forever and a day

HELLO EVERYBODY!!! (-^   O ^-) i’ve been away for like… a week and a half because of health and family reasons~ but wow! (^   v ^) *pfft!* it actually feels like it’s been a month or more! LOL! LOL! LOL! i hope everyone has been having a nice time since Valentines day! have i missed anything exciting!? AH! (7O   [  ]O)7 it’s Otayuri week i see!!! what a thing to miss!!! i should make up for it a bit next week with sketches for each theme or something! (-^  3 ^-) that would be fun! ALSO!!! isn’t it time for the Final Fantasy XV update?!?!? GAH!! i need to get on that!!!

OH! (O //w//O) and my husband surprised me with a copy of Tales of Zestiria!!! i’ve never played a Tales game before but i was always really interested in that one?! now i have it!!!! i can’t wait to play it!!! (^   w ^) ALSO! i re-watched all of season one of Seven Deadly Sins while i was sick in bed!!! (-^ ____^-) season two just started and i’ve been enjoying it so much!!! so, there will probably be one piece from that coming some time! hahaha! it’s not a fandom i see myself getting into~ but there’s one character in particular who i love, so i envision myself doing something of him! <3 <3 <3

WELL!!! (-^   O ^-) looking forward to being back!!! thank you so much to everybody who sent me messages while i was away! i’m sorry i didn’t leave a hiatus message! i really didn’t realize i’d be gone so long! (^  v ^) if anybody has stories to share feel free to send me an Ask! missed you guys!!! <3 <3 <3 love love!! *HUGS*

(excuse the Very Bad banner lol i kinda wrecked it beyond salvation so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

hello!! i’m nat and welcome to my first ever follow forever! tbh i’ve been wanting to do this ever since i hit 300 followers but then school and exams got in the way and now i’m already past 600??? (628 to be exact) it might not seem like a lot to some but it’s a lot to me & i’m very grateful for every single one of you here!!! 

february 17 also marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog officially becoming glitchyoongi! 🎉 (and i guess the 1 year anniversary of becoming an official army/stan) in just one year i’ve managed to gain a lot of nice mutuals and a few close friends, and also release a lot of self-made content (gfx, edits, vids, memes etc) which i’m very happy for all the love they got! thank you all for following me and/or liking/reblogging my stuff :’) all of you make my dash a much more enjoyable and wonderful place :’’’) i love and appreciate every single one of you!! 🙆

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