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Plot: You and jimin were close friends and one day you went to their concert and in the middle he gives you a shoutout then gets you up on stage and confesses and you agree and he gives you a kiss. 

Pairing: JiminxReader

Words count: 1,6k+

Genre: Fluffy 

For @rajwah12345, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

You were in the front that evening, you wouldn’t have lost his concert for no reason. The screams of the other fans around you continued to make you move even more, the adrenaline rushing through your veins and the wonderful feeling of realizing a dream.

Being friends with Jimin was not easy, but it was worth it. Not for the concerts you were invited or gifts that he made you, but because despite his busy schedule, he was always on time for you.

And it was for that reason that you started to have feelings for him.

Although you continued to scold you, because you had no time for love, you weren’t able to stop your heart from falling completely at the mercy of Park Jimin.

Next to you one of the fans shook your hands, returning you to the reality, and you smiled eagerly, starting to sing “Silver Spoon”. One of your favorite songs and you used always to charge of energies before an exam.

The song shortly fell through and the stage was darkened, making up the crowd a huge “Oh” of pure excitement.

The first few notes of “Lie” took everyone by surprise, while you frantically lightened your lighstick and began to move in time with all the other fans.

See him on stage was always a treat, his solo would be the death of you and you were slowly preparing.

A spotlight came on suddenly, illuminating a total blank Jimin, provoking you chils who traveled with malice your whole body and stood into your core.  

That man was perfect and you kept to keep those thoughts to yourself, too afraid to ruin your friendship.

And your eyes met, his smile wide and gentle for a moment outlined on his blossom lips and you seemed it was only for you.

Then his expression changed completely and became mysterious, sensual and pretty damn exciting.

Park Jimin knew how to turn on thousands of fans, including you.


Speech’s final moment had arrived but all you would have wanted that that concert last forever. Your screams of encouragement, mixed together with those of the other fans, continued to bring a smile to all seven while Jimin’s gaze was on you, since Seokjin had started talking.

He did not let yours a second and you couldn’t help but smile, showing more faces upturned thumbs. You were proud of that man and every way was right to make him understand.

Jimin finally took the mic and began to thank his fans and everyone who had permission to him to be there at that time. It was only when you hear your name echoed thanks to the mic you realize that something wasn’t going the right way.

Namjoon and Yoongi were doing whistles of encouragement, while Taehyung with Jungkook pretended to silence the crowd with movements incredibly stupid that served only to make them laugh even more.

“Y/N, why don’t you answer? Come on up here, I’ve to tell you something! ”

“W-Who? M-Me? ” You murmured totally shocked, watching the girl next to you.

“If your name is like that..Yes, it’s you. ” She pointed out, hiding a pinch of jealousy.

Without realising you were on the stage, while Hoseok and Seokjin raise you from your both hands, giving you a hug that takes your breath away.

“Waaaaah our Y/N is really beautiful tonight, huh, ARMY???” Namjoon shouted, making you blush all over your face. “We’re happy to see you here, especially our Jimin-ah”

“Me too..” You hummed embarrassed, approaching and reaching Jimin, who kept smiling upon you with that killer smile. His eyes completely disappeared and the joy to see you painted on each stroke of that perfect face.

“You look absolutely beautiful tonight, Y/N”

“Only tonight?”

Your joke, echoed into the mic that Taehyung placidly kept near your lips, blowed up the crowd laughing and that sound calmed you.  

You could not understand why Jimin asked you to go on stage, when he was well aware of your innate shyness.

“You’re right, you’re beautiful.” He whispered soothingly, taking both of your hands and making you walk towards him.

Your heart, meanwhile, had begun to beat at a frantic pace so much that seemed to be about to explode.

“What… Why did you made me get on stage? ”

“Because I have to tell you something, Y/N” he began to whisper into the mic, despite the embarrassment he felt and you could see it from his shy smile. “We know each other for nearly four years, right?”

“Yes Jimin. We met when you spilled coffee on my Super Junior’s tshirt. ”

“I still feel guilty. I hope Super Junior sumbeanim don’t hate me for this. ”

A further burst of laughter lit up the crowd and you smiled slightly and began to tremble with excitement that kept increasing.

His hands were strong on your and you noticed that his thumbs had started moving slowly on your skin, provoking you goosebumps of pleasure.

“Yeah.. ” He returned earnest, making another step toward you. “I made the worst impression of my life that day, with you.. Yet you were so nice that I immediately felt the desire to see you again. So we became friends but… ” He continued and you held your breath, while a total silence fell over the arena.

“B-BUT…?” Was your whisper stammered, not noticing of other’s amused expressions around you.

“Well.. Look at yourself, Y/N. You’re beautiful… But you look gorgeous in ways that I can’t describe. Of course you’ve horrible habits like leaving your bras scattered everywhere and come to your house for me is always an achievement. But there’s nobody else who makes me feel like you do. ”

“Constantly angry and frustrated because I’m lower than you just for a centimeter?”

“Even that..”

“Jimin.. I don’t understand … ”

“Maybe if I do this you can understand.” He whispered and cupped your face into his hands, coming closer to you completely. “Also because I want to do this for months.”

You had no time to react, his warm, soft and moist full lips were already on yours, slightly parted in surprise. Your eyes widened when he began to kiss you gently, sliding one hand from your cheek fin on your side, moving you totally against his body.

Your legs started to get weak in the knees while he kept moving his lips on yours and finally you began to reciprocate, letting your tongues, shy and almost embarrassed, slightly touched making that kiss even more intimate.

You seemed almost to be alone with him and not in front of a full crowd, a crowd at that moment began screaming and applauding.

“Guys, I understand that you’re enjoying the moment but maybe… this… later…” Seokjin’s voice, obviously in a joking way, fully back you to reality.

With a shove you moved Jimin away from you, who burst out laughing seeing redness wrap your cheeks violently. Immediately you went to hide behind Namjoon, much higher than you while Taehyung ran to hug you shouting “CUTE, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE”.

“What are you doing, I kiss you and you hide behind my Hyung?” Asked an amused Jimin, approaching his Hyung and trying to grab you in any way.


“Because I like you Y/N and was tired of waiting!”

“I don’t want to be the odd man out, guyyyyyys!”  Namjoon yelled, while you kept to remain hidden behind him, Taehyung attacked by your side like a koala.

“Can you come here? I just want to hug you, Y/N. Taehyung let her go or I’ll hurt you! ”



Sighing you left drive from Tae, you walked away from the secure hiding that were Joon’s shoulders, and he released his grip on you. Jimin’s arms wrapped you immediately and you instinctively hid your face against his neck, to avoid the huge embarrassment you felt at that time.

“So Jimin-ah, what did you want to ask her? We’re all curious!” Yoongi Pressed Jimin e you cursed him mentally because you were practicing so much embarrassment to get enough for a lifetime.

“Y/N… I know it will be difficult. But I would very much like you to be my girlfriend. ”

“I.. ”

“All I do is think of you Y/N, please. Give me a chance. ”

“I was going to say that you’re smothering me Jimin, but it’s obvious that I’m going to give you a chance. Even a thousand if you ask. ”

His face turned away from yours and looked to you carefully, completely surprised by your response.

For you, years later, that moment seemed only a dream and the fear of waking up was so much, because you didn’t want to lose what you were feeling.


“To tell you the truth… I’ve a crush on you for a long time, Jimin… ” You whispered in tight lips, awestruck by the crowd that had their eyes on you.



“Sorry Jimin-ah” Yoongi and Hoseok excused themselves in unison, without the slightest trace of remorse onto his face or voice.

“Do you like me?” He asked more upset than you, taking to caress your cheek gently.

“Jimin.. It would be nearly impossible don’t have a crush on you. ”

i found out the cause of my hip pain has been osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and a few other issues. my pain over these past few months has been overwhelming, but in light of it all my days are slowly getting brighter, and i’m forever thankful for those of you who have encouraged me ♡

Just a cute moment that makes me smile everytime.

Cedric: “I know you can do it. Just remember the sorcerer’s secret.”

Sofia: “Okay, I’ll try.”

Cedric: “And keep trying.”

The thing with Jagers is it’s often fascinating to try to untangle where behaviour is coming from even though it’s probably impossible.

For instance, Jagers are often very tactile, have little sense of personal space, and can get rough and grabby. Possible explanations?

Cultural: Their subculture is very tactile. It’s also military, encouraging friendly fights and playful aggression. There’s an expectation Jagers will need to “blow off steam” so they don’t ever have to learn to calm down. It’s a high stress environment even for people who love fighting - - Jagers could die tomorrow or live forever - - so their culture encourages forms of stress relief that can look mean from the outside.

Sensory: Lower tactile sensitivity can be associated with high pain tolerance. It would also make battlefields less overwhelming. So it’s plausible the Heterodynes tweaked it - - especially since Jagers are sturdy and don’t need as much pain sensitivity. As a side effect Jagers would likely need more and rougher touch not to feel touch starved.

Psychological: Jagers can be very packish, to the point the Heterodynes may have enhanced that instinct. Touch and play fighting are often important forms of communication between pack animals. Hat fighting especially might be a way to test out where they stand with one another.

I wrote a thing.

We need more voices in science
to step up in defiance for those characters 
that get erased from our stories; accolades and glories granted to counterparts 
as though we didn’t have the smarts to achieve 
the impossible, believe in the improbable 
and create the unthinkable. 
It’s unthinkable to me that our hindsight is so blinded. 
Turning the cheek too many times makes me think you’re shaking your head:
no, no, no. 

“Hey - you look good in that dress today." 
Pay no mind to the mess that comment made 
of my self-confidence. It seems pretty obvious 
the words they think are innocuous are noxious, 
breeding doubt and insecurity, feeding bouts of fury in me
as I hear the same phrases repeated to the women in my classes,
our lab mates and the masses of budding genius minds
that yearn to focus on their hypotheses and methods 
but instead they’re distracted by those words left unretracted: 
"you look good in that dress today.”

If you tell her that she’s pretty before you tell her that she’s smart,
don’t be startled when she starts to parcel out and pull apart 
her individuality. Trading physics books for glossy magazines. 
Instead of figuring fifty ways to solve differentials she’s counting up 
fifty ways to potentially please her partner, 
wondering - is this what is appealing? this feeling of cheapening my intelligence
because we’re terrified to be marginalized for tying to have it all,
all the while face burning, yearning tears not to drip drop while your stomach flip flops
at being called out for a love of learning. 

Just between us, from one woman to another 
it’ll take a while to recover while we wonder without ignorance
why there are so many instances of being told to be a mother
before we’re told to be discoverers. 
And I hope in twenty years or maybe less 
we’ll be blessed with plenty of reassurances that our work
is recognized for its significance, and the difference is 
we’ll be standing up for our accomplishments - not alone but with accomplices within our fields. 
Our fields. 
And it won’t be such a novelty to be so proudly standing up for our beliefs
and our discoveries. 
We need more voices in science, and not those that just say, hey- 
You look good in that dress today. 

— 8/27/14

General Shiratorizawa Christmas Headcanons
  • ho ho ho mother fuckers, guess what ushiwaka is coming to town and he brings the gift of volleyball
  • you think i’m kidding, i’m not, tendou made him dress up as santa
  • tendou dressed up as rudolph and followed him around all day giving candy canes to people
  • (most of which were thrown back at him bc although tendou is as sweet as sugar when he wants to be, people are creeped out when offered suspicious food by strangers)
  • semi reluctantly wears a christmas sweater and, as he sits moody in the corner, tendou places antlers on his head and a blinking red LED nose that emits “ho ho ho” at a reasonable volume
  • semi is not impressed
  • “did you know that santa is an anagram for satan”
  • “semi what the fuck”
  • goshiki is enthusiastic and begins the festivities by placing santa hats on all the volleyballs
  • ushiwaka is confused but hey his team is happy and stuff so that’s good, though he doesn’t quite grasp by that christmas is not the time to accidentally ruin kids dreams
  • “don’t you think santa is a little creepy? like an old man inviting children to sit on his lap and then breaking in to peoples houses, and leaving them gifts in exchange for payment; like, he’s breaking and entering, and people need to call the cops”
  • “first of all, what the fuck ushiwaka dn second of all, santa isn’t real”
  • “he’s not???”
  • also ushiwaka is that one sheltered child who never got told that santa isn’t real, sorry kids but u gotta face up to the cruel, cruel, adult world
  • reon is made to dress up as an elf and tendou almost pees himself he’s laughing so hard until semi smacks him on the back of his head to tell him to shut up
  • shirabu argues with goshiki over the placement of decorations and they nearly destroy the gym, tendou helps them tidy up and then declares that both of them are off christmas duty
  • “christmas duty isn’t a thing satori-san”
  • “that’s it christmas is ruined and you’re to blame”
  • he cheers up when he realises that semi, with his permanent resting bitch face, is the absolute christmas grinch (it’s not that he doesn’t like christmas it’s just that he doesn’t particularly care) in his eyes and takes it  upon himself to get the male to enjoy christmas
  • semi agrees bc hey, free stuff, and tendou delivers with ice skating, food, christmas markets, clothes and other christmassy things, at the end of the week or two he announces that he liked christmas (he does this every year but tendou hasn’t caught on)
  • “oh look, i’m cured, i love christmas.”
  • “success!”
  • “how long are you going to keep tricking tendou into thinking you don’t like christmas?”
  • “for as long as he takes me ice skating, it’s hilarious to watch him fall down”
  • hayato is forever encouraging goshiki and shirabu and enforces the christmas spirit
  • christmas cards in terrible christmas sweaters sent to the other schools
  • (the caption is ‘you should’ve come to shiratorizawa’)

anonymous asked:

I'm a leo and I'm obsessed with making sure my teeth look amazing. One time in elementary school someone told I had super white teeth and that's been my encouragement forever.

This needs to just sit here … 😊🔥

So in case you didn’t know i run a little cute youtube channel called ÜNDO with my cousin, with chill vapor beat tapes and laid back vibes, I would  love it if you guys would subscribe, and actually check some of the vids and mixes we make, they are very chill and good to listen to while smoking weed/driving/drinking/Netflixandchilling and  all that Ha! xo 

Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to really appreciate where you are now in your journey.
—  Life 102

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sarah-annethirteen  asked:

Hey you!!! I just wanted to say: hang in there, you can make it, we all love you and want to help you.... I hope you know that I'm here if you need to talk about anything :). You are strong, valid, important, beautiful, LOVED.

thank you so much sarah, this truly means a lot to me lovely!! with chronic pain you’ll have many amazing, comfortable days, and then days or weeks where you just feel a little overwhelmed, exhausted and even a little bit lost. i have faith that many brighter days are ahead, and i know it’s worth fighting for them, always!! i’ll also still forever be here encouraging you all to seek out the happiness and joy you deserve too xx

Under the Hood; Into the Heart [chapter three]

Summary: A love story of motor oil and telepathy.
Rating: NC17 (Chuck forgive me)
Pairing: Dean/Human!Impala (Female)

A/N: Thank you guys so so much for being so understanding about the delays. Y’all are friggin’ awesome! Let me know how y’all like this.
Missed something? No problem!
Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two

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