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For the character meme ... Wakiya,Naoki ,Ukyo,Quon ,Xhaka aaaand Daina! (I'd say Rantaro but then i will feel like I don't know you at all! Haha)

Under a cut bc, predictably, it got long. Sorry it took me a while to do!

quick note: it would have taken me forever to determine my favorite headcanon for everyone, so instead it’s just the first one I thought of, haha

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Kaminari Denki headcanons because I’ve been having a lot of feelings about him lately, thanks to some discussions with @usually-confused who is prolly responsible for the inspiration behind more than half of these. (Especially the angst >:3)

  • Very intelligent, just not in the ways that help him with schoolwork and everything.
  • He has a great memory for things he cares about, gets outstandingly amazing grades in subjects that actually interest him, and is an amazingly quick thinker in stressful situations.
  • Most schoolwork he sees as pointless, so he tosses it off to the side in favor of doing something fun or interesting.
  • He procrastinates until the very last second on so much unless he truly cares about it.
  • This is why his grades are so terrible, and why most people who don’t know him closely assume he’s an idiot.
  • They just don’t know how he works.
  • His parents were abusive and neglectful, leaving him either alone at home all alone often or spending as much time as he could hiding away from them in his room. 
  • He spent most of his time focused on the heroes around him to distract himself from all the bad things going on in his life. He admired so many, he wanted to become someone who could save kids like him from their lives and stop the pain from reaching anyone else.
  • He never really had any friends growing up. He claimed it was because he liked being alone most of the time, but it was mostly because he had anxiety of being left behind and treated the way his parents treated him.
  • When he gets into U.A and realizes that these people aren’t trying to hurt me they’re just asking if I want to see a movie sometime and that they don’t bite, he starts to loosen up a little.
  • Even then he still has that faint feeling of them possibly getting bored of him, or getting mad and hurting him when he can’t defend himself.
  • “Oh god I said something wrong… They’re going to scream at me or do something worse oh god…”
  • But every time he thinks something might happen, nothing ever does. Things are cold for a moment, but then everything works itself out when one of the other students says something stupid or cracks a joke to dissipate the tension and everything is good again.
  • This confuses Denki at first because his parents used to hold everything against him for days, but it’s been literally seconds and everyone is laughing again and this is a new thing to him.
  • His birthday rolls around and he doesn’t even realize it but everyone gets a party put together while he’s out because they asked Aizawa for the date once they were getting everyones birthdays together for Party Purposes.
  • He just comes into the dorms and balloons and confetti fall and everyone is yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” and he just stands there, stunned.
  • After a moment he just breaks down sobbing, and everyone is so confused. They’re all quiet because they think they did something wrong.
  • After getting it all out, he tells them that he never really had any kind of birthday growing up, and even completely forgot the day because it’s always just been a normal everyday to him.
  • Most of them start crying too and they just wrap him in a huge group hug of like twenty people and later when they’re having a movie marathon for the party they all just try to get as close as possible to him on the couch.
  • He nearly starts crying again because of this.
  • He’s just not used to being cared about very much. This is a new thing to him even though he cares a lot about other people and would do anything for anyone pretty much.
  • He can’t exactly accept the concept of people feeling the way to him that he feels about them.
  • Eventually he realizes that they love him with all their hearts and would do anything for him, and that he’s not going to be abandoned.
  • He doesn’t like what happened to him when he was younger, and what crap he still has to deal with, but knowing that it all led to where he is now, he wouldn’t change a thing. Because the family he’s found makes everything a little bit more ok.

( @ananken @cattys-curiosities @saltedtomato @themintqueen You asked for it. I still have more though. Just…. for now.)

I have this headcanon that in order to help her focus on staying in the present, as well as relax, Mercy teaches Tracer how to do embroidery. She had no idea of course that Tracer would take to it so well, or that they’d all end up with hand embroidered Christmas cards at the Overwatch holiday party that year. (And the next year. And every year and special occasion until Overwatch is disbanded.)

Winston loves his. He frames them every year and hangs them up in his lab and occasionally in random hallways throughout the Watchpoint. Torbjorn and Reinhardt go full-grandpa and start showing theirs off to everyone else, proudly raving about young miss Oxton’s talent while Angela just beams with pride and declares that the student has surpassed the master.

Reyes and McCree exchange ‘wtf are we supposed to do with these?’ looks, until Captain Amari, perpetual Team Mom, clears her throat and gives them both VERY pointed looks, and they both grumble the most convincing 'thank you’s they can manage.

Genji is for once thankful for the bandages and cybernetics obscuring most of his face. He runs the fingers that are still made of flesh gently over the threads of cherry blossoms and distant mountains. “Did I get the kanji right?” Lena asks, smiling hopefully at him. “I’m still not great at lettering and with kanji if you get some bits a little crooked you can end up with a totally different letter, so I’m scared I accidentally embroidered the wrong word and it translates to something naughty!”

Everyone else laughs but Genji just smiles softly at thread Hanamura and manages a choked, “It’s perfect, Lena. Thank you.”

Finally there’s Jack, who hasn’t said anything. “Do you like it, sir?” Lena asks him, pride and optimism masking the hope of approval.

Jack clears his throat. “You didn’t have to, Cadet Oxton.” Lena takes that as a thank you, and Jack goes home that night and magnets his embroidered card to the damn refrigerator like a parent with their kid’s macaroni drawing until he can get it professionally framed. And no one need ever know that Jack Morrison frames and hangs every damn scrap of embroidered anything that Lena Oxton ever gives him.

michael gambon’s performance as mr. woodhouse in emma 2009 is so sweet and delightful and quietly heart-wrenching that i can even forgive him for “HARRY, DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?!?!?!?!?”

Tales of the Wicked 4

You see

whether I wanted to repress it or hide it

we were part of each other now

a bond that went deeper than that of hearts

our souls had melded

and had a certain affinity for one another


her knight



my princess

time would wither

space would tear apart

reality would null me to nonexistence

fate would clip my wings and let me sink

yet my heart

knew no odds

no limit

to how far

I would go

for love.

It wasn’t just seeing her

or hearing her voice

it was being with her

and holding her close

my heartbeat raced for that

cause if it didn’t

it wasn’t just me I would let down

but all my past selves that came before me

whether they tasted the sweet bitterness of love or not

it was worth it.

Then again just like in the beginning

I was wicked

stricken with madness

a whisper of black

and hint of grey

I was crazy

and was condemned to a live on the run

on the edge

for the very emotion

that transcended past it all

and it was fine

let them call me evil

let them curse me

because sometimes

we have to become Nightmares

to fight against the very chasms of Death.

Time is an illusion cast on our minds

I shattered it

Space is a real construct that is implemented everywhere

I bent it

Reality warps to what it wants us to be limited to, it imprisons us

I defied it

Fate had decided who the victors where and how they would retell history

I am the anomaly.

Perseverance is my instinct

hope is my guidance

faith is my compass

strength is my drive

determination is in my nature



love is forever.

Even if I lose myself again

to the point where I die

when I fade into the light

and forget it all

my soul

will always





The typical day for a fox, when you live next to so much pigeons, how to not bounce all day long ? 

Another video I had lots of fun making ! This song is really catchy, I love the little “bip bip” sounds ! 

Foxes and other animals needs to sleep …. not pigeons ! They will bounce forever !

They are determinated ! 

The music belongs to Lipps Inc, Funky town ! 

Merci tout le monde ! For all of your messages, it means a lot ! Will never stop animating for you ^^. If you make music tell me, it can be awesome to animate on music made by you and not only famous one ! And finally thank you all for your kindness and love, I always try my best to write the most perfect english for you and I can see that I’m a bit better now, I think I still put some mistakes but it’s alright now =)  Thank you all ! 


Roughing It
Nine x Rose Cottage AU for gallifreyslostson (happy birthday wife <3)

The Doctor takes Rose for a weekend getaway in the mountains.  What he thinks is a slightly rustic cottage in the secluded woods turns out to be a more of a drafty shack with no heat, electricity, or indoor plumbing.  They make the best of it with a marshmallow war, sunrise snuggles, breakfast in bed, and a whole lot of shagging.

that mood when ur only hit post has forever determined the course of ur blog , n now every1 expects u to only ever post a single thing when ur original intentions were completely different but ur afraid of isolating ur audience

John askes for progress pictures so you find them!! The first picture was from 2005 and the second was just this past December. It took a very long time for me to lose weight. 100 lbs gone forever! Determination, sweat, tears, plateaus, breakthroughs, clean eating, more tears, and more sweat :) 

So impressive! :) Nice work! :)
Who’s The Hero of Your Story, Ch. 7

AO3 Link 

Before Jemma headed to the lab, she went to Raina’s office to drop off the diamond according to Raina’s strict instructions. The diamond was wrapped up in foil, then stuffed in a lead-lined jewelry box (which Raina provided discreetly after their initial meeting). Then Jemma slipped into Raina’s office when she knew Raina wouldn’t be there, located the dictionary, and opened it, revealing the carved out center of the book which was just wide enough to fit the box. She slid the jewelry box into the book, replaced it on the shelf, and slunk out of the office, to head down the the lab. 

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the-mental-immigrant  asked:

Hi, Alex. I just saw your post concerning climate change. Id like to start by saying that I agree with your points. Do you think green energy is as accessible as it should be? And if so, what can people do to utilize it?

This is definitely a complicated question. I’m going to focus on solar energy as an example, but this can be broadly applied to other renewable energies.

I think, yes, green energy and renewables are accessible. I think more people can (and SHOULD) afford them than we’re led to believe. All the rhetoric we hear about how expensive solar installations are to individual consumers (i.e. solar panels) is largely a scare tactic. People who are undecided – and in some cases, already oppose renewables – are told that the “upfront cost” is not worth the long-term payoff. We’re given numbers like $25,000 for an installation with 20 years until you make back your money. Long-term numbers scare people. Individual homeowners want quick turnarounds.

The economics of solar power aren’t about getting off the grid and generating income – not exactly, at least. The long-term goal is to create an energy grid where individual homes and businesses in solar-abundant regions generate more power than they use, stored, and delivered to solar-lacking regions. That is to say, if a lot of homes in Arizona and Nevada are collecting and storing solar energy year-round, that energy can be transferred to homes in, say, the Pacific Northwest, where solar is only abundantly available for a few months out of the year.

It’s the key point that people often miss, and the point that opponents of renewable energy intentionally misconstrue: renewable energy isn’t all about generating energy, but about storing energy. In recent years, we’ve been seeing entire countries have a stretch of days, even MONTHS, where they received all their energy from renewables. Denmark. Chile. The American Samoa. Now Germany. And in Southern Australia, which last year suffered massive winds that effectively destroyed the power grid and to this day is causing unpredictable, widespread blackouts, there is now a race to provide what could become the most efficient energy generation and storage installations in the world, after Elon Musk (CEO, Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink) offered to install Tesla Powerwalls to solve the energy crisis there in 100 days or less – or it’s free.

Energy storage is the important part of renewables. Long-term savings, and as the tech becomes more efficient and widely used, personal financial gain, are the benefits of installing renewables now. Every installation is a step forward. “But the tech isn’t good enough yet!” Yes, it is. The most advanced solar panels being developed in the United States today are upwards of 27% efficient – that is, 27% of the energy that hits the panel from the sun is converted into electricity, and the rest is either converted into heat, or reflected back into the atmosphere. There’s a whole other discussion we could have that talks about how better solar panels will even reduce the heat captured by Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Less reflected light and heat = more electricity and less energy stuck in the atmosphere, which is good for the current rate of human-accelerated climate change.

That 27% number might seem low, but consider this: all of the sunlight that hits the Earth in ONE HOUR (source, page 10) is enough to power the entire world for more than a year. And with improving tech and infrastructure, that figure is growing.

A lot of people call solar panels ugly and complicated. Well, those complaints are about to come to an end, thanks to the latest developments in solar panel tech: solar shingles. Although they have been in the market for several years, they weren’t made popular until, of course, Elon Musk spoke. So for anyone worried about aesthetics, worry no more.

Here’s a good run-down of what a solar roof might cost. Some estimates put the installation cost close to the cost of installing a new roof on your house – so if you’re in need of a new roof, everyone is saying the same thing: GO SOLAR. You’ll save money in the long-term. You’ll have one of the most durable roofs on the market. You’ll be contributing to the acceleration of renewable energy. And it looks friggin sexy as hell.

Here are two good reports about the costs of solar roofs:

So hopefully this answers your question. Yes, renewable technology is accessible, some of it more than others. The responsibility comes down to the individual consumer: they must educate themselves on the benefits and downfalls of installing new systems, and they must also financially prepare ahead of time – while keeping in mind the long-term 20-30 year payoff could be worth more than they invest upfront.

The transition to renewable energy is a game of future outlooks. Not everyone cares how the world will look in 30 years. A lot of people just say “I’ll be dead anyway.” We need to change that mindset for the betterment of future generations. The world (hopefully) isn’t coming to an end any time soon, so it will always be up to the current generations to prepare a better future for the next generations to enjoy. Whether that be economically, technologically, or politically, our choices now forever determine the quality of life people will have in the future. That mindset is what drives these industries, and it’s also the mindset that will put an end to others.


Ask Me Anything: Earth Day Edition

Anastasia MBTI

Anastasia — ENFP

“People always say ‘Life is full of choices.’  No one ever mentions fear.”

Anastasia is strong willed and down to earth, but no less the dreamer for that.  She is both carefree and elegant, and strong and determined she can take care of herself and delicate.  In the end, she follows what is a truer path for herself.  Throughout the movie, she is unafraid to do things her way.

Dimitri — ENTP

“It was more of a change of heart.”

Though a con-man in the beginning, Dimitri is also generous and wants the best for those he cares about.  His past as the kitchen boy holds him back from feeling he can express his feelings for the princess Anastasia, but in the end no old rules will or need to stop them.  He has both a clever-scheming side and a deeply compassionate one.

The Dowager Empress Marie — INFJ

“They would not want us to live in the past, not now that we have found each other.”

The Dowager Empress is very wise and caring.  She was determined to find her lost granddaughter, trying as long as she could handle it to accomplish this.  She constantly reflects on and thinks of the bigger picture of everything, offering many insights and helping to guide others in life.  She wants what is best for others beyond the rules of an old society, urging her granddaughter to do what is truly best for her.

Vladimir — ENFJ

“Oh! An unspoken attraction!”

Vladimir is outspoken and enjoys the art of engaging with others.  He’s good at understanding people and often offers insights, and he enjoys helping others pursue their dreams.

Rasputin — INTJ

“Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle.  Some nights I wish they’d just fall off.”
“Mark my words: you and your family will die within a fortnight! I will not rest until I see the end of the Romanov line forever!”

Rasputin is so determined to see his future dream be realized to the very thorough end that he singularly pursues it even after death.  He is analytical and calculated, and seeks an external organization of the world and power that he envisioned. 

Bartok — ISTP

“I’d give her a HA!  And a HI-YA!  And then a OUU-WA!  And I’d kick her, sir.”

Bartok is a creative thinker with a humorous side, not really wanting to be in the fray of things or for anything to go too far.  He entertains the ideas Rasputin wants to pursue, but would rather they just leave matters alone in the end.  

Sophie — ESFP

“Welcome, my friends, to Paris/Here have a flower on me/Forget where your from,/You’re in France! Children, come!/I’ll show you that French ‘joie de vivre’!”

An entertainer who loves a good time spent with others, Sophie is outgoing and lively.

and guys. tuukka rask. it’s not tuukka’s fault either. if i hear washed up again i stg. he was very focused and sharp the whole series, and even though some goals got to him, he was our tuukka in the end. great job tuukka, you can only get better from here and i couldn’t be prouder of your effort and determination, tuuuukkkk forever.

ineedsomethingdifferent  asked:

Always love your headcannons! Im especially a sucker for ABO jikook! <3 Can you do one of omega!jimin nervous about pleasing alpha!jungkook parents since they're the pack leaders and jungkook is just as nervous to meet jimins parents XD

awww thank you sweetie!!! <3 aren’t we all such big trash for abo, tho? saodas #imabotrash

//”they want to meet you” are the words that jimin feared the most. jungkook has said them with the widest smile ever, obviously happy his parents are showing interest on their son’s future mate, but jimin is scared. 

//the Jeons are The Jeons TM. pack’s leaders and really powerful. Jungkook’s alpha dad is the wisest alpha they pack has ever been graced with; strong, smart, leads their pack with sense. Jungkook’s omega dad is the reason there is respect and equality on their pack; knows what to do and say to tamer wolves’ anger.

//jimin and jungkook had been together for over a year. their courting period has been long due to jimin’s demand. he knows jungkook’s position on the pack, his future in it too, and he’s always been a bit insecure about their relationship because of the hatred stares other omegas throw at him. they think he’s not worth of jungkook’s attention because of his family heritage; he comes from an average family inside their pack, his alpha mother is part of the hunting team and his omega mom helps in the kitchens.
jimin knows there are omegas that come from better families that would love to have jungkook’s love, but the alpha has eyes only for jimin. always make sure to prove it to him.

//that’s the main reason he’s nervous about meeting jungkook’s parents. he blushes when he stutters at introducing himself, his heart beats terribly fast, to the point he feels like he’s going to faint. but jungkook rests his hand at the small of his back and that’s enough for jimin to feel secure and relax.

//The Jeons TM coo at how cute jimin is. “I hope you two mate soon, I would love to see you be part of the family.”
“Yeah, you would be an awesome omega for this pack”
There is no need to say jungkook has a proud smile on his face while jimin blushes at the compliment.

/”They want to meet you too” says jimin and jungkook, albeit seeing it coming, still freaks out.

//jimin may not come from a family from a high rank on the pack, but parents are always intimidating. What if one of jimin’s moms thinks he’s not worth of their son’s love? what if one of them thinks he can make jimin happy?

//jimin’s alpha mom is intimidating. the woman is small, thin, but here eyes are piercing and she studies jungkook from head to toe the moment he puts a foot on their house.

//it’s awkward. bot jimin and his omega mother try to cut the tension on the air, but it’s difficult when the alpha is practically reducing jungkook into a fearful puppy with just a glance. It seems like she doesn’t care at all jungkook’s going to be the next pack’s alpha.

//”honey, stop it already.” scolds jimin’s omega mother. “you are scaring him, and he’s a good kid.”
“he’s trying to steal our baby away.” whines the woman, pouting (jungkook’s eyes widen in surprise at the change in attitude and how much that pout resembles to jimin’s own)
“I’m not a baby anymore, mom..”
“you are still my baby…my pup…. omg seems like it was two days ago you learned how to properly change into your wolf form.”

//the alpha starts rambling about childhood memories of her pup, jimin blushing along the way because now his mom is being embarrassing.

//”just promise me you will take good care of him.” she says.
“I will…. i love him more than anything and i want to be by his side forever.”
The determination in his eyes seems to be enough for jimin’s mother to believe him.
“Welcome to our family then.”

The Whispering Spell Words

Okay, so for those of you who aren’t aware (maybe you prefer the shipping to the theory, which is fine because the shipping is fun and less stress inducing), there’s a thing going around with the Whispering Spell from “Storm the Castle”  and it’s messing me up. It’s hard to make out what she says in the spell, and if you have a prior idea as to what she’s saying from the suggestions that are found wherever the curiosity is, it’s even harder to be sure what you’re hearing is what she’s saying (if she’s actually saying something). 

 So, I propose something, dear fandom. I’m going to place my suggestion as to what she says, as well as the other ones I’ve heard, below the cut. Please do NOT read them or the Youtube comments before listening to the video very carefully a couple of times and putting down what you think it says. You can message me what you think it is or just reblog and add it. 

The idea here is to find parts that are commonly heard without previous suggestion so we can get a little closer to figuring out what she’s saying. I don’t think we can hear all of it, but I wanna try. 

The Video: 

Some tips for listening:

  •    Headphones help
  •    close your eyes
  •    take it in sections (a second or two at a time)
  • please don’t hurt your ears trying this, it’s not that important so keep the volume at a safe level 

Suggestions/interpretations below the cut

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