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Walmart after 10pm is such a bizarre other worldly place it’s not real especially the garden center like if you enter the garden center after 10pm there’s a 76% chance you’ll meet your mirror self and they’ll kill you and replace you while your soul is stuck in the Walmart garden center to forever listen to old white ladies complain about their plants they got from a different store dying and them wanting a refund

aaaa i posted this on twitter but i keep forgetting to post this here too so here it is! a belated 2000 days celebration pic for btob <3 even though i only got into them recently, they’re such a fun, wholesome group i love them lots ;0; i wish them the very best for everything that they do in the future <33


Delena Forever Ours // July 31 : Two Songs (2/2)  “Still Falling For You” - Ellie Goulding

#in every way that they are opposites are the ways that they complete each other #their differences make up two halves of a whole #and after all the struggles #the ups and the downs #they still fall in love with each other every single day #they have fought tooth and nail #they have been through hell and high water #and in the end they have come out on top #because that is how strong their love is #they still choose each other over and over again #they love each other in all of their forms #the good and the bad #the beautiful and the ugly #no matter what #they will always choose each other #always and forever

i kinda miss being 16 it was really like …. a whole other plane of consciousness


Autumn Reverie by pixelmama

Brendan Gallagher - Number Eleven (Part 2)

anon request: This make a part two of number eleven

@austonmatty34: part two for the brendan gallagher one!!

for those of you that have not read part once here it is part one

okay so this was super fun to write and i hope you guys enjoyed it.I havent had much time for writing lately but i hopefully will get a lot done during the summer because the end of my school year is nearing and exams are coming so im just really stressed. I hope you all understand!!<3

btw when i saw @austonmatty34 left a request i had to do it, i love your acc although we dont talk :’((

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i sat on the couch starring the puck down that had gold writing on it. i read over the phone number and debated with myself, should i call him or should i not? so many thoughts were going through my mind right now. i thought back to what happened three days ago in the almost empty bell center arena at my first nhl game.

i caught the attention of brendan gallagher and i think he wanted me to make the first move. i hesitated for a moment but i thought to myself, ‘let’s be like y/f/n for just a minute.’ and so i did. when would i even get this chance again, plus he is super cute.

'hey brendan it’s y/n, im just wondering when you’d want this puck back?’

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