forever crying because of this movie

Star Trek IDW Boldly Go 3

“What scares you about this?”

“I don’t know, I suppose it’s because I had a shit day at work and usually I would just want to go home and crawl into bed and cry and order pizza in and watch sad movies but you make me want to talk about my day and what happened and why it was so bad and, for somebody who hates talking about themselves, that’s fucking terrifying, you know? Finding someone you want to talk to, like really talk to, is scary because you don’t know how long they’ll bother listening.”

—  Because I could talk to you forever, 24/11/2015

Can we just make a petition to see Mads Mikkelsen in a movie/series that doesn’t involve his character getting hurt, bullied, killed, tortured, pushed off a cliff, in emotional pain etc? Because his acting is so good and it all feels so real that every time I watch one of his movies I wanna either cry forever or dive off a cliff.
Can we just…For all this pain, can we PLEASE have four hours of Mads Mikkelsen’s character being a sweetheart or a dick (i don’t care), but like a happy one who gets to receive hugs and kind words and happiness?!?!
Because my feels hurt like fuck and I need nice things in my life.


“You have me, you have my heart and you have countless more sunsets. And Christmas mornings, and movies. And bad cups of decaf coffee. Because you probably shouldn’t have caffeine, it’s bad for the ticker. And laughs, you get to laugh at least a million more times. And cry, and fight with your parents, and make up. Maybe even become a parent yourself. And when you take your daughter to Paris for the first time, it won’t be for a sad reason. It’ll be so you could tell her about us and what I did for you, and what you did for me. You lived.”

I know critic scores don’t always mean it’s a good movie but I feel like crying

This is the first good, I mean actually good and not just a movie for uptight fan boys, that D.C. Has put out in forever

Thank you Lego, you made my geeky little D.C. Fan heart explode.

This is also the first good movie with Batgirl and Robin in it released in theaters and give me a minute, I’m not done crying tears of joy

I need to go see this movie because I’m sure it’s a masterpiece

Cecilos Playlist

I decided to compile the full list since the last one has become a huge chain of reblogs and no longer matched the order of the actual playlist. I’m still super happy to get suggestions so if you have any, please let me know!

The youtube playlist can be found here, and all of the song links will lead you to to that song specifically on the playlist. List starts below the break, because it’s gotten really long. Hope you enjoy!

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This will be the last part of the Kumatetsu drawing~






T_T I made some mistakes in this drawing, and I was like alright then, just deal with it.

Hope you guys love it and I’m very sorry if it takes forever to draw because I’m very busy right now, like I have things to do internship thingy and it’s gonna be started soon for me (17th June 2016)

towel-tier  asked:

I wanna rationalize Shu's shit w 'he just doesn't want to loose Yuma to someone else' but rn I simultaneously want to beat the shit out of him and that's saying a lot since he's my fave boy... smh shu.......

I don’t know what to say like I don’t usually cry at video games??? movies and songs and when I see really small dogs, I start crying. but video games don’t usually make me cry. I’m fuckin sobbing dude i dont know what to do to fix this. I can’t fix this

it’s because shu gave me that “maybe if we meet again we’ll do better next time” bullshit SHU YOU DIDNT HAVE TO DO THAT, yuma wouldnt have held a grudge against you forever!!!! please meet again and love each other ;-; waaaah

Your first love will change you. Every love thereafter will do the same, but there’s nothing quite like the first.

It’s new. You’re so in love with him and he looks at you like you are the sun and touches you like you are the oxygen he needs in order to breathe. And you’re experiencing all of these firsts, and there’s no words to describe it other than beautiful and reckless, and you think, ‘Oh my god, this is it. This is forever.’

And then it’s not.

Then you wonder who you were before his handprints were left all over your pure skin. You can’t remember how it felt when you didn’t wake up crying because you dreamed of him again and, oh my god, you miss him so much even after so much time has passed. You can’t remember what food, music, movies, or tv shows you even liked before he showed you his favorite. You try so hard to regain your belief in a forever love, but your heart screams at you, calling BS on the whole thing, because if he could stop loving you so quickly, so will everyone else. And you’ll become so cynical for so long. You’ll call love stupid and roll your eyes when your friends talk about their boyfriends. And just when you think you’ll never want a second love, he will come, and you will know it’s time to start again.

You will never remember who you were before your first love. You will never be that girl again. But the girl you are now—after him—is exactly the girl your second love fell for. So that’s pretty cool, huh?

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #55 // Your first love created the girl your second love..loves.
BH6 + Disneyland
  • Fred’s parents have a beach house in Orange County, and when the team discovers this they decide to spend Spring Break there and go to Disneyland
  • Originally, Hiro was going to let Baymax stay at home and watch out for Aunt Cass, but Baymax insisted on coming with them because he was afraid they wouldn’t wear their sunscreen or stay hydrated
  • During the day when everyone is at the park, Baymax stays at Fred’s beach house, watching Godzilla movies. He also tries to cook dinner for them, but he ends up nearly burning the house down so they order take out instead
  • At first, Hiro’s like “Pfft, this is dumb, Disneyland is for babies,” but when they’re in Tomorrowland, he sees Stitch and breaks down crying, because Lilo & Stitch had such an impact on him and Tadashi after their parents’ death. Stitch gives Hiro a really nice hug, and Hiro treasures the picture forever
  • GoGo and Fred love the rollercoasters and high-adrenaline rides. They ride the Matterhorn 3 times in a row, dragging a terrified and reluctant Wasabi on. By the third time, Wasabi is looking as green as his nickname and Honey Lemon has to insist that they ride It’s a Small World
  • Honey Lemon takes pictures of everything and stops to get the autograph of every single character they come across. Fred has a weird fear of small rodents, and practically falls over himself trying to run away from Chip and Dale, which Hiro finds hysterically funny
  • Wasabi, whose parents never allowed him to eat sweets, has 6 ice creams in the course of 3 hours and goes on an insane sugar rush, which he comes down from right before the drop on Splash Mountain. The picture shows him throwing up all over Hiro
  • GoGo buys a copy of it for everyone, and hangs it over her workstation in the Nerd Lab

I have no idea if this is book or movie canon but I just read on Cho Chang’s wikia page that her patronus is a swan and at first I was like oh wow that’s great that’s so pretty and then I was like oh wait no that’s horrible and sad because swans mate for life and just think about that for two seconds and you’ll be sad too


get to know me → favorite movies: [1/5] pride & prejudice, 2005.

You must know… surely, you must know it was all for you. You are too generous to trifle with me… If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

…But everything always lasts…Everything always has a happy ending. Except after when the movie stops and then misery kicks in, because then they realize you can’t live happily ever after forever because that’s not a realistic standard in life. Sometimes you’ve gotta have downs to have ups. You can’t be all fuckin’ sunshine and rainbows all the time, that just doesn’t work, that’s not life. Life is gonna kick you in the hoochies every now and then and you just gotta go ‘Hey! That hurt! That made me cry, but I’m gonna get back up stronger from that and not get kicked in the hoochies again.


This was oddly inspirational

so im doing a day filled with shows, movies and games that mean a lot to me and the first one i started with was rise of the guardians one cause its easter and i always watch this movie on this day, but also because it is the reason i have this username for everything and gave me my passion to really go for animation. 

it taught me to never loose my beliefs, i still cry over the fact that the creators saw my note that was put into that fan made book which was sent to them, my first fully hand made cosplay was jack frost when he first emerges from the lake; so this movie is by far my absolute favorite and will stay that way forever.

I’m actually glad the movies did NOT go in the direction of “Marty is like a son to Doc and Doc is like a father to Marty” because what they have, to me, is even more powerful because just being team mates, partners in time, best friends, means they’ve got a bond much much stronger. They’re together by destiny and they’ve chosen each other for company of all people, and since they’re best friends as opposed to surrogate family, Doc can take council from Marty and vice versa in a VAST array of various matters. They can trust and depend on one another equally and look out for one another and maintain an understanding between themselves of every situation they’re up against. They can be each others’ support and solace when they’re dealing with things together. Bonds like that are always so undervalued by people but it’s never been so by these 2 dear characters who know what a true friend is worth.

“I grew up watching the Tigger Movie and I realized as a kid my friends are a part of my family. But now I cannot listen to ‘Your Heart Will Lead You Home’ from the movie without crying because it reminds me of how I lost all of my childhood friends through moving/growing apart, not to mention my newer friends I met in middle/high school I had to abandon recently through moving. I always thought I would be with my family forever, but that was too good to be true.”