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Power Rangers Road Trip Headcanon

- “I’ll drive”

“No, i’ll drive”

“The last time you drove you handed the wheel to me.”

“The last time you drove we got hit by a fucking train.”

“That was one time!!!”

“Trini and Kim are driving hand the keys over”

- The boys are all crammed in the back while Trini and Kim have the front.

- They made the mistake of sticking the food next to Jason and Zack. All the food is gone an hour in.


“ Zack, can you please sing the song that’s actually playing”

“No can do Cap”

- Kim holds Trinis hand when she drives. The boys tease the two until Kim Break checks them.

- They stop by an old city that Trini used to live in and she shows them a round for a bit

-“I have to pee”

“Jesus Kim, we just stopped. You’re gonna have to wait”

“If you don’t stop the car I will break up with you”

“Pulling over now”

-Trini chucks a drink at a car that cuts them off 3 times within 5 miles

- “Great now we are about get RUNDOWN by a fucking HUMMER cause you thought chucking a drink at them was a good idea.”

“We got hit by a fucking train, a hummer isn’t gonna do shit.”


- They  get a keychain for every state they cross through

- Billy usually  stays awake with the girls during the night drives. Thats when they roll down the windows and let him play his country music

- They get joining rooms at the motels they stop at. Jason accidentally breaks a waffle maker one morning and they all make a run for it.

- Jason has them Morph and take pictures in every state. He posts the pictures on all the official power rangers social media accounts.

- When the Roadtrip is over Kim is so tired from driving that instead of waking them up, She  falls asleep and they all spend the night in the driveway

anonymous asked:

If we followed the Injustice storyline (also assuming Jon is involved) have you ever considered what side he would be on? Superman's regime or Batman's insurgency. Would he oppose Damian???

Hah, you’re in luck, because I’m a fan of the Injustice storyline (and I play the games), so I can give you a detailed answer (though I hate, hate, hate how they did Damian there, his characterization and motivation and how Bruce reacted to him…ehem anyway….)

 Okay, first we need to make an assumption: what Jon’s origin would be. The way I could see his side will change a bit depending on his origin story. It will be either:

A: In the injustice timeline, Jon is still Clark’s son. So let’s assume that he retains his DC rebirth origins, but the Joker kills his mom and unborn sister, just as it happens in the story of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

 I would see him being destroyed from grief and withdrawing from the world a bit. Then when Superman announces the regime, Jon will join him. For him, he will see it as a way to protect people, he will innocently believe that this is the best way to help. He also still genuinely believes in his dad, and believes that his dad’s way is the way of justice.

Damian will join soon after, and they work together for a while. But he knows that there’s something changed in Damian…he can never again be the Damian he knew while being the Super Sons.

Then, the atrocities start piling up. Superman kills Green Arrow. Superman almost kills Kon and exiles him and the rest of the teen titans to the phantom zone, lost forever. Superman kills Black Canary, and becomes a Yellow Lantern, allying himself with the evil Sinestro. Then the war with the green lanterns. Then the massacre of hundreds of protesters. And all the other atrocities in between.

Jon, being raised the way he is by the once righteous side of Superman, and with his personality, will begin to have doubts. Actually, more than doubts. He realizes his dad is going down a dark path, and he tries to help Clark realize this. Superman doesn’t listen. He still tries as much as he can, and he stays on the regime to keep trying to temper his father’s rising evil. Finally, a few years later, he loses hope in changing Clark. He tries to convince Damian to leave with him, but ironically, it’s Damian that convinces him that he needs to leave the regime.

“You’re either with Superman, with the side of justice, or you’re against it,” Damian had said.

Jon realizes that he’s lost his dearest friend to the manic ambitions of his father. When Clark kills Billy Batson, which in this timeline was likely Jon’s friend, that’s when he fully betrays the regime and joins Batman. By this time, he’s lost hope on changing his father’s ways, but he is determined to save Damian from falling down the same path.

Or, Jon’s origin will be like this.

B: Jon is the son of the Superman that comes from the alternate timeline, and comes into the Injustice timeline to help. 

In this scenario, he’ll definitely side with Batman from the start. He’ll see the evil Superman and easily conclude that Injustice Clark should be defeated. He meets Regime Damian, and because he finds it so utterly shocking that Damian could ever turn on Bruce, he has a really difficult time fighting Damian. He’ll even hesitate to even see Damian as an enemy this way.

Either way:

Jon will side with the resistance with Batman, either eventually or immediately. Jon would represent the hopeful and morally good side of Injustice Clark’s soul that he lost to fear and ambition. If nothing else, he can never condone the murders and atrocities that his father had committed and will make it his duty to ensure that Superman is brought to justice, just as the old Superman would have done.

As for Damian…Jon will have to face off with Damian as his direct rival. Because everyone had already disowned Damian, even Bruce, Jon would be the only one willing to bring Damian back to the light. However far gone Damian is, Jon will never give up on his friend.

When Superman is defeated, Damian would have escaped. Jon makes it his personal mission to track Damian down on his own, and bring him back to the light, and he is the only one who actually wants to do that, since everyone considers Damian a criminal.

I can just see Jon talking to Batman as he prepares to go on a long journey for an unknown period of time to find Damian.

“I’m going to find Damian, Mr. Wayne. I’m going to bring him back,” Jon said.

“Damian is gone. There is no redeeming a war criminal like him,” Bruce warned harshly.

“You don’t know that,” Jon replied stiffly.

“Jon, listen to me,” Bruce snapped as he shook Damian’s shoulders. “Damian doesn’t want to be saved!”

Jon brushed Bruce aside and headed out. He stopped to give Bruce a determined look one last time.

“When you gave up on Damian, he gave up on himself,” Jon said firmly, almost accusingly. “Maybe he doesn’t want to be saved because he saw that no one would ever bother to try anymore. I’m going to find him and give him the one thing he needs right now.”

“And what might that be?” Bruce asked suspiciously.

Jon gave Bruce a sad smile. 

“Faith,” he said simply. “And the knowledge that there’s at least one last person on earth who’s waiting for him to come back.”

With that, Jon rose to the air and zoomed off to the horizon.


1. Lana del rey - I fucked my way up to the top
2. Sweater weather
3. MO - waste of time
4. Icona Pop - in the stars
5. Archive - you make me feel
6. Gotye - Somebody that i used to know
7. William Fitzsimmons - Mend your heart
8. Chlöe Howl - Rumour
9. Bastille - Dreams (ft. Gabrielle aplin)
10. Bastille ft Ella - No angels
11. Bastille - (I just) died in your arms
12. Gorgon City - No more (ft.liv)
13. Halsey - Hurricane
14. Halsey - Ghost
15. Chris Brown - Post to be
16. Dj Khaled ft. Chris Brown - Hold you down
17. Silento - Watch me (Nae Nae)
18. The Smiths - Asleep
19. 5 Seconds of summer - I miss you (blink 182 cover)
20. 5 Seconds of summer - Long way home
21. 5 Seconds of summer - Boulevard of broken dreams (green day cover)
22. 5 Seconds of summer - Wrapped around your finger
23. Jetta - I’d love to change the world (matstubs remix)
24. Drake - Company (ft. travis scott)
25. Drake - Can i
26. Drake - Preach
27. Drake - Jungle
28. Drake - Know Yourself
29. Drake - Energy
30. Drake - Now&Forever
31. Drake - You & The 6
32. Drake - Used To (ft. Lil Wayne)
33. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have my Money
34. Drake - No Tellin’
35. Drake - 10 Bands
36. Drake - 6 Man
37. Future - Trap Niggas
38. Chris Brown x Tyga - Ayo
39. Chris Brown x Tyga - Butches N Marijuana (Ft. School Boy Q)
40. Chris Brown x Tyga - Nothin’ Like Me (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)
41. Young Thug - Check
42. Drake - Madona
43. Kanye West - All Day (Ft. Allan Kingdom, Paul McCartney & theophilus London)
44. Juicy J - For Everybody (Ft. Wiz Khalifa & R City)
45. Fetty Wap - My Way (Ft. Monty)
46. Wiz Khalifa x Ty Dolla $ign - Post Up
47. Ella Handerson - Glow
48. Banks - Waiting Game
49. Banks - Goddess
50. Banks - Being For Thread
60. Yellow Claw - Shotgun
61. TNBH - How
62. TNBH - A Little Death
63. TNBH - Flawless
64. TNBH - West Coats
65. TNBH - Let It Go
66. Christina Perri - Human
67. Bad Lip Reading - Carl Poppa
68. The Cranberries - Zombie
69. Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me
70. Melanie Martinez - Bittersweet Tragedy
71. Shayne Ward - No Promises
72. The XX - Shelter
73. The XX - Angels
74. Lorde - Bravado
75. Lorde - Buzzcut Season
76. Flume - Holdin On
77. Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire
78. Placebo - Fuck You
79. Apocalyptica - I Don’t Care
80. Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill
81. Broods - Sleep Baby Sleep
82. Blue Foundation - Bonfires
83. Meg Myers - After You
84. Fetty Wap - Trap Queen
85. ATL - Hello Brooklyn
86. ATL - Break Your Little Heart
87. ATL - Kids In The Dark
88. ATL - Damned If I Do Ya
89. ATL - Dear Maria Count Me In
90. ATL - Do You Want Me (Dead?)
91. ATL - Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me
92. ATL - Sick Little Games
93. ATL - Therapy
94. ATL - Umbrella (cover)
95. ATL - For Baltimore
96. Tyler Bryant - House On Fire
97. Green Day - American Idiot
98. Green Day - At The Library
99. Green Day - 21 Guns
100. Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
101. No Doubt - Don’t Speak
102. Digital Daggers - Fear The Fever
103. Bastille - Icarus
104. Bastille - Get Home
105. Bastille - Of The Night
106. Bastille - Pompeii
107. Imagine Dragons - Warriors
108. Fall Out Boy - Centuries
109. Bastille - Laura Palmer
110. Chris Brown - Loyal
111. Panic! At The Disco - Miss Jackson
112. Nicki Minaj - The Boys
113. 5SOS - Don’t Stop
114. 5SOS - End Up Here
115. 5SOS - English Love Affair
116. Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Light
117. Bastille - Flaws
118. 5SOS - Good Girls
119. 5SOS - Heartache On The Big Screen
120. Nicki Minaj - Hell Yeah
121. Lana Del Rey - Hundred Dollar Bill
122. Ed Sheeran - I See Fire
123. Lana Del Rey - Jealous Girl
124. Nicki Minaj - I’m Legit
125. Lana Del Rey - Carmen
126. Lana Del Rey - Kill Kill
127. Lana Del Rey - Lolita
128. Lana Del Rey - National Anthem
129. 5SOS - Never Be
130. Lana Del Rey - Off To The Races
131. 5SOS - Out Of My Limit
132. Lana Del Rey - Pretty When You Cry
133. Lana Del Rey - Radio
134. Lana Del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls
135. Nicki Minaj - Up In Flames
136. Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom
137. 5SOS - Beside You
138. 5SOS - Too Late
139. 5SOS - The Only Reason
140. 5SOS - Unpredictable
141. 5SOS - 18
142. Th Buzz Ft. Mataya & Young Tapz - Hermitude
143. Dj Khaled Ft. Chris Brown - Hold You Down
144. Deorro x Chris Brown - Five More Hours
145. Game Ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa - Celebration
146. Omarion Ft. Chris Brown, Jhene Aiko - Post To Be
147. Trey Songz & Chris Brown - Studio remix
148. Trey Songz & Chris Brown - 24 Hours remix
149. Chris Brown - Ready
150. Usher - Climax
151. 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa - We Own It
152. Snoop Dog & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild And Free
153. Wiz Khalifa x Ty Dolla $ign - Post Up
154. Charlie Puth Ft. Wiz Khalifa - See You Again
155. Cucci Mane Ft. Wiz Khalifa - Nothin On Ya
156. Wiz Khalifa - Ass Drop
157. Problem Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Tyga - Like Whaaat (Remix)
158. Wiz Khalifa - Reefer Party
159. Wiz Khalifa / Tyga - We Dem Boyz Remix
160. Ludacris Ft. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Cashmere - Party Girls
161. Wiz Khalifa - The Thrill
162. Miley Cyrus Ft. Mike, Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J - 23
163. Big Sean - I Don’t Fuck With You
164. Kanye West Ft. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz - Mercy
165. Kanye West - Diamonds Remix
166. Kanye West - I Don’t Like
167. Kanye West - Gold Digger
168. Kanye West - Stronger
169. Jay-Z Ft. Kanye West & Rihanna - Run This Town (Onderkoffer Trap Remix)
170. Kanye West - Black Skinhead Yeezus
171. Kanye West & Jay Z - Niggas In Paris
172. Drake Ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem - Forever
173. Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow
174. Beyoncé - Drunk In Love
175. Chris Brown - Look At Me Now
176. Nicki Minaj - Beez In The Trap
177. Azealia Banks Ft. lazy Jay - 212
178. Lil Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot
179. Kanye West Ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi - All Of The Lights
180. Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor
181. Rihanna - Cheers
182. Rihanna - Pour It Up
183. Rihanna - American Oxygen
184. Drake - Girls Love Beyonce
185. Beyonce - 7/11
186. Beyonce Ft. Drake - Mine
187. Beyonce - Halo
188. Beyonce - Partition (Dave Aude Twerk Remix)
189. Beyonce - Crazy In Love
190. Beyonce - Dance For You
191. The Weeknd - Or Nah
192. The Weeknd - Often
193. The Weeknd - Drunk In Love
194. The Weeknd - King Of The Fall
195. Drake & The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Gizzle Mash Up)
196. The Weeknd - The Hills
197. The Weeknd - Wanderlust (Snakehips Remix)
198. The Weeknd - Twenty Eight
199. The Weeknd - Wicked Games
200. The Weeknd - Wath You Need
201. Ellie Goulding - High For This ( The Weeknd Cover)
202. The Weeknd - Earned It
203. The Weeknd - The Zone Ft. Drake
204. Jetta - I’d Love To Change The World
205. Trey Songz - Na Na
206. Fetty Wap - My Way
207. Fetty Wap - Again
208. Fifth Harmony - Worth It
209. Ca$h Out - She Twerk
210. Flo Rida - GDFR
211. Trey Songz - Slow Motion
212. David Guetta - Hey Mama
213. Jason Derulo - Trumpets
214. Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me
215. Ludacris - Mad Fo
216. Jason Derulo - Kama Sutra
217. Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong
218. Nicki Minaj - Boss Ass Bitch
219. French Montana Ft. Nicki Minaj - Freaks
220. Ariana Grande - One Last Time