forever crying over this entire show

Oh, he’s no stranger, we’ve met before, once upon a dream.

goodbye, forever, i literally can’t believe this happened,,,,

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I had a funny thought of Vincent trying to care for a child Seph who got a second chance at life and has to deal with adult knowledge in a child form, give or take that the bad memories are wiped from his mind soul. Sort of gives him a nice chance of a 'normal-ish' life despite the cat eyes still. (Nervous to show face when speaking of the idea.)

You know what? Vincent taking care of child Sephiroth is one of my favourite things in this entire fucking fandom, memories intact or not.

Give me Vincent awkwardly trying to entertain/play with tiny Sephiroth.

Give me tiny Sephiroth asking the unpleasant questions.

Give me Vincent getting fucking protective over tiny baby Sephiroth.

Give me those fucking two being -happy- and I’m gonna cry forever and ever. D:

reflecting w only five more shows left of this tour and era that has been one of the most important times of my entire life, and i never could’ve got through any of it had it not been for all of these beautiful souls i get to spend every single day with. i’m beyond thankful to have had them to go through all the ups and downs with and forever grateful for everyone else who has offered support along the way. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, this is a time and a group of lovely individuals that’ll be so important to me forever ☁️



→ Day Four: Favorite Tv Show of all time.

The Nanny: Without any doubt my favorite tv show of my entire lifetime. As a kid I watched this show for my amusement, but over the years it grew close to my heart. It was and still is the only show that picks me up when i am down. There is never a moment this show fails to make me laugh. I have seen every episode more than 100 times, yet it always laugh till i am crying. Fran Drescher is my inspiration. I love her so much and I will forever be thankful for creating this show.

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How would Gom and Kagami be like on their wedding day when their wife walks down the aisle towards them?

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi would stand tall and proud in front of the crowd, eyes never leaving you as you walk down the aisle. He would take your hands in his as soon as he could, not afraid to offer you a “You look perfect” comment in front of both of your families, which nearly sends the crowd going wild with how precious the moment was.

“It’s an honor to marry a person who is the pinnacle of all that is good in this world.”

Aomine Daiki: Aomine would try to tap into his ‘super manly’ attitude and resist tearing up but finds his efforts are futile when he spots you. This was a position he hadn’t really imagined being in but couldn’t be happier to finally tie the knot with you. He would refuse to admit he was crying even if they were pouring down his face, looking away from you most of the time as your beauty was blinding.

“I’m not crying- who cries at weddings besides overexcited moms and drunk aunts?!”

Kise Ryouta: Kise was very openly excited for the wedding, and through the entire day was constantly tearing up as he thought about being bound to you forever in wedded bliss. He was antsy the entire day as he anxiously awaited seeing you in your attire, having resisted asking to see your dress or spying through your browsing history to see what you might’ve picked; when you walk down the aisle towards him he had already been crying at the image of you, and now he was crying over how his imagination did you no justice.

“Waiting to see you in your dress was definitely worth it.”

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko wasn’t used to the attention being on him, and would be much happier when you came to steal the show. He kept his face straight but he couldn’t possibly explain to anyone else how anxious he felt, as he wanted the day to go perfectly just to please you; it wasn’t just your dress that would matter, it was your happiness and whether the day had gone the way you wanted it to or not. His eyes would soften as he can tell from the second he sees you of your happiness, unable to contain his growing smile as you join him at the altar.

“I never thought I’d be marrying my best friend, however, I have no complaints.”

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima would have followed every single wedding superstition he could, including not seeing the bride before the wedding. He would feel calm and at ease after many days of rationalizing why today would be the greatest day of his life, but doesn’t realize how utterly unprepared he was until he sees you walking down the aisle. He swears his heart stops but he can’t take his eyes off of your form, the poise you walk with mesmerizing. 

“Oha Asa had predicted today would be perfect, I had no doubts- No, I don’t have my lucky item on me currently! Don’t search my pockets-”

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara stood at the altar, sweating nervously as he ties back his hair to stop it from getting in his way. He keeps nervously glancing down the aisle to where you’re supposed to emerge, wishing you would just come out so the hardest part of the ceremony was over. His eyes grow wide as you emerge, staring at you in wonder, and curious to know how exactly you got that glow to you. He still feels nervous, grabbing your hands as it was a way to help him calm down, his eyes never leaving yours until ‘You may now kiss the bride’ is heard.



Kagami Taiga: Kagami would tear up at random times throughout the day as he’s getting prepared, and would unabashedly do so while waiting for you to meet him at the altar. He doesn’t care that he’s crying as he finds being emotional isn’t a weakness, and seeing his new spouse all dolled up really made his heart feel like it may explode (in the best way possible).

“I guess I am crying… but have you seen yourself? I can’t help it.”

calum hood's jawline: a masterpost

so i have approximately 40++ pictures that i picked out from the few thousand pictures of 5sos i have in my phone, it was an extremely painful decision so y'all better reblog this


let us begin with my personal favourites (you might’ve seen these two before on my other mini masterpost)

sigh his cheekbones can cut glass i swEAR

people say they want to touch his dick, i’ll settle for his face

can i just take a moment to say here that blond snAPBACK CALUM WITH HIS TONGUE OUT (aka cheekbones) IS HIGHLY UNACCEPTABLE AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED

well at least his sister’s smart enough to graduate school, unfortunately that can’t be said for that lil cutie whose jawline’s probably stronger than my wi-fi connection


so guys this is basically what calum will look like when you walk down the street after a lunch date

 how is it that a full grown male adult is prettier than me

despite the general awkwardness of this whole thing we all need to take a moment to appreciate this perfection


if you say you are fine right now you are lying

i feel like calum takes the best photos with michael bc LOOK

listening to daylight right now and i never realised how much i related to that song until now bc IT FEELS LIKE IM NOT BREATHING


seriously though, calum in this picture brings out feelings in me that me as the modern day mother teresa should not be feeling

as a matter of fact calum looks good any where, any time and any place (thOSE BICEPS THO) (between cal and ash, they could probably break my neck with a pinky finger)

glasses calum + that jawline that can cut glass = dead

*sings* glasses calum glasses calum glasses calum

calum looks so boyfriend-y in beanies i can’t even deal any more look at that jawline why is it so defined i am sobbing

and while above, there is the boyfriendy beanie calum, if you look to the right we have the sexy motherfreaking calum hood on stage that boy just turns into a sex god while on stage do not judge me

idk if it’s just me but i love calum when he’s playing the bass because he just seems so relaxed and happy doing what he loves (and also bc of that snapback and arms and finger and jAWLINE)

life goal: touch calum hood’s face i hope he doesn’t think i’m weird

lol i don’t even know where this came from but he looks hot af anyway so

i would so date wizard!calum

isn’t he adorable our little ball of sunshine who can’t punch anyone in the face (who also has a rockin’ jawline)

fetus calum knows he be lookin hot

again, i would so date fetus calum

i’m sure everyone has seen this by now but you know, you can never have too much of calum hood! (i’m sure he would approve of that line lol)

doesn’t this picture make you want to jump on him and squeeze him to death (not so sure he would approve of that line lol)

jawline, arms, soulful stare, i’m gone

and while we’re on the black and white track let us dip into the punk!calum waters and cry over that amazing jawline that deserves an entire fandom on its own

glaring calum kind of turns me on oops

all i want in life is a calum hood is that so much to ask

he just looks so good in this gif, like i could hug him and stay there forever

now, moving onto the group shots

you know i love ashton and michael to bits, but let’s be real here calum is the star of the show, just look at those lips and his cheekbones, oh his cheekbones I AM PHYSICALLY HURTING FROM HIS CHEEKBONES

luke just looks so shocked

same luke, same.

now most people who see this picture are like “oooooh michael’s eyes” or “ooooooh ashton’s arms” or “ooooooh luke’s hair/face/whatever” but you know, wE NEED TO TALK ABOUT CALUM IN THIS PICTURE

the cut of his facial structure just narrowing down to the tiny point that is his chin i just


okay for this one i have to be honest with you guys, 4/4 just look hot af here, like you can see luke’s cheekbones perfectly, ashton’s dimples are just popping out like nobody’s business, i just want to kiss michael to death, and as for calum it’s just JAWLINE JAWLINE JAWLINE




oh sweet baby jesus that bottom leFT ONE

calum with his hair in a quiff does things to me

and finally

sassy calum with a jawline and cheekbones that should belong to the gods


Preference #312: Your parents make you cry, and he comforts you

Liam: Your parents had caused tears to pour down your face, after telling you how horrible all of your life choices were. They hated what you were going to school for, the career you dreamed of, and even that you were with Liam. They thought you were making all the wrong decisions. Nothing you did was right in their eyes, and it hurt you more than you could ever express. All you wanted was for them to be happy for you, and it felt like that would never happen. You sobbed for so long, until Liam walked into your home, and instantly pulled you into his arms. “[Y/N], what’s wrong?” “My parents.” That was all you had to say, for Liam to know exactly what happened; he knew your parents feelings. He held back saying what popped into his mind, and instead just hugged you. He felt useless, as he tried to comfort you through your tears. Rather he thought so or not though, Liam being there, caring about you, was all you really needed.

Harry: You were never going to accomplish anything. Those were the words your parents told you, that caused tears to flow down your cheeks. How could they say that to you? You did everything you could to make them happy, but you never could. That realization was horrible to accept. In the entire year you’d been dating, Harry had never seen you so upset. He had no idea how to help you, other than put an arm around you, and tell you it would be okay. “It won’t be. How can it be, when they’ll just never be happy about anything I do?” Harry couldn’t understand that feeling. He never had dealt with anything like that, and so he truly did not know. He did know one thing for sure though, and had no doubts has he said it. “You’ll prove them wrong. I have no doubt you’ll be able to one day show them how much you’ve accomplished, and proved them wrong.” His confidence in you was something you really need to hear right now. “Thank you. I really hope you’re right.”

Louis: “They basically told me that I have not made one good choice in my entire life,” you cried, trying to catch your breath. You’d been crying for over an hour now, over all that your parents had said to you. It hurt you so badly, and you just felt like you could sob forever. “I know how badly you just want them to be proud of you,” Louis said quietly, while wrapping his arms around you, “And I know this hurts. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say to make anything better. You are amazing though, no matter what they may make you think.” You wanted to believe his words, but that was hard to do after all you’d been told. Your parents words replayed in your mind over and over again. “But what if they are right? Maybe I am making all the wrong choices? Maybe I should just do what they want, and not what I want.” “No, [Y/N], you’re happy, and you are working hard towards things you love. Don’t let their words get to you. No matter who they are, they’re not worth giving up what you want.”

Niall: There was really nothing Niall could say to make anything better. You were so hurt over the words your parents had said, and he couldn’t change that. They said so many things that caused your heart to ache, that you felt you would never be able to stop the tears. “I’m never going to be good enough for them. Why do I even try?” Niall hugged you tightly, and tried to find his words. He couldn’t though. He didn’t know how to make this better. All he could do was hug you, and hope that helped at all. “I just want them for once to not say something horrible. I just want them to be proud of me. Why can’t they ever just say ‘that’s good [Y/N].’ They never, ever do that.” Niall took a deep breathe, before finally saying a few words carefully, “I am so sorry [Y/N]. One day, maybe they will.” “It just feels impossible,” you cried, while clinging to Niall tightly, so glad to have someone who did care, “I hope you’re right though. I hope one day they’ll be proud of something I do.”

Zayn: Your tears were falling so quickly, and so strongly, when Zayn arrived at your home, that even an hour later, he still had no idea what had gone wrong. He knew you were hurt horribly, but had no idea over what or by who. Finally though, you were calming, and he could ask you what had happened to cause so much pain. “I’m having trouble in school. I just don’t get it lately. I’m trying though, I really am trying. My parents… They don’t see me trying. They see me not caring about it. They think I’m failing on purpose. They think I’m wasting their money. I’m trying though, I really am. It’s not my fault I don’t get it.” Your tears started all over again, as the pain hit you once more. Zayn, now knowing the reason for your tears, felt his own heart breaking. He knew how much you’d been struggling with school, but trying so hard even so. “I’m so sorry [Y/N]. I know how hard you’ve been trying, and I’m sorry they don’t see that.”