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Mooseful Mornings

Sam x Paired!Reader

Imagine what it’s be like living with your boyfriend, Sam, at the bunker along with Dean

Warnings: Language as always, Sam Fluff, Bacon theft.

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He had many nicknames: Moose, Gigantor, Brother, Sammy, and Yours. Everybody knew you belonged to each other in a specific way. Just a touch from you was like the glue that could slowly put his broken parts back together.

It all started with Dean and Cas getting stuck in Purgatory. You were there too. No, you weren’t any creature. In fact, you had no idea how you’d gotten there. One minute you were hunting some special kind of demon and the next your ass was in this hell hole. At first site, the oldest Winchester tried to kill you, but realized you were human. To your surprise, he helped you. So much had been said about the Winchester brother, in Purgatory and between hunters.

Anyways, when the three of you: Dean, Benny, and yourself, got out and you had nowhere to go, you stuck with them. Going everywhere they went and hunting everything they did. A connection with Dean was inevitable, the two of you would always have a bond from fighting for each other in Purgatory. What wasn’t expected, was a certain bond between you and Sam. So you had your best friend, Dean, and your boyfriend, Sam.

After moving into the bunker, there were daily routines. You’d wake up earlier than everyone, which was pretty damn early at first because neither of them slept long. Making breakfast was at the top of your list. Mainly everyday was the same, but today was different.

You weren’t the only one awake at an early hour. Long dragging footsteps approached you from behind. You payed no attention to them, knowing just by the sound who they belonged to. “You’re up early,” turning your face a bit to the right to glance behind you, Sam’s tired face was buried in the cabinet, grabbing two coffee cups.

He didn’t reply. Rather he set down the cups, came up behind you, and wrapped his arms around your chest. It was more than likely he would’ve wrapped his arms around your waist but as Dean said “You’re already short, Y/n. He’d have to shrink a few feet to make that happen,”

A short giggle came out of your body as you flipped the piece of bacon over. “Baby, I love you, but your hair is getting in my face and I can’t see,” setting the spatula down, you slipped the hair tie off of your wrist.

“Down,” he did as he was told and bent his knees and hung is head so you would be able to reach the top of his head. Taking advantage of this moment, you placed a kiss on his cheek which you were almost never able to reach.

 “Continue,” at the sound of your words, he once again wrapped his arms around you like he had before and you continued to cook.

Minutes later a very tired and grouchy Dean who already had his cup of daily coffee, came strolling into the kitchen. “I smell bacon,” walking over to you, he completely ignored the presence of his brother, took a piece, and walked back out. Only to walk back in and take the whole damn plate full just a few seconds later.

How blessed you were to have not one, but two Winchesters to love

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest question ever!  Also, earlier this summer I would’ve totally said we’d all just be unicorns, but I think now my opinions have changed.  Just a little. 

Great Uncle Ford could still maybe be a unicorn!  He’s all mysterious like that.

But now to my friends! Let’s start with Candy and Grenda, cause those are easy ones!  I can totally see Grenda being a bear, cause while she’s super cute and cuddly, she can also break a rock with her skull!  Bears…bears can do that, right?

And Candy would definitely be a sugar glider!  They’re tiny and precious but also really social animals, and I bet they’re mega smart too.  Plus, can you imagine Candy gliding through the sky on magic marsupial-wings? Cause I certainly can.

Moving on to my family!  Dipper would totally be a cat.  Not only does he sneeze like a kitten, but he makes the same grumpy faces, too!

Okay, okay, I’m joking…Kinda.  While he has all the goofy features of being a skittish little kitty, he’s also got all the good traits too!  He’s curious, playful, and an awesometastic friend when you need one.  Maybe I should promote him to a larger cat level!  Like a lion!

…A baby lion.

Next up is Great Uncle Ford! I kinda take back what I said about him being a unicorn…Looking back, he kinda reminds me of an owl!  He’s smart (like that one from Winnie the Pooh!) and talented (like…like a maraca owl!) and like I said, pretty mysterious.  But beneath all that, he’s a super cute fluffy owl who just needs a hug!

Also, he never sleeps—like, ever.  It might be time for a slumber party intervention…

But I can do that later! Moving on to Grunkle Stan!  Earlier this summer I would’ve said he was like a troll-goblinsaur, but Dipper says those are mythical creatures, not animals. 

So if I had to choose…how about a wolf?  He might seem kinda rough around the edges and scary at first, but it turns out he’s really cuddly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s super protective, which is also wolf-ish, and really really loves the people in his family!

Also, he has grey hair, and wolves have grey fur, right? It’s destiny!

Finally, I can’t leave out Wendy and Soos! Wendy strikes me like a fox or something—y’know, agile, red-headed, and something that might bite you if you mess with her friends. Maybe.  Either way, she’s just super awesome!

Meanwhile, Soos is undoubtedly a giant panda.  I think he’s got secret panda powers too, like the ones from those cartoons—y’know, the ones that are like forest spirits or something and make all the trees and plants grow? Well, whether he does or doesn’t, he’s still a panda in the sense that he’ll let you sleep on his tummy. I would know—I’ve tried it!

And of course, I would be…drumroll, please…


Me and Waddles would be the piggiest buddies in the world, can you see it?  We’d go on pig adventures, have pig dance parties, and rid the world (and Grunkle Stan’s freezer) of all bacon!  Forever!

So thanks for the question, friend-o!  I’m gonna go see if I can become a pig now…or at least work on that slumber party for Great Uncle Ford.


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot Pacifica!

…You know what, she can totally be the unicorn.

So much love!

So yesterday, while I was spending my day stuck in a car, with a dead cellphone and no access to Tumblr, you guys multiplied again!  There are now over 900 of you lovely people following me! 

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I really don’t understand what is happening; but seriously, thank you so very much to each and every one of you!  The amount of love and support you show me is just outstanding!  I never would have guessed my blog would be growing in followers as quickly as it has.   

I do not plan on doing a full celebration as I believe you will keep multiplying, as rabbits tend to do, and I will probably hit 1K before I am prepared for it.  And when I hit that, we are so going to party! So as a thank you to the 900+ of you awesome people following me: I give you my follow forever (one of the reasons I didn’t do one for New Years).  All of these are amazing blogs and if you haven’t checked them out, you should go NOW!

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