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PRIDE MONTH CHALLENGE → Day 17: A Non-Canon Couple

↳ Johnny Storm and Peter Parker / Spideytorch

Y'know…early in my career, I got trashed by Doctor Octopus. I was ready to hang up my webs forever. But you came to my school to give a talk, and your lecture was so inspiring, it turned my life around.

Inspired by this post.

More Nessian parallels below because I will never recover from their ACOWAR scenes.

But Cassian said quietly as we headed for the dining room, “Because I can’t stay away.” (ACOWAR, chapter 17)

“Nesta gritted her teeth, trying to haul Cassian up once more. A broken sound of pain ripped from him. “Go!” he barked at her.

“I can’t,” she breathed, voice breaking. “I can’t.” (ACOWAR, chapter 74)

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