forever bitter this was deleted

Aaron: “It’s just because I love you so much. I just don’t know what to do with it sometimes.”

Robert: “Same here. I said ‘I wanted messed up’ didn’t I?”

{#forever bitter this bit was deleted}

I don’t understand how tony thought steve would literally turn bucky over to the government because tony asked him to and for the sake of his ‘squad.’ Like do you even know this boy at all? And that’s the thing isn’t it? He doesn’t know steve. He knows Captain America but he has no idea who Steve Rogers is, what makes him tick. Sam knew and he barely just met him. Nat knew but she’s also his best friend she was ready to side with him despite knowing all the risks. That’s why civil war felt like bullshit. In the comics steve and tony had a stronger relationship. In the mcu world tony thought asking steve to turn over his best friend/brother/soulmate would be as easy as pie. There was no basis to their supposed friendship and marvel adding in all the extra angst and steve/tony interactions felt stupid and ridiculous.