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I dare you to draw @Kazuki-draws-near X @pinkXHD3-artsy-studio (it's a new ship btw)

How abouuuut

I just


Pink x Kazi forever-

They are so adorbs together



First pics of Bob in 2016 and it looks as though he’s dead-set on keeping one of his New Year’s resolutions, 

which is to remain inexplicably super-duper cute–

More power to you, Bob.


All of me loves all of you

Happy birthday to our sunshine Park Sunyoung! You have brought us so much joy with your dorkiness, laughter and utterly sweet personality. You’re an inspiration to me and I love you from the bottom of my heart. The passion you have for music and the endless love you give to people around you makes me move forward and bit by bit I’ve become a better person. These are bigs words coming from a little fan but they’re genuine all the way. Please never stop smiling, okay? We’ll forever be here by your side to support you and f(5). Once again, happy birthday and all the best to our Vitamin Luna, our sunshine and amazing performer with a powerful voice and dance skills totally spazz-worthy. Hope you have a super-duper birthday, we love you!