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yuri plisetsky looking offended™: an Appreciation Post

“you cant do your exhibition skate wearing leather pants”

when your only friend goes to the club without you

when your dads think they can upstage you on the rink

“nobody can choreograph a good program overnight haha”

I know this has probably been said before but I just need to reiterate how much I love watching Adam’s growth expressed through his relationship with Ronan, especially in this moment in TRK:

Because Adam, who has forever been so stubbornly determined to stand only on his own two feet, is now letting Ronan literally hold him up, support his entire body weight, not let him fall as his strength gives out. It’s just so, so intimate to see how Ronan knows him so truly, knows how to handle him in just the way he needs, knows how to tell him, in their private language, “you’re okay”, in the only way that Adam will hear it.. and because of it all Adam can, for the first time in his entire life, surrender himself to utter vulnerability in the arms of another person. That one small moment is just so powerful, so beautiful, so tender it hurts. 

My theory about Yurio and his mean personality

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In the first episode of Yuri on Ice, we saw Yurio screaming into Yuuri’s face, telling him to retire already. Yurio didn’t just do that because he’s an angry teenager who can’t stand losing. I think he actually had a reason for it, here it is.

It’s canonly confirmed that Yurio is the family provider, even though he is only 15 years old. When he was only 10 years old, he moved from Moscow to Saint-Peterburg to train there and basically change his life forever. He was determined to become the best figure skater in the world ever since that moment, and I think he is so determined because of the following reason: Yuri’s family is really poor. Not everyone in Russia is rich, many people are poor. His Grandpa couldn’t come and watch his performance, and we all still don’t know why. What if his grandpa easily didn’t have money for it? Tickets are usually expensive. Yuri wanted to help his family and is even willing to sell his soul for that to succeed.

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When Yuri screamed Yuuri into his face in the toilets, Yuri knew Yuuri was weak and broken now he fell and ended up on the lowest rank. Victor promised Yurio to coach him, something that maybe made Yurio believe that he was able to help his family out if he won the Grand-Prix and made it as a professional in the Adult Devision. When Yurio saw that Victor fell in love with Yuuri at the banquet and Yuuri asked him to become his coach, Yurio realized that Victor would break his promise to coach him and coach Yuuri instead, blinded by love. Yurio wanted to stop Yuuri by intimidatingly telling him to retire when he felt so weak. Because he feels like Yuuri stole Victor, and maybe even his future and the chance to help his family out, he hates Victuri so much. He didn’t do that because he’s mean. He thought he needed Victor’s help to win the GPF so he could make money for his family.

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Please don’t call Yurio a bitch for being mean towards Yuuri. He just wanted Victor’s help and we should just be even more proud of him because he made it without him.

I feel slandered on this site…I keep seeing ‘I’m a bottom and I hate driving’ posts and I’m sitting here like ??? that’s not an accurate way to determine gay status (gaytus)

but then I remember I’m a verse top and I love driving and feel frustrated

I have this headcanon that in order to help her focus on staying in the present, as well as relax, Mercy teaches Tracer how to do embroidery. She had no idea of course that Tracer would take to it so well, or that they’d all end up with hand embroidered Christmas cards at the Overwatch holiday party that year. (And the next year. And every year and special occasion until Overwatch is disbanded.)

Winston loves his. He frames them every year and hangs them up in his lab and occasionally in random hallways throughout the Watchpoint. Torbjorn and Reinhardt go full-grandpa and start showing theirs off to everyone else, proudly raving about young miss Oxton’s talent while Angela just beams with pride and declares that the student has surpassed the master.

Reyes and McCree exchange ‘wtf are we supposed to do with these?’ looks, until Captain Amari, perpetual Team Mom, clears her throat and gives them both VERY pointed looks, and they both grumble the most convincing 'thank you’s they can manage.

Genji is for once thankful for the bandages and cybernetics obscuring most of his face. He runs the fingers that are still made of flesh gently over the threads of cherry blossoms and distant mountains. “Did I get the kanji right?” Lena asks, smiling hopefully at him. “I’m still not great at lettering and with kanji if you get some bits a little crooked you can end up with a totally different letter, so I’m scared I accidentally embroidered the wrong word and it translates to something naughty!”

Everyone else laughs but Genji just smiles softly at thread Hanamura and manages a choked, “It’s perfect, Lena. Thank you.”

Finally there’s Jack, who hasn’t said anything. “Do you like it, sir?” Lena asks him, pride and optimism masking the hope of approval.

Jack clears his throat. “You didn’t have to, Cadet Oxton.” Lena takes that as a thank you, and Jack goes home that night and magnets his embroidered card to the damn refrigerator like a parent with their kid’s macaroni drawing until he can get it professionally framed. And no one need ever know that Jack Morrison frames and hangs every damn scrap of embroidered anything that Lena Oxton ever gives him.

The typical day for a fox, when you live next to so much pigeons, how to not bounce all day long ? 

Another video I had lots of fun making ! This song is really catchy, I love the little “bip bip” sounds ! 

Foxes and other animals needs to sleep …. not pigeons ! They will bounce forever !

They are determinated ! 

The music belongs to Lipps Inc, Funky town ! 

Merci tout le monde ! For all of your messages, it means a lot ! Will never stop animating for you ^^. If you make music tell me, it can be awesome to animate on music made by you and not only famous one ! And finally thank you all for your kindness and love, I always try my best to write the most perfect english for you and I can see that I’m a bit better now, I think I still put some mistakes but it’s alright now =)  Thank you all ! 

Kaminari Denki headcanons because I’ve been having a lot of feelings about him lately, thanks to some discussions with @usually-confused who is prolly responsible for the inspiration behind more than half of these. (Especially the angst >:3)

  • Very intelligent, just not in the ways that help him with schoolwork and everything.
  • He has a great memory for things he cares about, gets outstandingly amazing grades in subjects that actually interest him, and is an amazingly quick thinker in stressful situations.
  • Most schoolwork he sees as pointless, so he tosses it off to the side in favor of doing something fun or interesting.
  • He procrastinates until the very last second on so much unless he truly cares about it.
  • This is why his grades are so terrible, and why most people who don’t know him closely assume he’s an idiot.
  • They just don’t know how he works.
  • His parents were abusive and neglectful, leaving him either alone at home all alone often or spending as much time as he could hiding away from them in his room. 
  • He spent most of his time focused on the heroes around him to distract himself from all the bad things going on in his life. He admired so many, he wanted to become someone who could save kids like him from their lives and stop the pain from reaching anyone else.
  • He never really had any friends growing up. He claimed it was because he liked being alone most of the time, but it was mostly because he had anxiety of being left behind and treated the way his parents treated him.
  • When he gets into U.A and realizes that these people aren’t trying to hurt me they’re just asking if I want to see a movie sometime and that they don’t bite, he starts to loosen up a little.
  • Even then he still has that faint feeling of them possibly getting bored of him, or getting mad and hurting him when he can’t defend himself.
  • “Oh god I said something wrong… They’re going to scream at me or do something worse oh god…”
  • But every time he thinks something might happen, nothing ever does. Things are cold for a moment, but then everything works itself out when one of the other students says something stupid or cracks a joke to dissipate the tension and everything is good again.
  • This confuses Denki at first because his parents used to hold everything against him for days, but it’s been literally seconds and everyone is laughing again and this is a new thing to him.
  • His birthday rolls around and he doesn’t even realize it but everyone gets a party put together while he’s out because they asked Aizawa for the date once they were getting everyones birthdays together for Party Purposes.
  • He just comes into the dorms and balloons and confetti fall and everyone is yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” and he just stands there, stunned.
  • After a moment he just breaks down sobbing, and everyone is so confused. They’re all quiet because they think they did something wrong.
  • After getting it all out, he tells them that he never really had any kind of birthday growing up, and even completely forgot the day because it’s always just been a normal everyday to him.
  • Most of them start crying too and they just wrap him in a huge group hug of like twenty people and later when they’re having a movie marathon for the party they all just try to get as close as possible to him on the couch.
  • He nearly starts crying again because of this.
  • He’s just not used to being cared about very much. This is a new thing to him even though he cares a lot about other people and would do anything for anyone pretty much.
  • He can’t exactly accept the concept of people feeling the way to him that he feels about them.
  • Eventually he realizes that they love him with all their hearts and would do anything for him, and that he’s not going to be abandoned.
  • He doesn’t like what happened to him when he was younger, and what crap he still has to deal with, but knowing that it all led to where he is now, he wouldn’t change a thing. Because the family he’s found makes everything a little bit more ok.

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sunshine boy

i’ve had this queued forever, & i’m finally releasing it to the world. if you want a part two lemme knooow!

pairing: peter parker/reader

warnings: angst angst angst!!


peter parker reminded you of sunshine.

if you were honest with yourself, he was sunshine, all kindness and soft curls and a sweet word for anyone who needed it. you’d known him since freshman year, the stumbling, quiet sweetheart of a boy occupying the locker next to yours since the very first day. the brightness and warmth he exuded led to the unconventional nickname you’d gifted him, a chuckle laced within the words at the blush it brought to his cheeks.

“i think i’ll call you sunshine.”

ever since that day the pair of you were inseparable, conjoined at the hip alongside ned and eventually - much to her reluctance - michelle. you were there for every harsh word, every tear, every cruel joke he suffered at the hands of those who just couldn’t understand your sunshine boy, couldn’t see the wonderful person tucked inside him. you hated it, spending your days alternating between cheering him up and defending him. you were lucky enough to exist under the radar for the majority of your high school days, and you used that anonymity to protect peter, keep a smile on his face. “c’mon, pete, give me a smile,” you’d plead lightly, pouting up at him. “how am i supposed to be happy if my sunshine isn’t?” it never failed to make the corners of his mouth turn up, the familiar blush spreading across his face as he mumbled for you to stop. you were the only one allowed to call him that, although it didn’t stop ned from poking at his cheeks whenever they went red at your words, teasing him. “you should’ve nicknamed him tomato boy,” he’d laugh, only furthering the other’s blush as he rolled his eyes. “real original ned, thank you,” he’d huff, although he knew it was playful.

when you discovered his secret, the reason he’d cancel on movie nights and never get enough sleep, it only set the nickname in stone. after all, who else but your sunshine boy would risk his life for others, sacrifice so that others wouldn’t have to? his spider-man persona was simply a greater reflection of how wonderful he was. it made your heart swell, already full up with love for him in ways you just couldn’t explain to anyone. if you were painfully honest with yourself, if you peeled back the layers of your friendship with peter, you’d know exactly how to explain the butterflies you’d get around him, or the fact that the sight of him upset, a frown gracing his usually cheery face, made you scramble to lift his spirits. you’d been in love with him ever since he’d tripped into his locker that first day, fumbling over his words as he tried to introduce himself.

you’d never tell him though, resignedly making yourself content with just being there for him. you couldn’t risk losing your sunshine boy, couldn’t fathom life without him loudly complaining about english lit against your shoulder, or stealing the last of the popcorn as you rewatched star wars for the billionth time. he was simply too important to you, and you refused to ruin what you had together. your silly heart could settle. and so you settled, admired him from a distance, and felt yourself falling deeper and deeper in love.

the only other person who knew was michelle. that girl could read you like a book, observant to a fault, really. you’d sworn her to absolute secrecy, and she complied, even though she constantly pushed you to tell him. “you can’t just pine forever, you know,” she said one day, flicking through the pages of a novel as you searched through your locker. “it’s not healthy.” you rolled your eyes at her fondly, shaking your head. “you don’t understand. it’s complicated, em.” the nickname only makes her snort, knowing you were simply trying to get her to drop the subject. and yet, her words rang around in your mind awhile, making you think. could you really keep your love for peter hidden forever? you were determined to try.

your sophomore year made that impossible.

suddenly the only thing peter knew how to talk about was liz allen, the gorgeously long legged captain of the decathlon team. every day it was something new, and it drove you insane.
“liz looked at me today!”
“liz asked to borrow a pencil!”
“liz liz lizlizliz.”
you couldn’t be angry with him, you had no right to be - he didn’t know how you felt. even ned grew tired of him constantly chattering about the girl, constantly pushing him to talk to her. he’d refuse every time, his shyness and insecurity bubbling to the surface. it made your heart hurt, honestly, because peter was amazing. liz allen would be lucky to have peter parker, anyone would,  he was sunshine. still, you buried your feelings and tried your best to stay supportive, knowing that peter’s happiness was ultimately more important. if liz allen made him happy, then so be it.

homecoming rolled around quicker than you expected, and with it came shattering news: peter had summoned up the courage to ask liz. she’d said yes, and with that simple word your heart broke. you’d known it was inevitable, and you silently berated yourself all the way home for being so emotional. peter wasn’t yours, as much as you wished it, and he was happy.

 over the course of the week leading up to the dance you grew distant with your friends, isolating yourself in your studies because it was better to be alone than to hear peter gush about liz, or feel mj’s pitying stare. you didn’t even want to think about homecoming, let alone go, and peter was shocked to hear you say so on the day of the dance. “but you have to go, (y/n)! it’ll be fun,” he begged, and even his best pout couldn’t change your mind. he wouldn’t let it go, nagging you about it until you snapped.

“i’m not going, peter!” you sighed, frustration lacing your voice. “you’d have fun though! you can’t just stay home! what’s stopping you?” he shot back, his own frustrations at your objections rising. “because i can’t! alright? i can’t do it, i can’t go and watch you happy with someone else,” you finally blurted out, words tumbling one over the other before you could stop them. the look on his face made you realize just what you had said, dread creeping up into you as you stepped back. you couldn’t face him, turning and quickly pushing past people in an effort to hide your mounting sadness. it was the first time your sunshine boy had ever looked at you like he was going to break your heart.

you practically ran all the way home, trapping yourself in your room before you let the tears fall. you couldn’t believe you’d said that, you’d ruined everything you’d worked so hard to protect. and as you curled up amidst your blankets, muffling your sobs into your pillows, you knew that he wasn’t your sunshine boy anymore. he wouldn’t ever be again.


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michael gambon’s performance as mr. woodhouse in emma 2009 is so sweet and delightful and quietly heart-wrenching that i can even forgive him for “HARRY, DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!?!?!?!?”

That's my mommy

Ashton and I had been dating for 3 and a half years and he finally asked me if I wanted to move in with him and his daughter, (H/D/N). She will be turning 3 this year as well.

Ashton was a single parent when I first met, his wife left him with a two month old baby, divorce papers, saying that “motherhood just wasn’t her thing”. After that he never heard from her again, leaving him to play both mom and dad. He had admitted that having to be a multi-parent was tough, but it did have his perks. But he was glad he had his family help him.

When we had our first date he was nervous when he brought up that he had a little girl. It didn’t change my interests in him, he was still the same Ashton I met at the carnival they held every year in fall. He was still the same Ashton Irwin who loved to write music, and play every now and again. Ashton was still Ashton. The only thing that changed about him happened after having (H/D/N). She changed him for the better. I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any better than he already was.

I was honored when Ashton asked me to meet his daughter. His eyes would sparkle when I’d ask how (H/D/N) is doing and as she got older and the more I would come over or stay the night, the more I got myself attached.

Ashton was having a meeting with management today so I told him I was fine watching her for the time being. (H/D/N) wasn’t hard to handle, she is the exact opposite. Plus I live here with them now, I want her to know I’m always going to be here when Daddy isn’t.

“(Y/N) I’m so sorry the meeting took longer than I thought” Ashton starts as I put a finger to my lips.

“She just fell asleep” I whisper, as he gives me a quick smile, the only sound being heard was her current movie obsession, Moana .

He slips off his shoes and jacket before picking her up, trying not to wake his sleeping angel and carried her off towards her room. I cleaned up her small bowl of leftover chips, before meeting Ashton back in the living room.

“Don’t be sorry about being late, we had a good day” I kiss his cheek before snuggling up next to him.

“I really don’t know what I would do without you”.

“I cou–” I start before a little girl came rushing out, flinging herself small figure around me.

“Ash did you turn on the nightlight?” I say rubbing her back as he nodded his head.

“What’s wrong princess?” Ashton said leaning closer to (H/D/N).

She looks up to me with sad puppy dog eyes that could make anyone melt “Mommy I had a bad dream”.

I gulp down a lump in my throat as my mind started replaying the sentence (H/D/N) had stated. I tried my hardest to come off as calm as possible. I take a quick look at Ashton who also had the same reaction. I smile at him before turning my attention back to her.

“Mommy and Daddy were just about to go to bed. Do you want to come lay with us?” I ask before she nods her head.

I pass her over to Ashton as I go to change into my pajamas. I couldn’t help but smile. She directed her statement at me, she called me Mommy. My heart was melting that, that little girl considered me her Mommy. I guess I had taken the role of the mother figure, she never met her birth mother and I had been around most of her life. But what about Ashton, was he okay with his daughter calling me Mommy?

The living room was complete darkness, a dim light flickering from our bedroom. As I walk in, I take a small step back, admiring the scene that lay ahead. These were the moments that I know Ashton would always hold dear to his heart. I didn’t want to ruin it.

(H/D/N) was resting her head, her body curled up into him, a slight humming coming from him. Both of them had their eyes closed, he was calm and soaking up this moment as much as possible. Ashton knew that these moments wouldn’t last forever so he was determined to make the most of it.

I silently crept towards Ashton. I run my hands through his hair before giving him a small kiss on his temple. His eyes fluttered open as a tired smile on crossed his face, he whispered “I love you”. I nodded my head “I love you too”.

The next day I woke up a little earlier than usual to make breakfast. Lauren was coming to pick (H/D/N) for a little auntie and niece day, giving me and Ashton the day to ourselves.

The next to wake up was Ashton, he lazily sat himself at the table with a yawn.

“Sleep well?” I ask as he nods his head. It was evident he wished he could go back to bed, truthfully I don’t blame him. (H/D/N), is a boxer in her sleep. We’d probably go back to bed after Lauren picks up her niece.

As I put the breakfast on the table I take a deep breath in, “Listen, about her callin–”, Ashton was quick to cut me off.

“I’m actually glad you brought that up” Ashton says as he grabs a few pancakes.

“If you’re uncomfortable with it I understand” I say as he laughs at my comment.

“Babe, why would I be mad? I should be asking you that. I know you aren’t her birth mother, and you don’t have to act like it. The fact that my daughter calls you mom makes me feel like being with you was one of the best decisions that I ever made. My daughter just approved of you without even knowing it, do you how amazing that is? I–” his speech getting cut off by a knock at the door.

“Hold on,” I chuckle as he walks to the door.

I furrow my eyebrows “Lauren is a little early”.

I stood up as I watched Ashton answer the door. His eyes widened and his muscles tensed up, “Hey Ash” a unfamiliar female voice half-heartedly chuckled. Ashton takes a quick look at me before turning his attention back to the girl who he hadn’t let in.

“Can I ask why you’re here?” he says as his hand tightens on the door. I was taken back by the sudden reaction.

My blood ran cold as her words struck me, finally realizing who she was.

“I’m here to see my daughter”.

Ashton shakes his head, “You have been gone for how long? Leaving me to play both parts of being a parent. You don’t know how many times I felt like alone and like a failure as a parent. If I didn’t have my Mom, my sister, and my brother to help me I’d be beyond lost. The boys put their lives on hold because of me!” his voice getting louder the more he filled in his ex-wife on what his life like.

“Ashton, please calm down, (H/D/N) is still sleeping” I intervene, taking a good look at the girl who left my boyfriend alone and broken. The girl who gave me the most amazing opportunity at having become that little girl’s mother.

“Who is this?” she said looking me up and down.

I force a smile onto my face, “Hi, I'm (Y/N), his girlfriend”.

“Mommy?” a tiny voice squeaks behind us. I turn around with my a smile on my face. I opened my mouth to answer her before getting pushed out of the way.

“Hi sweetheart, you remember me? It’s mommy”

Ashton and I look at each other before looking back to the two in front of us waiting to see what (H/D/N) and ex-wife will do. It's (H/D/N) right to know who her mother is, Ashton or I can’t stop her from not knowing.

(H/D/N) just shook her head and pointed her small index finger towards my and Ashton’s way.

“No, that’s my mommy over there”.

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Roughing It
Nine x Rose Cottage AU for gallifreyslostson (happy birthday wife <3)

The Doctor takes Rose for a weekend getaway in the mountains.  What he thinks is a slightly rustic cottage in the secluded woods turns out to be a more of a drafty shack with no heat, electricity, or indoor plumbing.  They make the best of it with a marshmallow war, sunrise snuggles, breakfast in bed, and a whole lot of shagging.

I Was Happier (Part 7)

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Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1,511 (so close to keeping it under 1k right? *sarcasm*)

Warnings: ANGST, sad!Loki, angry!Loki?, basically just a lot of angst…sorrynotsorry

Summary: You had been in love with the God of Lies and Mischief since you could remember, standing by him through everything. When he was brought back by Thor to answer for his attempts to take over Midgard, you couldn’t take anymore. You left both him and Asgard, behind for a life on Midgard to heal your broken heart. Now you’re gone, he realizes he’s missing more than his best friend, and he needs to fix what he broke, starting with finding you.

A/N: PART 7 IS HERE MY LOVES (@sanjariti). The challenge closes tomorrow (for me) so I’m wrapping it up tomorrow. I already know how it’s going to end, uni is just preventing me doing that at this point in time. Enjoy this angsty monologue chapter (seriously, I worry there was too much inner talk and not enough anything else now) before the final showdown! (AKA I’m planning for ONE more chapter - but I suck at sticking to plans so it might end up as two if I can’t cut my word count because I’m a mess)

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Previously: Looking up at his brother, Loki let a small smile creep through his sorrow. Hope was a small dwindling fire giving life to what is cold and dark. Hope, that maybe Thor was right. Loki was never happier than he was when he had you by his side, and he would not be much of a God if he did not do everything he could to make things right again. He owed it to you to try, at the very least.

Sat in the corner of the room

Everything’s reminding me of you

Nursing an empty bottle and telling myself you’re happier

Aren’t you?

Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you

But ain’t nobody need you like I do

I know that there’s others that deserve you

But my darling I am still in love with you

Loki lounged against the headboard of the bed, admiring the distorted view of the room through the nearly empty bottle of alcohol he had summoned. Although the effects were non-existent, the act itself brought a sense of escape nonetheless. 

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John askes for progress pictures so you find them!! The first picture was from 2005 and the second was just this past December. It took a very long time for me to lose weight. 100 lbs gone forever! Determination, sweat, tears, plateaus, breakthroughs, clean eating, more tears, and more sweat :) 

So impressive! :) Nice work! :)