I have to love you, I have to care for you, you’re my boyfriend you’re my girlfriend – when was the last time we loved each other without having to try?

He’s silent and you can’t read him anymore.

I always loved you. Clearly you found it difficult to do the same.

You resist the urge to bury your head in your hands and scream.

You loved me when we went on that road trip and got lost and I found that map on the road with half a tank of gas left. You loved me when we went out for ice cream at two in the morning and you nearly fell into the lake because you wouldn’t keep your goddamned eyes on the path. You loved me when you were sick with the flu and you sneezed on everything I owned so I would be sick with you too. You loved me for all of those times and more Ash, and I loved you too.

You take a deep breath, trying to push down the anger and frustration that was growing in your stomach.

But Ash, do you love me when you rush out of bed and out the door without so much as a goodbye? Do you love me when I forget to tell you I won’t be home tonight, do you love me when you get back and I don’t look up? Do you love me when you’re working in the other room without so much as a reply when I ask you something? Do you love me when I’m so far away on the other side of the bed that I’m not even there in your mind anymore? Do you still love me then?

His hands are balled up into fists and you try not to notice the way he shakes.

Because Ashton, that’s what we have now. We have these four sentence conversations about the weather and we have disappearances that we never question and that is the us we are now. What you loved – what we loved and what we had… we don’t have that anymore.

His words are a whisper when they leave his lips.

I love you.

You loved me. And I loved you. And for a moment in time – it was love. But right now, it’s in the past.

You don’t love me, but I love you.

He says the words again, stubbornly, voice cracking around the edges despite the hardness of his face.

Ash –

None of this poetic bullshit. Just say it – tell me you don’t fucking love me anymore.

You open your mouth but you can’t bring yourself to say the words – but your silence is all the answer he needs.

I’m going out for air.

He stands up abruptly and leaves without another word, something heavy in his steps.

You think you hear a sob, but it’s muffled by the sound of the door slamming shut.


When he comes back, his eyes are as red as yours and he doesn’t bother trying to hide it.

I’m sorry I’m not enough for you now.

Every childish hiccup in his voice breaks your heart a little bit more.

Ashton, I –

And the tearstained, messy-haired boy before you isn’t the boy you loved or the stranger you lived with, he’s the heart that you broke and it’s sad to think this is the first time you’ve felt anything for Ashton in a long time.

Pain. Guilt.

You find it sickening how you’ve lost your regret.

Because you – you’re everything to me. No fucking past tense.

Maybe it was you seeing too much and him not seeing it at all.

Maybe he deserved better and you deserved less, maybe you just weren’t receiving enough and maybe he’s given too much.

He leans in close enough for you to feel his breath on your skin and he rests his forehead on yours and for a brief moment, you feel a flicker of something you thought had died.

But when he opens his hazel eyes, they’re swimming in tears and he’s pulling away.

I loved you too.


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But what about Genos getting corrupted? Maybe an evil scientist manipulates Genos with the promise of power or the cyborg he’s after, gets into his system, gives some mad updates that boost his power but also turns his evil (or just completely disregards safety and citizens and lives to complete his goal).

Saitama needs to stop him but if he holds back he can’t, and if he goes all out he could actually do more damage than he wants. Their fight lasts forever because Genos is determined to take Saitama down and Saitama is trying to find the right power level to work with because Genos keeps getting stronger and messing with his estimations. And eventually the situation escalates to where Saitama has to bring Genos down and does so with guilt.

After everything is settled and their back to domestic life, they both carry awful guilt at what they did and things are awkward but ultimately it’s all smoothed over and fluffy.

The Signs At An Arcade

Aries: Somehow breaks one of the games and tickets start to pour out

Taurus: Tempted to take Aries’ tickets away because that’s not how you’re supposed to get them

Gemini: Stays in there all day; rotates between playing all of the games and eating pizza

Cancer: Gambles all of their tokens away trying to beat the same game

Leo: Makes a huge show out of playing the games, whether they’re winning OR losing

Virgo: Scouting the floor and looking behind machines, trying to find tokens; ends up finding a pile of tokens on the ground near Pisces…

Libra: Extra friendly to the cashier at the prize counter because they’re two tickets short and out of tokens

Scorpio: Using their blade skills to kill fruit ninja…literally

Sagittarius: Playing a shooting game; laughs when Cancer asks them if they have any extra tokens

Capricorn: Forever trying to determine the mechanisms of the Pin Ball machine so they can win every time; stays away from Scorpio because they are definitely getting kicked out or arrested

Aquarius: Collecting cool stuff from the counter with the tickets they won

Pisces: Depressed because they dropped all of their tokens and can’t find them

-Doctor & Deja

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//  💀  //

the sudden take of the soul was
likely the worst idea, considering
the abomination wasn’t 100% in
control of its powers or anything
in that matter. 

while it was able to use its powers,
they were unstable, and tearing
realities apart. 

the creature roared loudly, the timeline
– the original timeline that it lived in for
so long was crumbling all around it. 

it didn’t mind, in fact, it didn’t care since
it was going to leave anyway.

tensing up as hit stood onto its back legs,
raising its head to the sky, beginning to
glow with core energy and hits own magic
before blinking its eye and there he goes.

everything went silent, quiet as the
abomination tore through its timeline,
breaking through and jumping to new ones,
destroying some and passing most.

each pass corrupted and messed with saves
alike due to the amount of corrupted and
uncontrolled magic radiating around it before
it landed within a new one, stumbling as it
ultimately just .. crashed into a snow toft.

a loud growl escaped its skeletal body,
boned claws digging itself out as it shrieked,
vibrating the ground beneath it as the sky
flickered as this timeline began to collapse
around them.

with a sniff the uncontrolled feral monster
shuddered, snapping at the air, feeling the
familiar draw of a a soul – but now it didn’t
matter if it was about souls or not , or even
gaining a new timeline with resets.

this … animal was now out of control, and it
only wanted to destroy.