forever asking for food

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Sleepy Hollow located in Magic Kingdom.

“How about a reincarnation of Soos that makes a deal with Alcor for a slice of infinity pizza?” ~Person who submitted their prompt to Transcendence AU apparently.

“W̸̧̛͟H̸̨͘͡O̴҉̶͠ ̴̶͝͏D̵̢̢͠À̧R̵̶̸ÉS̶̸̴̀͝ ̴̴̴͡S̴̡Ù̡̧M̵̴̡M̸̸̀͝O͘͢͞N̨͠ ̴̷̕͟A̸̴̧Ļ̴͢͠Ç͜͟͝O͏Ŕ͢ ̡͏͡T̀́H̵̀͝Ę̸̢͟͡ ̸͘͢͠D̡͞Ŗ͞E̸À̧̕͜͡M̸̧̡͟͝B̶̶͡E̷͞Ņ̨͢͞D̨͏̸É͟͡R̷͠͠?̸́̀̕ “

A young girl sat at the edge of the circle, shivering at the breeze.

“Could I have some food that lasts forever?” she asked hopefully, looking up at him with big eyes. “I’ll give anything.”

Alcor looked around, and realized that this house was pretty bad looking. The windows seemed to have blankets taped over them to unsuccessfully keep the draft out, the furniture seemed dirty and broken, and it was dark and cold.

The girl herself looked dirty and cold, her brown hair stringy and oily. She looked fairly thin, and their was a bruise on her face.

The sad part was that he definitely recognized her soul.

“Look kid. Never tell a demon that you’ll give anything. They can twist that around and screw you over.”

The girl nodded, understanding.

“Why do you need food that lasts forever?” Alcor asked.

“My dad, he lost his job, and we haven’t been able to get food since. And he likes to buy weird smelling drink that makes him pass out.”

Alcor froze, then asked, “Did he cause that bruise?”

The girl quickly shook her head, saying, “No! I got into a fight because a couple of kids in my grade were making fun of a little kid because he lost his mom.”

Alcor shook his head, saying, “How about an infinite slice of pizza, in return for.”

He truly thought about it. Well, there was one option.

“Half of those drinks your dad buys?”

The girl nodded, running and counting out half of them, before bringing them back and laying them in front of her.

He reached his hand out, and the girl shook it, blue flames tingling against her hand.

As he took the alcohol, a piece of pizza materialized in the girl’s hand.

“If you take a bite, it will regenerate. It won’t get moldy or stale, and you and your dad can cut off pieces for dinners.”

“Thank you!” The girl smiled cheerfully.

“Good luck, kid,” he told her, giving her a pat on the shoulder before disappearing.