forever alone people

maybe one day i’ll find someone who’s presence feels like being alone. No more tension no more quickly drained energy no more awkward conversation. Someone who can exist with me while we cook and listen to a podcast or go to a cafe and study in silence. Someone that doesn’t make me feel like I have to fill every second with anxious babbling. 

Necesito que haya alguien conmigo en estos momentos, no quiero que me entienda, sino que me escuche. No quiero que detenga mis lágrimas sino que me abrace, no quiero que me diga que todo va a estar bien, quiero que me diga que no se ira, no quiero que me diga que no estoy sola, sino que me haga sentir acompañada

anonymous asked:

The rational reasons people dislike sakura.She makes stupid decisions yet is meant to be smarter than most of the cast.Was in love with a man that made it clear he was not interested yet follows him like a puppy.An example would be her chasing him so they could travel together.She's a weak representation of a female character,her goal is a man,her drive to get stronger is sasuke&naruto.But she is not selfish,she is not vain,she is not shallow,and she is not useless.

Firstly, Sakura made only one unwise decision that was all of her own making; going after Sasuke by herself, that’s it. Other “stupid” decisions people pin on her include her fake confession to Naruto, and opting to use herself as a distraction against Madara. The former decision was heavily influenced by Sai’s complete misunderstanding of the situation, and the latter was a case of her being unaware of the extent of Madara’s capabilities. It could only be considered a stupid decision if she knew what he could do, yet still opted to use herself as a distraction anyway.

Secondly, are you also critical of Naruto for being best friends with a man who “made it clear he wasn’t interested, yet follows him like a lost puppy”? An example would be the numerous times Sasuke clearly indicated to him that he wanted to be left alone, and didn’t want anything to do with them anymore:

Yet, Naruto still kept chasing after him. Because something tells me you don’t criticise Naruto for that, so why are you criticising Sakura for retaining her feelings for him during Sasuke’s dark phase? She held on to her feelings because she was trying to save Sasuke from his hatred, because just like Naruto, she knew that the Sasuke who kept shunning them was a severe contortion of the person they knew was still somewhere deep inside.

Thirdly, why exactly is she a weak representation of a female character? Because she loved a male character and wanted to save him from his hatred, and held on to her feelings for him despite his mistreatment of everyone? That’s so shortsighted. It’s asinine notions like that which caused the definition of a “strong, independent woman” to now essentially be “forever alone” to so many people, that’s what’s stupid. Being with someone doesn’t make you weak, nor does it necessarily take away your independence. That’s why I often get tired of hearing people say “Sakura could’ve been a strong independent woman, but…”. Fact is, she is strong and she is independent. Sakura is not dependant on Sasuke; she doesn’t depend on Sasuke’s support or on his approval for anything that she does.

It would seem that many people simply don’t understand that there’s a difference between being dependant on someone, and understanding that you want them in your life because they’re important to you.

I’d also like to highlight that Sakura’s goal was not a man - her goal was saving a man. How many times must it be reiterated that Sakura wanted nothing more than to save Sasuke and to have a smiling Team 7 again?

It’s not a difficult concept. People take one look at her character, they see that she loved a guy who was very dismissive on the surface, and then she’s immediately labelled as a pathetic character and a bad example for every girl everywhere, because apparently she “teaches girls to go after boys who treat you like dirt”, because they’ll eventually come around. When not only does that completely miss the entire context of Sakura and Naruto’s efforts, but it also completely ignores everything she did which sets her as a very good role model. Among many other things, she can be used to show young girls (and boys) that even the most average of people can work hard and become as great or even greater than those who were born with privileges. That’s what Sakura represents. That, and the idea that you should never give up on someone you love when they’re going through a very dark time.