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So, some of you might be wondering what happened after I came out on facebook, and I’m posting it like this for a reason.


Because I honestly expected a bad reaction. I have many friends on there who are christian, and I know how most of them view heterosexuality, as well as my relatives of whom I was scared of telling. But you know what? Look at this. I got over 50 likes, and all these nice comments. 

So I’m here to say that if you’re really scared of coming out to people, they’re honestly going to be more accepting than you would think. You get scared, you think that people will hate it because of all the shit you hear, but you know what? You need to give people more credit than that, because yeah, there are going to be haters, and I’m sure I got several unfriends today, but it’s these people that matter, and these people you need to keep in your life.

So yeah just thought I’d share that to anyone who needed that little bit of courage ;w;