forever bitter at how they were treated

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LOL so no EW cover or eve special featurette, no TV Guide cover, and is JDM on Live with Kelly really the extent of the cast promoting the MSP? Wow, what a diffeeence a year makes. Hm, I wonder why, what has changed? What could it possibly be? (I miss glenn so fucking hard and hate how he, Steven, and his death were treated. and I hate the way they've treated Carol and MMB, I'm enjoying watching the show suffer waaaay too much)

It’s dying a slow death. Which was quickened by the things you mentioned.

The competition is too big for the mediocre seasons SG has been putting out. 

Like,we’ve been saying since forever(specially C@rylers tbh but not cause we were “bitter” our ship wasn’t getting focus). You can’t just have three or four good episodes per season. It needs to be consistent. It’s not “worth the wait” cause there is hundreds of shows now and people will get bored and move on.

They’re lucky they have such a charismatic and talented cast cause there is not much else that is keeping people around if we’re honest.