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Do you have any head canons for when zimbits meets each other's parents? Or when the parents meet each other?


Yeeesssssss. All of the above.

**When Bitty meets Jack’s parents:

Ok Jack’s parents are giant nerds, but like they both are public figures and know how to act. They’ve been holding back up until this moment, when they finally get to meet Bitty.

It’d probably be Bitty coming over to Jack’s house, so they wouldn’t have to worry about hiding. It’d probably also be a holiday, which just so happened to fall on a weekend, and both Bitty and Jack are free.

Bitty is nervous, just like he was with meeting the Falconers. He brings so many pies and random deserts. He worried over his outfit for a week. Jack was a supportive boyfriend and helped him pick out his outfit and bake, but also helped him not get too anxious.

Bob and Alicia are all smiles and very like soft at first, trying not to scare Bitty off (theyre both Extra AF usually). Over dinner, they all have some wine and Bitty is starting too loosen up when Alicia asks him about his recipe for the pie.

Then Bob slips up and mentions something that’s clearly a reference to a video Bitty made in the past.

There’s a moment and Bitty looks at Bob and is like, questioning but not sure how to ask.

Bob caves. He can’t keep this up. “I’m not gonna lie, I watched all of your videos. Alicia and I both did. We think you’re wonderful and have been dying to meet you. Also, honestly your videos made me cry a few times. I told myself i was only going to watch a few but I definitely watched all of them, not all with Alicia, and I just.” He shrugs. “I’m a stan.”

Bitty blushes and laughs a lot. This breaks the ice entirely. Everything else goes great, Bob instantly adds Bitty into the family group text. Bitty now has both of them on snapchat and like he and Alicia are besties. Forever.

**When Jack meets Bitty’s parents:

They actually met over Skype first. That’s how Bitty came out to his parents and like a few weeks later they meet Jack. It’s a bit nerve-wracking for both of them but Coach is so impressed, but also is like “Of course my son could land an NHL star. He’s my son.” 

The first time they meet in person is over the summer then, during Fourth of July of course.

This is also when Jack’s parents come down to meet Bitty’s parents

 Everyone knows about Bitty. Well, most people do and if not they probably are distant. MooMaw is so supportive and loves Bitty a lot and is so excited to meet his “handsome hockey boyfriend”. Some of his aunts and uncles might not be, and some really don’t like it at all, but his parents and grandma are always there for him and that helps a lot.

Fourth of July is the obvious date to go down again. Coach and Suzanne encourage Bitty to invite Jack’s parents as well.

So Jack and Bitty and Bob and Alicia all fly together. Bob and Alicia rent a car and they drive to Bitty’s house.

Bob and Suzanne actually get along really well and so do Coach and Alicia. Like they all get along but this is where the friendships are (cause Bob can cook and honestly we don’t know much about Alicia but I think this girl loves like a lot of sports and played like soccer and stuff in high school so her and Coach get along super well talking sports and stuff)

It’s all wonderful and Suzanne loovvess that she can tell her old friends that she is now good friends with Bad Bob Zimmermann - her high school crush. 


This is the story of the day I met the Yogscast. It’s been 3 months now and a day hasn’t past that I haven’t thought about it and I thought it was finally time to make a post about this.

I’ve always wanted to go to Blizz-con, and this year I had the chance to go. At first I wasn’t sure If I wanted to go because of how much it would cost until the thought hit me that the Yogscast is usually there. Don’t get me wrong I am a huuge Blizzard nerd, but the Yogs being there was more then the push I needed to actually go. 
I remember the day before, standing in line for 3 hours to get my badge, constantly on edge with the fear that I might see them, staring at any person with the littlest of resemblance of any of them, but I remember, even the day of, it really hadn’t hit me that they were really going to be there. I have spent hours running over meeting them in my head, but it was always just a dream, it never really occurred me, living on the other side of the world, it was really a reality yet.
The day of I walked into the convention centre, my mind still swimming and I was still on my toes, looking every which way carefully. I was there at opening, and it was two hours until the opening ceremonies and I took this as “Okay I have two hours to find them” I walked around the whole place about 3 times, looking at everyone closely. I started to get thoughts like “There are more people then I thought, maybe I won’t find them” at that time I turned around, and through a very small space I saw the blond of Duncan’s hair. It didn’t occur to me it was him at the time, I was casually thinking “Oh that guy kinda looks like Duncan huh” and then I kinda looked closer like “ And the guy next to him kinda looks like Turps” at that time my eyes shot about 5 feet forward and I stop. My mind freezes and I know thats Sjin. I looked the back about 2 feet to see Sips and I’m shaking, and start to slowly, and I mean slowly walk towards them. Now I know Sjin isn’t the most observant person as proven on the streams this year which makes this part so much more awkward. As I walked in front of them, Sjin and I kept eye contact for about 5 seconds and I probably look close to insane and/or about to cry. And despite my Sips and Sjin shirt I’m not completely sure if he knew I was a fan for even half of that. All of them walked right up to me, like, riight up to me, and I had to bend my neck up to look at them it was so very nerve racking. Sips casually walked up with his so very cheerful “Hiiiiii” and I Replied and looked at all of them back and forth and you can clearly hear the shaking in my voice as I gave a long hi back. I had spent 48H rehearsing what I was going to say and I couldn’t even ask for a picture myself. I looked down at my Ipod and Turps was standing behind them, and just pushed through Sips and Sjin and walked right close up to me “Oh do you want me to take a picture” I was so nervous I couldn’t talk, and if that wasn’t bad enough, for those of you with an ipod, just take the time to flip that camera short cut up, its the worlds easiest thing to do, and guess who couldn’t do it to save their life?? I tried about 6 times, and I was shaking so bad it just wouldn’t flip, to add, Turps was there, right beside me, he saw it all and said something like “Yeah thats right just flip that up” while I’m my head I’m like “I’M TRYING I’M SORRY I LOVE U” omg. So I walked over to them to take the picture and I was very very very aware of Sips arm going around me, and it made it so much worst, he probably felt me shaking oh god. I couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot I  was so happy. I then asked if I could get a picture of Sips, Sjin and I doing duck faces, I had originally wanted to ask for gang signs to but decided against it. Just as I finished asking Sjin said “And gang signs” and I gave probably the most enthusiastic “YES AND GANG SIGNS” possible.. I remember talking directly to Sips because I felt like It was easier, and hearing Sjin talk to me with that adorable voice/accent my knees almost gave out. I thanked them excitedly and walked the opposite way and THE second they passed me, it hit me, and the tears came and I was shaking so bad I had to go sit down for about 30 minutes. I sat down and stared at the pictures and changed my background on my ipod, that later caused me almost tears every time I went to check the time.
But yeah I’m almost in tears thinking about it again. I can truthfully say this was the greatest day of my life, and that I have NEVER been happier then I was in that very moment. The Yogscast saved my life a few years back, and just, being able to meet the people who turned my life back around, seeing how nice, and great they are in real life, makes me just such a proud fan and I will forever keep loving all of them, more and more each video they make.