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So the next time you forget you’re Blair Waldorf, remember I’m Chuck Bass and I love you

Chuck Bass

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Camren & Serie’s Couples

I don’t know if you guys think the same as me… but when I watch some series I always can see some little Camren things on these couples.

Monica & Chandler (Friends)

They are best friends and in the middle of the way discover an incredible chemistry between them. They become lovers and companions. Both are funny and the partnership between them is notable. One of my best couples ever!

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

Ross has a crush on Rachel since college. They disagree for a while, but after the reunion happens, the chemistry between them is always very visible. They spend some time together but they broke up because of some incompatibilities. The chemistry between them exists even while they are not together. Rachel will always be Ross’s. Ross will always be Rachel’s.

Carrie & Big (Sex And The City)

Carrie falls in love with Big almost at first sight. It is not difficult to realize as soon as they were made for each other. Carrie is too afraid to get involved, but she finds herself more and more in love. Big, after a divorce, also becomes difficult to get involved again. They live conflicts in every season of the show, but whoever watched the series (and the movies) already knows how it ends … Carrie & Big Forever!

Blair & Chuck (Gossip Girl)

My favorite couple!!!! Blair and Chuck start out as friends, but over the course of the series, they discover a hot, crazy, passionate, confused, dangerous and slightly toxic connection. It’s a relationship full of ups and downs. Anyone can see that they were made for each other, but the conflicts make this couple very difficult. Chemistry 100%!!!!

Elena & Damon (The Vampire Diaries)

Elena meets Stefan first and lives a love-hate relationship with his younger brother, Damon. In the course of the show, Elena and Damon discover a hallucinatory and a toxic passion. A very intense relationship between them begins. So much drama involved!!!!

Ted & Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

Robin is Ted’s first big love, they get to date during some time, but Robin has trouble to getting involved and they break up the relationship. Ted can never forget Robin completely and he lives dreaming about the day that maybe this relationship can work … until … :)

Marshall & Lilly (How I Met Your Mother)

The perfect couple!!! Have known each other since college. They are silly, funny, partners, best friends and cute. They complete each other. They are very supportive of one another. You look and see that there is no Lily without Marshall or Marshall without Lily. The world would work wrong if they did not stay together.

Olivia & Fitz (Scandal)

Olivia helps Fitz to reach the presidency of the United States and they end up falling in love and living a hidden story and madly in love. They are meant to be, but they can’t be together.

Piper & Alex (Orange Is The New Black)

Piper and Alex know each other before they are arrested at Litchfield Penitentiary. They are completely and madly in love, but they are toxic to each other and always engage in problems that make it impossible for them to be together. Chemistry is inevitable when they are close!!!

Camren (Fifth Harmony)

I don’t know about u…. but I can see a little bit of Camren in every couple that was listed here.

Enjoy! :) (Sorry about some spoilers.)