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And I'll Reach for You Again // NatePat Oneshot

So, someone in my feed ( @vinyldespair I believe??) asked if anyone could write a NatePat Kagerou Days oneshot.

Eh, I had nothing better to do anyway :P Here ya go I suppose <33

It happened at around 12:30 PM on August 15th.

The weather was nice.

In the middle of the street sat two young men, a mural of blood painting the asphalt with its burning red hue. A crowd of bystanders stood in stunned silence, the first man’s sobs piercing through the quietude like a bird fighting to break from its cage. His arms wrapped tightly around the second man’s lifeless, tattered body, sobbing uncontrollably as he begged for his dear friend to come back to him. The metallic stench of blood tangled with the second man’s own sweet scent, his black hair matted in debris and the same red liquid that was splashed all around him.

“Nate…Nate…” the first man whimpered, burying his face in the second’s jacket, “Nate, please don’t do this…”

A hushed murmur swept across the crowd surrounding the two, the bystanders’ faces fixed in a unanimous blank stare, almost as though they were mocking the first man’s despair. He slowly looked around at the strangers surrounding him and Nate, his face stained with blood and tears. His balled fists clenched tighter onto Nate’s blood-soaked jacket and let out a scream, desperate and hoarse.

“HELP!” he cried, his voice collapsing into a mess of hiccups and sobs. “HELP HIM! PLEASE! STOP STARING AT HIM AND DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT!”

The crowd remained unresponsive.

Angered, the man broke down into hopeless crying again, not noticing a tall, slender figure pushing his way to the center of the action, coming to a stop before the pitifully grieving man. Startled, he looked up at the figure and froze, choking on his sobs the moment he locked eyes on the figure. He looked exactly like him, except his body emitted a sort of dark red hue, and he wore on his face a twisted, satisfied smirk.

“No one can save him now, Matthew,” the figure chuckled slowly, his blood-red eyes piercing into Matthew’s terrified brown ones. “You two will be trapped in this tragedy forever.”

Matt bit the inside of his cheek, trembling both from his crying and out of fear and apprehension. Something about all this seemed all too familiar, as though he and the figure had been met before, standing on this very stage, acting out this very scene. Somewhere in the past, their paths had crossed, and this tragedy had been played out the exact same way it did today.

The figure started to laugh, snickering with glee as he placed a hand over his forehead. “God,” he chuckled, “you are such an idiot. Do you really think that your little theories and choices will save the both of you from this little loop? Every time you come back to this moment in time, a little part of you forgets this world just a tiny bit more. Nothing is gonna change – you will never derail this loop, no matter how hard you try.”

Matt swallowed hard as his blood-red counterpart knelt down before him, his glossy eyes casting a clear reflection of Matt’s trembling body. “But, I don’t think this is over – not yet, at least.” The figure’s eyes trailed down to the cat in his arms, letting it free to settle itself before Nate’s limp body. A deep purr rumbled in its throat as it stared down at the musician, flicking its tail rhythmically like the second hand on a clock. “This tragedy will never end until I tell it to.”

The trembling male sniffled, glaring weakly at the figure, who simply sneered back. This wasn’t a dream, that much Matt knew. The figure was going to keep both him and Nate trapped in this haze forever, wasn’t he?

The haze let out a piercing laugh. “Let’s try again, shall we?”

God I’m sorry this is terrible and that it doesn’t *completely* follow the song but I’m at my grandparents’ house right now and I needed to cut this short ;0;

"New OTP"


I love it, I really do. It excites me, it makes my heart happy, it makes me fangirl in places I know I probably shouldn’t. Buuutttt, it could never replace what will forever and always be my love, my life; Ereri

I spent too much countless hours, writing, reading, laughing, crying and screaming over these two idiots for a beautiful CANON ship to get in the way.

I have no problem and nothing against people who do just the opposite, but for me, three years of loving this anime and this pairing is too much to throw away.

as if we were in love~

Protective Marinette

“Have you ever gotten hurt like that before?” Marinette asked the next week, idly running her fingers through his hair as they lounged on her couch once more. She had no work to do that night, a miracle of miracles, and used her time off to snack and rest with Chat Noir snuggled up on top of her. The thief opened his eyes – her petting constantly lulled him to sleep, she noticed – and tilted his head up to stare at her.

“Once or twice, princess. Comes with the job.” He winks and pretends to flex for her. “Don’t worry. Your knight can handle-”

“Was it bad?”

Chat had seen the same worry swimming in her sky-blue depths last week while she patched him up, and he had already decided it was a bad look on her. His princess should always be happy; he would do whatever he could to ensure that. But they both knew he was a lousy liar – only when it came to Marinette; she read him like a book and he didn’t mind in the least bit – so he would answer honestly.

With a sigh, he lifted both his hoodie and his shirt to show a jagged scar running from his sternum to his navel, a mark he had intentionally hid from her last week. Upon seeing it Marinette gasped, covering her mouth with one hand as the other reached out, as if to touch it and confirm the scar’s reality. “This is the worst I’ve ever gotten hurt, Marinette. I was new to the job and careless, and I paid for my mistakes.” She whimpered quietly and Chat was quick to add, “But I’m fine now. It’s just a scar.”

Hesitantly, she touched the mark, running her finger from one end to the other. Chat shivered under her touch, watching her closely. Finally she met his gaze, hand resting on his stomach.

“Promise me you won’t do it again,” Marinette whispered, tears pricking her eyes. “Promise you won’t… don’t you ever come through that window again, bleeding and dying and scaring me half to death. I’ll… I’ll call the police if you do! I’ll arrest you myself! I’ll… I’ll…” Silent tears slid down her cheeks as she turned away. “What if you hadn’t come? If you never…”

“Princess…” Chat murmured, gently brushing his thumb against her cheek to swipe away her tears. “Don’t cry over me, alright? I’m purrfectly fine. I’ve got nine lives, remem-”

“You’re not an actual cat, you idiot, don’t you understand that you could have died?! And I wouldn’t have known! You would have died on your own in the middle of nowhere and I would have stayed here, waiting forever for you to come and you wouldn’t you’d never come back and I’m not losing you because of your stupid selflessness!”

Two pairs of eyes widened at the words as a bright pink color dusted across their cheeks. It was one thing to know, in their own odd ways, that they cared for each other to a certain degree. Marinette, for her part, had admitted before that she didn’t hate Chat Noir – that didn’t mean anything, she had claimed, just that she probably wouldn’t call the police that night – while Chat had flirted as long as she would allow before throwing him out of the window. The idea that they would, or could, lose each other was something neither had spoken of. The thought had never occurred to them, until now. Now, when Marinette realized that had he been seriously injured, she would have lost her black cat.

She would have lost the friend that had wiggled his way into her heart, and that scared her more than the fear of losing her own life that night. She made a promise to herself that night, that no matter what, as much as she could help it, no harm would come to Chat Noir. Criminal or no, he was her friend, a good one, and she refused to ever witness him bleeding again. So maybe all the information they had tracked thus far on Chat Noir had mysteriously disappeared. So maybe Plagg’s knife had vanished from the evidence locker. So maybe she was sort of kind of maybe helping him get away with it so that no one would go after him and hurt him. He was her friend, and she always protected her friends.

Finally, after a long moment of silence, Chat smiled softly and, wiping the last of Marinette’s tears away, murmured, “Purrhaps I can try to be a little more careful from now on… just fur you, purrincess.”

“This is no time to joke-”

He cradled her jaw, forcing her eyes to lock with his. “I know, Mari. I can’t promise you nothing will happen to me. It will. I’m a thief, after all. But… if it worries you so much, I will do my best to be as careful as I can.”

Marinette swallowed thickly, placing her hand over his. “…I can’t lose you.”

Heat climbed up his neck at her words. “Y-You won’t, princess. I’ll always come back to you.” She still looked upset, so he flashed her a wink. “Aren’t you lucky? The great Chat Noir, coming to woo you every week. Won’t your neighbors get jealous?”

A smile threatened to curl her lips, but Marinette fought it as best she could. “I don’t want to have to bandage you up ever again… okay?”

He nodded, taking her hand in his and pressing a kiss to the back of it. He could have sworn she blushed, but that was probably just a trick of the light. “It’s a paw-mise.”

Marinette groaned and shoved the laughing thief off the couch so he wouldn’t see her smile. To think she actually cared about this pun-loving criminal… Her eyes flickered down to the floor and caught his emerald gaze, smile wide and eyes gleaming.

Well. Who could blame her when Chat looked at her like that?

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Episode 12 was full of so many wonderful things, but this:

The fact that “light appears in the dark color of Haruka’s eyes” (x) after hearing Rin calling out to him is still one of my favorite things ever. It’s such a poignant, beautiful detail and it says so much it honestly kills me. Even more so because it’s a fact that they always, always made Haru speak through his eyes to make up for his silent nature. 

It’s been nearly a year and I’m still not over it ;~; 

He had to be doing it on purpose. No way someone could accidentally be that annoying. But of course, leave it to Bones to do the impossible.

Jim knew that despite their near constant banter, the doctor took his health very seriously. Hell, the man had memorized the list of things Jim was allergic to, and that was not a short list. In fact Jim didn’t even know everything.

But after their most recent away mission, Bones started to get a little crazy about the allergy thing.

Jim had eaten some fruit one of the natives offered him and he was (surprise) allergic to it. His throat had closed up and by the time they got back to the Enterprise he had passed out, and apparently it was touch and go for a while. Whatever he ate was wreaking havoc in his system and none of the medications Bones gave him reacted the way he had hoped because they were unfamiliar with the plant. When the whole ordeal was over Bones had of course scanned the fruit afterwords and found that it had a close molecular composition to cherries; another thing Jim was violently allergic to.

Now Bones had taken up the habit of inspecting every single thing that passed Jim’s lips. As it turns out a lot of the things Jim eats are things he’s mildly allergic to, and Bones is having absolutely none of that. It gets so bad that Jim has to make sure that Bones isn’t anywhere near him while he’s eating. But the man just shows up out of nowhere, snatches whatever Jim was going to eat, and more often than not eats it himself and tells Jim not to get that particular any more.

Finally, after about a month Jim decided enough was enough. Jim was sitting in his very locked room enjoying a slice or three of pizza when Bones busted in, wielding a scanner and grumpily announced that Jim was allergic to the mushrooms in his pizza.

“Dammit Bones why do you insist on monitoring everything I eat. Most of the things you say I can’t eat are, worst case scenario, gonna give me a headache which you can easily hypo away.”

 Bones rolls his eyes and tugs the pizza out of Jim’s hands. “Well excuse me for caring about your sorry ass,” and Jim is pretty sure that remark was followed by a grumbled ‘stupid idiot.’

“Yeah Bones I care about you too, but this is getting out of control, you’ve literally eliminated like half the stuff I eat.”

And then Bones looked angry, and Jim is pressed against the nearest wall, shocked. “You know what was out of my control Jim? Your life. Because of some stupid mistake I made, you almost died. A goddamned piece of fruit almost took you away from me.”

Jim could tell he had gotten Bones worked up now, so when the older man leaned forward and rested his forehead gently against Jim’s, and his hands slide down from Jim’s shoulder to wrap around his waist, Jim didn’t protest. He just wrapped his arms around Bones’ neck and waited.

“You almost died Jim. I can’t lose you again” he whispered, and then a little more forcefully “I won’t. Not if I can help it.”

And finally Jim understood.

Gently he led them back to his bed and crawled into his doctor’s lap, lacing his fingers through soft, dark hair.

He nuzzled Bones’ cheek, “I’m sorry, you’re right Bones, I’ll be more careful. I didn’t realize, but I’ll be more careful I promise.”

Bones huffed at that and buried his face into Jim’s neck. “You didn’t fucking realize. Loosing you again would wreck me. You’re one of the most important people in my life and I lo-“

His voice broke off but Jim heard what he meant. And man he had waited a long time to hear it.

“I love you too. I think probably from that very first day when you threatened to throw up on me.”

And then they were kissing. It was slow, and angry and desperate but it was perfect. 

sorry its like 2 in the morning and i have no idea whats happening here so enjoy our two nerds getting all emotional over food. 

MODS NOTE - these idiots are crying over pizza my life has been made jesus take the wheel

oh arielthelittlefangirl this is perfect thank you SO MUCH bless your soul forever

Uploading them as a photoset is not properly working but hey gurls hey, here’s my version with commentary!

Remember how Chizu always goes to her porch whenever she’s depressed or needs to think about stuff:? HELLO, GUESS WHERE THEY ARE

Special attention to her acting like an idiot over there because she wasn’t really expecting this. Aw, baby. 

Followed by something, something, something, happy birthday something something, I totes support you going away and leaving me behind forever.

Well, I’d probably be more supportive if it wasn’t for a thing or two.

Yeah, actually, fuck this, I’m not supportive at all. P.S.: Chizu looks super hot crying here. You go, Chizuru, bishoujo, you’re so vogue.

You know what, I’m going back to blaiming YOU for my sadness, like I usually do this. We had a promise and everything! Se? Important flashback pannel and all that. Surely, I was telling you I wanted to be your sister and marry your brother BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE HINTS!

lol, nope, sorry again. I’m totally rooting for you and your career and all these tears are like, unrelated to everything else. Haha, it won’t damage me at all to see you go. Oops, was I punching you? (This is the craziest I’ve seen someone look while crying and I read SnK, guys)

Chizuru, it’s been 88 chapters, maybe I should ask if you like me back now. This manga has to end at some point. (Also, notice how this is a parallel to many other scenes where Chizu touches him and then backs off and he pulls her in again like on Valentine’s Day and Christmas). 

Chizuru is saying “Sukidayo, baka!” which is further proof that these two are actually shounen characters living in the wrong series.

HE KISSES HER AND HIS BASEBALL CAP FALLS OFF HIS HEAD! SYMBOLISM! FORESHADOWING! Nope, just corny shoujo. Who cares, they’re embracing!


Anyway, for high quality images, you can check the link alanahanada sent me and then make sure to build her a golden statue in your town because she’s a gift to this universe.

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